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Souvenir Saturday: The Caithness Fan

This fan of bone with silk mount is a wonderful piece of Caithness memorabilia. Bearing the name ‘Etta’, it belonged to Eugenie Sarah Henrietta Westmacott (b 6 November 1858 d 15 January 1938). Etta, as she was known to her family, married James Ernest Caithness (b 17 May 1839 d 16 Feb 1902).

The folded view of the fan shows embossed arms and a motto, ‘I Commit My Work to God’. This is similar to the motto of the Earls of Caithness (surname Sinclair), ‘Commit Thy Work to God’ (Latin Revela Domino opera tua). Elements in the arms on the fan - sailing ship, lions rampant, rooster - echo the Sinclair arms.

Few accessories of the female wardrobe combine functional and decorative qualities as perfectly – or as elegantly - as the fan. Apart from keeping a lady cool in heated ballrooms or theatres and indicating that its owner was in the first rank of fashion, it was indispensable for certain accepted patterns of social behaviour.*

Etta’s fan with its personalized touches would have been a gift to mark a special occasion. Its condition tells us it was a treasured memento, carefully preserved.

* Language of the Fan

By kind permission of the owner of the fan, June B-R.
Photographs and additional information by Tom Sheldon.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Mariners: Caithness and the Flying Dragon 1

At the beginning of 1854, the year which saw the wreck of over thirty ships including the Sea Gull (Captain Caithness) during a gale in Table Bay, talk of a wonderful new clipper ship was making headlines in the British and Colonial press.

In a column headed ‘English Clippers versus American Clippers’, one report read:

We have been much gratified by the inspection of the clipper Flying Dragon, built by Mr Pile, of [Monkwearmouth] Sunderland. Her tonnage is 780 old measurement and 674 new. She has been built especially to compete with the Yankee clippers. Her length over all is 199 feet and her beam 34 feet. The Flying Dragon made the run from the Wear to the Thames in the short space of twenty-eight hours and, judging from this specimen of her performances, we shall be much surprised if she do [sic] not make one of the most rapid passages to Australia on record. She has everything necessary to make her go. Her build is on the most improved principles. She is neatly and well rigged, with no  unnecessary top-hamper; and, moreover, she is commanded by a smart officer, Captain James George Carter, who, on his last voyage from China, was successful in saving the lives of the crew of the barque Titania which was lost … in the China seas …*

A heroic Captain and a clipper of marvellous modern design couldn’t fail to excite widespread interest. The career of the Flying Dragon would be closely watched by the general public as well as by the maritime community at the Cape, who could hope for a good look at the ship when she called at Table Bay on her Australia run.

No-one could have predicted that the Flying Dragon, true to her name, would soon be breathing fire and smoke and trailing disaster in her wake.

The Sunderland Clipper Barque Flying Dragon
Illustrated London News 4 Nov 1854

 The Courier, Hobart, Tasmania 4 January 1854, copied from the London Morning Herald's report.

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Mariners: Caithness and the Sea Gull

It was 1854 and nothing much had changed for Cape coastal mariners despite the historic decision recently taken by Queen Victoria to grant the Colony Responsible Government. 

The opening of the First Parliament was a ceremonial affair held at Tuynhuis, the residence of Governor Grey, who presided. The power of the Cape Parliament was limited: the Governor, appointed by the Queen and the Home Parliament, still called the shots.

More pressing concerns than the newly drawn-up constitution occupied the maritime community. On 15 July 1854 at Table Bay there was a violent gale, said to be one of the most severe in many years, causing havoc when several ships, riding very heavily on an increasing sea, parted their anchors. The barque Canopus, carrying cargo, went ashore at the Castle, and not long after the Wild Sea Mew under Captain Grainger collided with the Sea Gull, commanded by Captain Caithness.

The story was dramatic enough for the overseas press to pick it up and run with it for a few days, though there were differences of opinion as to the precise date of the gale and the name of the Wild Sea Mew (given as White Sea Mew in some accounts). From the London Daily News:

The following is an extract of a log kept at the port-office, giving the particulars of the gale in Table Bay … At 12.10 p.m. the Canopus parted from her remaining bower chain when she immediately slipped the remainder of it and ran ashore a little to the southward of the Castle Ditch. The life-boat was immediately dispatched in charge of Mr Wilson, the assistant port captain, who succeeded in landing the crew in safety…  At 1.45 the schooner Wave Spirit parted her bower cable … At 4 p.m. the ship White Sea Mew parted both her bower cables during a heavy squall from the northward, fouling and taking with her the brig Sea Gull, both of which immediately slipped the remainder of their chains and ran on shore near the Castle Ditch, close to the Canopus [Captain Crosby]. Part of the female passengers and children of the brig [Sea Gull] were landed in the life-boat shortly after she struck, but in doing so the life-boat got stove* and seeing that the remainder of the passengers and the crews of both vessels were perfectly safe in continuing on board, all other efforts to land them that night were given up. 
Both vessels came well up on the beach and remained firmly imbedded [sic] in the sand. Midnight. Still blowing a very heavy gale and tremendous sea setting in on the bay. The officers and crew of the port office establishment with life-boats and all other apparatus in attendance, opposite the vessels, all night. After the White Sea Mew came in contact with the Sea Gull she then fouled the John Knox taking her bowsprit out and doing her other serious damage.**

Further ships caught in the debacle were the Margaret Milne, the Empress, the Euphrosyne, the American barque Silver Cloud, the schooners Prairie and Rachel and the Gitana. Apparently the barometer had given no prior indication that such a severe gale was in the offing. By the following morning it had abated but over 30 cargo and other ships had been sunk and otherwise destroyed. 

The question remains: was Captain Caithness of the Sea Gull James Ramsey Caithness? Reports mention that this brig was bound for Australia with passengers who were already on board when the gale struck. Would James Caithness have been undertaking this type of voyage at this date? More investigation is required before this Master’s identity can be established beyond doubt. 

Ship in a gale

*  stove in, i.e. holed
**  London Daily News 8 September 1854 The Gale in Table Bay. Other reports appeared in the Morning Post 5 September 1854 and the London Daily News 7 September 1854

The Zuid Africaan reported in July 1854: 'For Australia. The Sea Gull Captain Caithness leaves this port today. She takes a full cargo and the following passengers: Cabin: Messrs Harris, Melle, and West and 2 boys; Mesdames Harris and child, Burke and 5 children; Mrs Steuart, Miss Vipond, Miss West, and 40 steerage passengers.' [This was relayed in The Sydney Morning Herald 19 Sept 1854, some time after the event; the planned voyage did not take place as the Sea Gull, though refloated, was later condemned.]

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Natal Witness Deaths 1891

Name, Gender, Age, Date of Event, Date of Advert, Details
Andrews, Alfred Edwin m 31, 23-Dec-1890, 7-Jan-1891,
of Willow Bridge, PMBurg
Andrews, Arthur Edwin m 19 months, 19-Nov-1891, 20-Nov-1891,
at PMBurg the son of Mr E Edwin
Andrews, Charles Buxton m, 34, 10-May-1891, 13-May-1891,
at his residence, Priory Cottage, West Street PMBurg,
Captain Natal Royal Rifles
(English papers please copy)
Archbell, James William m, 67, 19-Jan-1891, 24-Jan-1891,
at his residence, Longmarket Street PMBurg
Balch, Louisa Miller  f  no age given, 16-Jan-1891, 17-Jan-1891,
at Grey's Hospital, PMBurg, beloved wife of Mr H Balch, bandmaster 11th (P.A.) Hussars
Baldwin, George Walter m 25yrs 10mnth, 3-Oct-1891, 6-Oct-1891,
at Stanger Cottage, Prince Alfred Street, youngest son of the late Walter Baldwin of
PMBurg (English papers please copy)
Birkett, Horace Francis m 16 months, 24-Jan-1891, 30-Jan-1891,
at Newcastle, second son of FJ and SA Birkett
Boyd, Lilly Mary  f  32, 1-Aug-1891, 5-Aug-1891,
in Johannesburg Hospital, wife of James Boyd (Colonial Service),
late of Kimberley, and PMBurg
(Colonial papers please copy)
Boyd, Robert Lyle m no age given, 7-July-1891, 8-July-1891,
at his residence, Belfast Cottage, Zwaartkop Valley,
formerly of Carnmoney, County Antrim, Ireland
and formerly of No 5 Battery, 2nd Brigade Royal Artillery,
and for 14 years, Caretaker of the Government Gunpowder Magazine, PMBurg

Brown, Alexander King m 3yrs 5mnths, 28-Aug-1891, 29-Aug-1891,
Accidently accidentally ? drowned at the Forest near PMBurg, second son of
WG Brown
Bruno, Lancelot Bruno m 13 months, 7-May-1891, 11-May-1891,
at Newcastle, Lancelot Bruno Bruno youngest son of Arthur and Catherine Bruno
Bruyns, Berendina Geziena Margaretha  f  72, 7-Dec-1891, 22-Dec-1891,
at the residence of Gert Vermaak, District Vrijheid,
relict of AJ Bruyns, Noodsberg
Burges, Mary Travers  f  9yrs+4mnths, 12-Oct-1891, 17-Oct-1891,
at Howick, eldest daughter of FT and HM Burges
Clarke, WF 55, 6-July-1891, 11-July-1891,
at Grey's Hospital, PMBurg
Clothier, Susie  f  27, 26-Nov-1891, 30-Nov-1891,
at Port Shepstone of Enteric Fever, youngest daughter of A Clothier, White Cliff,
Alfred County
Cunningham, William m 72, 10-April-1891, 17-April-1891, at Byrne
Dawney, Antoinette Eliza  f  no age given, 11-June-1891, 13-June-1891,
At Cholderton House, Stamford Hill the wife of the late Robert Dawney of PMBurg
Day, Henry William m 25 years, 30-Oct-1888, 30-Oct-1891,
In ever loving memory of Henry William, eldest son of the Rev H and Mrs Day
of St John's College, Margate, who died at Grey's Hospital
Driver, Edwin James m no age given, 19-July-1891, 20-July-1891,
at PMBurg, formerly of Streatham, London, S.W.
(English papers please copy) 
Edie, Charles m no age given, 26-Oct-1891, 30-Oct-1891,
at PMBurg M.D. late District Surgeon, Umzimkulu
Ellerker, Joseph m 66, no date given, 26-Feb-1891,
at Mooi River, Weston of Gillie Crankie, Noodsberg
Finnemore, Howard Victor West m 1yr 6mn 3wks, 11-Jan-1891, 14-Jan-1891,
At Durban dearly beloved child of Robert Isaac and Catherine Augusta Finnemore
Fleming, Ann  f  no age given, 24-Mar-1891, 24-Mar-1891,
at PMBurg the beloved wife of John Fleming
Fleming, Eric m 6 weeks, 25-Dec-1890, 3-Jan-1891,
at PMBurg on Xmas Day, infant son of Thomass and Jeanie Fleming
Forder, Douglas Henry m 7 yrs 7mnt, 26-Dec-1890, 3-Jan-1891,
at West Street PMBurg son of James Forder Esq. B.A.,
Resident Magistrate, Umgeni Division of the County of PMBurg
Fraser, Jessie Isabel  f  7yr 9mnths, 11-Feb-1891, 17-Feb-1891,
at Bethlehem, OFS of diphtheria, beloved daughter of D and S Fraser
Gold, Robert m 57, 2-May-1891, 9-May-1891,
at Polela, of "Eskdale", Highflats
Gower-Poole, Samuel m 71, 17-April-1891, 29-May-1891,
at Leigh Cottage, Southend, Essex the Rev. Samuel Gower-Poole,
Chaplain to the Honourable Trinity Corporation, London
Gregory, Pietrus Johannes Kemp m 34, 6-Jan-1891, 8-Jan-1891,
at PMBurg, late of Dundee
Harcourt, Joseph Frederick m 10 years, 17-Sept-1891, 19-Sept-1891,
at Hilltop the beloved Twin son of Joseph and Caroline Harcourt
Harcourt, Joseph Holdich m no age given, 20-June-1891, 10-July-1891,
At Kokstad, East Griqualand, formerly of Birmingham
Harmsworth, Charles James m 55, 22-Feb-1891, 23-Feb-1891,
The funeral will leave his late residence Loop St. PMBurg at 4.30 today,
late of England and S Africa
Harper, Hugh m 24, 31-Mar-1891, 14-Aug-1891,
at Greenfields, Golden Grove, South Australia - the residence of his brother,
youngest son of William Harper, Upper Thamston, Fettercairn
Harrod, Isabel Grace  f  7mns 20dys, 10-Sept-1891, 15-Sept-1891,
at Deepdale, Boston beloved daughter of Percy and Emily Jane Harrod
Harvard, Elizabeth Jane (Bessie)  f  5 months, 16-Nov-1891, 20-Nov-1891,
At Howick, Daughter of MJR Harvard and Jane, his wife
Haworth, Eva  f  5 years, 30-Aug-1891, 2-Sept-1891,
at Stuartstown, Ixopo Beloved and only daughter of Edwin W Haworth
Hooper, Ann  f  74 5mnths, 8-Aug-1891, 13-Aug-1891,
at her son's residence, Harding, wife of the late Dr Joseph Hooper M.D.
(London papers please Copy)
Hunt, Alfred m 4 years, 26-Aug-1891, 28-Aug-1891,
at No 3 Temple Street, PMBurg the beloved son of Alfred Hogarth and Emily Hunt
Illing, Dorothy  f  7 months, 28-April-1891, 30-April-1891,
at Ladysmith, Natal daughter of Herman and Alice Illing
Isaace, Lambert m 11mn 24dys, 24-Mar-1891, 24-Mar-1891,
at Cremorne, Townlands, son of Reuben and Sarah Isaacs
Isaacs, Grace Lenora  f  1yr 11mnths, 24-Feb-1891, 28-Feb-1891,
Second daughter of James and Jenny Isaacs
Jansen, Amelia nee Humphries  f  no age given, 23-April-1891, 10-June-1891,
at Pretoria, Transvaal the wife of HL Jansen, late of Graaf Reinet, Cape Colony
Kirby, Charles Badger m 15 yrs 6mnths, 18-Aug-1891, 24-Aug-1891,
At Klipfontein, Highlands Station eldest son of Harry E and Annie Kirby
Kirby, Ivy Haidee  f  14yrs+3mnths, 15-Sept-1891, 18-Sept-1891,
of Diptheria, daughter of Harry E and Annie Kirby of Klipfontein, Highlands St

Layman m still born, 9-June-1891, 17-June-1891,
at Hessle Cottage, Greytown the wife of FAM Layman of a son 
Lindsay, John m 34 years, 4-Nov-1891, 6-Nov-1891,
at PMBurg, eldest son of the late Alex Lindsay
Lister m still born, 23-July-1891, 27-July-1891,
at PMBurg Street the wife of John Lister of a son 
Lowen, Harley James m no age given, 23-April-1891, 24-April-1891,
at Bulwer Street, PMBurg, infant son of CF and AJ Lowen
Lucas, John m 2 days, 1-June-1891, 4-June-1891,
at St Thomas's Road, Berea infant son of Edward and Caroline Lucas
MacFarlane, Eian Walter m 2 years (circa), 17-Sept-1891, 19-Sept-1891,
At "Redlands", Townhill, PMBurg of Diptheria, the only and dearly beloved child
of George and Maria MacFarland
M'Beth, Robert Allan m no age given, 4-April-1891, 7-April-1891,
at PMburg, from Enteric Fever youngest son of the Rev. Robert M'Beth MA.,
Broaday [Broadway?] Congregational Church, Hammersmith, London UK
McGill, Dorothy  f  no age given, 4-Oct-1891, 7-Oct-1891,
at Ladysmith third daughter of Herbert and Nellie McGill
McGill, Rosa Natalia  f no age given, 1-Oct-1891, 7-Oct-1891,
at Ladysmith infant daughter of Herbert and Nellie McGill
Milliken, John m 46, 11-Sept-1891, 16-Sept-1891,
at the Zwaartkop Valley, PMBurg
Molyneux, Ethel  f  3 years, 29-April-1891, 28-May-1891,
The beloved child of Justin and Lizzie Molyneux
Molyneux, Justin m 28, 17-Nov-1891, 22-Dec-1891,
at Sea off Teneriffe
Molyneux, Victor Wolseley m 18 years, 5-Sept-1891, 16-Sept-1891,
at Matipi's Kraal, Banyailand, seventh son of the late William Molyneux F.G.S.,
Moodie, DCF no age given, 11-Mar-1891, 24-Mar-1891,
at Sea off Teneriffe
Morris, Joyce Mary  f  11 months, 21-Dec-1890, 3-Jan-1891,
at Kokstad, beloved daughter of Westcott Mallett and Heloise (Zulie) Morris
Percival, George m 42, 6-Dec-1891, 11-Dec-1891,
at Umzimkulu, Bricklayer
Redinger, Edouard  m 71, 27-Oct-1891, 6-Nov-1891,
at Koper-Bult near Noodsberg Road, an old colonist of nearly 50 years standing
Reed, Ellen Mary  f  61, 6-June-1891, 12-June-1891,
at Estcourt the wife of John Reed.  Nottingham papers please copy
Ritchie, Elva Annie  f  no age given, 8-Dec-1891, 11-Dec-1891,
at Townlands, PMBurg infant daughter of D Ritchie
Robinson, Kate Flecknoe (Katie)  f  14yrs 6mnth, 15-May-1891, 30-May-1891,
At the North Pier, Port of Durban, by accidental drowning, fourth daughter of
the Rev. TE Robinson, Rector of St. John's, Pinetown
(English papers please copy)
Roseveare, Alice Maud Mary  f 16 years, 18-April-1891, 23-April-1891,
At Musgrave Road, Durban eldest daughter of John and Emma Roseveare
Ross, Mary  f  59yrs 8mnths, 6-Dec-1891, 21-Dec-1891,
at her residence 121 Loop Street, widow of the late George Ross, Riversdale,
Rowan, Elizabeth Montgomery  f  32, 8-Feb-1891, 11-Feb-1891,
at Dundee Coalfields, Natal the beloved wife of Walter Rowan,
Manager, Dundee Coalfields Co Ltd
Rowsell, Edith Maud  f  5yrs 3mnth, 6-May-1891, 9-May-1891,
at PMBurg beloved daugher of AW and Agnes Rowsell
Sanderson, Thomas m 39, 17-April-1891, 25-April-1891,
at Fort Amiel, Newcastle, Supt. D.E.D
Scott, Edgar Sutherland Burton m 5 months, 23-Nov-1891, 24-Nov-1891,
Youngest son of Gilbert and MA Scott
Shapley, Leonard Henry m 3 months, 11-Jan-1891, 16-Jan-1891,
at Greytown infant son of HSM Shapley
Spettigue, Joseph Tuke m 46, 6-Jan-1891,16-Jan-1891,
at Ladysmith
Steele, Anne Catherine  f  75, 11-Feb-1891, 23-Feb-1891,
at the Buffalo River, Natal, widow of the late John Polidore Steele
Strapp, William Colin m 1 year 2 dys, 5-June-1891, 10-June-1891,
at Howick only son of Henry and Jean Strapp
Tarboton, Elizabeth  f  82, 7-Aug-1891, 10-Aug-1891,
at her residence Byrne, near Richmond relict of the late Henry Tarboton
Thorne, Richard (senior) m 51, 10-Jan-1891, 12-Jan-1891, at Greys Hospital
Thornhill, Amelia  f  7 years, 22-Aug-1891, 28-Aug-1891,
drowned at Vaal Krantz Farm, Klip River County (children of William and Caroline
Thornhill, Florence  f  9yrs 2mnths, 22-Aug-1891, 28-Aug-1891,
drowned at Vaal Krantz Farm, Klip River County (children of William and Caroline
Thresh, George m 60, 2-Jan-1891, 5-Jan-1891, at the Imperial Hotel
Trafford, John William m 1y 8mn 17dys, 24-Jan-1891,28-Jan-1891,
at St Andrew's Street youngest son of Fred and Charlotte Trafford
Trotter, Grace Young  f  85, 7-Aug-1891, 12-Aug-1891,
at Yarrow, Woodside, widow of the late George Trotter
Van Rooyen, Mainus, Jacobus,Verimus m 1yr 11mnths, 8-Mar-1891, 14-Mar-1891,
at Greytown, beloved son of EJ and MF Van Rooyan(en) Vaalkrans near Greytown
Vosper, Richard John m 36 years, 28-Nov-1891, 30-Nov-1891,
at his residence Burger Street, formerly of Clifton, Bristol England
Wadeson, Ada Savage  f  no age given, 5-May-1891, 17-June-1891,
at Quetta, India, the wife of Captain F Wadeson, Station Staff Officer
and daughter of Col F Curtis, Commanding Troops, Natal
Wardle, Beatrice (Birdie)  f  memoriam, 31-July-1891, 31-July-1891,
In affectionate Remembrance
Watt, Robert m 50, 2-Jan-1891, 6-Jan-1891,
at PMBurg, cabinet maker, formerly of Edinburgh Scotland, Native of Dalkeith,
Whelan, Cornelius Martin m 2yr 4mns 19dys, 18-June-1891, 25-June-1891,
At Helpmakaar, youngest son of M and L Whelan of Helpmakaar
Whittaker, Sannie  f  60, 1-June-1891, 4-June-1891,
the beloved wife of DF Whittaker
Wyatt, RF 58, 24-Feb-1891, 25-Feb-1891,
at PMBurg, late of Aasvogel Krantz



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Natal Witness Marriages 1891

Groom, Bride, Date of Event, Date of Advert, Details
Adamson, Keyter, 6-May-1891, 9-May-1891 at Greytown
by the Rev. David Rossouw
G William, eldest son of the late David Adamson
to Helena Maria, youngest daughter of APC Keyter J.P. of Spekfontein
Allan, Laurens, 18-June-1891, 20-June-1891 at St Saviours Cathedral
by the Rev Banks
Thomas Allan (junior) of Fairview, Cleveland Hill
to Alice Henriette, daughter of the late Phillip Laurens of Tyrone, Mid Illovo
Allsopp, Foss, 23-April-1891, 24-April-1891, at New England, PMBurg
by the Rev J Allsopp, father of the bridegroom
Ernest Selby Allsopp to Eva Mary, eldest daughter of Richard Foss
Andrews, Meek, 20-July-1891, 27-July-1891, at Newcastle by Licence,
by the Rev W Clark
Charles William Andrews to Emily Florence fourth daughter of WE Meek of Greytown
Baker, Bower, no date  given, 31-July-1891, at the Wesleyan Church PMBurg
by the Rev S Evans Rowe
Samuel Harvard, eldest son of James Baker, London
to Frances, youngest daughter of the late Job Bower of Acton, Dorsetshire
Barnes, Ogle, 24-Sept-1891, 26-Oct-1891, at St John's Church, Notting-Hill, London W.
by the Rev R Thornton, D.D.
Robert Samuel Wemyss Barnes, associate Member Institure C.E. of Durban Natal,
second son of Fred Piers Barnes, C.E. of Birkenhead
to Elizabeth Emma Bradford, daughter of the late John Craven Ogle A.M. T.C.D.
Barrister-At-Law,Transmere Park, Birkenhead (no cards)
Blaine, Hook, 25-June-1891, 2-July-1891 at the Parish church Umzimkulu
Thomas Langford, youngest son of the late George Blaine of Kei Road,
Kingwilliamstown to Nora Elizabeth eldest daughter of Captain Hook R.M. (no cards)
Brereton, Hamilton, 25-Feb-1891, 26-Feb-1891, at St Saviours Cathedral, PMBurg
by the Rev. Canon Swabey
Leonard Brereton of Ladysmith to Margaret Ruth Hamilton,
youngest daughter of the late Captain Richard Hamilton
Brown, Wise, 14-July-1891, 18-July-1891, at St Peters Cathedral
by the Rev AKD Edwards
Arthur Robarts, of Deepdale and Son of the late John Brown Esq. of Durban
to Edith Marguerite Litchfield, daughter of H Wise Esq. "Tyn-Y-Coed" Zwaartkop PMBurg
(Yorkshire papers please copy)
Brown, Twyman, 18-Nov-1891, 26-Nov-1891, at Mooi Plaats, Biggarsberg,
The residence of the bride's father by the Rev C Whomson of Ladysmith
Robert Charles, eldest son of William Brown of Nelson's Hoek, Harrismith OFS
to Jemima Emily, eldest daughter of William Brown of Nelson's Hoek, Harrismith OFS (no cards)
Burton, Mason, 18-Mar-1891, 2-April-1891 at PMBurg by the Rev S Evans Howe
James Chorley Burton to Florence Janet Mason
Calvert, Hamer, 6-Aug-1891, 8-Aug-1891, at the residence of the bridegroom's father,
Joseph Calvert of PMBurg to Elizabeth Hamer of Charley, Lancashire
Cameron, Farquhar, 10-Sept-1891, 14-Sept-1891, at the Berea, Durban
by the Rev A Mitchell B.A.
Willian Cameron, Solicitor, PMBurg (Hathorn and Masons)
to Maggie, youngest daughter of the late Alexander Farquhar of Trochii (off the page) Morayshire, Scotland (no cards)
Cheeseman, Thring, 7-July-1891, 15-July-1891, at All Saints Church, Stanger
by Licence, by the Rev Canon Booth
E Cheesman of Umbombo, Zululand to Alice J (Jeannie) Thring,
eldest daughter of the late Edwin Thring of Stanger
Chislett, Jones, 12-Nov-1891, 14-Nov-1891, at 59 Burger Street
by the Rev D Russell
Arthur James Chislett of Pilsley, Derbyshire, England
to Florence Harriett only daughter of the late George Jones of PMBurg
Crawford, Ingram, 11-April-1891, 20-April-1891, at Durban
by the Rev A Mitchell B.A..
R H Ingram of PMBurg to Bessie, younger daughter of the late Robert Crawford M.D., Peebles, Scotland
Cunningham, Johnson, 12-Aug-1891, 26-Aug-1891, at Byrne by the Rev JR Ward
Andrew Robert, eldest son of the late W Cunningham
to Edith Helen youngest daughter of W Johnson all of Byrne
Dixon, McBean, 30-Dec-1890, 8-Jan-1891, at Newcastle
by the Rev Jas Smith, assisted by the Rev WH Mann
Joseph third and youngest son of the late Edward Ross Dixon,
to Christina Winnifred eldest daughter of William McBean of Ardersier, Invernesshire,
Douglas, Wright, 2-June-1891, 3-June-1891, at St Peter's Cathedral PMBurg
by the Rev AKD Edwards MA. (Oxon)
James Douglas to Jessie Wright 
Gluyas, Green, 14-Jan-1891, 16-Jan-1891, at St Peters Cathedral, PMBurg
by the Rev AKD Edwards M A Oxon
Charles Gluyas Esq. of Johannesburg to Ethel third daughter of Morton Greet J.P. of the
Firs, PMBurg, no cards
Golborne, Bennett, 25-Nov-1891, 26-Nov-1891, at St Saviours Cathedral,
by the Rev WFR Buckle, Chaplain to H.M. Forces
John Henry Golborne of PMBurg to Eva youngest daughter of Mr JM Bennett of PMBurg
Goodall, Brown, 1-Dec-1891, 5-Dec-1891, at St Peters Cathedral
by the Rev AKD Edwards
Edgar E Goodall to Amy Brown
Gray, Mudie, 28-Dec-1891, 31-Dec-1891, at Durban
by the Rev J Gould-Smith
Lizzie Forbes younger daughter of the late DB Mudie, Dundee, Scotland to
Andrew fifth son of David Gray Cathkin J.P
Harding, Potgieter, 7-Dec-1891, 12-Dec-1891, at Swaart Kops, Ladysmith
John Harding of Bason's Kraal, Estcourt
to  Annie Elizabeth Dormehl-Potgieter, eldest daughter of William Dormehl,
formerly of Port Elizabeth, Cape Colony
Harvey, Kelsey, 30-May-1891, 5-June-1891, at St Mary's Church, Johannesburg
By the Rev Darragh
Robert James, youngest son of the late FW Harvey of Daphne Castle, Wexford Ireland
to Emmie, only daughter of the late CW Kelsey of Richmond Road, Natal
Hayes, Montgomery, 8-April-1891, 10-April-1891, at St. Margaret's, Mid Illovo
by the Rev JR Ward A.M.
Edward Harry second son of Geo. Bevan Hayes of Klipspruit,
and grandson of the late Rev James Hayes A.M. Vicar of Wynbury, Cheshire
to Blanche Lucia, second daughter of AN Montgomery J.P. of Ismont, formerly Captain,
The Royal Fusilliers
Honeywill, Marshall, 19-Feb-1891, 21-Feb-1891, at the Wesleyan Church, Dundee Proper
John Edwin Honeywill of Dundee Proper to Emily eldest daughter of Robert Marshall Esq.
of Cleveland near Dundee
Kirkwood, Ross, 6-July-1891, 7-July-1891, at Emlagh, PMBurg
by the Rev John Smith M.A. St John's Presbyterian Church
John MacFarlane Kirkwood, Standard Bank of SA
to Christina Helen, fourth daughter of Donald Ross, Rife-Shire, Scotland
Kuranda, Foster, 10-June-1891, 11-June-1891, at St Saviours Cathedral PMBurg
By the Very Rev The Dean of PMBurg assisted by Canon Swabey
Robert Kuranda of Johannesburg to Alice, younger daughter of Edward Sladen Foster
of Dowsby Hall, Lincolnshire and niece of the late Thomas Foxter C.L.C. Natal
Laurens, Bredenkamp, 3-Mar-1891, 7-Mar-1891, at St Saviours Cathedral, PMBurg
by the Rev. Canon Swabey
Phillip J Laurens of Barberton to Annie third daughter of Mr G Bredenkamp
Leslie, Whitridge, 17-June-1891, 22-June-1891, at Bulwer by the Rev B Markham
William J, eldest son of W Leslie Esq. Estcourt 
to Mary Isabella, eldest daughter of the late M Whitridge Esq
Leuchers, MacKenzie, 22-July-1891, 27-July-1891, at St John's Church, York
By the Rev ET Burges assisted by the Rev. John Methley
George Leuchars of Bracken, youngest son of HJ Leuchars "Purbrook" Greytown
to Mary Marion eldest daughter of the late William MacKenzie of Cramond
Line, Ford, 14-July-1891, 15-July-1891, at St Peters Cathedral PMBurg
by the Rev AKD Edwards
Leonard Line to Mary Anne Ford, daughter of the late George Thres. Ford
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Livingson, Jackson, no date given, 9-July-1891, at Grasmere, Berea, Durban
The residence of the bride's uncle by the Rev GW Rogers
John Livingson, Solicitor, Durban to Ella Maria,
eldest daughter of the late Rev J Jackson (junior) of Richmond
MacKenzie, Aitchison, 13-Jan-1891, 23-Feb-1891, at Monkwood, Kilgraston Road,
Edinburgh, Scotland
by the Rev McAdam Muir
George Charles MacKenzie of Buccleuch to Elizabeth Milne, daughter of Thos S 
Aitchinson Esq.
MacKenzie, Russell, 23-Mar-1891, 31-Mar-1891, at the Presbyterian Church,
Port Elizabeth,
by the Rev James MacPherson M.A.
James MacKenzie, Natal Government Railways to Anna Russell, Airdrie, Scotland
MacKillican, Bird, 21-April-1891, 23-April-1891, at the residence of the bride's uncle,
R H Mason Esq.
PMBurg by the Rev R Morrison Chaplain to HM Forces, Natal
John MacKillican of Newcastle to Emily E Bird
MacPherson, Bamber, 12-Jan-1891, 14-Jan-1891, at All Saints Church, Ladysmith,
by the Ven Archdeacon Barker
Frederick, eldest son of Mr A, MacPherson to Bessie Helen, third daughter of William and Bessie Bamber
Marwick, MacKintosh, 14-Oct-1891, 17-Oct-1891, at the residence of the bride's mother
by the Rev J Gould Smith
James William Thomas, youngest son of the late John Marwick of Richmond
to Emily Alice seventh daughter of the late Hector MacKintosh of Fox Hill (no cards)
Menne, Browning, 14-Feb-1891, 16-Feb-1891, at Greytown
Anton Menne to Ada Browning
Meumann, Chalker, 7-May-1891, 12-May-1891, at the residence of Mr Harris Helpmakaar
Diedrick MM Meumann of Slaaf. Helpmakaar to Mary Chalker,
eldest daughter of Mr John Chalker of Barberton
Mileman, Holmes, 13-Oct-1891, 14-Oct-1891, at St Peter's Cathedral PMBurg
by the Rev AKD Edwards MA. (Oxon)
Henry K Mileman of Johannesburg S.A. Republic
to Sarah Holmes of PMBurg, Natal
Miller, Gilbertson, 25-Mar-1891, 1-April-1891, at St John's Presbyterian Church, PMBurg
by the Rev John Smith M.A.
James Andrew, third son of James Miller, Glasgow
to Ada Magdella, third daughter of M Gilbertson of PMBurg, Natal
Morton, Davie, 12-Aug-1891, 13-Aug-1891, at St John's Presbyterian Church, PMBurg
by the Rev J Smith M.A.
John Alexander Morton Esq. of Harrismith OFS (formerly of Morningside, Edinburgh)
to Jeannie Walker, youngest dauaghter of Arthur Davie Esq. Smiddy Seat, Turriff, N.B
Niven, Penny, 15-Aug-1891, 20-Aug-1891, at St Pauls Church, Durban
by the Rev TA Lindon M.A.
A MacKie Niven, Johannesburg to Florence Helena,
Daughter of Danield Penny Esq. Rosehill, Ashton of Ribble, England
Oldacre, Summerskill, 14-Sept-1891, 16-Sept-1891, at St Cyprians Durban
by the Rev R Johnston
Walter Lionel, third son of W Oldacre Esq. Marple, Cheshire
to Ella, eldest daughter of the late Jno. Summerskill, Esq. Newcastle on Tyne,
(no cards)
Orwin, Hamilton, 12-Mar-1891, 13-Mar-1891, at St Saviour's Cathedral, PMBurg
By the Rev Canon Swabey
Frank H Orwin to – Margaret Hamilton
Ottman, Bennett, 8-Oct-1891, 17-Oct-1891, at Clydesdale, Upper Umzimkulu
By the Rev J Oxley, Oxland
Adolphe William Ottman, District Surgeon, Harding
to Florence Ada Bennett, daughter of Christopher T Bennett, of Buckingham, England
Oxenham, Fyffe, 11-April-1891, 13-April-1891, at Durban
Herbert Oxenham of PMBurg to Clara Fyffe of Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
Pascoe, Watkins, 29-Dec-1891, 30-Dec-1891, at St Saviours Cathedral, PMBurg
By the Rev Very Dean Green
JRR Pascoe of Polela to Eleanor Annie, third daughter of the late Edwin Goss Watkins of London
Poynton, Simpson, 26-Nov-1891, 2-Dec-1891, at the Wesleyan Chapel, PMBurg
By the Rev SE Rowe
Rosabel Blanche, youngest dauaghter of the late WH Simpson
to James Calavert youngest son of the late Thomas Poynton of Durban
Proctor, Robinson, 8-June-1891, 12-June-1891, by the Rev H Johnson
at St Cyprians, Durban
Henry Charles Proctor of Ladysmith to Annie Maud Mary,
only daughter of Geo. Edgecombe Robinson, of Durban
Reed, Ritson, 25-Feb-1891, 7-Mar-1891, at Boshoff Street Wesleyan Church
by the Rev GA Theobalt,"George Richard, third son of G Reed Southwell, Cape Colony
to Helen Wilhelmina, third daughter of T T Ritson PMBurg Natal
Savory, Hirst, 15-Jan-1891, 17-Jan-1891, at St. John's, Sydenham
by the Rev Thos Goodwin
Samuel Henry Savory the eldest son of Mr H Savory, Durban
to Miriam Alexandria third daughter of the late Ira Hirst, Professor of Music, Durban
Sclanders, Garbutt, 11-Feb-1891, 14-Feb-1891, at the Congregational Church, Sydenham
by the Rev J Fernie
David Gray younger son of PC Sclanders Esq. Little Tugela
to Aimee Annie, fourth daughter of R Gatbutt Esq. "The Gable" Sydenham, Durban
Smith, Walsh, 6-Jan-1891, 12-Jan-1891, by the Right Rev Bishop Jolivet
at the Roman Catholic Church, PMBurg
John Smith of Fox Hill to Ellen Walsh, PMBurg
Stanton, Peachy, 15-April-1891, 18-April-1891, at St John the Baptist's, Tongaat
by the Rev Ikin D.D.
John Stanton to Lucie Emma, eldest daughter of of Mr Thos. Peachy, of Maitland Park,
Tongaat (no cards)
Stephens, Tylee, 20-Aug-1891, 3-Sept-1891, at St Pauls Church Durban
Thomas Stephens of PMBurg to Jane, eldest daughter of William Tylee of Salisbury,
Tatham, Leuchars, 2-Sept-1891, 8-Sept-1891, at Greytown by the Rev R Taylor
Charles eldest son of the late RB Tatham to Lilliam, youngest daughter of HJ Leuchars,
Turnbull, Hutchinson, 19-Aug-1891, 5-Sept-1891, at Merino, Melmoth, Zululand
Alexander Robertson Ruel Turnbull, third son of Mr Justice Turnbull, PMBurg Natal,
to Ellen Elizabeth Edith, third daughter of Dr Henry Hutchinson of Johannesburg
Wheeler, Lyle, 4-Mar-1891, 10-Mar-1891, at The Tannery by the Rev J Smith M.A.
Herbert Edwin fourth son of the late JN Wheeler
to Maggie Buchanan Lyle, youngest daughter of the late Alexander Lyle
Wingfield, Stratford-Montgomery, 16-Dec-1891, 19-Dec-1891, at St Paul's Church, Durban
by the Rev TL Lindon M.A. Incumbent
Richard Neville of Wingfield Beaumont, fifth son of the late John wingfiled-Stratford
J.P. D.L. Of Addington Park, West Malling, Kent, England
to Grace Dorothea fourth and third surviving daughter of AN Montgomery J.P, Ismount,
Mid-Illovo, formerly Captain of the Royal Fusiliers
Young, Jackson, 21-Oct-1891, 31-Oct-1891, at Morayshire House
by the Rev Mr Laing M.A. Presbyterian Church
David Young N.G Railways, Ingagane to Maggie Brown Jackson,
third daughter of the late James Jackson (junior), Mugrum Island, Fifeshire, Scotland, UK.