BillionGraves, however, is an open source database that is Evidence First. BillionGraves records start with a gravestone image ... then that image can be connected to a person on a family tree – not the other way around.
Gravestones in South Africa: eGGSA web site
The pictures represent only a personal selection by the photographer. The pictures are donated by the various photographers. eGGSA does not organise the photography of cemeteries and graveyards. We accept donated photographers for display in the relevant section of our web site. Contact:
either Riana le Roux who manages this section; or Richard Ball, web services.Remember though if you stop to photograph some graves yourself, you could be providing a service to posterity if you  photograph all the graves and make an accurate note of the location of the graveyard.
We photograph these gravestones and make them available on our web site firstly because they are a valuable record of the details of many people, now gone, often preserved nowhere else and secondly in order to preserve them, at least as a photograph, since they are subject to weathering over the years. And so many graveyards are now being cleared for re-use, or vandalised, robbed and the gravestones destroyed - we wish to record these for posterity.

We see our photo project as an extension and preservation of the monuments in the grave yards all over South Africa. No disrespect is intended and we see our project as honouring those who have gone before us by preserving their memory.

Greytown Cemetery, Kwa-Zulu Natal