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Missionaries: William Threlfall 1799-1825

William Threlfall, born 6 June 1799 at Hollowforth, near Preston, Lancashire, was an extraordinary man. His father, Richard Threlfall, was a tanner like his forebears; the family had lived on the same estate for several generations and were in comfortable circumstances. William found his religious calling at the age of seventeen, and, passionately believing he was needed by God in the mission field in Madagascar, began to study the French language. In March 1820 he was accepted into the Methodist ministry. In the following September he went to London to be examined by the Missionary Committee, and after some months he heard that it wasn't to Madagascar he would be sent, but to South Africa: the proposed mission to Madagascar had been abandoned for lack of funds.

Threlfall left England on 10 December 1821and arrived at Cape Town 4 April 1822. After six weeks in Cape Town, Threlfall left for Algoa Bay (Port Elizabeth), reaching it on 28 May after a stormy passage. It had been decided that he should labour under the Rev William Shaw in the Albany District and travelled there by ox-wagon arriving on 6 June, his 23rd birthday. He worked among the scattered immigrants of Albany and Kaffraria, and preached for the first time at Somerset East on 1 September 1822, having ridden from Salem, a distance of a hundred miles. On the following day he went to Graaff-Reinet to visit Rev Samuel Broadbent who had been ill, remaining with him for a week, and applying himself to learning the Dutch language from his host.
The call soon came to leave the Albany District for the greater perils of Delagoa Bay, but as this took him nearer to Madagascar which he still believed should be his true destination, he responded with alacrity.

Remarkably, Threlfall became involved in a historic expedition which had been sent by the
British Government to survey the East Coast of Africa and the coast of Madagascar and to collect scientific information. The frigate HMS Leven, commanded by Captain Owen, R.N., accompanied by the smaller vessel, Baracouta, were to undertake the journey. In May 1823, the Leven called at Simon's Bay, having been in the Mozambique channel and about to return there to continue the survey. Captain Owen offered free passage to a missionary who would volunteer to labour among the tribes of the coast of Delagoa Bay. Despite the hazardous nature of the expedition, Threlfall regarded this as a heaven-sent opportunity, and he duly embarked on the Leven on 21 June 1823, arriving at Delagoa Bay on 22 July.

Here he was welcomed by the local chief and escorted to a hut at the village of Stengelly: his new dwelling had neither chimney nor window and for furniture it contained 'a few spears, two shields and a rush basket'. The language barrier was all too apparent: he asked for a fire and they brought a bedstead, which, Threlfall observed 'was quite as useful'. He was brought a live fowl and some rice and while the meal was prepared twenty of the local people crowded into the tiny Mission house, singing and clapping. Threlfall, ever the optimist, was touched by this evidence of friendliness and found the people a fine race, though many of them suffered from leprosy. Undaunted, he had his baggage removed from the Leven to his new home, and settled down to a lonely existence in a savage land, five hundred miles from the nearest missionary. He had heard that some Portuguese settlers had been murdered nearby a few years before, but seemed to feel no fear and his positive outlook was reflected in his writings: 'I do not think that I was ever in my life situated more to my mind than at present. I have but few conveniences of a temporal kind, and am sometimes tempted to think that I shall suffer want; but I am happy ... I now desire a knowledge of the language ... then I would fly everywhere and preach …'

He went up the Maputa river, thirty miles from the bay, on the Jane, to interview one of the tribal kings; the river was swarming with hundreds of hippos which crowded round the boat. He spent some days in the neighbourhood of the king's residence and while there met some people of splendid physique who said the name of their king was Tshaka [sic] and that this ruler lived not too far away.

When he returned to his hut on the coast, fatigued after his journey, he developed a fever and sank into a delirium which lasted for several days: 'I wrote a note to anybody on board the English vessels in the river to come and see me ... Pray sir do come on shore and bury me, for I died last night'.

Captain Church of the Orange Grove responded to the missionary's appeal bringing some medicine which probably saved Threlfall's life, but after a few weeks the illness returned. In a weakened condition, Threlfall managed to crawl on board the Orange Grove, hoping to get away from the coast and regain his strength at sea. A British frigate, the Andromache, cast anchor in the river, which seemed providential, as the Orange Grove wasn't likely to sail for some time, and Threlfall turned to the captain of the frigate for assistance. This help was denied him, however, and Threlfall was forced to return to shore, and seek asylum from Tiexero, a native of Goa, and from the Portuguese Governor, both of whom showed more compassion for the sick missionary than his fellow countrymen had done. In spite of his weak condition, Threlfall managed to influence for good the Portuguese and natives alike, and to inspire a wholesome respect for himself; at one point he was able to prevent a rising of the local tribes against the Portuguese. Though the attacks of malaria from which Threlfall suffered had so reduced his strength that he was scarcely able to stand, he acted as mediator between the contending parties, and secured a treaty of peace. This was only a temporary measure, and when Captain Owen of the Leven later called at Delagoa Bay after Threlfall's departure he found that 'very few inhabitants were left, and the country was strewed with human bones' - which gives some idea of the perils which had surrounded Threlfall during his time at the Bay.

Five months then elapsed during which time the missionary had repeated attacks of fever. Then, in February 1824, South Sea whaler, the Nereid, called at Delagoa Bay to take on water and vegetables. Threlfall had no hope of recovery while he remained in that climate and hiring two servants prevailed on the captain to allow him to embark on the ship, asking to be landed at the first inhabited shore to be sighted after the vessel had put to sea, thinking that this was likely to be Port Natal or St Augustine's Bay, Madagascar. But fate was against him once again: 150 miles off Madagascar the crew were struck down by an epidemic of the dreaded East Coast fever and the captain put about and steered for the Cape of Good Hope, so that his men would be cured and also in order to obtain replacement crew.

The voyage was terrible: out of a crew of 30, 13, including the first and third mates, succumbed to the epidemic, Threlfall reading the funeral services as each was committed to the deep. The captain became sick and the second mate was no navigator. Threlfall himself had to take over the management of the ship which eventually reached the Cape, the weather having been the only thing in her favour. A notice was posted at Table Bay as follows:

Ship Nereid, South Sea whaler, arrived in Table Bay in distress. Twenty days at sea, from Delagoa Bay; called there for water; caught the fever; took the Rev W Threlfall on board sick. All hands down. Ship unmanageable; lost fifteen hands (actually thirteen) among whom are the first and third mates. The captain is delirious and the Reverend gentleman is dying. Seen at sea in distress and brought into port.
That was on 12 April 1824. The Nereid's arrival caused much excitement at Cape Town. There were fears that the plague on board would spread and endanger the local populace. Rev James Whitworth was at Cape Town and had intended joining Threlfall at Delagoa Bay, and when he heard the news hastened to engage a surgeon to attend his fellow missionary. The authorities, however, made it a condition anyone who visited the fever-stricken vessel would not be allowed to disembark as long as she was in quarantine. Whitworth, who had his own medical supplies and knew something of fevers, voluntarily went on board to attempt to save Threlfall, whose emaciated frame came as a shock. Various measures were taken to clean the ship, with the help of the two men whom Threlfall had employed at Delagoa Bay and who had accompanied him on the voyage; with treatment Threlfall and the remainder of the crew began to recover. The Nereid lay at anchor for 30 days, after which the quarantine was brought to an end and all were landed. Soon, with the help of Dr Roberts on shore, Threlfall gradually became able to walk and ride a horse, though it took several months and at times he despaired of ever being well again.

Threlfall had brought the two servants with him hoping to train them as interpreters for the Mission and on going ashore took the precaution, so necessary in those days, of introducing them to the Colonial Secretary and obtaining certificates to show that they were British subjects and free men – not slaves. He also sent them, at his own expense, to a school in Cape Town, where they remained for several years. One of these men was baptized in the Christian faith, receiving the name Ransom Threlfall.

In July 1824, William Threlfall was invited by Rev Barnabas Shaw, then stationed at Kamiesberg, to be his guest and have an opportunity to recover his strength, and Threlfall made the long journey overland from Cape Town, a distance of over six hundred miles by ox-wagon in slow stages. The isolated mission house at Lilyfountain (Leliefontein) was a simple place with mud floors, mat ceilings and rough whitewashed walls. Here Threlfall was to spend the next few months, and with his usual optimism he wrote to the Missionary Committee on 1 January 1825 to say that the 'salubrious air of this elevated station' was already effecting an improvement in his health, and not forgetting a reminder to the Committee as to his continued willingness to proceed to Madagascar.

Kamiesberg M S
While at the Kamiesberg Threlfall was involved in gardening and building, taught in the day school, visited the sick, dispensed medicines and learnt about the people among whom he laboured. He became closely acquainted with the baptized Christian Jacob Links, Shaw's interpreter, who was literate, spoke Namaqua and Hottentot, as well as having a working knowledge of English and Dutch, and who often gave sermons at the mission. His brother Peter Links was also a powerful preacher of the gospel, and another man, Johannes Jager, from the Karree Mountains who was brought to Christianity at Lilyfountain, was also among Threlfall's new-found acquaintances. Jager and Jacob Links became friends, both had a thirst for knowledge and it wasn't long before Jager was able to read the Scriptures.

In June 1825, Threlfall, with Jacob Links and Johannes Jager, left Lilyfountain for Great Namaqualand; they hoped to reach the Fish River and discover whether the people of that region were in need of a missionary. On 4 July, Threlfall wrote a letter to the Lilyfountain station from Korasse, showing that they were still on the south side of the Orange River and that all was well. A further few lines were received from Warm Bath, about 200 miles from Lilyfountain. It was a long journey from Warm Bath to the Fish River but it was evident that the three companions intended to continue until their destination was reached. After this, many weeks passed with no news of the three men. On 16 October, Shaw received a letter from Rev Wimmer, of Steinkopf, saying that he had heard that Brother Threlfall and his party had been murdered. Shaw was disinclined to believe the rumour, but months went by with no communication from Threlfall. The truth of what had happened eventually reached Lilyfountain.

At Warm Bath, Threlfall found nobody willing to assist him in getting to the Fish River. It may be that it was their way of saving him from what they regarded as a hazardous enterprise. There was famine in the land, and the people were against parting with diminishing supplies. Game would also be scarce, so hunting for the pot would be difficult. But Threlfall was determined to go on, and started from Warm Bath with Jacob and Johannes, without a guide. After travelling four days northwards they lost an ox because they had failed to find water. They thought it advisable to return to Warm Bath fearing that they might be stranded in the desert without transport if they lost more oxen. Even after the purchase of fresh animals, Threlfall, as he thought of the long trek ahead through the desert, doubted their ability to bring him home for the animals would have next to nothing to eat. But if his worst fears were realized, Johannes and another man might be sent to Shaw for oxen to bring him and Jacob back to Lilyfontein. Here we see Threlfall's indomitable perseverance in action; the circumstances of the country, the condition of the people, all indicated that the time to retire had come.

Nevertheless, Threlfall left Warm Bath for the second time on 9 or 10 August. A guide had been secured, in the person of one Nauwghaap, probably a Namaqua, Possibly Nauwghaap was tempted by the sight of the little property which Threlfall carried with him. As the party proceeded, the guide was joined by several other men, one at least of whom had been on a hunting expedition and was carrying a gun. Threlfall offered some objection to the hunter joining the party, but Nauwghaap insisted and Threlfall reluctantly submitted.
On the first or second night after their departure from Warm Bath, Threlfall, Jacob and Johannes, were conducted to a kraal, a small enclosure of bushes in the open air. A fire was lit and the evening meal prepared. Threlfall and his companions were left alone. The three men sang a hymn, read the Bible and prayed, and then wrapped in their karosses went to sleep. At midnight Threlfall was aroused by a gunshot. Bushmen, led by the guide Nauwghaap, and armed with their bows and arrows, had invaded the kraal. Jacob had been shot, a bullet penetrating his spine. Johannes was already dead, killed by arrows. Threlfall, seeing dark figures creeping stealthily about the kraal, arose and went towards his baggage where he knelt in prayer. He was pursued with relentless cruelty until the end. The bodies were left unburied for the vultures and hyenas, while the assassins divided the spoils and fled.

Nauwghaap was later captured and executed. Threlfall’s loss sent a shock wave through the Cape Colony and beyond, and was related from missionary platforms worldwide.

In Memory of
The Rev William Threlfall 
Wesleyan Missionary in South Africa 
Who - with two native converts, devoted to the same Service and 
Sacrifice for the sake of their countrymen - was treacherously 
Murdered by their guide and his accomplices, on their way 
To carry the Gospel into Great Namaqualand 
August 1825

He was 26 years old when he died.

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Natal Witness Marriage Announcements 1880

Groom, Bride, Date of Event, Date of Advert, Details

Ayre, Meeten, 16-Dec-1880, 21-Dec-1880, at the Drill Shed by the Rev GM Ritchie
John Herbert Ayre to  Anne Aleurida Meeten

Backnall, Parkinson, 8-Dec-1880, 14-Dec-1880, at St Mark's Church, Karkloof by the Rev EH Shears, assisted by the Rev J Methley, Frank Bucknall of Selsley, The Dargle, to Fanny eldest daughter of Edwin Parkinson Esq. of Shafton Grange

Baldwin, Warner, 16-Dec-1880, 21-Dec-1880, at Bishopstowe, by the Right Rev the Lord Bishop of Natal, Joseph eldest son of the late Walter Baldwin to Caroline Maria eldest daughter of Mr William Warner of this City

Ball, Dand, 17-June-1880, 19-June-1880, at the residence of Mr Joseph Mason, West Street by the Rev T Woolmer, assisted by the Rev W Bryant, George Ball of this City to Charlotte Harriet Dand, only daughter of the late Mr Thomas Dand of Durban

Baylis, Anderson, 31-July-1880, 10-Aug-1880, at Verulam by the Rev F Mason
Leighton Baylis Esq. PMBurg to Louisa second daughter of the late Robert Anderson Esq. Special government surveyor

Bedford, Nicolson, 15-Dec-1880, 21-Dec-1880, at St Anne's Church, Ravensworth near New Hanover by the Rev. Thomas Taylor, James Frederick third son of the late Vice Admiral G A Bedford to Francis Alice youngest daughter of William Nicolson Esq. of Natal

Bond, Anderson, 14-June-1880, 15-June-1880, at the residence of G Kelsey, PMBurg
Arthur Bond Esq. Heidelberg, Transvaal to EB Anderson, youngest daughter of the late WI Anderson, Dumfries, Scotland

Boshoff, nee Perry/Van Der Berg, 26-May-1880, 3-June-1880, at his residence, Jobert's Vley near Weston by the Rev James Turnbull and in the company of friends.
Mr Jacobus Nicolaas Boshoff, Senior Ex-President of the OFS and late M.L.C. of Natal to Louisa Perry, widow of the late J P Van Der Berg of Bethulie, Orange Free State

Braithwaite, Smith, 21-July-1880, 17-Aug-1880, by the Rev O Watkins, at the residence of the bride's father John Hebdon Braithwaite to Sarah Ammie Smith eldest daughter of William Smith Esq. Thornhill

Buchanan, Berning, 11-Sep-1880, 16-Sept-1880, at St Mathews Church, Estcourt by the right Rev. the Lord Bishop of PMBurg assisted by the Rev. Mr Strickland
Edwin James Buchanan of New Scotland, Transvaal to Anna Elizabeth third daughter of the late FS Berning Esq.

Bulmer, Collis, 14-Jan-1880, 15-Jan-1880, at PMBurg by the Rev F Mason assisted by the Rev O Watkins John Bulmer of Durban to Frances Margerete only daughter of the late J Collis of Cleveland

Cato, Moore, 3-Mar-1880, 9-Mar-1880, at the residence of the bride's mother "Harmony" near Richmond William W Cato Esq. Government Surveyor, eldest son of the late C J Cato Esq. to Alice Emma Moore youngest daughter of the late R Moore Esq.

Chatterton, Nellist, 19-May-1880, 20-May-1880, by Special Licence at the Wesleyan Chapel, PMBurg by the Rev Mr Bryant Mr James Chatterton to Mary Emma eldest daughter of Mr W W Nellist, late of Middlesborough County Durham, England

Choles, Vale, 6-Sept-1880, 11-Sept-1880, at St Paul's Durban, by the Rev Page Wood
Frederick John Choles of PMBurg to Johanna Jane daughter of Edward Vale of Upper Clapton, London

Coates, Crowley, 29-Mar-1880, 30-Mar-1880, at the Private Episcopal Chapel by the Right Rev. Dr. Jolivet, Bishop George Coates, Deputy Commissary, to - Miss Crowley eldest daughter of TG Crowley Esq. Bellins in partivus and Vicar Apostolic of Natal, assisted by the Very Rev Justin Barrett O.M.I.

Cowley, Campbell, 24-July-1880, 29-July-1880, at the residence of the bride's mother Longmarket Street, PMBurg by the Rev J Smith, assisted by Pastor S Cowley, the father of the bridegroom Alfred S Cowley Esq. J.P. of Brunswick, Queensland, Australia to Marie third survivng daughter of the late William Campbell of "Muckleneuk" Victoria County

Donaldson, Taylor, 18-April-1880, 6-May-1880, by Special Licence at St Saviours Cathedral by the Rev Dean Green Mark Donaldson of Cape Town to Ann Mary Taylor

Edmonds, Plummer, 26-Jan-1880, 27-Jan-1880, at St Peters Cathedral, by the Archdeacon Colley Godfrey Henry fourth son of William Edmunds of High Wycombe, Bucks, England to Mary eldest daughter of George Plummer of York

Ely, Young, 14-Jan-1880, 20-Jan-1880, by the Rev G M Ritchie
Robert second and only son of James Ely Esq. of Richmond to Clara Gertrude
fifth and youngest daughter of the late Mr E Young of this city

Francis, Jefferies, 8-April-1880, 15-April-1880, at St Saviour's PMBurg by the Very Rev Dean Green Walter Fenn son of Thomas Francis Esq. Great Ormond Street, London to Adele Ellen youngest daughter of W Jeffries Esq. "Nonsuch", Town Bush Valley, PMBurg

Gibbs, Thornton, 9-Jun1880, 12-June-1880, at St Paul's, Durban
Samuel Gibbs of Adamshurst to Charlotte Thornton of England per passenger ship
American ship

Gordon, Gordon, 30-Mar-1880, 1-April-1880, at St Saviour's Cathedral by the Very Rev the Dean of PMBurg Charles Gordon MD. M.R.C.S. to Martha widow of the late W H Gordon

Gould, Knott, 10-July-1880, 13-July-1880, at St Peters Cathedal, PMBurg
Edward Mardie Gould of Kokstad, Griqualand East to Miss Florence Knott of PMBurg

Gubbins, Bradstreet, 1-Dec-1880, 9-Dec-1880, at Newcastle by Special Licence by the Rev DE Robinson Charles O'Grady Gubbins A.B. M.B. etc District Surgeon to Maud, widow of the late R Bradsreet Esq.

Guillod, Flower, 3-Nov-1880, 16-Nov-1880, at Beaconsfield, Westville by Special Licence by the Rev John Reynolds George Guillod of Weston to Henrietta Flower of Stockwell, near London

Haden, Bainbridge, 22-Nov-1880, 27-Nov-1880, at Ladysmith
Charles Henry Haden of Ladysmith to Florence Beatrice daughter of John Bainbridge of Klip Kraal near Ladysmith

Hall, Low, 2-Dec-1880, 7-Dec-1880, at the "Forrest" PMBurg, Natal  the Rev GM St. M Ritchie Charles Arthur youngest son of the late William Trambrook Hall Esq. of Highfield, Cheshire and Brymbro Hall Denbighshire to Susan second daughter of the late Major Richard Butler Low, 53rd Regiment

Lane, Emslie, 29-Mar-1880, 10-April-1880, at St John The Baptist's Church Harrismith OFS by the Rev FRT Balfour George Lane, Harrismith to Isabella fourth surviving daughter of the late James Emslie of Aberdeen, Scotland

Life, Hayes, 20-April-1880, 24-April-1880, at the residence of the bride's father, by Special Licence William Ruben son of the late John Life, Surgeon, Manchester England to - Bridgina eldest daughter of P Hayes Esq. Plaases Laager (Plessislaaer)

Loveday, Juta, 10-Feb-1880, 2-Mar-1880, at St Alban's Cathedral, Pretoria by the Right Rev the Bishop of Pretoria Richard Kelsey Loveday, Master and Registrar of the High Court, Transvaal to Augusta Willhelmina Magdelene, eldest daughter of CJ Juta Esq. High Sherriff, Transvaal

Lumgair, Elmes, 7-April-1880, 15-May-1880, at St Lukes, Souillac, Savanne, Mauritius by the Rev HD Buswell George Lumgair Esq. of the Colonial Secretary's Office to Caroline Elizabeth youngest daughter of the late William Elmes Esq. of Ware, Hertfordshire, England

Lutterell, Maritz, 5-Aug-1880, 14-Aug-1880, at PMBurg by the Rev GM St. M Ritch
Francis Fownes Lutterell Esq. to Johanna Helena second daughter of S S Maritz Esq. Late of Umvoti County

Matterson, Tyrrell, 8-Sept-1880, 23-Sept-1880, at St Thomas's Berea Durban by the Rev John Reynolds Arthur William only son of George Octavious Matterson of Balderton House, Nottinghamshire and formerly of Rosedale, PMBurg
to Muriel Margaret Stuart (Daisy) second surviving daughter of Edward Tyrrell, J.P. of the Berea, Durban

Meek, Vos, 29-June-1880, 24-July-1880, by the Rev W Ackerman of Wakkerstroom by Special Licence Henry M Meek youngest son of the late J Meek Esq. Of Woodside to Johanna S Vos only daughter of H Vos Esq. of this District

Methley, Fannin, 7-Sept-1880, 9-Sept-1880, at PMBurg by the Rev GM St. M Ritchie
Foster Hodgson Methley to Dora Anne Fannin second daughter of the late Thos. W Fannin, both of  PMBurg

Miller, Pashler, 21-Dec-1880, 23-Dec-1880, at St Peters Cathedral, PMBurg by the Rev Archdeacon Colley Albert Charles youngest son of Charles Miller to Sarah Ann only daughter of Sarah Pashler relict of the late George Miller of Natal

Newmarch, Taylor, 19-Nov-1879, 8-Jan-1880, at Holy Trinity, Bridlington Quay, England
John Newmarch of Fiji eldest son of William Newmarch Esq. of Hurworth to Sarah,
daughter of the late Mr George Taylor of Bridlington Quay, England

Nicholson, Dyer, 22-Sept-1880, 25-Sept-1880, at St Mary's Church, Richmond by the Rev. JR Mark John Craven Nicholson second son of William Nicholson of Baaulieu to Alica Louise
eldest daughter of the late Alfred Knyston Dyer formerly of Ceylon

Payn, Young, 8-Jan-1880, 24-Jan-1880, at the residence of the bride's father, Glengarry, Griqualand, Upper Umzimkulu Alexander Francis son of William Payn Esq. Ferrry-Hill, Harding to Ellen Anne eldest daughter of George Young Esq.

Pratt, Henderson, 10-Mar-1880, 23-Mar-1880, in M. W. Stroom, Transvaal by the Rev D Ackerman George Barry Pratt of the Cape Colony to Hester Magdelan only daughter of P F Henderson Esq.

Randles, Jones, 7-April-1880, 17-April-1880, at St Peter's Cathedral by the Ven. Archdeacon Colley John Randles to Mathilda youngest daughter of the late Robert Jones Esq.

Reynolds, Barker, 14-Jan-1880, 22-Jan-1880, at St Patrick's Church Umzinto, Alexandra County by the Ven Archdeacon Charles Partridge, second son of Thomas Reynolds Esq. of Umhlali, Victoria County to Liooian Julia Mary
eldest daughter of the Ven Joseph Barker. Barker, assisted by the Rev Ainslie Talon

Russom, Pole, 20-May-1880, 10-June-1880, at Du Toit's Pan, Diamond fields by the Rev WH Apsden Alfred Douglas Russom to Mary Emma Pole

Short, Shandoss, 11-Mar-1880, 13-Mar-1880, by Special Licence at PMBurg
Frederick William Short Esq. Potchefstroom, Transvaal to Josepha Ellinor Shandross youngest daughter of Mr ER Shandoss, OFS

Simpson, Browning, 6-Sept-1880, 9-Sept-1880, at St Peters Cathedral PMBurg by the right Rev the Lord Bishop of Natal Henry Charles Simpson of Durban to Maria Jane eldest daughter of Mr Charles Browning of Longmarket Street PMBurg

Sinclair, Hooper, 28-Jan-1880, 7-Feb-1880, by Special Licence at St Luke's Church, Howick George Sinclair (Glenkinnon the Dargle) fourth son of the late Charles Sinclair of Mount St Clair, Umzinto to Celia eldest daughter of Dr Joseph Hooper

St Clair, Pratt, 23-Mar-1880, 1-April-1880, by Special Licence at St Peter's Cathedral by the Ven Archdeacon Colley Bertie St Clair to Mary Elizabeth second daughter of Mr M H Pratt of this city

Tatham, Anderson, 19-Sept-1880, 7-Oct-1880, at Ladysmith, by the Rev HE Carlyon Incumbent George Frederick Tatham to Frances Anderson

Thornton, Higham, 29-April-1880, 6-May-1880, by Special Licence at Omba Villa, Durban by the Rev WH Mann W Thornton to Mary Higham both of Umzinto

Topham, Davis, 28-Oct-1880, 4-Nov-1880, at the Drill Shed by Special Licence by the Rev G St M Ritchie Alfred J Topham of Greytown to Florence Sophia eldest daughter of P Davis Esq. PMBurg

Turner, Strickland, 29-Jan-1880, 31-Jan-1880, at St Jude's, Greytown by the Rev T Taylor
Albert Edward Turner, third son of John Turner Esq. of Herefordshire, England to Eveline Mary Strickland of St Hilda's Greytown

Wilkinson, Hollington, 10-Jan-1880, 20-Jan-1880, by the Rev Mr Smith
WG Wilkinson to Miss MD Hollington PMBurg

Windsor, Brand, 23-June-1880, 1-July-1880, at Harrismith OFS, South Africa by the Rev George Perry MA. George Windsor to Louisa Georgina only daughter of the late Capt. Charles Brand, Royal Navy, of England

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Natal Witness Deaths 1880

Information given in following order:
Name, Gender, Age, Date of Event, Date of Advert, Details (usefully including some causes of death)

Adam, Brooke W m 32, 11-April-1880, 20-May-1880
at Glanivy, Cardigan, South Wales, BW Adam Esq. of Downside, PMBurg

Adcock, Joseph (senior) m 64, 28-Aug-1880, 11-Sept-1880
at the residence of his son at Wakkerstroom, suddenly by apoplexy

Allerston, Harriet  f  41, 13-Nov-1880, 16-Nov-1880
at Berg Street PMBurg, the beloved wife of  Francis Allerston

Armitage, Sarah Ann  f  36y 11mnth, 3-Jan-1880
at Rose Cottage, Townlands PMBurg the wife of W Armitage of Nunburnholme

Arthur, Maria  f  23, 26-Mar-1880, 1-April-1880
at PMBurg on Good Friday, after a brief illness the beloved wife of Arthur John Arthur

Bales, Charles George m 40, 23-Dec-1879, 27-Jan-1880
at Ipswich, England. Late of Durban, Natal

Barker, Edward Chase m 24, 21-Nov-1880, 21-Dec-1880
Eldest son of  Mr Barker J.P. Kokstad, East Griqualand, was killed by the Basutos
near the Orange River whilst in charge of an advanced guard

Berning, Lucy Johanna  f  30 yrs  9mnths, 19-Sept-1880, 30-Sept-1880
at Dr Dalzells Umsinga, daughter of the late Rev JL Dohne
and beloved wife of John Berning of Newcastle

Birbeck  f  1 day, 4-June-1880, 8-June-1880
at Kokstad, Griqualand East, the infant child of Lieut and Mrs Birbeck

Birch, Edmund Mee m 48yrs 6 mnths, 29-July-1880, 7-Aug-1880
at his residence, 8 Berg Street, PMBurg

Blenkin, John m no age given, 26-Nov-1880, 30-Nov-1880
at "Hamilton" Slangspruit near PMBurg Natal, formerly of Gilling East, Yorkshire England

Boast, David m 52, 24-June-1880, 29-June-1880
at Dalton, Noodsberg

Brooks, Milly f  76, 26-Oct-1880, 28-Oct-1880
at the residence of her daughter Mrs Henry Handley Erichstein, Umvoti County,
relict of the late Benjamin Brooks

Buck, Charles Samuel m 57, 24-April-1880, 6-May-1880
at Harrismith, Orange  Free State (formerly of PMBurg) Natal

Cameron  f  18 days, 8-Oct-1880, 9-Oct-1880
at the Mission House, Verulam the infant daughter of Henry and Ellen Cameron

Cameron  f  no age given, 24-Oct-1880, 4-Nov-1880
at Rosebank, Cape Town the widow of the late James Cameron,
Chairman and superintendent, Wesleyan Missions, Natal

Campbell, AAH m 33, 3-April-1880, 15-April-1880
at Estcourt after a short illness, Superintendent  CC Department, Weenen County

Chadwick, Mrs Ann  f  82, no date given, 29-July-1880
at the residence of her son A S Chadwick Esq. 36 Longmarket Street PMBurg

Clarke, John m 40, 8-Feb-1880, 21-Feb-1880
at his residence, Princess Street, PMBurg (builder)
Leaving a widow and 7 children to lament his loss

Colborne, Joseph Frederick m 29, 20-Oct-1880, 23-Oct-1880
at Congella Road, Durban, eldest son of Mr JS Colborne formerly of PMBurg Natal

Cope, Henry m 74, 19-Aug-1880, 21-Aug-1880
at his residence, Pine Terrace, Durban, Advocate and J.P.

Day, Maggie  f  25, 10-Nov-1880, 13-Nov-1880
at her residence, Longmarket Street in the City, of fever the beloved wife of Thomas Day

Dickson, Mary Ann  f  77, 23-April-1880, 1-May-1880
at PMBurg , beloved mother of G and M Bredenkamp

Downes, Harold m 2 mnths 5 days, 16-Aug-1880, 21-Aug-1880
at Harding the infant son of of Horace and Jane Downes

Duckham, Alfred m 8mnth 11 days, 24-April-1880, 27-April-1880
at Greytown, of inflammation, son of IW and Elizabeth Duckham

Duncam, Joseph m 70, 20-June-1880, 29-June-1880
at his residence Burger Street
In memorium see NW Thurs July 8th 1880, pge 3 Col. 2

Eicke, m still born, 10-Sept-1880, 16-Sept-1880
at Berg Street PMBurg the wife of A Eicke of a son

Evans  f  1 day, 7-Jan-1880, 13-Jan-1880,
The infant child of D and S Evans

Fannin, Meredyth Llewellyn m infant, 24-Feb-1880, 28-Feb-1880
at "Kilgobbin" Upper Umgeni infant son of Meredyth and Mary Fannin

Filter, H - Rev. m 47, 23-Dec-1879
at Luneberg, Pongola - Pastor of Luneberg,
deeply lamented by his family and whole parish

Finnis, William m 59, 12-Feb-1880, 19-Feb-1880 at PMBurg

Fitzsimons, Charles Hamilton m 41, 26-Nov-1880, 27-Nov-1880
at his residence Longmarket Street suddenly of Bronchitis,
eldest son of John Fitzsimons of PMBurg

Ford, Edward m 74, no date given, 4-May-1880
at the residence of his son, Mr Edward Ford. Formerly of Emsworth, Hampshire

Fraser, Osborn McKenzie m 16mnth 20days, 1-May-1880, 8-May-1880
at PMBurg infant son of HK Fraser

Gade, H m 61, 28-Aril-1880, 18-May-1880
at the residence of his son, Jacobsdal, Transvaal

Gainsford, Harriet Rachel  f  16 mnths  24 dys, 30-Nov-1880, 4-Dec-1880
At PMBurg, youngest daughter of Jane and Edward Gainsford

Grant, Ethel Winifred  f  no age given, 1-Nov-1880,4-Nov-1880
at PMBurg, infant daughter of Ben and Lilia Grant

Gray, William m no age given, 25-Sept-1880, 11-Nov-1880
at Ellerclose, Grasmere, of Grays Court, York, England

Hall, Eliza Annie Georgina  f  1 yr  6 mnths, 16-Sept-1880, 18-Sept-1880
At PMBurg second daughter of A and EA Hall

Handley, Henry m 51, 26-Mar-1880, 1-April-1880
at the residence of his brother "Hallcar" Greytown, of Erichstein, Umvoti

Harper, Herbert Edward m 6yr,1mn 16 days 26-Feb-1880, 2-Mar-1880
At Commercial Road, PMBurg, the beloved son of Robert and Annie Harper
After 13 months of painful suffering

Harvey, Emma  f  36, 7-Mar-1880, 17-April-1880
at Leicester, England wife of Mr Henry Harvey
and youngest daughter of Mr Henry Tarboton, Byrne

Hathorn, Winifred Marianne Howard  f  3yrs  9 mnths, 23-Sept-1880, 5-Oct-1880
at the residence of her grandfather Durban,
beloved child of Fergus and Mary Hathorn

Heeley, Frederic m 40, 12-April-1880, 17-April-1880
at his residence in Pietermaritz Street PMBurg

Hellet, William Peter m 55 yrs  4 mnths, 25-July-1880, 5-Aug-1880
at his residence, Greytown

Hester, Maria  f  no age given, 26-Jan-1880, 29-Jan-1880,
Beloved wife of Mr W Hester

Irvine, John William Ransom m 8 months, 25-Nov-1880, 27-Nov-1880
at 24 Loop Street, beloved son of JR and Emma Irvine

Kewish Lenora  f  26, 24-Nov-1880, 27-Nov-1880
at the residence of Mr VJ Gordon, Chapel Street (late of Ramsay, Isle of Mann)

Keytel, Ruby Catherine  f  11 mnth  4 dys, 19-Sept-1880, 21-Sept-1880,
The beloved infant of JF Keytel

Knox, Frances Theodosia  f  11, 12-Jan-1880, 20-Jan-1880
at Riet Vley, adopted daughter of Mr and Mrs P Otto (junior) of Upper Saxony

Leary,  f  54, 17-Sept-1880, 30-Sept-1880,
The beloved wife of Dennis Leary of Yarl, Newcastle, Natal.
Formerly of East London, Cape Province

Mac Arthur, Donald m no age given, 19-Feb-1880, 24-Feb-1880
at Colenso, Natal from Dropsy, of Glenara, Argyleshire, Scotland

Mare, Frederick m 14mnth 22dys, 24-Jan-1880, 31-Jan-1880
at Utrecht, Transvaal, son of PG and EP Mare

Marshall, Ernest Edward m 14 yrs  11 mnth, 17-Feb-1880, 2-Mar-1880
at  Kilvin Grove, Dundee eldest son of John and Elizabeth Marshall

Marshall, Katherine Bonner  f  13 yrs  8 mnths, 16-Feb-1880, 2-Mar-1880
At Kilvin Grove, Dundee eldest daughter of John and Elizabeth Marshall

Marshall, William Arthur m 10 yrs  6 mnths, 13-Feb-1880, 2-Mar-1880
at Kilvin Grove, Dundee, younger son of John and Elizabeth Marshall

May, Florence  f  22, 5-July-1880, 10-July-1880
at Knollebank, the residence of her father, wife of JP May of Howick

McAlister  f  29, 25-Dec-1880, 30-Dec-1880
at Chapel Sreet, PMBurg the wife of Mr JS McAlister

McLaurin, John m 81, 20-May-1880, 25-May-1880
at Glenaray, Verulam, late County court Judge, of Argyllshire, Scotland
Friends at a distance will please accept this intimation

Menter, Henrietta Elizabeth  f  no age given, 21-Oct-1880, 18-Nov-1880
at Boscobello, Division Newcastle, beloved wife of TW Menter,
leaving a sorowful husband and 7 children to mourn her loss

Mitchell, Mary  f  no age given, 1-Oct-1880, 7-Oct-1880
at her resience Park View, PMBurg, Mary Mitchell,
widow of the late Robert Anderson (Special Government Surveyor)

Moore, Rose Ellen  f  20yrs 7 mnths, 27-April-1880, 1-May-1880
at Rose Bank, near Richmond the beloved wife of William Hamilton Moore

Naude, Petrus Johannes m 63yrs10 mnths, 9-Aug-1880, 26-Aug-1880
on his farm Hattings Kraal near Winberg, elder of the Dutch Reformed Church

Naude, Susanna Lakock  f  45, 19-Aug-1880, 26-Aug-1880
The Wife of Petrus Johannes, leaving together 16 children
They both died in the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ PMBurg.
August 25th 1880 Signed GJ Naude

Nel Maria Johana/nee Roux  f  67, 8-Nov-1880, 18-Nov-1880
at Onrust near Greytown, beloved wife of Theunis Jacobus Nel (senior)

Newmarch, William m 86, 15-July-1880, 2-Sept-1880
at Hurworth, Darlington, England

Newton, Alfred m 32, no date given, 13-July-1880
at the Government  Magazine, Durban

Oakes, Robert H m no age given, 26-Feb-1880, 9-Mar-1880
at Ladysmith, Natal, son of the late Rev Aston Oakes
of the Square, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England

Oates,  f  65, 7-Oct-1880, 23-Oct-1880
at her daughter's residence, Heilbron OFS, widow of the late WE Oates

Otto, JCR  m 71, 15-Aug-1880, 24-Aug-1880
at Balmoral, Rietvlei, late of Bellevue near PMBurg

Paget, Edward Pierce m 33, 3-June-1880, 5-June-1880
at his residence Pietermariz Street, PMBurg,
third son of the late Thomas Paget of Forton, near Lancaster, England

Pate, Clarissa Elsie  f  15 mnth 16 days, 20-Sept-1880, 23-Sept-1880
at her parent's residence, PMBurg
second beloved daughter and youngest child of Frederick and Annie Pate

Payne, Thomas Ashbourn m 14 months, 28-June-1880, 1-July-1880
at Kimberley Diamond Fields, the son of Thomas A Payne (junior)

Pechey, Joseph Middleton m 33, 29-Jan-1880, 31-Jan-1880
Eldest son of the late Rev. Joseph Pechey of Thetford, Norfolk, England

Pratt, Maude Harwood  f  5 months, 7-May-1880, 15-May-1880
at Burger Street PMBurg, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs MH Pratt

Risley, Annie Josephine  f  18yrs 21 days, 8-July-1880, 10-July-1880
at Ivy Cottage PMBurg, the beloved daughter of Mr and Mrs Jno Risley

Ritchie  f  no age given, 20-Oct-1880, 23-Oct-1880
at Burger Street, PMBurg the beloved wife of D Ritchie

Rolls, Jesse Goldsmith m no age given, 2-Dec-1879, 13-Jan-1880
at Clapton Place, Lower Clapton, London.
Late emigration agent for Natal

Ross, George m 58, 29-Sept-1880, 2-Oct-1880
at Riversdale, near Howick

Schweizer, Emil Alfred m 13 months, 9-Dec-1880, 14-Dec-1880
at Chapel Sreet, PMBurg the only beloved son of Auguste and Elise Schweizer

Scoble, Mary Ann  f  56, 15-Aug-1880, 21-Aug-1880
at Newcastle at the residence of her daughter Mrs Bradstreet,
beloved wife of John Scoble Esq,. Middleberg Transvaal

Sibthorp  f  still born, 10-Nov-1880, 13-Nov-1880
at PMBurg, the wife of Mr J Sibthorp of a daughter (stillborn)

Smith, Dupre Alexander m 31, 4-April-1880, 10-April-1880
at Grey's Hospital of acute dysentry

Smith, Henry Joseph m 18yrs 20 days, 20-April-1880, 22-April-1880
at Pietermaritz Street PMBurg,
the beloved son of John and Mary Smith of Foxhill

Stacey, Frederick George m 30, 20-Dec-1880, 23-Dec-1880
at Longmarket Street, PMBurg after a short but painful illness

Stead, Johanna Catharina  f  31yrs  21 days, 4-Aug-1880, 12-Aug-1880
at Harrismith, OFS, the beloved wife of Charles Edward Stead
and eldest daughter of Mr GHL Rosa

Still, Mabel Mary  f  hours, 16-Oct-1880, 21-Oct-1880
at PMBurg daughter of WF Still, Coalfields, Dundee

Taylor, SA  f  no age given, 20-May-1880, 10-June-1880
at Onderbrook Spruit, Klip River District, near Ladysmith, South Africa
the beloved wife of Theo Taylor of Karkloof and the Onderbrook Spruit Hotels

Thompson, Susan  f  80, 3-Jan-1880, 17-Jan-1880
at Harrismith

Tottenham, Alfred Oliver m 35, 31-Oct-1880, 23-Dec-1880
at Tarbet, New Scotland, Transvaal

Trump, Mary Ann  f  60, 21-April-1880, 24-April-1880
at PMBurg

Turvin, Dorothea  f  7 months, 18-Dec-1880, 23-Dec-1880
at Lea Crofts, Curry's Post, daugher of CJ and CF Hankin Turvin

Vermaak, Johana Salmina  f  11yrs 2mnth 5dys, 20-Oct-1880 ,23-Oct-1880
at Noodsberg, caused throught the accident
from a cartwheel passing over her chest,
third daughter of Mr JS Vermaak

Vimbe, William Goven J m 8, 11-Mar-1880, 10-April-1880
at the Kwanguben Mission Station from fever

Vincent, William Cyrus m 27, 24-Sept-1880, 5-Oct-1880
at Camperdown, youngest son of Charles Vincent late of Pinetown

Walker, Bessie  f  24, 16-Mar-1880, 11-Mar-1880
at St. Fort, Conquered Territory OFS, the wife of WJ Walker
and daughter of JP Liddell Esq. of Bethal, Conquered Territory

Warner, Harry A m 24, 6-April-1880, 13-April-1880
at the residence of Mr R Smart, Church St PMBurg,
second son of Mr W Warner of the City

Warrington, Thomas m 69, 1-Mar-1880, 6-Mar-1880
at Church Street, PMBurg

Warwick, Pulleine D  f  19 months, 15-Aug-1880, 28-Aug-1880
at Burger Street PMBurg

Warwick, Walter W m 2mnths 5days, 25-Aug-1880, 28-Aug-1880,
the above address is not stated

Willment, John F m 49, 25-Oct-1880, 6-Nov-1880
at PMBurg

Wilson, Herbert m 17, 2-July-1880, 3-July-1880
Youngest son of Alfred and Eliza Wilson

Wiltshire, Florence Eleanor  f  no age given, 27-Jan-1880, 29-Jan-1880
at Loop Street PMBurg, daughter of Edward and Annie Wiltshire

Winkley, Percy Edmunds m 24 yrs  8 mnths 17-July,1880, 22-July-1880
at PMBurg, youngest son of the late William Winkley of Harrow On The Hill, England

Wroots, Thomas m no age given, 10-Mar-1880, 11-Mar-1880
at Boom Street, only son of RF Wroots, Messenger of the Native High Court

Monday, May 20, 2013

Natal Witness Births 1880

Information presented in following order:
Name, Gender, Date of Event,  Date of Advert, Details

Alexander  f  15-Dec-1880, 16-Dec-1880 at "Silverdale Farm"  Town Bush
Valley  f   PMBurg the wife of Fred J Alexander of a daughter
Allen m 8-Sept-1880, 9-Sept-1880 at West Street PMBurg the wife of Robert Allen Esq. of Colworth, County Klip River of a son
Andrews  f  26-April-1880, 6-May-1880 at 5 Longmarket Street, PMBurg the wife of John Andrews (junior) of a daughter
Arnold m 22-Feb-1880, 2-Mar-1880 at Estcourt the wife of Edward PB Arnold Esq. of a son
Barnes m 26-Oct-1880, 28-Oct-1880 at Brookside, PMBurg the wife of Jas Barnes of a son
Baxter m 28-July-1880, 10-Aug-1880 at Camden, Transvaal the wife of Edward A Baxter of a son
Birbeck  f  3-June-1880, 8-June-1880 at Kokstad, East Griqualand, the wife of Lieut. Birbeck C.M.R. of a daughter
Birkett m 24-Mar-1880, 30-Mar-1880 at Craig Farm, Weenen County, the wife of Fras. J Birkett of a son
Blaker m 20-Nov-1880, 27-Nov-1880 the wife of H Blaker, Southdowns, Estcourt of a son
Boyd m 19-Feb-1880, 21-Feb-1880 at Hatley, Town Bush Valley, PMBurg, Natal the wife of Fielding Hatley Boyd of a son
Burchel  f  12-April-1880, 15-April-1880 at Church St. PMBurg the wife of Frank George Burchel of a daughter
Cameron  f  21-Sept-1880, 23-Sept-1880 at the Mission House, Verulam the wife of the Rev Henry M Cameron of a daughter
Campbell  f  23-Oct-1880, 26-Oct-1880 at Aliwal Street Durban, Mrs A M Campbell of a daughter
Carpenter m 15-Mar-1880, 1-April-1880 at Harrismith, O.F.S. the wife of James Peter Carpenter of a son
Chalklen  f  17-June-1880, 19-June-1880 at Greytown, the wife of Mr Chalklen of a daughter
Crane  f  28-May-1880, 3-June-1880 the wife of Thomas Crane, Royal Hotel, Durban of a daughter
De Carrey  f  7-May-1880, 15-May-1880 at Pilgrim's Rest, Biggarsberg, the wife of Holland V De Carrey of a daughter
De Haas  f  4-Feb-1880, 24-Feb-1880 at Lydenburg, Transvaal, the wife of Mr J W De Haas of a daughte
Downes m 11-Feb-1880, 21-Feb-1880 at Stanger, Mrs Alfred Downes of a son
Downes m 9-June-1880, 15-June-1880 at Harding, the wife of Horace C Downes of a son
Drake m 2-Aug-1880, 7-Aug-1880 at Underwood, the wife of L F Drake of a son
Du Bois m 19-May-1880, 25-May-1880 at Settle, Umgeni, the wife of Mr F Du Bois of a son
Dunn, Daisy Maude  f  7-Dec-1880, 18-Dec-1880 at Rose Cottage, PMBurg the wife of R E Dunn of a daughter
Evans  f  7-Jan-1880, 13-Jan-1880 at Townlands, PMBurg the wife of David Evans of a daughter
Fagwell  f  18-Aug-1880, 16-Sept-1880 at Riet Fontein, Little Tugela the wife of Edward Fagwell of a daughter
Ford  f  15-Feb-1880, 19-Feb-1880 at Knollenank Mrs George Ford of Howick of a daughter
Frampton  f  3-Mar-1880, 6-Mar-1880 at 28 Church Street the wife of Mr JE Frampton of a daughter
Franks/nee Lovatt  f  8-Aug-1880, 21-Aug-1880 at Standerton, Transvaal the wife of F A Franks(nee Lovatt) of a daughter
Fynn  f  9-May-1880, 13-May-1880 at Emsita, Umsinga Division, the wife of Henry H Fynn of a daughter
Geddie m 27-Dec-1880, 30-Dec-1880 at Chapel Street PMBurg he wife of George Geddie of a son
Gray  f+f  16-April-1880, 22-April-1880,"At "Smaal Deel" the wife of William Gray of Twin Daughters
Gray m 30-April-1880, 6-May-1880 at "Helmsley" High Flats, the wife of W Gray of a son
Haddon m 25-Mar-1880, 1-April-1880 at Newcastle the wife of Mr TR Haddon of a son
Hall m 6-Dec-1880, 9-Dec-1880 the wife of J W F Hall, Umsinga Division of a son
Harcourt m+m 24-Oct-1880, 30-Oct-1880 at Hilltop, Mrs Jas Harcourt of twin boys
Hathorn m 14-July-1880, 20-July-1880 at 17 Loop Street, PMBurg the wife of Kenneth Howard Hathorn of a son
Hathorn  f  5-Sept-1880, 11-Sept-1880 at Upper Norwood (England) Mrs Fergus A Hathorn of a daughter
Hodgson m 22-June-1880, 3-July-1880 at Newcastle, the wife of James Hodgson of a son
Hogben  f  11-Mar-1880, 13-Mar-1880 at 37 Berg Street PMBurg, the wife of John Hogben of Little Tugela of a daughter
Holliday  f  15-May-1880, 22-May-1880 at PMBurg the wife of Mr William Holliday of a daughter
Hulley  f  11-Feb-1880, 9-Mar-1880 on the Farm Uitkyk, District Cronstadt, Orange Free State the wife of HB Hulley Esq. of Upper Umzimkulu, Griqualand East of a daughter
Hunter  f  5-Nov-1880, 6-Nov-1880 at Holly Lodge, PMBurg the wife of PW Hunter of a daughter
Irvin m 13-Mar-1880, 13-Mar-1880 at Loop Street, PMBurg the wife of JR Irvin of a son
Jackson  f  12-Feb-1880, 19-Feb-1880 at PMBurg the wife of R W Jackson of a daughter
Johnson  m  6-Mar-1880, 11-Mar-1880 at PMBurg Mrs F W Johnson (late of Stamford Hill, Umgeni) of a son
Jones m 8-June-1880,1-July-1880 at Loop Street, PMBurg the wife of Robert J Jones, of Glen Lynden, Mooi river of a son
Justice m 25-Oct-1880, 28-Oct-1880 at PMBurg the wife of Robert Justice of Woodlands, Richmond of a son
Kirby  f  29-July-1880, 3-Aug-1880 at Etembeni Weslyan Mission Station, the wife of Rev T Kirby of a daughter
Kirby m 12-Aug-1880, 14-Aug-1880 at PMBurg the wife of Harry E Kirby, Northcote, Weenen County of a son
Kisch m 12-July-1880, 15-July-1880 the wife of H Kisch of a son
Landsberg  f  1-May-1880, 8-May-1880 at Uitzoek, near New Leeds, the wife of Mr Otto Landsberg of a daughter
Lloyd m 5-Aug-1880, 10-Aug-1880 at Zwartkop Valley, near PMBurg, the wife of C B Lloyd of a son
MacPhail m 6-July-1880, 15-July-1880 at Yarl, near Newcastle the wife of Mr D MacPhail of a son
Malker  f  11-Mar-1880, 11-Mar-1880 at St. Fort, Conquered Territory, Orange Free State, the wife of W J Malker of a daughter (premature)
Mason m 20-Aug-1880, 26-Aug-1880 at 14 Berg Street, PMBurg the wife of WH Mason of a son
McAlister m 3-Oct-1880, 5-Oct-1880 at Glen Islay, PMBurg the wife of R McAlister of a son
McLaren  f  29-July-1880, 5-Aug-1880 at PMBurg, the wife of JC McLaren of a daughter
Murray  f  16-Dec-1880, 21-Dec-1880 at PMBurg the wife of Thos K Murray of a daughter
Palframan  f  17-Feb-1880, 19-Feb-1880 at Burger Street, PMBurg the wife of Mr W Palframan, New Leeds of a daughter
Parker m 23-Jan-1880, 23-Jan-1880 at the Ferns, Mrs Hugh Parker of a son
Payn  f  1-Oct-1880, 5-Oct-1880 at Plaisance, Backbeach, Durban the wife of PF Payn of a daughte
Payn m 28-Sept-1880, 7-Oct-1880 the wife of Alex Payn of Bellevue, Upper Umzimkulu of a son
Peniston  f  25-July-1880, 3-Aug-1880 at Moord Spruit, Weenen County, the wife of Mr E Peniston of a daughter
Rawlinson m 1-Oct-1880, 14-Oct-1880 at Harlestow, near Weston the wife of Robert H Rawlinson of a son
Robins m 26-Mar-1880, 1-April-1880 at PMBurg the wife of AJ Robins of a son
Runciman m 12-Oct-1880, 14-Oct-1880 at PMBurg the wife of JA Runciman of a son
Sadler  f  13-Oct-1880, 14-Oct-1880 at PMBurg the wife of R Sadler -Carpenter - of a daughter
Shaw  f  15-Aug-1880, 19-Aug-1880 at Clarendon, Mrs Walter T Shaw of a daughter
Shuttleworth m 4-Aug-1880, 7-Sept-1880 at Newcastle the wife of Mr James Shuttleworth of a son
Smith  f  1-Dec-1879, 7-Feb-1880 at Bethal the wife of Mr WG Smith of a daughter
Somers m 25-Jan-1880, 27-Jan-1880 at Glendrishok, Dargle, Mrs WB Somers of a son
Spence m 21-Oct-1880, 30-Oct-1880 at Mount Pleasant, the wife of FA Campbell (Inspector Natal Mounted Police) of a son
Stacey  f  10-May-1880, 15-May-1880 at Burger Street, PMBurg the wife of Mr AJ Stacey of a daughter
Stalker m 16-Aug-1880, 17-Aug-1880 at PMBurg the wife of the Rev John Stalker of a son
Stewart  f  29-Feb-1880, 13-Mar-1880 at Strathavon, Boston, the wife of Mr J Stewart of a daughter
Still  f  16-Oct-1880, 21-Oct-1880 at PMBurg the wife of WF Still, Coalfields, Dundee of a daughter
Tarboton  f  11-Sept-1880, 21-Sept-1880 at Edendale the wife of CH Tarboton of a daughter
Taylor m 2-Oct-1880, 7-Oct-1880 the wife of Robert Taylor of Mooi River Hotel, Weston, of a son
Thomson m 26-Feb-1880, 9-Mar-1880 at Harrismith, OFS Mrs W Burns Thomson of a son
Thrash m 17-Aug-1880, 28-Aug-1880 the wife of Chas E Thrash of "Melbourn" Camperdown of a son
Turner  f  19-Sept-1880, 23-Sept-1880 at Willbrook near Estcourt the wife of Edward J Turner of a daughter
Turvin  f  17-May-1880, 22-May-1880 at Leecrofts, Currey's Post, the wife of CJ Hankin Turvin of a daughter
Urquart m 13-Aug-1880, 24-Aug-1880 at the farm "Glen Urquart" Klip River, Mrs Urquart of a son
Walton m+m 31-Oct-1880, 6-Nov-1880 at Brackfontein near Ladysmith the wife of James W Walton of twin sons
Warwick m 19-June-1880, 29-June-1880 at Burger Street the wife of Mr E Warwick of a son
White  f  30-Jan-1880, 7-Feb-1880 at Raven Street, PMBurg the wife of HJ White of a daughter
Whitelaw m 6-Mar-1880, 9-Mar-1880 at "Brickyards" PMBurg the wife of David Whitelaw of a son
Winkley  f  22-Dec-1880, 23-Dec-1880 at Berg Street, the widow of the late Percy E Winkley of a daughter
Wolhuter m 28-Jan-1880, 31-Jan-1880 at PMBurg the wife of Mr A J Wolhuter of A son
Woolley  f  6-Nov-1880, 11-Nov-1880 at Harding, Alfred County the wife of R Woolley Esq. of a daughter
Young m 3-April-1880, 6-April-1880 at 4 Loop Street, PMBurg the wife of Mr E Young of a son

William Caithness Bell 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Wreck of the Prince Rupert 1841

Prince Rupert, a British barque of 322 tons, Captain Ramage, was wrecked 4 September 1841 at the Mouille Point battery at 21h00 after entering the bay; she was on a voyage from London to New Zealand, carrying cargo. The wreck was mentioned in Cape Govt Gazette 1 October 1841; Shipping Register KAB CC 2/15. 

The following report from The Sydney Herald Tuesday 23 November 1841:


On the 4th September (1841), the Prince Rupert, from  
London, with one hundred and sixty passengers
and cargo for New Zealand, in entering Table
Bay, about nine o'clock in the evening, ran
aground on Mouille Point, stuck fast, and be-
came a total wreck. When the Prince Rupert
struck, about fifteen minutes past nine o'clock,
she was, on firing a gun, observed from the
Bucephalus, Indiaman, at anchor about two
miles from the point, within the Bay, and a
boat under the orders of the Chief Officer, Mr.
John R. Merewether, put off to render assistance.
Mr. Merewether succeeded during the night in
making three trips between the wreck and the
Bucephalus, bringing off thirty of the people,
besides others that he put on board the boats
that were near him at different periods of the
night. About five o'clock, fancying that some
persons still remained on board the Prince Ru-
pert, Mr. Merewether proceeded to the wreck a
fourth time with a crew of seven men, the sur-
geon of the Prince Rupert, and Mr. Frood, a
passenger whom he had previously brought on
board the Bucephalus. When they came under
the stern of the wreck, a short sea broke over
the boat and nearly filled it, and the succeeding
wave upset her, and this gallant and humane
young officer, with three of his crew, and Mr.
Frood, perished in the surf among the rocks. It
is impossible to express the grief which the
untimely fate of this excellent young man has
caused on board the Bucephalus, where his
talents, his many accomplishments, and his
most noble and generous disposition, had made
him the object of universal respect and affection.
Of him, and of Mr. Fulcher, the commander,
the numerous and most respectable company of
the passengers by the Bucephalus, speak in the
highest terms of esteem; and Mr. Fulcher
laments the loss of his first officer and friend as
the severest calamity that could have befallen him.
Mr. Merewether was in his twenty-fifth year.
He was the son of Mr. Sergeant Merewether,
Whitehall Place, London. In consequence of
rumours that the captain (who was second mate
of the Julianna [sic], wrecked on the same spot last
year) had wilfully lost the vessel, a court of
enquiry was held and from the report we give
the following extract :—"The whole of the pro-
ceedings from the time of being abreast of Rob-
ben Island until the vessel was on shore at
Green Point, we consider to be highly culpable,
but we fully acquit Captain Ramage and his offi-
cers of intentionally losing the vessel." Among
the passengers were Mr Spain, the Commis-
sioner for investigating Claims to Land in New
Zealand, and Mr. Lizars, the Deputy Surveyor
General. Many of the emigrants had obtained
situations at the Cape.

28 of those on board the Prince Rupert were conveyed after the wreck to Algoa Bay on the Conch, schooner of Captain William Bell, later Port Captain of Natal. Among those who travelled by the Conch may have been the three Hockey brothers, originally destined for New Zealand, who decided to remain at the Cape (Grahamstown).

The Grahamstown Journal 24 November 1842 referred to 'additions to the immigrant population of Algoa Bay' the previous year, noting 'per Conch the wrecked passengers ex Prince Rupert (28)'.

See also:

Dimond, J.T. WRECKED UNDER THE GREEN POINT LIGHT, the background to the Green and Mouille Point lights and stories of six shipwrecks in the area. The stories of the building of the two lighthouses and of the wrecks of the Juliana (1839), Prince Rupert (1841), RMS Athens (1865), SS Thermopylae (1899), SS Aotea (1911), and S.A.Seafarer (1966).

Souvenir Saturday: Hojem, Oftebro, Larsen in Natal

The twins are Johan Christian and Thora Katrine Hojem, b 28 July 1894, children of Gustav and Berte Marie (nee Oftebro) Hojem. Berte Marie and Gustav were married at Eshowe Mission Church, 9 April 1891, by Ommund C Oftebro, Berte Marie’s now-famous missionary uncle. Witnesses were O S Norgaard and Olaus H Skerve, the latter one of the original Marburg settlers (he married Gustav Hojem’s sister, Ragna).

The photographer was Emil Larsen, whose studio was then at 410 West Street, Durban. Judging by the age of the twins the picture was probably taken early in 1895.

Photo and information courtesy of Warwick Hojem.

For further details on LARSEN and descendants see

Thursday, May 16, 2013

Hertford men in the Anglo-Boer War

Memorial to Hertford men who served in the Anglo-Boer War 1899-1902: including 4th Battalion of the Bedfordshire Regiment (Harts
Militia); Herts Imperial Yeomanry.

Suggestion: change your browser zoom setting to 175% to read the names clearly.

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Natal Witness Marriages 1875

Groom, Bride, Date of Event, Date of Advert, Details

Abel, Warner, 19-Aug-1875, 3-Sep-1875, at Bishopstowe by the Rev Mr Winslow
Edmund Abel to Alice Vickers, second daughter of Mr W Warner, PMBurg

Acutt, McDonald, 12-Aug-1875, 24-Aug-1875, at Hoghton by the Rev T Taylor of Greytown Corron Acutt, Wolverhampton, England to Marian Matilda youngest daughter of the late Hugh McDonald, Durban

Adams, Brandon, 15-April-1875, 27-April-1875, no details, Mr John Adams to Miss Mary Ann Brandon of the Umgeni

Alikins, James, 25-Nov-1875, 3-Dec-1875, at the Wesleyan chapel, Verulam by the Rev SH Stott Lewis Ambrose Alikins of Kimberley Diamond Fields to Mary Eliza eldest daughter of Mr Peter James, Verulam

Anderson, Whiting, 4-Mar-1875, 12-Mar-1875, at Durban by the Rev Z Robinson
William Anderson, Pilot, to Janet Canoon Whiting late of Adelaide, Australia

Arbuthnot, Barker, 20-July-1875, 30-July-1875, at St Patricks, Umzinto by the Right Rev the Lord Bishop of PMBurg Hubert Arbuthnot of Kinmundie, Umzinto to Rosa Evangeline, daughter of the Rev Canon Barker, Incumbent of Umzinto

Atkins, Scanton, 20-April-1875, 27-April-1875, at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev TA Rhodes, John Atkins to Emily daughter of Mr James Scanton of Verulam

Barret, Burgess, 30-June-1875, 23-July-1875, at Middleburg, ZAR
BR Barret to Maria Upton only daughter of Mr W H Burgess late of Verulam, Natal

Beddoes, Mason, 11-Mar-1875, 16-Mar-1875 at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev Z Robinson Mr Gilbert Beddoes C.E. Superintendent of Harbour Works Port Natal to Elizabeth youngest daughter of Mr Robert  Mason, Addington

Bennett, Sparks, 6-Nov-1875, 19-Nov-1875, Bennett of Durban to Sara Ann eldest daughter of Mr David Sparks of Sydenham Meyrick Bennett to Sara Ann

Bradstreet, Scoble, 5-Feb-1875, 12-Mar-1875, at Pilgrim's Rest, Transvaal
Robert Bradstreet of Newcastle Natal, second son of the late Major C R Bradstreet
37th Regiment M.N.J. V.C.B. to Maud third daughter of Mr John Scoble J.P. of Bosco Bello, Newcastle, Natal

Brokensha, Cowey, 7-Oct-1875, 12-Oct-1875, in the Congregational Church, Durban by the Rev W Mann Francis Carne Brokensha to Ellen Baines third daughter of Mr William Cowey, Durban

Brown, Britton, 2-Oct-1875, 19-Oct-1875, by Special Licence by the Rev. Archdeacon Lloyd Mr RD Brown to Jemima Britton fourth daughter of the late Mr W Britton both of PMBurg

Brunton, Hall, 29-Dec-1874, 5-Jan-1875, at the residence of the bride's father by the Ven. Archdeacon Fearne, George Brunton of Durban to – Elizabeth youngest daughter of Robert Hall Esq. of "Sweet Home" county Pietermaritzburg

Buckle, Francis, 23-Feb-1875, 2-Mar-1875, at Kirby Vale by the Rev SH Stott
William Couves Buckle, Grafton Nonoti to Harriet Marilda only daughter of Mr Daniel Francis

Bunting, Sibthorp, 25-Jan-1875, 29-Jan-1875, at the Church of St John the Evangelist, Weston, Mooi River by the Rev. G. Smith, Incumbent of the Parish
George Frederick Bunting of Honeysuckle Dale, Mooi River to _ Mary eldest daughter of Mr William Sibthorp of Weston

Burton, Pay, 15-Dec-1875, 21-Dec-1875, at the residence of the bride's father by the Ven Archdeacon Lloyd, assisted by the Rev. J Reynolds Mr Shepherd Ray Burton to Elizabeth Amy, eldest surviving daughter of Mr George Pay, Bellevue Cottage, Berea

Butler, Low, 28th Aug-1875, 3-Sep-1875, at St Cyprians Durban by the Rev Archdeacon Dakin Charles Arthur Butler youngest son of Captain CG Butler R.N. to Louisa eldest daughter of the late Richard Low Esq. Formerly Captain in the 53rd Regiment and Major of the Limerick Militia

Cameron, Meyer, 5-July-1875, 6-July-1875, at the Dutch Reformed Church by the Rev A Van Velden John McKenzie Cameron to Miss Catherine K Meyer youngest daughter of Mr Coemaad Meyer of Kaffir Drift near Inchanga

Cato, Badger, 11-Mar-1875, 12-Mar-1875, by Special Licence at Burger Street PMBurg by the Rev JA De La Touche Christopher Alfred Cato of Mooi River to Elizabeth Jane eldest daughter of the late Johnathan Badger

Christionson, Jackson, 9-Nov-1875, 16-Nov-1875, at St Cyprian's  Church by the Rev Archdeacon Dayken John Christionson to Katherine Elizabeth widow of the late Joseph A Jackson

Clunas, Curle, 22-Jan-1875, 2-Feb-1875, at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev C Scott, Pinetown John Clunas to Isabella second daughter of Mr Andrew Curle, Prospect Hall, Umgeni, Durban

Collins, Etchells, 26-Oct-1875, 2-Nov-1875, at the Amanzimtoti Mission Station by the Rev W Wedlar William Collins to Ellen Margaret Etchells, fourth daughter of the late Mr Etchells of Grahamstown

Collison, North, 20-Mar-1875, 23-Mar-1875, at St Saviours Church by the Very Rev Dean Green Alfred Collison of Bilney Estate, County Victoria to – Mary Ellen eldest daughter of Mr R S North of PMBurg

Corner, De Jongh, 11-Oct-1875, 19-Oct-1875, at Weenen Dutch Reformed Church by the Rev Richard Craig Mr P Corner of Windsor Castle Farm, County Victoria to Everdina second daughter of Mr J De Jongh, County Weenen

Cox, Swales, 23-June-1875 ,6-July-1875, at the residence of the bride's father, Berea,
by the Ven Archdeacon Lloyd, Colonial Chaplain
John Cox of the Umgeni to Jane Ann second daughter of Mr Christopher Swales

Crawford, Russell, 11-Aug-1875, 27-Aug-1875, at Pilgrims Rest, by Special Licence by the Rev George Blencowe Mr A J Crawford late of Durban, Natal to Ellen, third daughter of Mr Henry Russell of Pretoria, Transvaal Republic

Farrell, Cole, 30-Aug-1875, 3-Sep-1875, at PMBurg by the Rev Father Barrett, Mr P Farrell to Miss Mary Ann Cole

Forbes, Leo, 17-June-1875, 22-June-1875, at the Umgeni by the Rev Mr Robinson, Mr James Forbes to Miss Anna Elizabeth Leo

Funnell, Risley, 28-Sep-1875, 8-Oct-1875, at St Peters Cathedral by the Lord Bishop of Natal Edward Funnell eldest son of Mr Edward Ford formerley of Warblington House, Emsworth, Hants. to Emily, eldest daughter of William Risley of PMBurg, Natal

Godwin, Lloyd, 29-July-1875, 6-Aug-175, at the residence of the bride's father, Durban, by the Rev. Z Robinson (Wesleyen Minister) Mr Thomas Godwin to Annie Wilhelmina daughter of Mr James Lloyd, Artist of Durban

Goldston, Redpath, 17-Nov-1875, 10-Dec-1875, at Heidelberg, Transvaal by Special Licence William Goldston (junior) of Wentworth Natal to Clara Matilda Redpath of the above Town

Goodbrand, Canning, 6-Nov-1875, 12-Nov-1875, at Durban by Rev John Buchanan,
Alexander Goodbrand, Natal, Railway company to Mary only surviving daughter of the late Mr Horatio Joseph Canning, London

Grant, McNicol, 1-Nov-1875, 9-Nov-1875, at the residence of Mr WV Mason, Umgeni by the Rev T Goodwin Sam Grant (junior) to Margaret youngest daughter of Mr Archibald McNicol, Umgeni

Hampson, Dingley, 6-Jan-1875, 12-Jan-1875, by the Rev D Rood M.A. Stanger
MA Hampson, eldest son of Mr B Hampson of Durban to Mary a third daughter of Mr JG Dingley

Hamp, Turner, 18-Mar-1875, 30-Mar-1875, at Verulam by the Rev J Allsopp,
Mr EA Hamp to Miss Turner both of Verulam

Harcourt, Kendrick, 18-Jan-1875, 26-Jan-1875, at Hilltop, by the Ven Archdeacon Fearne
Joseph Harcourt to Caroline Kendrick

Harding, Davis, 12-Jan-1875, 2-Feb-1875, at Bishopstowe by the Rev JD la Touche
Reuben eldest son of Mr C Harding, Mooi River to Annie third daughter of the late Mr. W Davis, Bishopstowe

Harding, Watling, 15-Sep-1875, 21-Sep-1875, at St Saviours Cathedral, PMBurg by the Ven Rev the Dean Charles, second son of Mr charles Harding, Mooi River, to Alice Mary Ann, second daughter of Mr JW Watling

Hellably, Fox, 26-Oct-1875, 19-Nov-1875, at Trinity Church, Port Elizabeth by the Rev CF Overton M.A. Richard Douglas Hellably Esq. Wood Street London to Mary, second daughter of the late EHJ Fox of Stamford Hill London, England

Henwood, Ratsey, 25-Aug-1875, 3-Sep-1875, at St Johns Church Pinetown, by the Rev Canon Tonnesen William Henwood Esq. of PMBurg to Amelia Caroline eldest daughter of the late Captain Ratsey and grandaughter of Admiral Ratsey late of the Isle of Wight

Holman, Stafford, 22-Dec-1874, 22-Jan-1875, by Special Licence at Stafford House, Alfred County by the Rev T Button George P Holman J.P. to – Ellen Mary, eldest daughter of Mr. ES Stafford of the above place

Holwell, Phillips, 1-Nov-1875, 9-Nov-1875, at the Congregational Church, Durban by the Ref WH Mann Mr CA Holwell late of Walthamstow, Essex, England to Alice second daughter of WF Phillips Esq. of  Ware, Hertfordshire

Hull, Thomson, 25-Sep-1875, 28-Sep-1875, at the residence of the bride, Loop Street, PMBurg by the Rev John Smith M. A. Minister of St Johns Presbyterian Church
Daniel Hull to Margaret, relict of George Thomson and eldest daughter of the late Rev John Boag, Blackburn, Linlithgowshire, Scotland

Jackson, McLaurin, 23-Mar-1875, 2-April-1875, at Glenaray, Verulam, by Special Licence Alfred Charles Jackson of Durban, son of the lat Rev D Jackson of Louth, Lincolnshire to Agnes Mary only daughter of Mr John McLaurin of Glenaray, Verulam

Jones, Hodge, 18-Feb-1875, 23-Feb-1875, at Christ Church, Addington by the Ven Archdeacon Lloyd assisted by the Rev TF Eastwood
James Whitmore Jones of Durban to Susan Maria second daughter of Mr W Hodge, Pilot, Port Natal

Jones, Jackson, 1-Sep-1875, 10-Sep-1875, at the residence of the bride's father at Stanger
by the Rev D Rood, Incumbent, Umvoti HW Jones Esq. District Surgeon, Tugela division, youngest son of the Rev W Jones, Rector of Llanenddwyn Merionethshire, Wales to Sarah Sophia second eldest daughter of  WG Jackson Esq. Resident Magistrate, Tugela division

Kember, Welch, 27-Sep-1875, 1-Oct-1875, at Gowan Cottage, Smith  Street, Durban by the Rev John Buchanan Mr William Kember, Heidelberg District, Transvaal - to Margaret Jane daughter of Andrew Welch of Durban

Kirby, Badger, 11-Mar-1875, 12-Mar-1875, at the same time and place as the above
Henry Edward Kirby of Riet Vley, Umvoti to Sarah Ann second daughter of the late Mr Johnathan Badger

Last, Cowley, 11-Feb-1875, 16-Feb-1875, at the Baptist Chapel, Durban by the Rev Z Robinson Arthur William Last to Mary third daughter of Mr Robert Cowley of Fairford, in the county of Gloucester, England

Lee, Stretch, 10-May-1875, 1-June-1875, at the residence of the bride's father, Beauville Biggarsberg, by the Rev John Dohne
Henry Lee to Maria Elizabeth Stretch both of Biggarsberg

Lumsden, Barker, 20-May-1875, 28-May-1875, at St Cyprians Church, Durban by Special Licence by the Rev Mr Goodwin David Lumsden to Agnes Julia, third daughter of Mr J W Barker of Mount Pleasant, St. Helena

Markham, Ray, 1-July-1875, 6-July-1875, at St Mathias in the parish of Durban, by the Rev James H Taylor The Rev Benjamin Markham assistant Curate of St Saviours Cathedral, PMBurg to Rachel T Ray fifth daughter of the late Rev Richard Ray of Ashton Villa, Elgin Park, Redland, Bristol England

McDonald, Dalton, 6-Jan-1875, 19-Jan-1875, at the residence of the brides father
James Edwin, eldest son of Mr. C McDonald Congella to Louisa Maria second daughter of Mr GJ Dalton of Durban

Mitchell, Clark, 20-Feb-1875, 23-Feb-1875, at Loop St, PMBurg by the Rev J Cameron
George Robert Mitchell (junior) to Jane second daughter of  Mr John Clark of Noodsberg, Natal

Muirhead, Moss, 23-June-1875, 29-June-1875, at the residence of the bride by the Rev WH Milward assisted by the Rev J Smith A.M. John Muirhead, Hermansburg, county Umvoti to Martha Jane eldest daughter of the late Mr J Moss, Foxhill near PMBurg

Munro, Davie, 30-Mar-1875, 27-April-1875, at Preston House, Pinetown, the residence of the bride's uncle Mr George Munro to Selina Jane Davie

Nel, Hansmeyer, 16-Mar-1875, 23-Mar-1875, at the residence of the bride's mother, Burger Street PMBurg Thennis Jacobus Nel of Umvoti County to Johanna Magdalena Aletta Hansmeyer youngest daughter of the late Joseph Hansmeyer

Nicholai, Halley, 5-Feb-1875, 16-Feb-1875, at the Inchanga by the Rev CW Posselt
C Nicholai (widower ) to Harriet Halley (spinster)

Oliver, Adler, 18-Dec-1875, 28-Dec-1875, at the residence of the bride's father, Rose Cottage, Verulam by the Rev. Mr Burberry Isaac Oliver to Rose Cassandra third daughter of Mr C Adler

Otto, Van Der Plank, 10-Mar- 1875, 12-Mar-1875, at the Cathedral PMBurg
Mr Otto to Miss Van Der Plank

Oxley, Button, 28-Oct-1875, 9-Nov-1875, at St Johns Mission, Pondoland, Kaffraria by the Right Rev Bishop of St Johns D.D.MD. Adopted father of the bride
Rev John Oxley, Oxland of Corpus Christi College, Cambridge, England & St Johns Mission to Jane Eliza eldest daughter of the late J Button

Parker, McBride, 25-Dec-1875, 28-Dec-1875, at the Natal Bank PMBurg by the Rev John Smith A.M. assisted by the Rev. A Van Velden Hugh Parker Esq. to Jessie second daughter of William McBride Esq. Manufacturer of Glasgow.

Pay, Mason, 9-Sep-1875, 14-Sep-1875, at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev James Cameron Edward RE Pay of Durban to Charlotte Isabella third daughter of Mr Joseph Mason of PMBurg

Pennington, Forrest, 6-May-1875, 21-May-1875, at the residence of the bride's father Umbilo, by the Rev WH Mann, Congregational Minister
Richard Pennington to Catherine, fourth daughter of Mr John Forrest, Umbilo, Durban

Phipson, Giles, 15-Sep-1875, 21-Sep-1875, by the Rev John Whalley, Minister of the Congregational Church, at the residence of the bride's father
Martin Frederick Phipson Esq. of New England in the county of PMBurg to Sophia Giles, second daughter of John Giles Esq. of Plessis Laager, in the County of PMBurg

Pinchon, McNicol, 22-Feb-1875, 2-Mar-1875, at Durban by the Ven. Archdeacon Lloyd
Emanuel Pinchon to Helen McNicol

Potterill, Bentley, 15-July-1875, 23-July-1875, at the residence of the bride's father by the Very Rev the Dean of PMBurg JF Potterill to L S Bentley, eldest daughter of Mr G Bentley (Bently), Helmsley, Yorkshire

Pughe, Rose, 24-Jan-1875, 29-Jan-1875, by Special Licence at Durban
James Arthur eldest son of Mr James Pughe to Alice Jane only daughter of the late Mrs. Rose

Putterill, Robertson, 6-Jan-1875, 19-Jan-1875, at the residence of the bride's mother, Harrismith by the Rev. W Wynne James Walter, third son of of  Mr James Putterill of Harismith to Margaret Jane Morris, second daughter of the late Mr William Robertson of PMBurg, Natal

Ramsey, Bayley, 31-Mar-1875, 2-April-1875, by Special  licence,
James Ramsey to Eliza Adelaide Bayley both of Durban

Randles, Matterson, 23-Mar-1875, 30-Mar-1875, by Special Licence at St Peter's Cathedral by the Rev JD De La Touche William Randles of Durban to Isabella Mary eldest daughter of  Mr GO Matterson of PMBurg

Richmond, Byrne, 4-Jan-1875, 5-Jan-1875, by Special Licence at the Roman Catholic Chapel PMBurg by the Rev J Barret Mr FG Richmond to Katherine Alice second daughter of the late Mr John Byrne of PMBurg

Sandys, De Blanche, 21-Sep-1875, 1-Oct-1875, at the residence of the brides father, by the Rev G Smith Edwin a Sandys only son of S Sandys of Eversholt, Beds, England to Hester Elizabeth De Blanche of Sindeque Spruit, Little Tugela

Scriven, Richardson, 22-Oct-1874, 19-Jan-1875, at Haddington, Scotland by the Rev. William Ross John Scriven. Saltaire, Yorkshire eldest son of the late Mr William Scriven of Throstle Nest, near Oatley to Margaret Walker,
youngest daughter of Mr John Richardson, Solicitor and Banker

Searle, Wolff, 27-April-1875, 18-May-1875, by Special Licence in the Dutch Reformed Church Cape Town, by the Rev D Robertson CH Searle to HAS Wolff, niece of Mr F S Berning, Registrar of Deeds and Distributor of Stamps for the Colony of Natal

Sell, Lally, 24-Aug-1875, 3-Sep-1875, at the residence of the bride's mother, Umgeni Road, by the Rev. Father Sabon of St Joseph's Chapel Robert Henry Sell to Annie Lavinia only daughter of the late Michael Lally

Shears, Boulger, 14-Jan-1875, 19-Jan-1875, at St Saviours Cathedral, Church St. PMBurg by the Right Rev the Lord Bishop of PMB Rev. Ernest Henry Shears B.A. of St Johns College, Incumbern of Verulam and Tongaat to Mary Seawell third daughter of the late Mr Edward Boulger of Bletchingley, Surrey, England

Silver, Bodkin, 13-May-1875, 13-July-1875, no details, Mr S W Silver (of Messrs Silver and Co) to Lady Bodkin relict of the late Sir William Bodkin

Smith, Ballard, 10-June-1875, 15-June-1875, at St Thomas, Berea by the Ven Archdeacon Lloyd Arthur Francis third son of Mr John Smith, Surgeon, Castle Donnington, Leicestershire, England to Mary A. third daughter of  Mr HJ Ballard of Woolston, England

Smithers, Campbell, 4-Oct-1875, 12-Oct-1875, at St Saviours Cathedral, PMBurg by the Very Rev Dean Green William Heaves, second son of the late BJ Smithers, Cape Town to Clara Lucy, only daughter of Mr P Campbell

Smitt/Smith, Raw, 13/15-Jan-1875, 19-Jan-1875, at St Saviours Cathedral PMBurg
by the Right Rev, the Bishop of St John's assisted by the Very Rev Dean Green
Robert C Smitt/Smith only son of George Smitt of Burley Lodge, Midlothians to Helen Isabella youngest daughter of Mr James Raw, PMBurg

Starr, Dalton, 9-Dec-1875, 17-Dec-1875, at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev R Stott William Starr to Lauretta third daughter of Mr GJ Dalton of Gardiner Street, Durban

Stuart, Webster, 28-Jan-1875, 2-Feb-1875, at PMBurg by Special Licence by the Rev JE Carlyle Allan Stuart to Elizabeth Jane, eldest daughter of  Mr Joseph Webster

Sturrock, Clark, 7-July-1875, 3-Aug-1875, at Lydenberg, Transvaal Republic, by the Rev J Thorn, Church of England JT Sturrock, Diamond fields to Betha eldest daughter of Sergt. W Clark late of Natal

Thomson, Fleming, 21-April-1875, 2-May-1875, by the Rev J Smith
James Boag Thomson to Elizabeth Harriot second daughter of Mr John Fleming

Tipper, Hodge, 18-Feb-1875, 23-Feb-1875, at Christ Church, Addington by the Ven Archdeacon Lloyd assisted by the Rev TF Eastwood
Alfred Tipper of Ladysmith to Mary Emma third daughter of Mr W Hodge, Pilot, Port Natal

Travers, Inglis, 24-June-1875, 10-Aug-1875, at St Stephens, Paddington by the Rev TJ Rowsell Benjamin, eldest son of the late Benjamin Travers F.R.C.S. of Dover Street, Piccadilly to Henrietta Alice daughter of the late Harry Inglis Esq. Sythet, East Indies

Trenance, Saunders, 2-Sep-1875, 14-Sep-1875, at St John's The Baptist, Victoria, by the Venerable Archdeacon Lloyd Courtney, second son of Michael Acutt Trenance to Natalie, youngest daughter of JR Saunders Esq. M.L.C. of Tongaat

Vincent, Maxted, 10-April-1875, 21-May-1875, at the residence of the bridegroom's mother Richard Charles Vincent of Umgeni to Eva Caroline Maxted of Coedmore

Wakefield, Green, 22-Sep-1875, 8-Oct-1875, at the residence of the brides father by the Ven Archdeacon Lloyd Albert Wakefield of Durban to Alice second daughter of Thomas Green, Addington

Wellington, Williamson, 6-Nov-1875, 19-Nov-1875, at the Bluff Durban, by the Rev John Buchanan Riras Russel Wellington, Pilot, Port Natal to Eleanor Williamson only daughter of Charles Williamson Esq. of London

Winter, Leslie, 3-June-1875, 11-June-1875, at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev G Smith Henry Daniel Winter fourth son of John EF Winter, Builder, PMBurg to Janet Leslie eldest daughter of William Leslie, Campsee Glen, County of Weenen

Wolhuter, Nel, 16-June-1875, 22-June-1875, at the residence of the bride's father, Farm Waterfall, County Umvoti by T Shepstone Esq. Resident Magistrate
Paul Michiel Wolhuter, fourth son of Mr FM Wolhuter of PMBurg to Hester Antoinetta Nel
eldest daughter of Mr LJ Nel of Waterfall county, Umvoti

Woodley, Jones, 2-Mar-1875, 12-Mar-1875,by Special Licence
William Woodley of PMBurg to Lizzie Anabella Florence Jones. Daughter of Mr WH Jones, Hotel Keeper, Harrismith, Orange Free State

Woods, Chatterton, 12-Oct-1875, 15-Oct-1875, by Special Licence at the residence of the bride's father by the Rev. W H Milward Theodore Woods Esq. to – Sarah Ann fourth daughter of Mr H Chatterton both of PMBurg

Wright, Fowlds, 26-Aug-1875, 3-Sep-1875, at St Mathews Church, Estcourt, by the Rev George Smith. Incumbent David Connoly Wright to  Ada Fowlds

Wynne, Salmon, 5-May-1875, 11-May-1875, at Durban by Special Licence by the Rev Z Robinson assisted by the Rev Ralph Stott The Rev William Wynne, the parsonage, Harrismith, Orange Free State to Emilie third daughter of Mr George Salmon, East End Durban. Formerly of St John's Wood, London, England

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Souvenir Saturday: Natal Border Mounted Rifles 1899 Ladysmith

Border Mounted Rifles 1899: officers who served in Ladysmith. Back Row: Lieut J Gold, Lieut L Trenor, Lieut Qtr Master W D Smith, Lieut H B Andreasen, Lieut R G Archibald, Vet. Officer Lieut W M Power. Middle Row: Lieut F L Thring, Capt R Vause, Major J F Rethman Officer Commanding, Adj. Major W Sangmeister, Capt W Arnott. Front: Lieut Jack Royston, Capt H T Platt Med. Officer

Capt Arnott was wounded at Bester's Kop. Lieut Quartermaster William Dixon Smith died of enteric at Intombi Camp in January 1900. Major W Sangmeister and Captain J R Royston received the D.S.O. Major Rethman was promoted Lieut Colonel in December 1900 and retired from the Regiment in1904; he died in 1936.

For a list of BMR serving in the Anglo-Boer War see Mole's Blog at

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Naming Patterns Before the 20th c

When searching for ancestors traditional naming patterns can be a useful aid. However, these rules were not rigidly adhered to at all times and their usage dwindled as the 19th c progressed.

Eldest son named after Paternal grandfather
Second son after Maternal grandfather
Third son after Father
Eldest dau after Maternal grandmother
Second dau after Paternal grandmother
Third dau after Mother

The above pattern was not strictly followed in certain circumstances: if a mother died in childbirth, and there were subsequent offspring of a second marriage ... or if there were twins ... or if one child died young and another was given the same name when it was born subsequently.

Women in Scotland never lost their maiden name e.g. in court cases they would always be Mary Brown (maiden surname). In death registration they were always indexed under married and maiden name (if maiden name was known to the informant). On death of husband sometimes a widow would revert to her maiden name ... not common but more usual than you might think. On all legal documents i.e. wills, testaments, contracts, it would be very unusual NOT to have both of her names i.e. ‘This is the last testament of Mary Brown Smith currently residing at ....’ etc. and if she had been married twice - or thrice - it would say Mary Brown Smith or Macdonald or Hamilton.


Eldest son named after Father's father
Second son after Mother's father
Third son after Father
Fourth son after Father's eldest brother
Fifth son after Father's second eldest brother or mother's eldest brother
Eldest dau after Mother's mother
Second dau after Father's mother
Third dau after Mother
Fourth dau after Mother's eldest sister
Fifth dau after Mother's second eldest sister or father's eldest sister
Further children after other uncles and aunts, then names of the great-grandparents

Family group ca 1902: note the ladies' hats and the patriarchal beard, centre.

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A rose by any other name ...

A blog reader sent me a list of the latest in Australian baby names:

Number 16 Bus Shelter  (don’t ask)
Benson and Hedges  (twins)
V8 (I’m speechless)
Hula Tulula from Hawaii (the name comprises all those words)
Weekend (can you imagine, ‘Come here, Weekend, you naughty girl!’)

There are other examples which I’ll refrain from repeating. Apple, Blossom, Tulip, Sky and so on must have become old hat. Where are we headed in this naming business? 

The National Records of Scotland website tells us:

For the eighth year running Sophie is the most popular girls' name, and Jack the favourite name for boys. Emily, Olivia, Ava, Lucy and Sophie make up the top five girls' names, while Lewis, Riley, James, Logan and Jack make up the top five names for boys.

Those seem hearteningly conventional. And it's a comfort to know my granddaughter Olivia is in good company. Read more at 
and where the added dimension of nicknames is explored, as well as interchangeable forenames such as Jane/Jean/Janet: all could apply to one person – and indeed does in my Scottish family tree.  

They left out Helen, which is interchangeable with Ellen and Nell; or perhaps Nell should be regarded as a nickname. My Aunt Agnes was always known as Nancy, another interchangeable Scottish forename. Georgina became Ina and Margaret was usually Peggy. A girl christened Williamina in Scotland became Wilhelmina in South Africa.

Elizabeth might be recorded as Elisabeth, Eliza, Betty, Betsy, Beth, Bessie, Elspeth, Lizzie, and even Elsie. My grandmother taught me the following verse:

Eliza, Elizabeth, Betsy and Beth
Went to the woods to find a birds nest
Found a nest with 5 eggs in it
Took one each and left 4 in it.

In Northumberland, Isabel and Elizabeth were interchangeable in the 19th c, as I found to my cost when researching in that area.

Sol Plaatje
Among Byrne settlers to Natal, children’s names were permanent reminders of the voyage out – Ocea Isabel, Ocean Robert – and Natalia was an obvious choice for daughters. Frederick York St Leger, the Irish born founder of the Cape Times, named his eldest son Frederick Capetown St Leger. Sol Plaatje went one better, naming one of his sons Frederick York St Leger Plaatje, a mouthful for any child. So far I’ve been unable to discover the derivation of the name Sturges Bourne Bell, a son of Captain William Bell. Ideas welcomed.*

Where there’s no apparent family tradition in a forename, there’s always a chance that the baby was named after the doctor or midwife present at delivery; a well-known local personality who might act as sponsor – or godparent – to the child; a famous figure of the time – my grandfather’s middle name was Bartle after Sir Bartle Frere. 

Sir Redvers (pronounced Reevers) Buller
Numerous babies in the early 20th c acquired the name Buller in honour of Sir Redvers Henry Buller, commander of the Natal Field Force during the Anglo-Boer War. Mr & Mrs Willis, residents of Ladysmith during the Siege, named their son Harry Buller Siege Willis. Florence Nightingale was tacked on to various surnames, as was Sherlock Holmes. At least Florence was a historic personage and not a fictional character. Boys were named after battles – Trafalgar, Waterloo, but not, I think, Isandlwana.

Middle names, naturally not gender specific, often give an indication of a mother’s maiden name, as in the case of Cathrine Gibson Hamilton (my mother): her mother was Annie Gibson. Elizabeth Smith Hamilton (my aunt) was named for her grandmother, Elizabeth Smith. This causes confusion as the original Elizabeth Smith married a Hamilton, so we have two people of the same name on the same family tree. Frequently there are many more repetitions of a name through succeeding generations and we have to resort to numbering the ancestors (Thomas Gadsden I, Thomas Gadsden II) or identifying them by occupation as in Thomas Gadsden the Mariner, Thomas Gadsden the Founder et al. A local example is Henry Francis Fynn: there were three of them.

Surnames as forenames are a growing trend today: their success depends on the surname they precede. That goes for traditional forenames, too. Surely the following example must be apocryphal: a family named DOWN who had children named Neil Down, Eileen Down and Ida Down.

*This mystery has now been solved. More anon.