Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Deceased estate files and their hidden clues.

It is surprising what can emerge in a deceased estate file.
Here, an engraving showing the ancestor's place of business, Tattersall's in Durban, taken from his letterhead. It doesn't get much better than this in family history research. And it is another reason why one should never stop at the Death Notice but peruse every single piece of paper in the estate file for clues.

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Making the most of deceased estate file contents

I've said it before and I say it again for those who missed it: when viewing or ordering copies of the contents of deceased estate files, look at ALL the documents contained therein - or ask your helpful researcher to do so. Each piece of paper has the potential to offer information so don't be tempted to stop at the Death Notice.

An undertaker's invoice, like the one shown above, may offer place of burial (in this case Stellawood Cemetery) as well as the details of the obsequies and their cost - 2 carriages and a special tram car at 26 pounds. The site was purchased for 2 pounds.

The burial should be listed in the Stellawood Cemetery handwritten registers (held at the cemetery) for November 1911, though probably wouldn't add further information.

Saturday, October 27, 2018

Souvenir Saturday: Medieval Medical Instruments

A collection of medieval medical Instruments tends to induce gratitude that there has been
progress in medical science in the intervening centuries.

John of Gaddesden, the priest/physician on whom Chaucer based the doctor character in The Canterbury Tales, would have been familiar with the implements above.


From back left clockwise.........

Wooden goblet with candles (for enticing the tooth worm out of tooth with
the lighted candle, worm then falls into water and drowns)
Assorted bowls and jug, would contain egg white for stemming bleeding, wool
for plasters, horse hair for stitching, red wine for fortification after
bleeding…all sorts of items in this group
Mortar and pestle
Arrow head extractor (and arrow)
Wooden jar for mustard seed (emetic)
Urine flask, for taking the p.... (well, you get the idea)
Salt in glass bottle, vinegar in same. Wooden jars for herbs.
Two glass vessels for bleeding and cupping.
Tray to contain instruments.
Enema syringe with bag.
Scissors and soap (don't forget I'm a barber as well)
Two steel probes (can be used as elevators for dental work)
Long forceps.
Capital knife (amputation)
Two pairs ordinary forceps.
Two retractors (for holding open wounds)
Trepan (you need this like a hole in the head)
Chisel and mallett (finger/toe amputations)
Saw (arm/leg/head amputations)
Nippers (tip of finger and toe amputations)

Photo and list of instruments courtesy of Roger Morgan in Wales.

Friday, October 26, 2018

Passengers to Natal: Lapland and African 1880

Lapland arrival 21 Feb 1880, also the African from Delagoa Bay

Natal Witness Feb 21 1880

The D.C.S. Lapland arrived here this morning at daybreak with the mails of the Kinfauns Castle, and a few passengers. The Fox landed these at 8 o'clock. She brought the following Passengers:

For Natal:
Miss Christian
Mr and Mrs Buxton and 4 children
J Wilson
Mr and Mrs Adams
Mr Hunter
Mr Cowens
Mr Spencer
Miss Spencer
Mr and Mrs Stanford
G Andrews
Mr and Mrs Holdernep
Misses Grenfell
Mr Collyer
Mr and Mrs Brokenshaw, 2 children and native boy
J Thompson

For Mauritius:
Lieut. Hollings, 91st Regiment
Mr and Mrs Edwards

Lapland sailed for Mauritius yesterday.

The African arrived yesterday from Delagoa Bay and the East Coast with the following Passengers. She goes on to the Cape at once.

For Natal:
Two Fugitive Slaves
Mr R Cora
Mrs SC Gutteling and two Indians

For East London:
Mr W Royi
Mr M Tintals

For Algoa Bay:
Abdor Pandie, Brother and servant, and 9 pilgrims.

For Cape Town:
Mr JS de Compas and 27 emigrants*

For England:
Mr McGregor
Mr Henderson

*regrettably not named; the 9 pilgrims are similarly anonymous
** this word Kafir (one 'f') did not have an opprobrious meaning at the time and meant 'heathen'

Thursday, October 25, 2018

Passengers to Natal July - Dec 1871 miscellaneous arrivals



July 7 - Arrival
ES Tysden. Chase. Port Elizabeth
Mr and Mrs Woodroffe, Mr Peacham

July 3 - Arrival via Table Bay
RMS Syria. Ladds. Southampton
Mr and Mrs Woodcock, Mr and Mrs Williams and 4 children, Mr and Mrs Clapham, Miss Johnson and 2 children, Mr and Mrs Cochrane, Mrs Kirton, Mrs Potts, Sir Henry Beecher, Lieut Rolleston, Messrs J Lindlay, Stephenson, McGilroy, Abrahams, Denison, Hall, Huley, Smith, Welbourne, Cruikshanks, Colcorne, Pickering, Marwick, Moss, Crowser, Crane, Albrecht, Gray (2), Kernsley, Morris, Davies, Wilson, Mollen

July 6 - Arrival
Eudora. Turnbull. From London
Messrs Boulton, Druest, Mr and Mrs Cooper and child, Messrs Noel, Nelson (2) Hodgson, Lawrence, Taylot, Breton, Wilson

July 6 - Arrival
RMS Natal. Ballard. From Cape Town and Intermediate Ports
Mrs Pollard, Miss Fowler, Mr and Mrs Matthews and 2 children, Messrs Fisher, Livick, Orpen, Borain and 4 men 32nd Regiment

July 18 - Departure
Twisden. Chase. Delagoa Bay
Dr Wilson, Messrs Erskine and Holmes

July 24 - Arrival
Beethoven. Cumming. From London and Cape Colony
Rev and Mrs W Mason, Mr and Mrs, Miss Alice and Master William Genderstrop, Messrs Gather, JE Bradley, R Edmonstone, J Dremley and C Campbell

July 25 - Departure
RMS Natal. Ballard. For Cape and Intermediate ports to Souhampton
Master Butcher, Mr Turvin, Capt and Mis Ricketts, Mr G Lentzelmann, Mr and Mrs Le Mesurier and 4 children, Mr Levert
For Cape Town
Messrs Pillans, E Escombe, Dr Irving, Messrs Hathorne and Morris, Mr and Mrs Sheward and Mr Allen

August 15 - Arrival
Rev and Mrs Beer, Misses Behrens, Gerden, Bune, Doll, Drewer, Lusmann, Luhmann, Berbrege, Maller, Hesse and Hohn, Messrs Schroan and Lauberbach

August 15 - Arrival
RMS Natal. Ballard. From Cape Town and Intermediate ports
Capt Stopfirmd, Messrs Bateman, Albrecht, Brown, Pillairs, Mason, Mrs Bayley, Mr and Mrs Muirhead and child, Mrs Adams and 2 children, Mrs Cato and child, Messrs Chalon, Upton, Rentzen, Forsyth, Mrs Ellison

August 16 - Arrival
Nelly. Albe. From Mauritius
Mr and Mrs Purdy, Messrs T Young, TK Neate, CDE D'Estarn, Kennett, McLean, Fred Harfield, E Milican, JC Bertland, W Hunt, NF Mars and children

August 14 - Arrival
Burton Stather. Warren. From London
Mr and Mrs Carter and 10 children, Mrs Bunyen, Master Hoffman, Mr and Mrs Garson, Mr S Dunn, Mr Roberts, Mr and Mrs Snedden and 3 children

August 22 - Departure
RMS Natal. Ballard. Cape to Southampton and Intermediate ports
Major Elliott, Mrs Howden and child, Miss Trevnor
For Cape Town
Mr Downing, Mr C Behrens, 4 men 32nd light infantry, Mr and Mrs Woodroffe, Mr Peachman, Messrs Parker, G Knox, HE Fisher, JH Warne, Miss Archbell, Jonas Goff, wife and 5 children. 1 Staff Clerk, 4 men and 1 boy 32nd light infantry

August 19 - Arrival
Bibsey. Weineck. From Delagoa Bay
W Spinhaus, Cameron

August 24 - Arrival
SS Bismark. Staats. From Cape Town
Mr Morecroft, Messrs McDougauls, (2) Headley, Mrs Pendelson and 4 children

September 22 - Arrival
RMS Natal. Ballard. From Table Bay and Intermediate Ports
Sir M Barlow, Mr Findlay, Rev A Martinet, Mr Laing, Mr Wiltshire, Mr W Baker, Mr Prouting, Mr Douhill, Rev Martinet, Mr and Miss Behrens

September 8 - Arrival
Anna. Michelsen. From Mauritius
Baboo and wife

September 8 - Departure
RMS Natal. Ballard. Table Bay and Intermediate ports to Southampton
Mr J McDougal
For Cape Town
Mr G McDougal, Mr Van Der Vinne, Dr Cornish, Mrs White and child

September 19 - Departure
Eudoran. Turnbull. London
Messrs Bernard and Sampson, Master and Miss Wheeler

September 23 - Departure
Illovo. Bolton. For London
Mr King, Mr and Mrs Goody and 2 children, Mr Ingram, Mr White

September 28 - Arrival
Congune. Steyn. Delagoa Bay
Messrs Blaine and Fonseca

September 28 - Arrival
Cape of Good Hope. Closter. From Mauritius
Mr Battie

September 26 - Arrival
Umgeni. Scorgie. From London
Mr Christian Banling, Mrs Ann Piersig, Miss Bertha Salomen, Miss Miss Marie Winter, Miss Elizabeth Waner, Miss Anna Paul, Mr John Bermeister, Mr Chas. Williams, Mr William Passmore and Miss Emma B Passmore

September 28 - Arrival
Mr, Mrs and Miss Goodricke, Miss Isabelle, Mr and Misses Irving (2) Messrs Peacock (2), Archibald and Miss Hamilton

October 10 - Arrival
St Clare. Hoodless. From London
Messrs WH Jones, J Morrice

October 9 - Arrival
RMS Natal. Ballard. Table Bay and Intermediate ports
Mrs Paris, Dr Matthews, Miss Brewster, Mrs O'Brien and child, Rev and Mrs Pilkerton, Drawford, Daniel, Smith, Kent, Smith, Hope, Justice, Turner, Corrol, Downing, Mrs Alred and child, Mrs Brooks, Mrs Middleborough and 4 children

October 5 - Departure
SS Bismark. Staats. Table Bay and Intermediate ports
For East London
Misses Winter and Pfenzig
For Port Elizabeth
Messrs G Blaine, JR Holmes, TC Fonseca
For Cape Town
Mr PK Hunter

October 13 - Arrival
Mey. Hoare. Delagoa Bay
Capt Elton

October 12 - Arrival
HMS Troop Ship Tamar
From Mauritius via East London with 440 troops of the 75th Regiment for Natal

October 18 - Departure
RMS Natal. Ballard. For Table Bay and Intermediate ports and Southampton
For Southampton
Mr RHU Fisher, Hon Col Coke, Mr and Mrs FM Smith and 4 children. Mr Ivers
For Cape Town
Dr Addison, Mr and Mrs Stewart, Messrs Archibald and Shewen, Viscount Hereford, Mr Sheevers, Miss Sissing, 1 man Royal Artillery, Mr Dexter

October 25 - Arrival
Verulam. Creak. From London
Mr and Mrs Slater, Miss Pratt, Messrs RW Harwin, Johnson, Nicholson, Nelson and Duncan

November 3 - Arrival
St Kilda
Mr Shannon

October 28 - Arrival
Durban. Jarvis. London
Mr and Miss Jarvis, Messrs Wood, Attlee, Dixon and Nussey

October 29 - Arrival
Hoare from Delagoa Bay
Crew of the William Shaw

October 31 - Arrival
Madeline. Blamey. From Mauritius
Mr R Oldfield, Mr HR Daniel

November 1 - Arrival
SS Bismark. Staats. Table Bay and Intermediate ports
Capt Fowler R.N., Mr and Mrs Wade, Mrs Roberts, Mrs Raman

November 4 - Arrival
HMS Troop Ship Tamar. Hickley. From Simons Bay

November 5 - Departure
Burton Strather. Warren. For London
Miss Griffith, Mrs Milne and 2 children. Mrs Mason and family (5), Misses Duggan and Cleave

November 10 - Departure
HMS Troop Ship Tamar. Hickley. For Mauritius
380 men and their officers, 40 women and 90 children. 32nd Light Infantry under the command of Col. The Hon BM Ward

November 9 - Departure
SS Bismark. Staats. For Cape Town and Intermediate ports
The Hon Mrs De Montmorency and 2 children, Miss Anderson, Mr and Mrs Thompson, Mr Von Zeller, Master Bayne, Mrs Field and child, Mrs Sissing and 5 children, Miss Curtis, Mr D Winterboer and Mr Cox

November 17 - Arrival
RMS Natal. Ballard. Table Bay and Intermediate ports
Mrs Newham, Arthur Newham, Messrs JD Balance, CG Bales, Saunders, AR Miller, Newton, Anderson, Stewart, Walker, Fleming, King, Rev and Mrs Nachtegal, Miss Bremer, Mrs Couper, Mrs Browne, Miss Gordon, Mr and Mrs Cunningham, Mr Torguis and child, Mr and Mrs Nowell

November 19 - Departure
Congune. Steyn. For Port St John's
Mr Kumman

November 22 - Departure
Mey. Hoare. For Delagoa Bay
Messrs Smith, Mr Kurz

November 23 Departure
RMS Natal. Ballard. Table Bay and Intermediate ports
For Southampton
Mrs Malcolm, Mrs Wilson, and 4 children, Mrs Sowerby and child, Mr Cowen, Capt and Mrs Hoodless, Messrs Love, Stevenson, Smith, Trigg, and the Rev S Atlee
For Cape Town
Miss Wallance, Mr Morecroft, Lieut Burke, Mr Marsh, Col Lowther, Mr L Potgieter
For Mossel Bay
Mr Grey and 4 Children, Lieut and Mrs Vetch and infant

December 10 - Arrival
African Belle. Harries. From Mauritius
RJ Donaldson, J Duff

December 12 - Arrival
Earl of Southesk. From London
Mr and Mrs Cartle, Miss Gordon, Messrs J Shurrier, E Lockwood, J Connon and J Krebscham

December 14 - Arrival
RMS Natal. Ballard. From table Bay and Intermediate ports
Mrs Blaine, Miss Erskine, Miss Hind, Mrs Pearson and 2 children, Messrs Blaine, Davidson, Hoare, Hodgson, and son, Kirk, Woodgate, McKewan, Fass, Guyman, Madge, Mrs Bannerman and child, Bishop Macrorie, Mr and Mrs Jackson and child, Mr Carmichael, Mr Cox, Mrs and 2 Misses Forsyth and 5 children, Mr and Mrs Glover and child, 1 constable and 1 prisoner

December 12 - Departure
Nelly. Albe. Table Bay
Mr and Mrs Wheelan and 2 Children

December 18 - Arrival
Congune. Steyn. From St Johns
Mrs Coates and 2 children

December 26 - Departure
RMS Natal. Ballard. Table Bay and Intermediate ports
For Southampton
Mr C Brandon
For Cape Town
Mr and Mrs Pidsley
Mr Tristam and Mr A Davis for Algoa Bay
G Matthews, Mr C Hefher, Mr and Mrs Harcomb and child

Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Passenger arrivals Natal 1847

February 24 1847 - Arrival of Nancy from Table Bay, bound for Port Natal
Mr and Mrs Steytler
Mr and Mrs Davis
Miss McRae
1 Steerage

March 4 1847 - Arrival of Elizabeth from London, bound for Port Natal

March 11 1847 - Arrival of Flora from Algoa Bay, bound for Port Natal
Miss Cooper

April 5 1847 - Arrival of Sarah Bell from Algoa Bay, bound for Port Natal
Mr Taylor 45th Regt
Mrs Taylor
Mr Graham Taylor
Dr Sparrow
Asst Surgeon 45th Regt
(See Natal Witness 9 April)

April 7 1847 - Arrival of Rosebud from Table Bay, bound for Port Natal
Mrs Lawton
T Milner
Mr Anderson
5 Steerage Passengers (not named)

May 22 1847 - Arrival of Mazeppa from Port Elizabeth, bound for Port Natal
Revd and Mrs Holdron and family
Miss Campbell
Mr and Mrs Donoghue and 6 children
Miss Hawkins

June 6 1847 - Arrival of Le Packet from Isle of Bourbon, bound for Port Natal
June 10 1847 - Arrival of Nimrod from Simon's Bay, bound for Port Natal, and from Algoa Bay, bound for Mauritius
Lieut Cameron
45th Regt Landed per mail and proceeded immediately.

June 18 1847 - Arrival of Rosebud from Cape Town, bound for Port Natal
Miss Watermeyer
Captain Lachlan
Mr ?Hood
Mr Sikkerling [sic poss Schikkerling]
Mrs Mandy
Mrs Brewer and child
Mrs Forbes and child
Mr McDonald
Mr Miller

Monday, October 22, 2018

Passengers to Natal Jan - June 1871: miscellaneous arrivals


January 10 - Arrival
Verulam. Creak. London/Plymouth (November 1st)
Messrs W and A Wiles, C Dearlove, P Valentin, JT Phillips, PP Moore, A Kent, JG Moret, GA Moore, WM and FJ Ash, Mr and Mrs Steyn

January 10 - Arrival
William Shaw. Haines. Inhambane
Mr R Benningfield

January 13 - Arrival
RMS Natal. Diver. Cape Town (January 7th)
Mrs Benn, Mr and Mrs Rooke, Mrs Stewart, Miss Arnold, Dr Gordon, Capt Spence, Ensign Jones, Mr and Mrs Schaedtler, Col Lowe, Dr Irving Mrs Richardson, Miss Dickson, Rev and Mrs Kriel, Messrs Button, Hawkins, Russell (2), Tobbin, Hilliard, Anderson, Litchfield, Schadtler, Wood, Langerveld, Butler, Schutze, Egerst (2), Flintoff, Stable, Stafford, Porson, 1 soldier, 1 woman and 5 children

January 23 - Departure
Alma. Findlay. For Melbourne
Rev and Mrs Patten and 4 children, Mrs C and Clara Kenion, Mr A Cowley

February 03 - Departure
Margaretha. Schafer. Mauritius
Capt Grantham and Mrs Koch

February 5 - Departure
Burton Stather. Warren. London
Rev and Mrs Tyler and infant, Miss Tyler, Susan, Martha and William Tyler, Messrs B Lindley, H Rood, F Mellen, G Laing, J Barnes, Ward and HC Edmonds

January 14 - Arrival
Mr and Mrs Arliss, Mrs Parige, Messrs, Herring, A Vickers, HN Daniel, FH Berry, HS and EP Paget, G Elland, A Smith, W Burbury, T Newington, W Plowright, J Barlsford, JH Mills, JE Smith, T Payne, J and R Middleton, G Rowes, DR Crow, A Sampson, T Hoskinson, G Wilkinson, HW Pearce, G Bigwell, Mrs Bigwell, Mrs Passmore and 2 children, Mrs Tillson and 2 children

February 24th - Arrival
Dr, Mrs and Miss Aldrige, Miss Kersley, Miss Bainbridge, Messrs Bainbridge, Dougall, Davenhill, Galt, Hoffman, Hocklett, James Winter

February 19 - Arrival
Jarvis in Durban from London
Mr, Mrs and Miss Darby, Mr and Mrs Higham, Mr and Mrs Paverd and son, Messrs Williams, Rowles, Fisher, Roxby, Smith, Lightfoot, Woodward, Simcock, Lowry, Hargreaves, Mr Ward and son

February 23 - Departure
RMS Natal. Diver. For Cape Town and Intermediate ports. Destination Southampton
For Southampton
Messrs Grime, W Sterhn, Stracy, JG Rollis, Payne, Bennett and 2 children, Mrs Bale and son, Mrs Sydney 
For Cape Town
Dr and Mrs Maxham, Sergt and Mrs Doubleday and 2 children, Mr Samuelson, Mr and Mrs GT Hill, Mr CB Schultz, Mrs Niepoth, 4 men 2nd 20th Regiment. 1 man 32nd regiment

February 28 Departure
Beethoven. Cumming. London and Intermediate ports
For Cape Town Messrs Blaithwait and H Williams, Mr and Mrs Robertson, Messrs Dearlove, Wilhelm and Mohr
For London
Messrs RJ Edmonstone, Aitken, R Thompson, Mr L Potgieter
For Mossel Bay

March 16 - Arrival
RMS Natal. Diver. From Cape Town and Intermediate ports
Messrs Hurry, Higson, Maddren, Balington, Allison Banks, Rownsend, Whitehead, Gregor, Greenow, Marsh, Wilhelm, Tarbut, Mr and Mrs Hill, Miss Muller, Lieut Ballard, Capt and Mrs Vinigal, Dr Allard, Dr Stewart, Mrs Kent and child

March 25 - Arrival
Earl of Southesk. From London (January 7th)
Mr and Mrs Roberts, Messrs Clapham, CH Hares, Jefkins, C Emmanuel, Wakefield, Loveridge, L Hughes, T Smith, Scongall, Reid, J Dempster, E Walker, EP Mitchell, Peek, HF Wood

March 24 - Departure
RMS Natal. Diver. Cape Town and Intermediate ports, destination Southampton
Hon CA Ellis, Capt Spence, Mrs Windham and boy, Messrs J Anderson, MacLaren, C Peel, Ingle, WJ Boyd, W Stephen and CG Bales, Rev Mr Biccard and Mrs Sutherland, Rev WC Holden, Rev T Guard, Mrs McNicol, Messrs W March and Wood

March 26 - Departure
William Shaw. Haines. St Johns
Mr Skilbeck

March 24 - Departure
Verulam. Creak. Destination London
Mr, Mrs and Miss Garland, Miss Cowey, Mr and Mrs Lake, Mrs Passmore and child, Mr and Mrs Tootal, Messrs J Polkinghorne, Grant, Dill (2), Miles, Fisher and Krelland

April 21 - ? departure.
No name of vessel. Per Natal
HE Lieut-General Hay, Major Campbell, Capts. Lempriere, King and Clarke, Lieut Burke, Major Elliott, Miss Williams, Mr and Mrs Lennon, Messrs Ritchie (2), Miss Lloyd, Mr and Mrs Gray, Mr and Mrs. Girvan, Mrs Richards and 3 children, Dr Grant, Messrs Ritchie, Wilson, Cox, Gray, Pym, Farringdon, Martin, Good, Sclander, Williamson, Van Zeller, Willis, Dartnell, Stewart, Dunn, Rohn, Flanders, Coqui, Wood, Portsmouth, Atkinson, Foot, Broadbent, Kingford, Bur, Edwards, Turner, Glover, Royston, Pilsworth, Chippendale, Bainbridge, Bishop, Williams, Foster, Inkenson, Houghton, Sergt Taylor, wife and child and a boy of the 32nd Regiment

April 20 - Arrival
SS Sweden. McKenzie. From London and the Cape
P Davey and Chas Doodroff

April 28 - Departure.
No name of vessel. Destination Southampton
Mr Edgar and son, Mr J Cox, Capt and Mrs Townsend and Child, Mr and Mrs Murray, Mr and Mrs Rooke, Mr Fleming and son, Messrs Remnant, RS Gladstone, JD Balance, AE Runciman, Hotchkin, J McKat, L Clephern and Lieut Phillips
For Cape Town
Lieut General Hay, Major Campbell, Capts Lempriere, Schafer, Carey R. E. 1 sargeant, wife and 5 children. R.E. 2 men 32nd Regiment, Messrs J Rose, C Gregorie, T Kestle, F Landers, Pepworth, Rev J Cameron, Mrs D'Arcy, Read and Mrs Robinson, Mr Krohn and Dr Grant

April 26 - Departure
AS Sweden. McKenzie. For London and the Cape
For London
Rev and Mrs Brandt, Messrs Amos, Mr Greenwood

May 2 - Arrival
E Carlton, D Fairweather, Dr Wilson

May 26 - Arrival
Sea Nymph. Hoffman. From East London
Mr W Brunton

May 27 - Arrival
William Shaw. Haines. From St John's River
Mr Skilbeck

May 5 - Departure
For Mauritius
Messrs Le Roy, James and Miles
For Madras
Mr, Mrs and Miss Stewart and Family, Miss Vinnicombe

May 5 - Departure
Jarvis ex Durban destination London
Rev and Mrs Boyd and 4 children, Mr, Mrs and Miss Collingworth, Messrs McLetchie, J Gay, J Park, W Walker

May 5 - Departure
Mr Herring

May 12 - Arrival
Nelly. V Albo. Mauritius
D Moodie, W Hay, M Mollieres, H Sadgley, Boulanger

May 11 - Departure
William Shaw for Delagoa Bay
Mr D Leslie

May 11 - Departure
Bibsy. Weineck. Delagoa Bay
Messrs Spilhaus, H Kisch, Sampson

May 19 - Departure
No name of vessel
Capt Holmes, Messrs McEwan, Hawkins, Dr Wilson, Mrs Ross, Mr and Mrs Sheward, Mr Johnson, Miss Raynor, Mrs Tarbutt, Mr Pinkerton, 1 Sergt 32nd Regiment

May 15 - Arrival
St Kilda. Hill. From Adelaide
Mr and Mrs Buchanan, Mr and Mrs Tullas, Mr Tripnaker, Mr Dallas

May 13 - Departure
Actea. Parker. For London
Mr and Mrs G Matterson and family, Mr Emanuel, Master and Miss Morris and Mrs James

May 26 - Arrival
Lumsden from England
HG Bacher, B Bacher, HG Bacher, RT Haynes, GW Gray, A Gray, SA Gray, AT Gray, SA Lain and CE McMaster

May 23 - Departure
RMS Natal. Diver. Cape Town and Intermediate ports, Southampton
Messrs Black, Powel, JA Colenbrander and 2 children, Henderson, Misses Henderson(2) and Master St G Henderson, Mrs Douglass and 2 children, Mrs Joanson, Mrs Middlebrook and 5 children, Mrs and Miss De Voss, Capt Eschalez, Messrs Sedgley, Hawkins, Praer, R Clarence, W Pearce, Mrs Robinson, Mr and Mrs Farmer and child, Dr and Mrs Blaine, P O'Grady, R McNab, Nixon

May 25 - Arrival
Riga. Morrison. From New York
Mr Warber

June 6 - Arrival
Mr and Mrs Adrian (2) children, Miss Gavin, C Owen, W Owen and Reynolds

June 6 - Departure
Lumsden for Cape Town and London
For Cape Town
Mr and Mrs Hamelberg and 2 children
For London
Mr and Mrs G Pearson and 2 children, Miss Agnes Lockerbie

June 8 - Arrival
Celt for Natal
Mrs Cato and 3 children and Governess, Sir H Becher (Bart), Mr Abrahams, Capt Rolleston, Mr Denison, Mr Mall, Mrs Bolls, Mrs Kirton, Mr Welbourne, Mr Cruikshank, Mr Pickering, Mr Colbourne, Mr Warwick, Mr Moss, Mr Albrecht, Mr Harris, Mr Hedley, Mr Smith, Mr Gray, Mr Gray (junior)

June 13 - Departure
Sea Nymph. Hoffman. For Melbourne
Mr G Brunton

June 13 - Departure
Rob For Delagoa Bay
JP Ablett

June 13 - Arrival
Priscilla. Brown. From London
Mr and Miss Cotton, Miss Bayley, Mrs Grafton, Mr King, Mr and Mrs Breffit, Miss Lowe, Miss Davie, Messrs Brewer, Bennett and Woods

June 17 - Arrival
RMS Natal. Diver. From Cape Town and Intermediate Ports
Miss Rasch, Mr and Mrs James, Col Cole, Lieut Allen, Rev Mr and Mrs Cole and child, Reverend Cameron, Miss Archibald, Messrs Beverhoudt, Sugden, Keighly, Worsley, Schultze Braithwaite, Hunter and son, Peace, Clarence, Henry, Geigerm Hawksworth, Furst, Krantz, Keane, Mrs Field and child

June 18 - Arrival
Illovo. Bolton. From London
Major LP Fadity, Messrs William Faddy, Jos L Wright, William James, Tony Hair, Robert Anderson, Mr and Mrs Hensman and 5 children, Mr and Mrs Fred Smith, Mr and Mrs Fred Ashford, Mr and Mrs. Chas. Haycroft, Mr Thos Bell, Mr Chas. Palmer
Black Death at sea aboard the Illovo on May 7th 1871, Edward James (second son of Mr RW James of PMBurg) aged 21 years

June 23 - Departure
RMS Natal. Diver. Cape Town and Intermediate ports to Southampton
For Southampton
Messrs Maitland, Pout, Hassel, E Snell, Braithwaite, Lieut Cochrane, Miss Jones, Mrs Wright
For Cape Town
Capt Holmes, Messrs Thompson (2), 2 men 32nd Regiment, Mr and Mrs Lannan, Messrs Barns, Thompson, Dr Wilson, Sergt Carter, wife and 4 children. 1 man 2xx Regiment

June 25 - ? Arrival or Departure
Congune. Steyn. Delagoa Bay
Messrs Benningfield, Skilbeck, Erskine and DuBois

Saturday, October 20, 2018

Souvenir Saturday: Delyse Brown

Delyse Brown, researcher extraordinary,
friend and colleague, with her published family history,
Footprints in the Sands of Time, 2011.
Remembering her on her birthday 22 October.
We all miss her vital spark.

Friday, October 19, 2018

Passenger list problems

The eternal problem of finding one's ancestor on a passenger list, particularly heading for South Africa, continues unabated. First, we have to accept that few if any original sources were made for the benefit of family historians of the future. And in the case of passenger lists, we have to accept that their accuracy - if they exist at all - must remain questionable. They will also not give full, inclusive details - e.g. initials are often not given, names of children may be omitted etc.

The passenger list of the schooner Anne, 1854, quite early in terms of Natal's history, shows us the usual practice of not naming members of the military travelling by ship. You can lose a lot of ancestors that way. We are left with '15 soldiers' - no further identification given. 

Natal Mercury  15 March 1854

Children's names are not given either - and in this instance the adults have no initials. There seems to be far more interest in the vessel's cargo than in the people it carried. It is probable that nothing further would be gleaned from a sight of the original handwritten list held in Pietermaritzburg Archives.