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Natal Witness Births 1883

Name, Gender, Date of Event, Advert Date, Details
Anderson  f  15-Feb-1883, 22-Feb-1883 at Potchefstroom, Transvaal the wife of Mr HM
Anderson of a daughter
Barnes m 1-Mar-1883, 2-Mar-1883 at Brookside the wife of Mr Jas. Barnes of a  son
Bartholomew  f  15-Feb-1883, 24-Feb-1883 at Dr. Schultz's Sanatorium, Pietermaritz
Street, PMBurg the wife of John Bartholomew, New Leeds of a daughter
Baylis m 4-Jan-1883, 6-Jan-1883 at PMBurg the wife of Leighton Baylis of a son
Birbeck m 19-Jan-1883, 27-Jan-1883 at Kokstad the wife of TC Birbeck of a son
Birkett  f  22-Jan-1883, 26-Jan-1883 at Craig Farm, the wife of Francis J Birkett of a
Brown  f  22-Feb-1883, 24-Feb-1883 at PMBurg the wife of John E Brown of a daughter
Buchanan  f  23-Jan-1883, 6-Feb-1883 at West Hill, Grahamstown the wife of Mr Justice
Buchanan of a daughter
Buchanan m 30-Jan-1883, 8-Feb-1883 at Newcastle, the wife of Edwin James Buchanan of New Scotland, Transvaal of a son
Buchanan m 30-April-1883, 18-May-1883 at New Howick the wife of James Buchanan of ason
Burgess  f  23-April-1883, 28-April-1883 the wife of Captain Burgess, Army Pay Dept, of 
a daughter (Transvaal papers please Copy)
Button  f  7-April-1883, 14-April-1883 at Ben Lomond the wife of JNO. Button of a daughter
Clarence  f  8-May-1883, 17-May-1883 at Kandy, Zwaartkop Valley the wife of Beverley C Clarence of a daughter
Cooper m 23-June-1883, 27-June-1883 at Richmond, Natal the wife of Arnold W Cooper
(agent) of a son
D'Arcy  f  29-Jan-1883, 30-Jan-1883 at PMBurg the wife of Mr Advocate D'Arcy of a 
Dartnell m 19-Jan-1883, 24-Jan-1883 at Pmburg the wife of Major Dartnell C.M.G. of a
Davies  f  1-Feb-1883, 5-Feb-1883 at Durban the wife of G Herbert Davies of Mount Moreland of a daughter
Driver m 26-May-1883, 31-May-1883 at Berg Street PMBurg the wife of EJ Driver of a son
Egner  f  24-June-1883, 27-June-1883, Mrs James Egner of a daughter
Ely m 27-April-1883,4-May-1883 at Brynbella, Estcourt the wife of Robert Ely of a son
Forder m 7-June-1883, 8-June-1883 the wife of James Forder Esq. R.M. Umgeni division, of a son
Glyn m 17-April-1883, 19-April-1883 at PMBurg the wife of C R Glyn of a son
Greene,m,5-April-1883,10-April-1883,At PMBurg the wife of Edward M Greene of a son
Gubbins  f  E. Sunday, 30-Mar-1883 at Newcastle, the wife of C O'G Gubbins M.B. DistrictSurgeon of a dau
Gutridge m 11-April-1883, 16-April-1883 at Dundee Proper, the wife of Mr John Gutridge
of a son
Horsley m 29-April-1883, 9-May-1883 at Warrock, near Ladysmith the wife of Richard
Horsley of a son
Hyslop  f  24-Mar-1883, 28-Mar-1883 at Dr. Shultz's Pietermaritz St. Mrs Thomas Hyslop
of a dau
Layman m 11-May-1883, 17-May-1883 the wife of F Layman of a son
Lindsay m 23-May-1883, 1-June-1883 at Rosemount, Mooi River the wife of WH Lindsay of a son
Loram m 5-May-1883, 7-May-1883 at 72 Burger Street the wife of AE Loram of a son
Luttrell  f  18-June-1863, 23-June-1863 at Quantock Lodge PMBurg the wife of FF Luttrell of a dau
MacPherson m 4-Feb-1883, 6-Feb-1883 at Church Street PMBurg the wife of GGS
MacPherson, Chemist and Druggist of a Son
Marshall  f  3-May-1883, 8-May-1883 at PMBurg the wife of Mr JH Marshall (contractor)
of a dau
Marwick m 15-June-1883, 20-June-1883 at PMBurg the wife of EE Marwick Esq. 
Ordanance Store Dept of a Son
McLaren  f  9-Mar-1883, 12-Mar-1883 at Longmarket St. PMBurg the wife of Mr JC
McLaren of a daughter
McLaurin m 8-Feb-1883, 13-Feb-1883 at Glenaray, Verulam the wife of James McLaurin
J.P. of a Son
Murray m 1-Mar-1883,  3-Mar-1883 at Cleland, the wife of Thos. K Murray of a son
Norsworthy  f  29-May-1883, 4-June-1883 at Pomeroy, Umsinga the wife of AE 
Norsworthy of a daughter
Pechey m 21-Jan-1883, 23-Jan-1883 at PMBurg, Natal the wife of Sampson William
Pechey of a Son
Pocklington m 29-Jan-1883, 30-Jan-1883 at the Echoes, PMBurg the wife of Roger J
Pocklington Esq. of a son
Randles,  24-June-1883, 26-June-1883 at Rose Cottage, PMBurg Mrs JNO. Randles of a son
Raulinson m 24-Mar-1883, 10-April-1883 the wife of Edward Raulinson of Lydstone,
Harding of a son
Rawlinson  f  19-April-1883, 2-May-1883 at Harlestone, Mooi River the wife of Robert W
Rawlinson of a daughter
Reed  f  28-Feb-1883, 28-Feb-1883 at 33 Burger Street the wife of F Reed
(Kimberley) of a daughter
Rice  f  23-Jan-1883, 29-Jan-1883 at Pietermaritz Street Mrs James Rice of a daughter
Ross  f  17-Mar-1883, 20-Mar-1883 at PMBurg the wife of W Ross (contractor) of a
Salomon,m,24-Feb-1883,27-Feb-1883,At PMBurg Mrs G Salomon of a son
Sanlez  f  11-June-1883, 18-June-1883, Alma Emma Marie infant daughter of Margaret
and Newton Sanlez (Hampshire and Cornish papers please copy)
Sarell m 12-Mar-1883, 16-Mar-1883 at Ixopo, the wife of CJ Sarell of a son
Sherwell m 15-Jan-1883, 20-Jan-1883 at Winterskloof, the wife of RY Sherwell of a son
Simpson m 4-May-1883, 9-May-1883 at Vrede, OFS the wife of Mr FW Simpson,
Storekeeper of a son
Sinclair  f  no date given, 22-Mar-1883 at Craigdarrick, Upper Umgeni the wife of A
Sinclair of a daughter
Swan m 11-May-1883, 26-May-1883 at Howick the wife of Mr J W Swan of a son
Symons m 17-Jan-1883, 19-Jan-1883 at Kingsbury Town Lands the wife of John P
Symons (junior) of a son
Taylor m 7-Feb-1883, 10-Feb-1883 at Dorp Spruit Wool Works, the wife of WL Taylor of ason
Wheeler m 28-Jan-1883, 31-Jan-1883 at PMBurg the wife of AC Wheeler of
a son
Whitelock  f  13-Mar-1883, 14-Mar-1883 at Woodlands, East Griqualand, 
Mrs C Whitelock of a daughter
Williams m 25-Mar-1883, 4-April-1883 at PMBurg the wife of Mr George Williams of a son
Woolley  f  25-Feb-1883, 9-Mar-1883 at Port Shepstone, Lower Umzimkulu, the wife of
R A Woolley Esq. of a daughter


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