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Natal Witness Deaths 1881

Name, Gender, Age, Date of Event, Date of advert, Details
Adler f  no age given, 16-Aug-1881, 19-Aug-1881,
at Cradock on the way to Bloemfontein, the infant daughter of H Adler
(inflammation of the lungs)
Arbuthnot,  Captain William m no age given, no date given, 14-May-1881
Death of Captain William Arbuthnot, Alexandra county
Ballenden,  William Kennedy m  26, 7-Jan-1881, 19-Jan-1881,
at Umzinto, Natal, fifth son of JMN Ballenden Esq. M.D. Sedgley,
Baynes, Richard m  70, 7-April-1881, 8-April-1881,
at the residence of his son, Joseph Baynes
Behrens, Miss f  no age given, 16-June-1881, 17-Jan-1881,
Eldest daughter of the respected manager of the Natal Land and Colonization Co
Bell,  Duncan m 1 mnth + 3 days, 29-Feb-1881, 25-Feb-1881,
at PMBurg, son of Robert Bell, Engineer
Bell,  John m  85 1-Nov-1881,14-Nov-1881, at York
Bird f  no age given, 26-Feb-1881, 1-Mar-1881, No details only The Late Mrs Bird
Bird, Percy Harold m born 1881, Easter Sunday, 28-Dec-1881,
The beloved son of Robert and Emily Bird (born Easter Sunday same year)
Boshoff, Jacobus Nicholas m 73 22-April-1881, In memorium
Buchanan, Bertha f  4, 28-June-1881, 4-July-1881,
at PMBurg the beloved daughter of David F and Jessie Buchanan
Burke f  23,24-June-1881, 30-Aug-1881,
at Kroonstad OFS, the beloved wife of Edmund Burke
Calvert, Emily f  24y 8m 25 dys, 7-April-1881, 12-April-1881,
at PMBurg from Uramic Convulsions, after 21 hours of intense suffering, the well beloved
wife of Gordon William Calvert.  She leaves 4 children and her husband.
Calvert, Emily f  2 mnths+19 days, 24-June-1881, 6-July-1881,
at PMBurg of bronchitis, infant daughter of  GW Calvert and the late Emily Calvert
Cameron, Janet f  no age given, 8-April-1881, 11-April-1881,
at "Ocean Lodge" Lower Umvoti, Victoria County, relict of the late Rev John Cameron,
General Superintendent of Wesleyan Missions in the Island of Dominica, West Indies
Cauvin, Marius (J.P.) m 56, 14-Oct-1881, 20-Oct-1881,
at his residence "Hope" near Ladysmith, Natal.  One of the first colonists of Natal.
Chambers, H m 64, 1-April-1881, 4-April-1881,
at his residence West Street, PMBurg.  A sudden death.
Chapman, Verner Spencer m 1 year, 13-Aug-1881, 15-Aug-1881,
Born August 19th, 1880
Choles, Alfred George m  4 +1/2 mnths, 3-Nov-1881, 7-Nov-1881,
at their residence Pine Street, PMBurg, twin son of Frederick John Choles, Volunteer Department
Choles, Edward Vale m 5 mnth+1 week, 20-Nov-1881, 23-Nov-1881,
at their residence, Pine Street, PMBurg, twin son of Frederick John and Johanna Jane
Choles, Volunteer Department
Clark, Isabella f  23, no date given, 17-Sept-1881,
at Cliff View, Pietermaritz St. PMBurg, youngest child of David Clark of Brawliemuir,
Kincardinshire, Northern Borders, Scotland
Connell, Mary f  24, 10-Nov-1881, 19-Nov-1881, at Craigdarroch
Coombs, Mary Ann f  47, 14-Mar-1881, 24-Mar-1881,
at Camperdown, the dearly beloved wife of George Coombs
Cooper, Mrs Arnold f  no age given, 17-May-1881, 19-May-1881,
death of Mrs Arnold Cooper, daughter of Mr Arthur Clarence of the City and Sherriff of the Colony
Cronje,  Pieter Christiaan m  no age given, 7-April-1881, 4-May-1881,
At White Park, Biggarsberg
Day, Sarah Ann f  59, 7-Nov-1881, 14-Nov-1881,
at Lions River the dearly beloved wife of John Day
De Carrey, Charlotte Eilen Katherine f  2yrs + 6 mnths, 10-April-1881, 16-April-1881,
at Pilgrims Rest, Biggarsberg, eldest daughter of Holland Vanderleur and Charlotte Eilen
de Carrey
De Carrey, Emilie Mary Winifred f  11mnth+23days, 9-May-1881, 9-May-1881,
At Pilgrim's Rest, Biggarsberg, youngest daughter of Holland Vanderleur and
Charlotte Eilen De Carrey
Dunn, Daisy Maude f  no age given, 29-Jan-1881, 1-Feb-1881,
at Albert Lodge Farm, Umgeni, infant daughter of Robert Ernest and Beatrice Dunn of
Evans, Phillip John Morgan m no age given, 20-Aug-1881, 22-Aug-1881,
Died at the hospital, PMBurg from injuries received by a fall from a horse.
(English and Bengal Papers please copy)
Evans, Richard m 3 days + 4 hours, 27-Aug-1881, 5-Sept-1881,
at Mount Alice, Town Hill PMBurg, infant son of David and SE Evans
Fairfax, B. Phillips m no age given, no date given, 29-Nov-1881,
The author of the well known dramas "Lost in London", "Nobody's Child" etc.
Fogwell, Charles Edward m 5yr 3mn+14dys, 29-July-1881, 4-Aug-1881,
At Rietfontein, youngest son of Edward and Now Fogwell of bronchitis and
inflamation of the lungs
Fogwell, Nellie f  10mn+28dys, 16-July-1881, 4-Aug-1881,
at Rietfontein, youngest daughter of Edward and Now Fogwell of bronchitis
Foster, Ellen Louisa f  4yrs+10mnths, no date given, 8-Dec-1881,
at Stainton, Ixopo, youngest daughter of Thomas and Eliza Foster
Gardner, Janet Hume Armstrong f  27, 18-June-1881, 24-June-1881,
at Findhorn Villa, Bellair, suddenly, the beloved wife of JS Gardiner, Cashier Natal
Government Railways
Geoghegan f  1 day, 21-Oct-1881, 25-Oct-1881,
at PMBurg the infant daughter of Surgeon-Major Geoghegan and Mrs Geoghegan
Gibson, Alexander m 49, 9-Nov-1881, 11-Nov-1881,
at Standerton, Transvaal after a long and painful illness, late of Sutherland Vale, 
Mooi River
Gibson, George m 21yrs + 5 mnths, 24-Jan-1881, 29-Jan-1881,
accidently drowned while crossing Wilge river near Harrismith, eldest son of John
Givson Esq of Glen Lydon and PMBurg
Glyn, Arthur m 11 months, 26-Jan-1881, 29-Jan-1881,
at PMBurg, youngest son of Chas. R and Maria Glyn
Gorrie, John Frederick Nicoll m 4yrs+3mnths, 18-Dec-1881, 24-Dec-1881,
at Estcourt, second son of D Gorrie (Tailor and Clothier)
Groom, Florence Josephine f  5 wks + 2 days, 27-Mar-1881, 29-April-1881,
at Buffels Vley, Heilbron, infant daughter of Fred and Maria Groom
Groom, Maria f  29,1-April-1881, 29-April-1881,
at Buffels Vley, Heilbron, the beloved wife of Fred F Groom
Harrison, Swainston m 49, 17-Feb-1881, 23-Feb-1881,
at PMBurg, Natal, for many years a Member of The Stock Exchange, London
Hellett, Cawood Holmes m 16 mnth+14days, 3-June-1881, 9-June-1881,
At Greytown of croup, the fondly loved child of Emily S Hellett
Hendry, Alex m no age given, 17-Mar-1881, 14-April-1881,
By drowning at Blammonia near Ficksburg OFS , native of Arbroath, Scotland
Herbert, Walter m 5 mnth+ 2 wks, 19-Nov-1881, 21-Nov-1881,
at Pietermaritz Street, infant son of Arthur W and Louie J Herbert
Hesom, Mary Ann f  33, 26-Feb-1881, 1-Mar-1881,
at PMBurg, the beloved wife of Mr R Hesom
Hodgson, Edwin m 39, 30-April-1881, 14-May-1881,
at Newcastle through being seized with cramp and drowned, son of the late James Hodgson
Hoffman, Ernest m 34, no date given, 25-June-1881,
Second son of Mr JP Hoffmann (Agent General and Accountant of Durban)
Hunter, Robert m 31,12-June-1881, 16-June-1881, at PMBurg
Hutchinson, Claude Louis Paschond f  no age given, 18-Sept-1881, 26-Sept-1881,
at Sandspruit, Transvaal, beloved daughter of H and M Hutchinson
Inman, Charles Isaac m 46, 29-June-1881, 30-June-1881,
at PMBurg, late of Ladysmith, Natal
Jackson, Cyril Rippingall  m no age given, 2-Sept-1881, 7-Sept-1881,
at Estcourt of congestion of the lungs, Sub Inspector, Natal Mounted Police and
late of the 9th Regiment
James, Anne M f  no age given, 8-June-1881, 10-June-1881, at PMBurg
Keyter, Hendrika Carolina f   5yrs+4mnths, 12-Nov-1881, 24-Nov-1881,
at Dingley Dell, near Hermansberg, daughter of AP Keyter Esq.
Leshnick, Albert Harper m 9 mnths+8 days, 14-Nov-1881, 18-Nov-1881,
at PMBurg, only child of Joseph and Mary Jane Leshnick of Durban
Lloyd, William Henry Cynric m 79, 3-Jan-1881, 11-Jan-1881,
at the Colonial Chaplaincy, Durban Natal, South Africa the Colonial Chaplain and
Archdeacon of Durban, formerly of the Rector of Norbury in Staffordshire
MacFarlane, Margaret Erskine f  no age given, 23-July-1881, 30-July-1881,
At Loch Buighe, Ixopo, of Enteric Fever, wife of William MacFarlane
MacKenzie, Sarah f  25, 2-Aug-1881, 9-Sept-1881,
On board the S.S. Arab off Madeira, after a long and painful illness,
the beloved daughter of Duncan and Margaret MacKenzie of Nottingham Road, Natal
MacKillican, John m 91, 11-Nov-1881, 20-Dec-1881,
at Winewell, Nairn, Scotland
MacLeroy, G m no age given, 25-April-1881, 26-April-1881,
at his residence on the Town Hill, late manager of the Natal Bank
Martin, John Billet m 45, 1-Dec-1881, 10-Dec-1881,
at PMBurg, formerly of Paulsgrave, Fareham, Hants, England
McCullough m 15 days, 22-Mar-1881, 28-Mar-1881,
at Willow Bank, Mid Illovo, the beloved infant son of William and Mary McCullough
McKenzie, Bessie Frances f  2 mnth+17 days, 15-July-1881, 22-July-1881,
at Richmond, daughter of JW and EF McKenzie
McKenzie, Isabel f  17mn+19days, 4-Aug-1881, 10-Aug-1881,
at Harding, the youngest daughter of D and M McKenzie
McLeod, George Moore m 67, 29-July-1881, 3-Aug-1881,
of Byrne, Early Settler arriving 1850's
McMinn, William m no age given, 21-Aug-1881, 26-Aug-1881,
of Herdstown, Ixopo
McNamara, Mary f  54, 25-Mar-1881, 26-Mar-1881,
at West Street, PMBurg. Aunt of David O'Hara of this City
McRoberts, Anna Holmes f   44, 15-Oct-1881, 20-Oct-1881,
at Warringsford, Westville.
Mesham, Arthur m 44, no date given, 31-Mar-1881,
Resident Magistrate for the Borough of Durban
Mullins, Tommy m 14, 11-July-1881, 14-July-1881, at Umhlanga
Murray, A K m 66, 22-Nov-1881, 30-Nov-1881,
at London, of heart disease AK  Murray (senior) of Pinetown
North, Herbert m 13yrs + 6 mnths, 24-Jan-1881, 4-Feb-1881,
at Harterfall Farm, near Howick the third and well-beloved son of the late Abraham North
Pepworth, Henry m 56yrs+6mnths, 30-June-1881, 2-July-1881,
at his residence after a long and painful illness Henry Pepworth J.P.
Pinchin, Ada Augusta f  27, 7-Nov-1881, 16-Nov-1881,
at Estcourt, the beloved wife of Joseph Pinchin
Pomeroy-Colley, George m no age given, 27-Feb-1881, 5-Mar-1881,
Governor of Natal, Killed in Action
Potts, Margaret Campbell f  67, 17-June-1881, 18-June-1881,
at her residence, Commercial road, PMBurg
Primrose, Thomas, m 40, 18-July-1870, 10-June-1881,
Public Servant, Accountantship of the Treasury, London and S A Bank 
[This entry is an obituary, possibly placing the date completely out of context]
Prufer, Percy m 9yr+1mn+6days, 20-June-1881, 4-July-1881,
by accident the only and dearly beloved son of Alexander and Frederika Prufer
Quirk, William Percival m 28, 8-July-1881, 12-July-1881,
at the residence of his brother, Captain J Owen Quirk, 42nd Regiment, PMBurg,
eldest son of Captain TW Wilkinson J.P. Saint Oswald's County, Limerick, Ireland
Raisthorpe, Robert Smith m 76, 31-May-1881, 1-June-1881,
No details
Rev Thomson, John P m no age given, 13-May-1881, 11-July-1881,
at North Free Manse, Kirriemuir, Forfarshire, Scotland,
father of W Burns Thomson, Harrismith OFS
Richardson, Sidman m 33yrs+6 mnths, 30-Jan-1881, 9-Feb-1881,
at his residence, Princess Street, PMBurg, late of Kilham, Yorkshire
Richmond, Muriel Mary f  5 days, 11-Jan-1881, 14-Jan-1881,
at PMBurg, the infant daughter of FG and KA Richmond
Robertson, William m no age given, 1-Sept-1881, 7-Sept-1881
at Durban, eldest son of the late William Robertson
Scott, Mary Ellen f  11 weeks, 9-Aug-1881, 11-Aug-1881,
at Baccleuch, infant daughter of Robert Scott
Sinclair, Duncan m 67, 8-April-1881, 14-April-1881,
at the residence of his son,  A Sinclair, late of Inverary, Argylshire
Smith, E Maria Therisa f  43, 2-June-1881, 13-June-1881,
at 14 St Andrews Street. St Leonard Road, Bromley London, 
the beloved wife of HG Smith
Smith, FK m no age given, 2-Aug-1881, 4-Aug-1881,
suddenly of heart disease, at his residence near Pinetown
Smith, James m 38, 11-April-1881, 13-April-1881,
at his mother's residence Princess Street, PMBurg
Somers, DB m 42, 22-Aug-1881, 6-Sept-1881,
at Estcourt, second son of the late B Somers, Cambuslang, Scotland
Stadler, Maria Susanna f  57yrs+9mnth, 17-Nov-1881, 25-Nov-1881,
at her residence, Berg Vlei, Estcourt, widow of the late JH Stadler
Steere, Ada Gertrude f  3 months, 27-Sept-1881, 5-Oct-1881,
daughter of Frank Steere
Stent, James Arthur m 5 months, 2-May-1881, 4-May-1881, at PMBurg
Stretch, Johannah J f  65, 28-June-1881, 4-July-1881, at Howick
Stuart, Martinus m 39, 8-Feb-1881, 16-Feb-1881,
Killed in action with the Boers while engaged on Duty on the General's Staff as a non-combatant,
Youngest son of the late Jacobus Stuart of Amsterdam Leaves a wife and 5 children
Sutcliffe, Gilbert Alfred James m 6 mns + 7 days, 13-April-1881, 19-April-1881
at Newcastle 
Tatham, Robert Bristow m 56y + 10 mnt, 6-April-1881, 11-April-1881,
at his Residence, 25 Berg Street PMBurg, Government Surveyor
Taylor, Charles Frederick m 28, no date given, 12-Aug-1881,
on the staff of the Natal witness.  He was a Canadian and came to Natal 2 years ago
(Durban Cemetery)
Tebbit, William Henry Stanton m 28, 14-Feb-1881, 16-Feb-1881,
at the residence of his brother, 10 Pietermaritz Street. Fourth son of Robert
Tebbit Esq. M.D. of Kingsland House, South Kensington, SW London
Tomlinson, Charles Edward m 17, 13-Jan-1881, 17-Jan-1881,
at PMBurg, youngest son of the late E Tomlinson
Tulk, f  no age given, 13-Sept-1881, 15-Sept-1881
at Kokstad the wife of Mr John Ross Tulk of child-birth.
Deeply lamented by her sorrowing Husband and friends.
(St Helena and old Colony papers please copy)
Twyman, James m 83, 22-Mar-1881, 5-July-1881,
at Howard Cottage, Leominster, England, father of JE Twyman of Mooi Plaats, 
Tyrrel, Cecil Ernest Montague m 7 mnth + 16 days, 1-Feb-1881, 7-Feb-1881,
at Harding, third son of Ernest and Ellen Tyrrel
Van Breda, Servaas m 69, 12-Dec-1881, 24-Dec-1881,
at Pretoria, Transvaal Republic, late of Breda's Fontein, Natal.
One of the Old Dutch Pioneers who fought against the English Forces in 1811
Van Olnhausen, Mrs WM J f  84, 14-Dec-1881, 19-Dec-1881, at PMBurg
Varty, Grace Violet f  11yrs+10mnth, 6-Oct-1881, 13-Oct-1881,
at Bellevue, Rietvlei, Umvoti, the youngest daughter of TB and AE Varty
Vause R f  no age given, no date given, 14-May-1881,
death of Mrs R Vause, wife of Mr Richard Vause Ex-Mayor and part proprietor of the NatalMercury
Walker, Clements St. Goran Braddyl m 18 yrs + 6 mnth, 19-Jan-1881, 25-Jan-1881,
at "Wilge Fontein", eldest son of William Wallace Walker (formerly Royal Navy) late of St. Goran, Cornwall
Warner, Edith f  15 yrs + 7 mns, 19-June-1881, 20-June-1881,
at Grey's Hospital of inflammation of the brain, youngest daughter of William Warner of
Whitelaw, James m 43, no date given, 13-Dec-1881,
at Chapel Street, PMBurg, Native of Perth, Scotland
Williams, John m 42yrs+ 9 mnths, 5-Jan-1881, 8-Jan-1881, at PMBurg
Willson, Albert m 24, 12-Nov-1881, 15-Nov-1881,
at Kingwilliamstown, of Typhoid Fever, eldest son of Alfred Willson of PMBurg
Willson, Mary Antoinette f 22, 5-May-1881, 13-May-1881,
at Dundee, Biggarsberg, the beloved wife of Charles George Willson of Dundee
and second daughter of George Vincent and Mary Ann Lambert of PMBurg
Wolhuter, Francis Douglas Warden m 1 year + 1 day, 29-Jan-1881, 17-Feb-1881,
at Harrismith OFS, only child of AJ and  ME Wolhuter
Wolley. James Malcolm m 5 weeks, 2-Aug-1881, 10-Aug-1881,
at Murchison, Alfred County. Infant son of Mary E and James Wolley
Yelverton, Therese (Viscountess Avonmore) f  no age given, 13-Sept-1881, 16-Sept-1881,
at the residence of Mr Joseph Mason, West Street PMBurg. After a long and painful
illness. Interred Commercial Rd. Cemetery, PMBurg

Archdeacon Lloyd

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