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Wreck of Ovington Court off Durban 26 November 1940

The Ovington Court was a 6000-ton cargo freighter with a crew of 38 which arrived off Durban with a cargo of sugar [worth £22000] from Mauritius sometime before 25 November 1940 and anchored in the outer anchorage together with a large number of other ships which were waiting to gain entry to the port.The ship's anchor dragged that evening at around 6pm in the very heavy surf and the ship began to drift towards the beach which it struck about four hours later.

The Natal Mercury on the 26th November gives a brilliant description of the scene as the ship drifted towards the beach with a searchlight on the Bluff casting a "blue glare, silhouetting the foam-topped waves and bringing the vessel out in relief against the blackness of the sea". So many people arrived at the beach that soldiers and sailors had trouble keeping them from hindering the rescue operation.

It was then decided by Captain George Linsell [Linsdell??] of the Ovington Court to abandon ship and pack as many of the crew as possible into the two available lifeboats which were to use the two ropes to get themselves safely to shore. The Mercury records that a wave of cheering went up from the beach as the first boat was sighted making its way to the beach where a magnesium flare had been lit by rescue workers.

The first boat landed safely but tragedy struck soon afterwards when the second, and smaller, boat capsized soon after being launched from the ship throwing its 12 occupants into the water. Municipal and voluntary lifesavers and members of the public immediately took to the sea with lifelines and eventually managed to recover all twelve of the victims but four of them later died in Addington Hospital. The Mercury lists the dead as having been cabin boy Gordon Hunter, aged 15, Michael Kennedy, Mahomed Abdoo Shaali and Said Ben Said.
The remaining eight men on the Ovington Court waited out the night on board and were then all brought to shore one by one in a breeches buoy. Following the tradition of the sea, Captain Lindsell was the last person to leave his ship and arrived ashore complete with the ship's monkey in his arms. 

There does seem to be a mystery about why there wasn't enough steam pressure to allow Ovington Court to steam away from the beach. Another issue was raised in the Mercury's leading article on the 27th November which asked the hard question why a tug was not made available in the four or so hours while the Ovington Court was adrift. The writer concluded that an inquiry was needed to determine the responsibility for this and for the unreasonable delays experienced by shipping waiting for bunkers [coal].


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Biophysicist Aaron Klug: Durban High School student and graduate of Cape Town University won the Nobel Prize 1982

[From The Guardian]

Denounced as a 'communist' by the South African Government, Klug was refused entry into the US, continuing his studies in the UK. Later he steered the scientific community's response to major upheavals including the Human Genome Project. He died in November 2018 aged 92. Born in Lithuania, his father was a cattle drover who, with his family, emigrated to South Africa when Aaron was two years old.

Acknowledgement: Roger Grant

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Christmas 1911

Christmas Family Group 1911 

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Gardiner Street, Durban Railway Station and first Town Hall

Gardiner Street, Durban, with double-decker trams, rickshas, horse-drawn carriage and pedestrians. Background left, the Railway Station, right the old Town Hall (built 1885), later the Post Office. Dead Man's Tree, where funeral notices - white edged with black - were posted is seen at right on pavement in front of old Town Hall.

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Christmas Cards

The custom of sending Christmas cards was started in the UK in 1843 by Sir Henry Cole. He was a senior civil servant (Government worker) who had helped set-up the new 'Public Record Office' (now called the Post Office), where he was an Assistant Keeper, and wondered how it could be used more by ordinary people.

Sir Henry had the idea of Christmas Cards with his friend John Horsley, who was an artist. They designed the first card and sold them for 1 shilling each. The card had three panels. The outer two panels showed people caring for the poor and in the centre panel was a family having a large Christmas dinner. Some people didn't like the card because it showed a child being given a glass of wine! About 1000 were printed and sold. They are now very rare and cost thousands of Pounds or Dollars to buy now. The original cards were advertised with the slogan: "Just published, a Christmas Congratulations Card; or picture emblematical of old English festivity to perpetuate kind recollections between dear friends".

The first postal service that ordinary people could use was started in 1840 when the first 'Penny Post' public postal deliveries began (Sir Henry Cole helped to introduce the Penny Post). Before that, only very rich people could afford to send anything in the post. The new Post Office was able to offer a Penny stamp because new railways were being built. These could carry much more post than the horse and carriage that had been used before. Also, trains could go a lot faster. Cards became even more popular in the UK when they could be posted in an unsealed envelope for one halfpenny - half the price of an ordinary letter.
As printing methods improved, Christmas cards became much more popular and were produced in large numbers from about 1860. In 1870 the cost of sending a post card, and also Christmas cards, dropped to half a penny. This meant even more people were able to send cards. The first cards usually had pictures of the Nativity scene on them. In late Victorian times, robins (a British bird) and snow-scenes became popular. In those times the postmen were nicknamed 'Robin Postmen' because of the red uniforms they wore. Snow-scenes were popular because they reminded people of the very bad winter that happened in the UK in 1836.

Christmas Cards appeared in the United States of America in the late 1840s, but were very expensive and most people couldn't afford them. It 1875, Louis Prang, a printer who was originally from Germany but who had also worked on early cards in the UK, started mass producing cards so more people could afford to buy them. Mr Prang's first cards featured flowers, plants, and children. In 1915, John C. Hall and two of his brothers created Hallmark Cards, who are still one of the biggest card makers today.

We have gone full circle as postal Christmas cards are not so popular nor is the mail service as efficient - or as inexpensive - as it once was. Since the advent of the computer and internet, commercially-produced online cards are an option - but many people simply send their own cards or messages by email. This has affected the sale of charity Christmas cards to a significant extent. 


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Cape Columbine Lighthouse

Date commissioned:  1 October 1936
Architect/builder:  HC Cooper
Primary structure material of construction:  Square masonry tower painted white, with red lantern house.
Height of tower:  15 metres
Character of light:  One flash every 15 seconds
Heritage status:  Being older than 60 years, the lighthouse is protected under the National Heritage Resources Act 25 of 1999.
Inhabited/manned:  Yes (Keeper: Japie Greeff)
Open to public:  Yes

Cape Columbine Lighthouse is situated on a prominent headland 5km from the picturesque fishing village of Paternoster (“Our Father”), deriving its name from the heartfelt prayers of shipwrecked Portuguese sailors.  The lighthouse, which is built on rising ground at Castle Rock and is usually the first lighthouse sighted by shipping coming from South America and Europe, is about 30 km from Vredenburg on the West Coast.
The lighthouse was named after the barque Columbine which was wrecked there on 31 Mar 1829.  Several ships were wrecked in the area, which is known for its multitude of submerged rocks and reefs.


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Passengers to Natal: Sir Robert Peel 1854

The Sir Robert Peel was the first steamer to enter Port Natal, 1852

ARRIVAL OF THE SIR ROBERT PEEL Natal Mercury March 22 1854



March 16 - Sir Robert Peel, stm - Boxer, from Table Bay,
March 3; Mossel Bay, 5; Algoa Bay, 8; Buffalo, 12.

Dr Best (45th Regiment)
Rev Mr Campbell
Rev Mr and Mrs Cox
Rev Dr and Mrs Faure, child and servant

Miss Sargeuant
Mrs Woodrow
8 in Steerage
Manifest list
E Snell agent.

March 21st - Candace, brig - Fisher - for Muscat.
March 22nd - Margaret Gibson, bgtne, 149 tons - G Hannaford - for Mauritius.

Sir Robert Peel, str. 240 tons - Boxer - for Cape
E Snell, agent.

Natal, stm. 680 tons - from London
E Snell, agent.
Jane Morice, bq, - from Liverpool
EP Lamport, agent.
Leontine Mary, schr. 29 tons - Baragwanath - from Algoa Bay
E Snell, agent.
Heath, - , from London.

The clipper-barque 'Clydeside', advertised in the English papers, and laid on for this port, is withdrawn, and the 'Heath' has taken her place.

At Howards Vale, Umhlali, near Compensation, on Saturday, 11th March, the lady of Capt. JMK Chadwick, of a son.

On the 17th instant, the wife of Robert Acutt, Esq. of this place, of a daughter.

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Passenger Lists from The Natal Witness for year 1884

January 3 - Departure
Danube UTMS. Southampton. Morton. Cape ports

Messrs H Davis, GH Rennie, PB Osborn, Barker, Garbutt, Robinson, T Burn, R Urban, Messrs GN Waldron, Alexander, Dusterville, J Salmon, JC Dunster, Mr and Mrs O'Conner, Messrs Winer, Taylor, Kennedy, A Sharp, FS Haden (Assistant Colonial Secretary), Mr and Mrs Thompson, Mr C Friderich

January 3 - Departure
Lady Wood S S Port Natal, Turner Delagoa Bay

Mr Bradley, Mr and Mrs Kulme

January 9 - Arrival
Duart Castle CRMS. London. Freebody. C/Ports

Mr and Mrs Smith, Mr and Mrs Kelly and 8 children, Sergt and Mrs Walker, Mr AJ Levinson, Messrs GA Rennie, JH Walker, McCubbin, George Moore and Mundi

January 9 - Arrival
Limpopo S S London. Clarke, London

Mr and Mrs Waikes, Messrs Stocker, Winder and Fiedwick

January 9 - Arrival
Clan McLean SS Glasgow
From Glasgow and Liverpool via Cape Ports

Mr Palmer, Miss Dixon

January 9 - Arrival
Asiatic - URMS - Southampton, Harrison, Cape Ports

Ex Mexican, from England, Capt Baynton, Surgeon Farmer, Rev JE Summerville, Messrs Harvey, F Knight, A Benjamin, Howes, Middleton, Heyer, Peterson, J Rose, Mrs Knight, Mrs E Thomas, Miss Thomas, Master Thomas, Miss E Rose, Cooper, Griffith, Ward, Hoare, Epsby, Mr and Mrs Lehrman, Mr and Master Esselen, Messrs Dinmeer, Hill, Waldron, Somers, McNeil, Milton, Mrs Blink, Mr, Mrs and Misses (2) Chellins, Rev DS Hausen and Penzhorn, Miss and Master Penzhorn, Messrs Schusler, Robinson, Baker, Garbutt

January 9 - Departure
Duart Castle. CRMS. London. Freebody. Cape Ports

Messrs WJ Smith, JH Steel, WJ Howes, Mrs J Adamson and 2 children, Messrs S Phillips, Donaldson, McGiddy, Mrs Kaywood, Miss Dunn and Miss Blenck, Capt Boyle, Mrs Evans, Mr and Mrs Milewin and child, Messrs Herbert, Bacon, W Bold, Gowd, Weeks, Marshall, Duff, Rowlands and Morgan, for Hamburg, Mr J Smith and Miss Solebey

January 14 Arrival
Conway Castle CRMS. London 21 dec, Cape Town

Dr Watt, Messrs Paice, Reynier, Dijkstentens, McGregor, Humphreys, Cressby, Wantley, Hugh, Bach, Trafford

January 16 - Departure
Clan McLean. Glasgow
For England via Cape Ports

Capt SH Palmer, Mrs Palmer, Miss Dickson, Messrs J Watson, JF Rethman, FN Kirby, Capt Wiltshire, Mrs Dunbar and child, Mr TC Clegg, Mrs Clegg and 5 children, Mrs Allison, Miss Cole, Mr Wood, Mrs Wood and child, Miss Dickenson

January 16 - Departure
Sir Herbert Maxwell. Schooner of Ardossa. Murray for Adelaide

Messrs H Green, R Taylor, AA Higgs, G Hunt, and M Matheson

January 16 - Departure
Umzinto. Nurse for Adelaide
Mr and Mrs Mileman, Mr and Mrs St George Green, Mr and Mrs Pinkerton, Messrs Treberth, Vickers, J Bishop, H Randall, Rhom, Piper, Baldwin, W Bain, J Higgs, J Holt, W Wanklin, Jones, Smith, CE Shread, W Rickerts, H Roe, J Allister, C Darch, W Lambourne, Lavendale, WH Yellowby, Moore, Payne, Wilkinson, C Williams, Birkenfield, Both, Kemp

January 18 - Arrival
Dunkeld. CRMS. London. Broadfoot. Cape Ports

ex Conway Castle, from England. Messrs H Meynier, Dilbat, McGregor, Digksterkins, Cressy, Humphreys, Messrs Harrison, Dunster, Rudulph, Lagerwell, Suffolk, Bouchier, Dorington, Mitchell, Gundry, Janneson, Mr Langley, Mr Ludley, Capt Alfred Aldas Xaries, Missionary Manoel Gabrial, Franco, Brihoda, Rosne Francisco, Goncaloes, Jacinthe, Do Corno, De La Renella, Mr and Mrs Berg

January 21 - Arrival
Melrose CRMS. London. Winder. Cape Ports

Mr and Miss Russell, Mr Paice, Messrs Farthing, A Saira, L Berckiett, Tawse, Arthur L Gotardo, P Lorio, Mrs Bowker and son

January 23 - Departure
Melrose CRMS. London. Winder. Cape Ports

Messrs R Jameson, Sommerville, Knight, Messrs Lagervall, A Mark, Luke Miltan, Thomas McNeill, Mrs Dalgetty and 2 children, Rev Mr and Mrs Owen Watkins, Miss May Watkins and baby, Mr Gert Nel, Messrs L Money, Mane, Karl, Full, Miss Ellen Dyke, Mr and Mrs O'Grady

January 25 - Arrival
Norham Castle. London (Jan 24th) Cape Town 25.01

Messrs Arden, McEwan, Rosseter, Alexander, Pattman and Oreas

January 23 - Arrival
Venice CRMS. London. Rendall. E/Coast Ports

from Zanzibar - Mr Robert Douglas, Rapora, GA Schombur. JE Ferreira Rose, H Schlomer, Nappolesso, Mahomed Esac

January 24 - Arrival
Methven Castle S.S. F Dowdy. From London

Miss Henley, Mr Britton

January 24 - Arrival
Danube URMS. Southampton, Morton. Cape Ports

Miss Wise, Messrs J and A Hilliar, Sergt Barron and wife and child, Capt Morris, Mr and Mrs Sheprey, Mr and Mrs Le Roux, Messrs H Du Plessis, Lines, A Taylor, Messrs Uys, Swart, J and HC Seamen, Miss Noyce, Mrs Derringer, Whittaker, Nelson, Buchanan, Jonsen, G Evans

January 26 - Departure
Lady Wood. S.S. Port Natal. Turner. For St. John's

Mrs Munro, Miss Platt, Messrs R S Munro, XA Arnaud

February 2 - Arrival
Theanthenian. Cape Town 02.02

Professor Heddle and Mr Heddle (junior), Messrs Attenborough, Looker, Fayer, Guiness, Moran, Brown, Acutt, Parkyns, Kendle, Barfoot, Waugh, Lawrens, Mrs Moyse, Mr and Mrs Robinson, Misses Lock, English, Wright, Trafford, Hoare and Comeby

February 5 - Departure
Clan MacKay S S Glasgow. For Point De Galle

for India - Mr and Mrs Goodliffe, Mr Thomas

February 6 - Departure
Melrose CRMS London. Winder. Cape Ports

Miss Jameson, Mr Dorrech and 3 children, Mr Faman, Mr Fitzgerald, Mr Cona, Mr and Misses (2) Caldwells, Messrs Alcock, Lee, Oestrich, Strap, Govani, Roccini, Benale, Mr Bartin and 2 children

February 9 - Arrival
The Garth Castle

Major Dornville, Dr, Mrs and Misses(2) Jorrisen, Mesdames Reid and Sherman, Messrs Hicks, Camp, Ness, Argo, Campbell (2), Miles, Whitford, Whitburn, and 23 Royal Artillery Drafts, Messrs Neill, Jack, Comasquick, Hugh, McCann

February 13 - Departure
Asiatic URMS. Southampton, Harrison, Cape Ports

Mr S Hamilton, Mrs Griffen and child, Mrs Lawrie, Mrs J McNicol, Capt Cookson, Messrs Noyce, Johnson, FEC Bell, Mrs BP Lloyd, Miss C Lloyd, Captain Meister, SG Rowe, Wallace, Clifton, Hoffman, Kelly, W A Robinson and 3 prisoners, Usamel (kafir) Mr and Mrs Meldrum and child, Capt Graumann, Messrs S Collyer, J Collyer, Bentum, WJ Lloyd, H Holden, Langworthy, JH Grieve, Beckwick

February 18 - Arrival
The Spartan - Cape Town - London

Messrs Acutt, Nicol, Adam, Ellerhorst, Berryman, Pope, Robinson, Crawford, Livingstone (2), Pratt, Radford, Norman, Mullins, Mrs Witt and family, Mesdames Nicol and family, Gumpolds, Pope, Livingstone, Misses Gumpold, Berryman, Riley, Thomas, Hoy, Lena, Chapman, Garnet, England, Wright, Trafford

February 16 - Arrival
Melrose CRMS. London. Winder. Cape Ports

Major Dornville, 21 Royal Artillery Draft, wife with Royal Artillery Draft, Mrs Reid, Messrs HB Hicks, WT Thompson, Pettigrew, R Ness, A Miles, S Whitford, T Whitburn, R and J Campbell, JP Huntz, WG Robinson, and Collins (A and SH) 3 prisoners, Mr and Mrs Waller, Mr R Nourasojie, Mr Hemmess, Mr Retief, Mr T Smith, Mr JJ and Misses Chapman, Miss Griffin, Mrs Lake, Mrs Darch and child, Mrs Cawood and 2 children, Miss Dunn, Mrs C Macheaux, Messrs CE McLaren, Nicolls, JW Roa, Stirling, Bloschem and Fry

February 20 - Departure
Melrose CRMS London. Winder. Cape Ports

Messrs G Cowgill, HT Robinson, Rennie, P Murphy, and Chili, J Le Strange, F Doneck, Capt Hitchins, Capt Palmer, Messrs Fry, GS Armstrong, Baldwin, WM. Campbell, J Barder, A Nixon, S Lowenthal, Mr Hill, Messrs A Longe, MacCormack, T Kaiser, Mr and Mrs and Master Murray, Mr and Mrs Hews and child, Messrs TB Fell, E Gill, O Kolmitz, A Talkin

February 20 - Arrival
Dunkeld CRMS London. Broadfoot. E. Coast Ports

Miss Carter, Mrs Wilcox and child, Messrs Peres, Minot, Heraghty, Nutt

February 23 - Arrival
The Hawarden Castle. Cape town - London

Dr, Mrs and Misses (2) Jorissen, Mr and Mrs Hughes, Messrs Milners, Loergenberg, Winter, Misses Hillbrand, Robinson, Hill, Gonoff and Holiday

February 22 - Arrival
Danube URMS. Southampton, Morton. Cape Ports

Mr Mrsand& 5 Misses and Master Nicol, Mr and Mrs Pope, Mr and Mrs Berriman, Mr and 2 Masters Livingston, Mrs Wilt and 3 children, Misses Riley, Thomas and Hay, Mrs Wilt Messrs Radford, Crawford, Pratt, Ellischorst, Adams, Robinson, Norman, Mullins, Rev and Mrs and 4 Misses Neethling, Mrs WS Johnstone, Mrs Hussey, Messrs Mann, S Windham, Goddard, Jones, Mrs Harries, Messrs Winiborlich, Revere, Baker, Muller, Goldman, Cassumally, Knight, R Manning, Messrs Isaacson, Blueshbart, Jarger, Krill, Simsordim

February 27 - Departure
Danube URMS. Southampton. Morton. Cape Ports

Messrs H Brown, Marcus, S Nay, S Robinson, Lee, Blackburn, Levy, D Smith, Lombard, Champernoun, Mrs C Lewis and child, Mr and Mrs Plowman, Capt. Berwickek, Lieutenants Rimington, Yardley, Gifford, Fraser, 6 soldiers, Master C Byrne, Misses EM Joyner, JF Cloete, Prufer, Mr and Mrs Beningfield, Mr and Mrs Behrens and infant, Messrs H Sharp, L Acutt, EL Acutt, J Reynolds, Driver, Jacques, Buckhardt, Lamont, Tuche, Capt Blaine, Mr T Smith

February 27 - Departure
Lady Wood S.S. Port Natal. Turner. Delagoa Bay

Messrs F Bonafount, L Berchinette, B Dorville, P Larcome, D Douglas, A Jamieson

March 1 - Arrival
The Moor. Cape Town. London

Revs Messrs Peach and Hutchinson, Capt Tye, Messrs Doth, Lothian, Turline, Acutt, Took, Matterson, Butler, Fam, Misses Took, English, Home, Jacobs, Ovens, Isded, Gordon, Smith, Willmary, Wright and Quick

March 5 - Arrival
Lady Wood S.S. Port Natal, Turner, Delagoa Bay

Mr and Mrs Ewain, Messrs Douglas, Gallacher, Derrenger, A Derrenger, De Korte, Hay, T Hay, Amoro, Collard

March 5 - Departure
Melrose CRMS. London. Rose. Cape Ports

Mr and Mrs Deeker, Jane Galiger, Messrs A Deringer (2), Mrs Mac Murray and child, Messrs G Bebb, J H Farnes, F George, Mrs Millar, Miss TL Oldfield, Messrs WJ Beattie, Liddell, W Jarvis, RHU Fisher, H Poole, PJ Poole, L Harley, Allison, RW Perfect, W Woodborough, Victor Collard, Miss Harris, Mr and Mrs Johnson, Mr and Mrs Robert Esston and child, Mr and Mrs Longworth, Mr and Mrs Strelsky and 5 children, Mr WJ Gaskin

March 8 - Arrival
The Grantully Castle. Cape Town. London.

Revs Messrs Berthold and Thomas, Messrs Bovill, Ducret, A Thomas, Fornalley, Schaars, Oddacre, Taylor, Hughes, Phillips, Mesdames Derthold, Thomas, Ducret, Misses Jacot, Murray, Master Thompson (2), Trafford, Wright, and Quickly

March 8 - Arrival
Asiatic URMS Southampton, Harrison, Cape Ports

Captain Tye, Messrs Lothan, Timline, Hutchinson, Acutt, De La Hunt Schlenge, Adler, Thomson, Misses Jacobs, Hume, English, Tolhurst, Jones, Mr and Mrs Peel, Mr and Mrs Matterson, Mr and Mrs and Master Butler, Mr and Miss Took, Mr and Mrs Ford, Mr Mrs and Misses (3) Aubruge, Capt Ewing, Messrs Acutt, Peel, White, Berber, RH Berberm HM Berber, Meyer, Williams, Brewing, Eastland, Turner, Cetteyar, Ischa, Aboyne, Lange, Dr Frost, Messrs Dyer, Bailey, Fraser, Veppalinewne, Landwichworki, Agin, Turner, Webber, Hesse, Simpkins, Laurien, Mr, Mrs and Miss Abory, Mrs, Miss King, Mrs and Misses (2) Smith, Miss Bate

March 18 - Arrival
Umtata S S . London. Harvey from London

Mrs Sparks, Miss Pretty, Messrs King, and Aarts
March 12 - Departure

Asiatic URMS. Southampton. Harrison. Cape Ports

Mr Hicks, Mr Overton, Sergt Trimble, Mr Jacobs, Mr Alexander, Mr Armstrong, Messrs Farmaner, Heraghty, C Hankel, Marchant, Major Froom, Mr and Mrs Taylor, Miss Mutter, Mrs Cook and 2 children, Mr and Master Robins, Mr and Mrs Murray, Mrs and Misses (2) Arbuckle, Mr and Mrs Austen and child, Soldier, Wife and child, Mr and Mrs Taunton, Miss Gubbins, Messrs H Goodyer, C Strom, JT Smith, Foss, Lailey

March 15 - Arrival
Dunkeld CRMS London. Broadfoot. Cape Ports

Mr and Mrs Berthoven, Mr and Mrs Thomas, Mr and Mrs Cucret, Misses Sacot, and EF Murray, Messrs Bovill, A Thomas, Tomally, Schaars, Taylor, Oldacres, Clifton, Wallet, Mrs Guning and child, Mrs Veckranges and 4 children, Messrs Gartnse, HC Johnston, Fisk, Levy, Larken, Colman, Qucate, Mr Bredell and 4 children, Messrs Gibson, Campbell, Cohen, Harris, Hodgson, Johnstone, Myres, Muirhead, Mr De Carvalho, Mr Carreira, Messrs De Oliveira (2) Rodriques, Pinto, De Barres, Mr and Mrs Traquor and 4 children, Messrs Andrew, Greed, Coustindoy

March 15 - Arrival
The Tartar. Cape Town. London (21st Feb)

Mr Mrs and Master Crittenden, Misses (2) and Master Schuster, Mr and Mrs Halse, Miss Warring, Miss Manger, Messrs Tod, McCleland, Williams, Kelley, Harrington, Readshaw, Wiltshire, Oppenheim, Green, FA Smith, C Smith, Grubb, Sellwood, Rhodes, Jemmett

March 19 - Arrival
Passengers per CRMS Melrose from Cape Town

Mrs Jones and child, Mr and Miss George, Miss Leo, Messrs Bloscham, Wood, Jones, Peck, Smith, Robinson, Messrs J Wilson, J Coffee

March 19 - Departure
Melrose CRMS. London. Rose. Cape Ports

Mrs Louisa Hein and child, Mrs Chase and baby, Miss Griffiths, Messrs Kemsley, T Chetty, Messrs W C Wainright, J Cook, Messrs George Heraghty, GH Rennie, Mr and Mrs Dunn and 4 children, Mr and Mrs Davis, Mr and Mrs T Poynton, Mr and Mrs Francksen, France, Ehler, Johann Holerman, Geo. Draper, Francis William Newbold, Smith, Sterling, T Porter, H Johnson, L Cohen, Mohan, J Radford, Jas Hall

March 22 - Arrival
The Roslin Castle

Miss Dickson, Misses Hardy, Fitzpatrick, Etty (2), Ross, Lister, Master Bruce and Messrs Graham, Letterby and Mehl

March 22 - Arrival
Melrose. CRMS. London. Rose. Cape Ports

Transferred to the Taymouth Castle

March 21 - Arrival
Taymouth Castle CRMS. Hay Mauritius

Mr and Mrs Thompson and party, Misses Frye, Mrs Housen and 6 children, Messrs J Duyce, Mahomed, Palhalboy, Mahomed, Hissen, Makoa, Dorgear, G Phillips, P Noble, T Waterson, W Jefferies, Fry Ruthinan, Padlachy, Lincoln, Griffin, Doctor Conyers, 4 soldiers

March 24 - Departure
Clan Ronald S.S. Glasgow. Thomson for Point De Galle

for England Mr A Small, For Calcutta, A Durant
Point De Galle, Messrs J Ellis, WC Wilson, I Braim, Kiwojee, Dowyee, Mahomed

March 25 - Departure
Duart Castle CRMS. London. Barnes

Messrs Bailey, Thos Wood, FC Noval, Louis Gonuet, Levy, D'Esir, Pottier, Hurter and Lohnian

March 26 - Departure
Danube URMS. Southampton, Morton, Cape Ports

Dr. Stirling, Messrs Hawse, WH Buchanan, SF Solon, Burgin, S Parsons, Johnson, 2 Parsees 
for England - Mr and Master Robins, Captain Tottenham, Mr and Mrs Holwell and 3 children, Mr and Mrs Rhoda, Mrs Day and 6 children, Mr and Mrs CH Barrett, Mr and Mrs Turner and child, Mr and Mrs Creux and 4 children, Miss Wuthier, Mr and Mrs Pelham, Messrs A Peel, WC Oates, R Cussons, TB Steer, G McKechnie, Junghans, Horncastle, Brisley

March 29 - Arrival
The Mexican. CapeTown

Capt Ballard, Mrs Ballard and 7 children, Miss Prince, Messrs Ingram, Gordon, Clarke, Geary, Fann, Mitchell, Clark, Ward, Crossley, Spencer, Hewson

March 30 - Arrival
Melrose CRMS. London. Rose. Cape Ports

Mr and Mrs Smith, Misses Muirhead (2), Mr J Lawrence, Mr F Hasenjager, Mr J Scnmidtman

April 5 - Arrival
Drummond Castle. Cape Town. London

Messrs Gray, Hepburn, Tootie, Steingrover (2) Beindorff, Sellschop, Guy, Pearce, Dommey, Dewfall, Mansfield, Stammers, McCarty, Casford, King, Marsh, Mesdames Gray and Hepburn, Misses Marsh, Hepburn, Allen, Trafford, Watt, Newsome, Wright

April 7 - Arrival
Asiatic URMS. Southampton. Harrison. Cape Ports

Capt and Mrs Ballard, Misses (6) and Master Ballard, Mrs Ingram, Mrs Clarke, Misses Sanbry, Wand (2), Prince, Messrs Clark, George,bTrion, Mitchell, Hewson, Ward, Crosby, Spencer, Keyden, Jopp, Green, Du Ponts, Rundle, Bennett (2), R King, Major Froom, Mr, Mrs and Misses (2) Aarmstrong, Messrs Soupraiain, Cisti, O'Neil, Porter, Hansford, Messrs Jaggernad, Greenles, McQueen, McCrackley, Messrs Owen, Mason, White, Carr, Connor, Daquenin, Whitefield, Babonuitch, Meek, Mullin, Stonland, Thompson, Champion, Simkins

April 12 - Departure
Asiatic URMS Southampton. Harrison. Cape Ports

Mrs E King and 2 children, 1 Parsee, Rev E Nuttal and 5 Native Missionaries, Messrs Maclean, E J Chase, H Fisk, Baines, Mrs Bannatyne and 5 children, Messrs H Somerville, Clark, W. Reff, Kidson, Britton, Levy, Kover, C Carroll, Corpl Dalton, Mr and Mrs Sawer and 3 children, Mr and Mrs Greenacre and 3 children, Miss Beauchamp, Mr and Mrs Sharp, Mr and Mrs Thomas, Mr and Mrs P Davis, Mr and Mrs Wood, Mrs De Beer and child, Misses Stone, Sharp (2), Jessie Campbell, Bamby and Grey, Masters Sharp (2), Messrs F Ashwell, Finnemore, H Mullins, W Bolton, T Williams, J Pivell, Lewis, Finch, Leigh, Harvey, Cochran, J Buckham and 3 children. Mr and Mrs Wright and child

April 11 - Arrival
Florence CRMS. London. De Putron. Cape Ports.

Mr and Mrs Grey, Messrs Tottie, Archer, Chard, Dewfall, Pearce, McCarthy, Stammers, Herbert, Mansfield, Marsh, Dommery, G Casford, King, Eliza Vale, MW Morris, Mr Anderson, Mr Wicken

April 18 - Arrival
Dunkeld CRMS London. Broadfoot. E Coast Ports

From Mozambique, Mr JT Iscoverco, Rev. Mr Wilcox, Miss Schippers, Mr De Souza, Mr Millar, Mr Baines

April 16 - Departure
Florence CRMS. London. De Putron. Cape Ports.

Mr and Mrs Bryant, Miss Damon, Messrs R Lloyd, FA Phillips, H Lewis, Smidt, Messrs Dyer, R Mason, F I Clarkson, Michel Walsh, Mrs. Hart, Miss McGillan, Messrs Jopp, WH Thorne, G Porstendorfer, Mr and Mrs Harwin and 2 children, Mr and Mrs Adams and child, Mrs Henry Brooks, Col and Mrs Vaughan, Mrs George Woods, Mrs Nicholson, Messrs Jos. Mason, M La Combe, Short, Esser, B Drury, Alex Clark, William Jones, William Bias, John Mac Clymont, Mr F Wiss

April 17 - Arrival
Clan Gordon S.S. Glasgow. Worfolk.
From Glasgow via Cape Ports

Messrs Buchan, Henkle, Mr and Mrs Ferguson and child, Miss Clark

April 17 - Arrival
Danube URMS. Southampton, Morton. From Cape Ports

Lieut Col Forbes, Robertson, Mrs Master, Robertson, Misses Neilson, Lloyd, Mr and Mrs Rainer, Messrs Wallis, Newport, Engelhardt, Kocker, Hasilsein, Bang, Messrs Bucholz, Welsh, Mannie, Peachey, Trevoux, Highfang, Dust, Jones, Mrs Hall, Col Bond, Mr and Mrs Taylor, Mrs Noyce, Messrs Armour, Boyle, McClaren, Kettle, Norce, Walker, Starks, Messrs Biggs, Peacock, Snell, Balmcott, W Beacon, Vantice, Levi, Misses Best (3), Mr and Mrs Sartie

April 19 - Arrival
Norham Castle. Cape Town . London

Messrs Few, Stone, Le Roy (2), Buckley, Steele, Petrie, Backer, Stolle, Lungurty, Geguer, Beirwater, Gruebe, Schober, Laimerz, Mesdames Few, Steele and family, Miss Roddy

April 18 - Arrival
Duart Castle. C.S.S. London. Geo C Hayward. Cape Ports and England

Messrs Thos Wood, Charles Hughes, R Don, JF Fry, Joseph Prina, C Ducamp, Ahseng, Mrs Kitchen, Master Kitchen

April 22 - Departure
Clan Gordon S.S. Glasgow, Worfolk. For Point De Galle

for India - Mr C McLaren

April 19 - Departure
Duart Castle C.S.S. London. Freebody. C/Ports

Mr and Mrs A M Campbell, Misses Campbell (2), Master Campbell (2) and baby. Mr Stanhope, Mr Van Henyer

April 19 - Departure
Dunrobin Castle D.S.S. London. Geo C Hayward, Cape Ports and England

Mr Thompson and Company (8), Mr Revere, Miss A Swain, Mrs Edgell, Mr Higson

April 24 - Departure
Lady Wood SS Port Natal. Turner Del Agoa Bay

Messrs Engelhardt, Rich, Mansford

April 22 - Arrival
Taymouth Castle C S S London. Hay. Cape Ports.
Passengers ex Norham Castle from England

Mr and Mrs Few, Mr and Mrs Steele and 2 children, Miss Roddy, Messrs Buckby, Stone, J Regner, Schrober, Lamen, Lungurly, Berwalters, Greuber, Stolley, Petree, Messts Hoskeins (2), Begley, Gunner, Superintendant Alexander, Mr and Mrs Dick, Messrs Howard, Jones

April 23 - Arrival
Umvoti. Aberdeen Reeves. From Madras (March 2nd)

Dr Maddock, Mr Sculy and 2 children, Mr Wyllie, Mr Lennon

April 25 - Departure
Danube U.S.S. Southampton, Morton. Cape Ports

Messrs Peacock, Biggs, Lockyer, G Gibson, Thomson, Miss Haw, Messrs Selons, Armour, McMillan
For Cape Town - Mr and Miss Solon, Mrs Todd, Messrs J Morgan, Boyle, King, G Willey
For England - Mrs E Ludwig and child, Mr and Mrs Jennings, Mrs and Miss Purvis, Mr and Mrs Ward and 6 children, Capt Robbins, Messrs Simmance, Morris, Herbert, D Ross, E Woodhouse, Moore, G. N Suton, CH Leigh, J Simpson, J Baker, H Barritt
For Hamburg - Mr Valentineotti

April 23 - Departure
Taymouth Castle C S S Hay. Mauritius

Messrs W Nicholson, T Alphone

April 24 - Arrival
Melrose CSS London. Rose. Cape Ports

Messrs Shanks, Babookaar, Hobson, F Mitchell, M Nattle, Oliver Thomas, N Nellie, Mr and Mrs Lindsay, Messrs Harmsworth, Bashfield, Mrs Burgess and 2 children, Messrs Hossack, Brown Vincent, J M and L Bonyens, Mr Lohman

April 26 - Arrival
The Spartan. Cape Town

Lieut Cox, Lieut Del Ruyther, Messrs Van Amstel, Brown (2), Rethman, Vlaskamp, Okhaysen, Jerains, Avison (2), Upton, Hope, Wells, Jack, Wright, and Quick

April 30 - Departure
Melrose CSS. London. Rose. Cape Ports

Miss L Collier, Mr JG Kettle, Mr Pingal, Messrs G Brown, FH Noyce, J Kinloch, J Welch, C Hughes, A Barnes, JH Green, Rev H Schoon, Messrs Hossock, Wilson, O'Niel, Edgecombe, Rev RW Bryant, Miss Buchanan, Mrs Miss and Master Blaikie, Mrs Hathorn and 3 children, Mr and Mrs Jas. Randles, Mr and Misses (3) Peck, Mrs and Master Strickland, Master HH Bridgeman, Col Hime, Messrs Walter Randles, NW Champion, Allen, R Dunbar, H Holderness, AG Andrews, W Dawson, John Plenderleath, Alb Cowan, Burgess, A Rich, FH Milnes, William Elliott, Geo Hardington, Geo Moss, Higson, Mr and Mrs Rasmusun and child, Mr and Mrs Ellen Horst and child, Mr A Paulsen

May 2 - Arrival
The Garth Castle. Cape Town

Capt D McDonald, Mr and Mrs Pike, Mr W Pike and Miss Pike, Messrs Johnson, Stafford, Scofield, Rhodda, Whydu, Hugh, Nott, and Wright

May 1 - Arrival
Dalulamanzi S S Aberdeen. Stuart from London

Messrs Hull, Davis, Serle, Trubshawe

May 9 - Arrival
Melrose CSS. London. Rose. Cape Ports

Ex Garth Castle from London.
Captain Macdonald, 91st Highlanders, Mr Horace P Bury, Mr Mrs and Miss and Master Pike, Mrs Shepard, Col Newdigate
For London via Mozambique and Aden
Revs F Mason, Barton and child, J Bunga, Messrs W H Dyer, H Wright, Whiley, E McSumary, Lindon, Deacon, Willemite, McSorley, Wallace, Geud, Kretchmar, Whiting, Dingle, Leo Graham, A Barnes, Greaves, Master Buckett, Mrs M Miller, Mrs Newson and child, Master (2) Hamilton, Messrs R Mason, W Hunt, R Tutton, MacDonald, DT Laing, AB Barker, J Rutherford
From East London for Delagoa Bay to proceed per C S S Dunkeld
Messrs Buckland, C Oswald, D Hill, S Moog, C Bacon, C Johansen, G Thomson, S Pearson, C Carlson, J Burman, W Moran, P Martin, AG Robinson

May 9 - Departure
Danube U S S. Southampton. Morton. Cape Ports

1 Parsee, Rev W Dower, Messrs J Brown, Bayne, JC Dunster, Mrs Milner, Miss Lloyd, Mr CW Havemann, Mr and Mrs Topham and 5 children, Mr and Mrs Winter, Mrs Wilson and child, Misses Newman, Fannie Excombe, N Fisher, F Dickinson, Glinister, Master Jackson, Messrs Stewart, C Agar (junior), EA Coleman, TP Pung, T Schultz, Hamilton, G Glinister, G Avison, E Avison, B Sweet, HC Topham, Wilson Bealle

May 10 - Arrival
The Athenian

Major Wynne, Rev Dacgs, Fryer and Winter, Captain Sheick, Messrs Kennedy, Hill, Overwork, Wills, Wright, Eken, Meldrew, Janson and Family, Mr and Mrs Ackers and family, Mr and Mrs Brenkman and family, Messrs Renner, Flierchack, Stap, Tweedie, Bense, Bell, Harding, Mrs Knook, Misses Stuart, Bunn, King

May 12 - Arrival
Dunkeld, C.S.S. London. Broadfoot. Cape Ports

Mr and Mrs Clarence, Sergt Hamilton, Messrs McDonald, East, Hords, Hands, Ainsly, Groom, Stone, Divine, Greig, Lewis, Wood, Cunningham, Ward, Wheelwright, Wolhuter, Huson, Mr and Mrs Macmillan, Messrs Leichenstein, Kisch, Harris, Worth, Olher, Lawson, Lamb, Mateson, Richardson, Mrs Whitford, Miss Smith, Messrs Mackenzie, Cambden, Anthony, Tait, Warden

May 16 - Departure
Melrose C S S. London Rose. Cape Ports

Mr G Glaister, Mr Jones, Mrs Wood, Mr Roth, Rev H Du Plessis, Mr H Horton, Mrs Shepherd, Mr and Mrs Abrey, Mrs HA Bateman and child, Mrs Mearus and child, Messrs Walter Gregory W.S., F Ashby, R Stuart, Frank James, Alfred Pearse, Allan MacKeller, Rushworth, A Mariani

May 16 - Departure
Lady Wood SS Port Natal. Turner. Delagoa Bay

Messrs J Foot, H Wright, P Ploos, J Gray, Rossa Tomaso, Guisepo, Castella, Colan (senior), Dolan (junior) C Winter, HJ Norgaarde, Gunstad, H Prince, A Prince, JR Prince, Packman, Glenistor, Saul, Wilson, Harries, Johnson, F Watts, G Hallowell, Tottie, Belmaine, MacKintosh, Parle

May 17 - Arrival
Hawarden Castle. Cape Town. London

Mesdames Slatter, Tonkin, Trusket, Booth, Rowe, Calderwood, Spencer, Miss M Nicholson, Webb, Booth, Cowan, Baumann, Harmsworth, Shorter, Gaiter, Ware, Dalgarno, James, Barnes, Stoessinger, M Deavin, Eaton, Shepherd, R Shepherd, M Reeves, Carroll, Hobday, Calderwood, Spencer, Kennedy, Letterby, Nachstmehl, Wright, Moore

May 20 - Arrival
Taymouth Castle. CSS London, Hay Mauritius

Messrs JF De Falbaire, L Gonnet, FC Novel, Thos Walker, Kisanhur, Randhos, Mr and Mrs Law, Mr and Mrs Davis and 2 children, Mr A Grondin

May 16 - Arrival
Danube. U S S Southampton. Morton. Coastal Ports.

Ex Athenian from England.
Mr Mrs and Master Grex, Dacgedes, Winter, Fryer, Capt Thresher 41st Regiment, Major Wynne R.A., Lieut Gen the Hon Sir Leicester Smyth, Majors, Spense, Crawford, Messrs Meldrum, J and I Levy, Long, Campbell, Krantz, Fletcher, Archibald, Rolland, Harris, Perkins, Dunn, Bernstrom, Ahlers (2), Harding, Keischaker, Fraamberg, Blair, O Fry, Stewart, Coakes, Browder, Ferrell (2), E Job, Plett, Bate, Fancourt, Lewis, Kemp, Kozil, Coombe, Roberts, Cantrell, Wilson, Hermes, Spero, Williams, Alafaros, Young, Brown, Slaven (3), J Robertson, MacKenzie, Dickens, A Reeves, Grant, Wood, Johnson, Nilkinson, Wallen, Menier, A E Cameron, Knorp, Renner, Stap, Tweddy, Buse, Bell, Lawarance (2), Liddle, Mahomit, Heera, Shaw, Mrs MacMurray and infant, Mrs Crafts and infant, Mrs and Miss Ayliff, Mr Mrs (3) Misses and Master Ahlers, Mrs Janson and 5 children, Misses Williams, Stewart, Bunn, M Mrs Infant, 4 Masters and 3 Misses Brenkmenn, Mrs King, Sergt Jackmann, wife and 2 children

May 18 - Departure
Imerina S S London, Dunbar. Delagoa Bay

Messrs JT Smith, McPhearson, GJM Lockyer, W Stevens, FA McNiel, J Spencer, JNO. Debathe, FC Liddle, Agnes FC Fletcher, J Brokensha, Arthur Baines, WH Kinsman, G Clarence, W Flack, John Denham, John Smith, J Kyros, Spiro Carolli, John Williamson, Peter Alafuza, Charles Koyee, J Memier, J Hermer, John McTavish, Alfred Lane, Robert Gilmore, Abram Vosper, AT Lewis, RW Wilkinson, J Robertson, J and H Slaven, Thos. O Stewart, G McKenzie, J Dickson, A Reeves, H Dirke, H Meineke, G Blair, Otto Frey, J Kyros

May 20 - Arrival
Duart Castle C S S London Freebody. C/Ports

Ex Hawarden Castle from England (April 25th)
From London
Mr and Mrs Slatter, Miss Nicholson, Mr W Adamthwaite, Mr GD Cowan, Mrs Booth, Miss Booth, Mr G Collin, Mrs Truscott, Mr W Madden, Mrs and Master Tompkins, Messrs J and R Shepherd, Miss Burnett, Mr and Mrs Spence and child, Miss Lyme, Messrs J Dalgarno, Stominger, J Carroll, Ware, Reeves, G Harmsworth , Mr and Mrs Rowe, Messrs Hobday, RL Eaton, W Deavin, F Barrowmen, G Shorter, Mr and Mrs Calderwood and child, Messrs James Barnes, Gatier, Messrs D Wet, Heiden, R Graham, Miss Hartman, Messrs J Caine, Mitchell, Luke, Mr JC Clarkson, Major Blake, Messrs William Saunders, Theime, Frugard, J Leonard, John Caine and 2 children, Geo Reiter, Picardy, Messrs M Artz, Bell, Anderson, Robertson, Dare, Whitmill, Atkinson, Watson, Astabek, A MacKay, D MacDougall, D Thomas, D C Grahame, D Ross, Mr and Mrs Hamilton, Mr H foster, Mrs Ferguson, Misses Ferguson, M Ferguson, De Chazil, Van Heven, Mr and Mrs Butler and child, Mr and Mrs Schellar, Mr and Mrs Wilson
32 men, Captain and crew of the SS Nebo of Sunderland Co. Durham, England. Picked up off Aliwal Shoal.

May 24 - Arrival
The Moor. Cape Town 23 May. London 1st May

Mrs Swinney and infant, Mrs Cyril Raghall, Misses Burney, Dougherty Lieut Col-Guard R E. Rev C Swinney, Messrs Cantherley, A F Evans, Van Siddens, Cyril Baghall, V Biscoe, Dougherty, Robinson

May 27 - Arrival
Melrose DSS London. Rose. Cape Ports

Col Wavell, Lieut Col Montgomery, Lieuts Colbinson and Lucy, 41st regt. 11 non commissioned Officers and 49 Rank and file of 41st Regiment. Messrs C Osborne, FV Kirby, Banks, Rev W Dower, Mr and Mrs Froude and 2 children, Messrs WS Adkins, C Hancock, R Cook, WH Carpenter, Nelson, Hawson, Hughman, Hollingworth, Messrs Thorogood, HG Legg, Walker, WA Johnson, C Miller, P Kruse, WF King, Thornton, Jessup

May 28 - Departure
Sir Herbert Maxwell. Ardrossan, Murray for Port Pitie.

Mr and Mrs Hussey, Mrs Tay and child, Messrs W Cambell, Fraser, Smith, Jno. Bushel, EW Lee, W McDonald

May 28 - Arrival
Lady Wood. SS Port Natal. Turner. Port St Johns

Messrs McEwan (senior) McEwan (junior), Batten, Fletcher, Mrs Hickman

May 28 - Departure
Melrose CSS. London. Rose. Cape Ports

Mr WS Keel, Mr George Daniel, Rev W Pascoe, Messrs Harris, Campbell, East, Moor, Linton, Major Blake, Messrs ZJ De Beer, Howes, CR Mitchell, J Pevpraise, Rev James Smith, Mrs EA Grant, Mrs Mac Millan, Mr and Mrs Kidd, Mrs Winter and child, Mrs Kieselbach, Mr and Mrs Stanton and 3 children, Messrs James Bleckledge, Morrison, Maben, WA Smith, W Pepworth, E Felgate, RH Tweedell, E Joseph, Angus McNab, Mrs Brooks

May 29 - Arrival
Taymouth Castle, C S S London. Hay.Cape Ports

Col Crease, RE Lieut Col Luard, RE Deputy Surgeon-General Sinclair, Major Boyle, Capts Savage RE and Fletcher, DA GG Harvest, Surgeon Charlton, Lieuts Hutchinson, RA, Brotherton RE St John RE. 81 Non Commissioned Officers of Men R Engineers, 4 Non Commissioned Officers and men, Army Hospital Corps. Mr Harrison and Mr MacCarthy

May 29 - Arrival
Asiatic U S S. Southampton, Harison, Cape Ports

Ex Moor from England
Mr, Mrs and Master Grove, Mr and Mrs Baghall, Mr and Mrs Dougherty, Master Ernest, Misses Brodie (3), Brill, Barney, Messrs Boeda, Popman, Wilkins, Cautherley, Evans, Van Siddens, Bescon, Robertson, Messrs Anderson, Norice, Gurtlick, Piegneet, Ambros, Gardner, Dr Hieler, Messrs Pritchard, Kincaid, Scott, Aslonger, Morres, Schultz, Gardner, Robinson, Cowell, Tuwwer, Wellbeloved, Pickman, Bicker

May 31 - Departure
Dabulamanzi, S S of Aberdeen, Stuart. Cape/Town

Mr Richard Vause, Mr JT Rennie, Mr and Mrs Wheeler and family

May 31 - Arrival
No name of vessel. Cape Town (London .08.05)

Lady Ribblesdale, Mrs Oosterhuis, Mrs T Abraham, Mrs Fawcett, Mrs Van Rooy, Mrs Innes, Misses R Abraham (3), D Schanley, Van Rooy, Henzenga, Nienhuis (3), Innes (2), Messrs Tennant, Spencer, Milne, Samuelson, Tugenriech, Henderson, Fawcett, Fav Rooy, S Van Rooy, Vanderhoek, Bell, Byleveld, Obermeyer, Van Fil, Geertsema, Lanting, Nienhuis, Van Essen, Lebens, Kleinendorst, Balmer, Petersen, L Petersen, Cummings, Sebright, Gray, Woodbron, Dr Everard. Masters T Abraham. Van Rooy, and Innes

June 7 - Arrival
The Tartar. Cape Town. 07.06

Mrs Garland, Mrs Adams, Misses Lumsden, A Lumsden, St. George, C Collis, Messrs A Smith, H Klein, Lane and Hon T Farland

June 7 - Departure
Florence CSS. London, De Putron. E/Coast Ports

Messrs Albrovadge, MacIntosh, William, Baley, Wasserfarr, HW Plesier, D Aviam, Gupetich, Novitch, John Pickering, James Munroe, Mr William Nye, Paddon

June 13 - Arrival
Lady Wood SS. Port Natal and Delagoa Bay. Turner

Mr Barclay, Mr Larsen

June 13 - Arrival
Duart Castle. C.S.S. London. Freebody. Mauritius.

Mr and Mrs Schaller, Messrs W Martin, W Towell, J MacNernie, R Griffiths

June 18 - Departure
Danube U.S.S. Southampton, Morton. Cape Ports.

Messrs Jassenjager, G Barg, Weppelmann, Euhanson, Simpson, Parson, J Thomson, Day, H Wright, F Petersen, UC Johnson, Mrs Mills and 6 children, Mrs Burns, Messrs HB Wallis, Koyd, Prichard, HE Nutting, Hirshom, DN Doig, A Herewith, E Forsyth, C Lamb, Mr Adler, Rev C Hutchinson, Mr Whitley, Dacg, Mrs Burnup, Mrs Weatherdon and 4 children, Mr and Mrs EW Numan and 3 children, Mr and Mrs Johnstone and child, Messes Newton, Worthington (2), Hall, MF Hall, McPhail, Messrs J Peel, WR Kempson, Albert, Wenuberg, J Gardener, EJ Challinor, FB Baker, TO Hall, Messrs Rosler, Plegary, Miss Letsemuller

June 20 - Arrival
The Mexican 1906. Cape Town (May 29th)

Mrs Hopkins and 3 children, Mrs Gay-Roberts, Mrs H Shaw, Mrs Angus and 6 children, Mrs Klok and 2 children, Mrs Dent, Mrs Cook and 3 children, Misses Chadwick, Shaw, Chambers, Hough, Baumann, Torry, Stewart, Robinson, Goodyer, Emerson, West, Horridge, Dolby, Murphy, Aldridge, Brown, Cann, May, Stanton, Fryer, Garth, Rodgers, Pountrey, Egmere, Clutterback, Cannon, Wright, Webber, Brown, Rev Mr Alstrup, Quartermaster Hopkins, Messrs De Poissey, Tripmaker, MacKillican, Shaw, Thesingh, Einsuld, Tucker, Bailey, Heizmann, Thurgood, Jager, Platt, Angus, Barton, Grant, Weller, Chapple, Swift, Dixon, Porter, H Porter, Smith, Graumann, Klop and Master Shaw

June 18 - Arrival
Melrose CSS. London. Rose. Cape Ports

Ex Pembroke Castle from England.
Mr and Mrs Hotchkin, Mr and Mrs Robertson, Rev GS and PS Flack, Mrs and Master Gilbert, Mrs Arbuckle, Lieut Robinson, Mrs Peace, Mrs and Miss Hutton, Miss Cradock, Messrs GE Layton, Purney, Cartwright, Behrens, Mr and Mrs Jemison, Messrs John Madden, S Davids, Messrs AH Nell, Mapuis, Weston, Williamson, Rickets, May, Mr and Mrs J De Villiers, Mrs Burden and child, Messrs May, G Bennett, G McCarthy, W Campbell, G Rogers, A Scott, R Goacy, Mispel;, Tennyson, G Shepherd, B Barnes, A Baylis, Tregurtha, T Powell, W Newman, Ernest and W Stadden

June 24 - Arrival
Gertruida, Strating, of Nievepeklin. Pike from Port Adelaide

Messrs AW Higgs, WC Kember, Mrs Kember

June 24 - Departure
Umzinto London

Nurse for Port Augusta
Messrs HBS Allen, WH Lane, W Day, AC Smith, Wedwards, W McIntosh, Jno. Fowler, J Ballantyne, R Reidel, W Corker, HA Taylor, Louis Gotharde, E Matterson, Miss Wilson, Mr and Mrs Craig, Mr and Mrs Clements, Mr and Mrs Tyrell and family

June 24 - Arrival
Margareta of Oskarshaven, Halgren from Adelaide

Mr Alfred Smith and 2 children, Mr T Greigh

June 25 - Departure
Melrose C.S.S. London Rose. Cape Ports

Miss Protsch, Messrs Protsch, T Gordon Duff, H Ernest, HJ Buchan, Messrs R Evans, Howe, Watt, Mrs Deymour Dallas, Mr and Mrs Head, Mr and Mrs Schaller, Miss Hart, Mr and Mrs Bert and 8 children, Col Grease, Messrs W Geeree, JS De Villiers, H Coakes, AG Smith, Messrs H Bernard, S Wolk, Collingwood, Underhill, HWJ Brown, BS Pockinghorne, Mr and Mrs Meet and 2 children, Mr and Mrs Burton

June 30 - Arrival
The Trojan, Cape Town

Miss C Robbins, Capt W Brown, Messrs McClintock, R MacFarlane, Pitcher, Heizman and Yeo.

Monday, November 12, 2018

Sunday, November 11, 2018

Remembrance Sunday 100 years

Arms and the Boy

Let the boy try along this bayonet-blade 
How cold steel is, and keen with hunger of blood; 
Blue with all malice, like a madman's flash; 
And thinly drawn with famishing for flesh. 

Lend him to stroke these blind, blunt bullet-leads, 
Which long to nuzzle in the hearts of lads, 
Or give him cartridges of fine zinc teeth 
Sharp with the sharpness of grief and death. 

For his teeth seem for laughing round an apple. 
There lurk no claws behind his fingers supple; 
And God will grow no talons at his heels, 
Nor antlers through the thickness of his curls.

Passengers to Natal 1866

The arrival at Natal of the Aberdeen Direct Clipper, Umgeni, one of John T Rennie’s line, was reported in the Natal Mercury of 27 February 1866. A passenger list in the Shipping Intelligence column offers an example of how information as well as pointers towards further research can be gleaned from such a source.*

A group of Government Immigrants on board is a reminder that the scheme introduced in 1857, enabling those already settled in Natal to nominate and stand surety to others wishing to settle in the Colony, was still operating. The sureties could be relatives or prospective employers to whom the immigrants were contracted.

There were cabin passengers on the Umgeni, too, notably three missionaries including Rev. August Prozesky who worked among the Zulus at Konigsberg (Newcastle, Natal) from 1868 – 1900, and built the Lutheran Mission Church there.**

Passengers per Umgeni from London (as reported in the Natal Mercury):
Cabin: Revds. Carl Richter, Theodore Glockner and August Prozesky; Mr and Mrs John Gavin and child, Mrs Robert Forrest, Mrs Payne, Miss A Hubbard.

Government Immigrants:
Mrs E E Parker
Mrs E Gadd
Mrs F Hansen
Mrs S Keith
Thos Williams
M A McIntosh
M Mullins
M Roper
A Forester
Mr & Mrs Barrett
Mr & Mrs Drew & infant
Mr & Mrs Harmsworth
Mr & Mrs Harmsworth jnr
Mr & Mrs Jacob & 4 children
Messrs Hansen (2)
M Cleeves

Selecting a few names at random, interesting stories emerge: Thomas Bath was contracted to the sugar planter John Vacy Lyle of the farm Fenton Vacy on the North coast of Natal. A by-product of this estate was the fiery Fenton Vacy rum. The 19 year-old Maria Roper, whose surety was the tailor Ebenezer Beves, later became Mrs Beves: whether this was planned prior to Maria’s arrival in Natal, or a case of love at first sight, history doesn’t relate.

Annie Forester appears to be a solo passenger but in fact, aged 8, was travelling with her mother and stepfather, Mary and George Drew and the Drews’ infant son, Ernest. Fanny Hansen, with her two sons Benjamin and George, was joining her husband, William Hansen, a bricklayer who had settled earlier in Durban. The Barrett couple – John and Sarah - were going to employment on a farm at Weenen. John Campbell’s surety was the mason, William McIntosh, in Pietermaritzburg. Mrs Parker is a mystery passenger as she doesn't appear in the immigration records; perhaps she called herself by a different surname  for her new start in the Colony.

John Gavin, a well-known colonist who originally arrived in Natal on the Globe, made more than one voyage between the Colony and England. He was to meet a dreadful fate in 1875, falling into a pan of boiling sugar juice.

The Aberdeen Clipper Umgeni, 1864
The ship Umgeni brought further immigrants to Natal in five sailings between 1866 and 1874. The following year she was re-rigged as a barque - fewer crew members were then required to sail her. She ended her career as a coal hulk at the port of Durban.

*   Stating the obvious? Perhaps, but a blog visitor asked: ‘What’s all the fuss about passenger lists? They’re just lists of names.’ Indeed.

** The book Hope Farm: Mission Stories was translated from the German by Prozesky’s great grandson Oscar Prozesky.