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Natal Witness Deaths 1883

Name, Gender, Age, Date of Event, Date of Advert, Details
Acutt m 3 months, no date given, 30-June-1883,
at Stornoway, PMBurg. Infant son of Henry and Isabella Acutt
Boers, Hendricus Wouterus m 51, 4-Jan-1883, 8-Jan-1883,
at Marais Heuvel, Ladysmith of Apoplexy
Bolt, Amy Grace  f 10 years, 20-Dec-1882, 5-Jan-1883,
at 'Sutherland', Greytown fourth daughter of the late Henry Bolt. Deeply Lamented
Booker, Jeannie Henrietta  f  21, 30-April-1883, 25-May-1883,
near Cradock, the beloved wife of WA Booker M.B. late of Durbanville,
younger daughter of Thomas Hackett, Castle Armstrong, Ireland
Burn, John Gray m 48, 19-April-1883, 23-April-1883, 
at PMBurg, late of Newcastle On Tyne, England. Deeply regretted
Burrup, Joseph m 52, 2-Feb-1883, 8-Feb-1883,
at 'Welverdient', near Greytown
Clements, RW  30-Dec-1882, 8-Jan-1883,
at Greys Hospital, of Tumour on the brain, late of Torquay, England
Cockburn, Eleanora Augusta  f  53, 19-Jan-1883, 10-Feb-1883,
at Kleinthal, Richmond the beloved wife of Mr J Montagu Cockburn
Colenso, Bishop m  21-June-1883
Cook, Jessie  f  5yrs+8mnth, 17-Jan-1883, 18-Jan-1883,
at the Central Gaol, PMBurg of inflammation of the lungs,
youngest daughter of William Cook
Culverwell, John m 26, 11-Mar-1883, 14-Mar-1883,
at Overstone, Noodsberg, youngest son of the late Jas. Culverwell,
Clavershay, Bridgewater, Somerset, England
De La Mare, Rebecca  f  32, 20-Jan-1883, 3-Feb-1883,
at Haskey (District Humansdorp), beloved wife of Thomas F De La Mare
and eldest daughter of the late John Solomon of PMBurg Natal
Downes Ellen,  f  6 months,  2-May-1883, 8-May-1883,
at Oliver's Hoek, infant daughter of Alfred and M J Downes
Edmonstone,  f  stillborn, 23-June-1883, 26-June-1883,
at Longmarket Street PMBurg the wife of RJ Edmonstone Esq.
of a premature daughter
Fearne,The Venerable Archdeacon m  73, 12-May-1883, 1-June-1883,
at South Hill, Springvale the Venerable Archdeacon Fearne, M.A.
J.P. for the Colony of Natal
Field, Catherine Frances  f  no age given, 11-Jan-1883, 27-Feb-1883,
At Sevenoakes, Kent, England relict of the late Benjamin Field
Freeman 35, 30-Jan-1883, 31-Jan-1883,
at the residence of the late John Freeman of Kingston on Thames, Surrey, England.
Late of Clapton, London (New Zealand and English papers please copy)
Gade, Sophia  f  67, 7-April-1883, 10-April-1883,
at her residence Boshoff Street PMBurg, widow of the late Mr H Gade
Gamley, Helen Oswald  f  38, 17-Mar-1883, 22-Mar-1883,
at Ladysmith, after a protracted illness, wife of David Gamley,
late of Milkwood Kraal, Little Umhlanga
Gavin, Ann  f  55yrs+5mnth, 13-May-1883, 16-May-1883,
at Umlaas, near Camperdown, relict of the late James Gavin
Gordon, Margaret  f  26, 23-March-1883, 7-May-1883,
at Algiers, eldest daughter of Dr Charles Gordon of PMBurg
Griffis, Edward m  37, 31-May-1883, 1-June-1883,
at Ladysmith, Klip River, Division Natal, son of Charles Tendal Griffis,
late Major Q.O.Y.C. and H.M.S. 14th Light Dragoons
Grundy, Edward Horton m  29, 17-Feb-1883, 5-Mar-1883,
'Died of wounds received on 5th in an attack on Mapoch's Vlught Krall,
eldest son of James Grundy of Durban, Natal'
We tender our sympathy to the relatives in their bereavement
Gubbins, Charles Fitzgerrald Beran m  1yr+7mnths, 19-May-1883, 25-May-1883
 at Newcastle the dearly beloved child of Charles O'Grady and Maud Gubbins
Hall, Elizabeth Mary Ashbourn  f  11 months, 8-April-1883, 12-April-1883,
at Umsinga, only daughter of John WF Hall
Hodgson, Charles Henry m  3mns+10dys, 3-Feb-1883, 6-Feb-1883,
at PMBurg the beloved child of Thomas and Marie Jane Hodgson.
Deeply and sincerely regretted
Hull, Daniel m  86, no date given, 29-June-1883,
at Pinetown at the residence of his daughter, Mrs Henry Cope
Kelly, Susanna Swete  f  35yr+13 dys, 26-Feb-1883, 3-Mar-1883,
Died at her father's residence, 18 Loop Street PMBurg, eldest daughter
of Benjamin Swete Kelly of this Town. Deeply Lamented
Kretzschmar, Cyril Evelyn m  no age given, 11-June-1883, 15-June-1883,
at  PMBurg ( English papers please copy)
Leask, Alexander Irvine Lyell m  49, 22-Mar-1883, 27-Mar-1883,
at PMBurg
Leask, Thomas m  88, 24-May-1883, 26-May-1883,
suddenly, at Chapel Street PMBurg
Lyle, Alexander m  51, 18-Jan-1883, 20-Jan-1883,
at his residence The Tannery PMBurg, suddenly
Lyle, Elizabeth Hill  f  40, 31-Mar-1883, 2-April-1883,
at the Tannery, PMBurg, widow of the late Alex Lyle. Deeply regretted
MacColl, Duncan Alexander m  5mnth+18dys, 16-June-1883, 20-June-1883,
at the Berea, son of Duncan and Emily MacColl
Maritz, Gerhardus Jacobus m  57, 7-Feb-1883, 28-Feb-1883,
at Kimberley, Founder of this town PMBurg
Mayne, Charles Washington m  85, 16-Feb-1883, 28-Mar-1883,
Last at Leeds, Yorkshire, England - for more than 30 years a resident of this
McCulloch m  stillborn, 24-Jan-1883, 2-Feb-1883,
at Hawks Range Mid-Illovo the wife of James A McCulloch of a son 
McLaurin,Charlie Ryder m  17 days, 25-Feb-1883, 1-Mar-1883,
at Glenaray, Verulam, infant son of James and A J McLaurin
Moore, James F m  35, 22-May-1883, 31-May-1883,
at Harmony, Richmond, second son of the late Robert  Moore
Murray, Walter Keir m  23 days, Good Friday, 27-Mar-1883,
at PMBurg infant son of Thos. Keir and Annie Murray
Norsworthy,  f  imm. Death, 29-May-1883, 1-June-1883,
at Pomeroy, Umsinga on the 29 May the infant daughter of Arthur and Agnes Norsworthy
Paterson,  f  no age given, 4-May-1883, 7-May-1883,
at Prince Street PMBurg the wife of A Paterson (jeweler)
Payne, Mr Thos. Ashborn m  66, 24-Mar-1883, 28-Mar-1883
at PMBurg, late of Atherstone, Warwickshire, born 11- December 1817. 
The deceased came to the Colony aboard the 'Edward' in 1850.
We have to record with regret this death.  One of the early settlers in Natal.
Many old and young colonists will remember with a kindly feeling the late Gentleman
who ever helped beginners in their struggle and leaves 8 children to mourn his
Phoenix, Alfred m  no age given, 10-April-1883, 14-April-1883,
at the residence of Mr Cheney, second son of Mr James Phoenix, Sea View Road,
Bootle, Liverpool, England (Liverpool papers please copy). Deeply regretted.
Salomon, Ludwig Gustav Willie m  7 weeks, 13-April-1883, 16-April-1883,
at his father's residence, only son of G Salomon/Salomen
Sewell, Annie Christime Sophia  f  41, 20-Mar-1883, 28-Mar-1883,
(Nee OTTO) Wife of JJ Sewell
Surtees, Elizabeth  f  59, 10-June-1883, 25-June-1883,
at Glenisla, wife of Robert Surtees
Taylor, Sydney Morgan m  11 weeks, 29-April-1883, 4-May-1883,
Infant son of WL Taylor, Town Bush Valley
Walton, Rev James m  77, 21-June-1883, 23-June-1883,
at the Rectory Pinetown, the Rev James Walton for 25 years Rector of that Parish
Weeks, William m  53, 10-Feb-1883, 20-Feb-1883,
at PMBurg
Welch, Eliza Agnes  f  35, 16-April-1883, 9-May-1883,
at Harrismith OFS the beloved wife of AS Welch
Whipp, John m  60, 3-June-1883,8-June-1883,
At Newcastle
Zunckel, Evangeline  f  1 yr+9mnth, 27-Dec-1882, 3-Jan-1883,
at New Germany only and dearly beloved daughter of F and E Zunckel.
Deeply lamented.


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