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Natal Witness Marriages 1883

Groom, Bride, Date of Event, Date of Advert, Details

Agnew, Buchanan, 28-Dec-1882, 17-Jan-1883,
at the Berea, Durban by the Rev PM Martin
Andrew David Carnegie, son of the Rev David DA Agnew of Edinburgh, Scotland
to Minnie Dale youngest daughter of the late David Dale Buchanan,
Advocate and M.L.C. PMBurg

Archer, Gilbert, 14-Feb-1883, 15-Feb-1883,
at St Peters Cathedral, PMBurg by the Right Rev the Lord Bishop of Natal,
George Horsley Archer of PMBurg to  Emily Jullettie
eldest daughter of C Gilbert Esq. of Richmond, Surrey

Beard, Allerston, 1-Feb-1883, 5-Feb-1883,
at PMBurg by the Rev GM Slade, Wesleyan Minister,
Mr JE Beard to Harriet youngest daughter of Mr W Allerston

Bennitt, Smith, 11-Jan-1883, 23-Jan-1883, at the Wesleyan Chapel PMBurg
by the Rev RW Bryant,William Bennitt to Lillia Priscilla Smith
youngest daughter of Jesse Smith (Undertaker)

Bentley, Comins, 6-June-1883, 18-June-1883,
at St. John's Church York, by the Rev ET Burges M.A.,
William Wood eldest son of Mr Geo. Bentley, Helmsley,
England to Eliza Jane, eldest daughter of Mr John Comins,
Newington House near York

Bruyns, Van Rooyen, 28-Mar-1883, 27-April-1883,
at "Dirby, New Scotland", Andrew Johannes Bruyns,
second son of AJ Bruyns Esq. of Noodsberg to Maria Magdaline
eldest daughter of DJ Van Rooyan (Van Rooyen), Transvaal

Cinamon, Moss, 13-May-1883, 16-May-1883,
at Durban by Special Licence, by the appointed officer of Jewish Marriages,
Bernard Cinamon of PMBurg to Annie Moss of Adelaide, South Australia
( Australian papers please copy)

Cliff, Shackleton, 14-Feb-1883, 17-Feb-1883,
at the residence of the bride's uncle, Mr John Fleming, PMBurg
by the Rev John Smith A.M.,
The Rev William Cliff of Umtata to Mary Shackleton

Clode, Smith, 13-April-1883, 17-April-1883,
at the Drill Shed Church by the Rev GM St. M Ritchie,
George John Clode to Katherine Inez Smith

Evans, Large, 13-Dec-1882, 18-Jan-1883,
at St Saviours Cathedral PMBurg by the Right Rev The Bishop Of PMBurg,
assisted by the Very Rev Dean Green, Benjamin Bateman Evans of Mid-Illovo
to Elizabeth eldest daughter of Robert Sheppard Laarge of Stertreimfontein, Natal

Foaden, Tyzack, 20-Feb-1883, 27-Feb-1883,
at Chelmsford House Durban, the residence of the bride's father
by the Rev WH Mann, Alfred Harry second son of the late John Foaden Esq.
of Ashburton, Devonshire, England to Mary Ann Frances,
third daughter of Mr EW Tyzack of Durban

Ford, Powell, 2-June-1883, 6-June-1883,
By Special Licence at St Matthews, Estcourt by the Rev W Strickland,
SE Ford to Annie Powell both of Brynbella

Grey, Greenstock, 22-June-1883, 26-June-1883,
at Springvale by the the father of the bride, Frederick Bryan,
third son of Admital the Hon. George Grey to Mary
eldest daughter of the Rev. Canon Greenstock
(Cape Colony papers please Copy)

Hamilton, Knights, 23-Jan-1883, 30-Jan-1883,
at the bride's residence, Greyling Street, FJ Hamilton
to Catherine Mary Knights, widow of the late William Knights (Armourer)

Jones, Large, 3-Jan-1883, 18-Jan-1883,
at the School Church, Mid-Illovo by the Rev JR Wood
assisted by the Rev N Salisbury, Hubert Norris Jones
to Marianne Jane, third daughter of Robert Shephard Large of Stertreimfontein, Natal

Kelly, Dixon, 31-May-1883, 1-June-1883,
at the Congregational Chapel PMBurg by the Rev W Berry,
Leonard Swete Kelly second son of Mr Benjamin Swete Kelly, PMBurg
to Eliza Agnes Dixon youngest daughter of Mr William Dixon, Shipley
Gate, Derbyshire England.  (English papers please copy)

Liston, Lee, 6-June-1883, 16-June-1883,
By special licence at the Drill Shed Church PMBurg
by the Rev GM Martyn Ritchie Chaplain to the Forces,
Augustus Esnerst St Clair Liston, Natal. Central Sugar Company's Mill,
Mount Edgecombe, Victoria County to Ada Emma
second daughter of Geo. Jas. Lee Esq. Chairman Kimberley Mining Board

MacMinn-Greer, Payne, 19-Mar-1883, 20-Mar-1883,
By Special Licence at the Drill Shed Church, by the Rev G St Michael Ritchie,
Chaplain to the Forces,
GR Macminn-Greer District Surgeon Ixopo to Charlotte Gertrude,
fifth daughter of Mr TA Payne of this City

Martins, Adendorff, 16-April-1883, 24-April-1883,
at the Dutch Reformed Church Newcastle, by the Rev GA Dohne,
Samuel Jacobus Martins second son of CJ Martins "Fairfields" Umvoti County
to Angenita eldest daughter of JC Adendorff of "The Hope" near Newcastle

Peel, Middleton, no date given, 26-April-1883,
at St Thomas' Church, Berea Durban by the Rev John Reynolds,
Lennox Greenslade Peel, third son of the late William Accrington Peel Esq. of Mayor's Hoek, Upper Umlaas, PMB
to Kate Middleton second daughter of WH Middleton Esq.
of Home Park, Berea Durban

Power, Large, 14-Dec-1882, 18-Jan-1883,
at the Parish Church, Marston Maisy, Charles,
eldest son of George Power of Nuneaton, Warwickshire
to Margaret Mavinia, second daughter of Robert Sheppard Large
of Stertreimfontein, Natal

Pugh, Evans, 23-April-1883, 1-May-1883,
By Special Licence,Geo. H Pugh of PMBurg to Alice Evans
of Lillie Blome, near Cape Town

Rood, Bruyns, 9-Jan-1883, 16-Jan-1883,
at PMBurg at the residence of Mr G Bredenkamp
by the Rev D Bosman, JC Rood of Biggarsberg
to Louisa eldest daughter of AJ Buryns Esq. of Noodsberg

Sewell, Fannin, 27-Jan-1883, 31-Jan-1883,
at St Saviours Cathedral, PMBurg by the Rev H Carlyon,
Alfred Clare Sewell of Durban to Florence Ellen,
eldest daughter of the late Thomas William Fannin of PMBurg

Smithwick, Williams, 13-Jan-1883, 15-Jan-1883,
at the Roman Catholic Church, John Smithwick,
Superintendant Lunatic Asylum to Sarah Williams,
Matron of the same Institution

Thompson, Orr, 18-June-1883, 19-June-1883,
at St Saviours Cathedral by the Very Rev The Dean,
The Rev HTA Thompson B.A. to Alice Mary
second daughter of the Rev RH Orr, Killinchy  Rectory, County Down, Ireland

Vear, Lawton, 8-Jan-1883, 10-Jan-1883,
at St Saviours Church, Thomas Vear third son of Mr W Vear
to Georgina M Lawton, fourth daughter of the late Richard Lawton of Knollebank

Wardrop, Harris, 11-Mar-1883, 28-Mar-1883,
By Special Licence at St Saviours Cathedral, PMBurg by the Rev HE Carlyon,
Hew Stair Wardrop of Cobham to Catherine
daughter of Charles Lachlan Harris of Brighton, England

White, Barker, 30-April-1883, 2-May-1883,
at St Peter's Cathedral PMBurg by the Venerable Archdeacon Colley,
Harry White eldest son of CFH White Esq.
of College House Edmonton, Middlesex to Alice Douthora [sic],
widow of the late RD Barker Esq. of PMBurg and daughter of W Risley Esq. PMBurg

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