Monday, September 9, 2013

Natal Witness Births 1897

Name, Gender, Date of Event, Date of Advert, Details
Allen m 2-Mar-1897, 4-Mar-1897, at 259 Commercial Road
the wife of Dr James F Allen of a son
Andrews m 9-Feb-1897, 17-Feb-1897, at 346 Prince Alfred Street
the wife of George Andrews of a son
Armitage m 7-Jan-1897, 13-Jan-1897, at the Brickfields, PMBurg 
the wife of John L Armitage of a son
Ball m 7-Mar-1897, 10-Mar-1897, at the Oaks, PMBurg 
the wife of Stephen Ball of a son
Barratt m 1-Jan-1897, 5-Jan-1897, at the Windsor Castle Hotel, PMBurg 
the wife of Charles Joseph Barratt of a son
Boast m 6-Feb-1897, 10-Feb-1897, at Ulundi, Estcourt 
the wife of Edwin Boast of a son named Noel Edwin
Brockbank  f  20-Feb-1897, 1-Mar-1897, 
the wife of W Brockbank N.G.R. South Coast Surveys of a daughter
Dales  f  3-Feb-1897, 13-Feb-1897, at Nottingham Road 
the wife of  WA Dales of a daughter – both well
Davis m 13-Mar-1897, 29-Mar-1897, at New Amalfi, East Griqualand 
the wife of Alfred Davis of a son
Fynney  f  1-Feb-1897, 5-Feb-1897, at Elsdale, Umsindusi 
the wife of Oswald Fynney of a daughter
Gray m 17-Mar-1897, 23-Mar-1897, at the Sanatorium, Estcourt 
the wife of R Gray of Ellerslie of a son
Harvey m 19-Mar-1897, 24-Mar-1897, at Rose Cottage, Dundee 
the wife of TJ Harvey  of a son
Hassard m 17-Feb-1897, 23-Feb-1897, at 2 Bellevue Villa's, 
Berea Road the wife of Chas. Hassard Assoc. Minister C. Es. of a son
Hassard m 17-Feb-1897, 27-Feb-1897, at 2 Bellevue Villa's, Berea Road 
the wife of Chris Hassard Assoc. Minister C E's of a son
Jardine  f  8-Jan-1897, 8-Feb-1897, at Heatherleigh 
the wife of John Jardine of a daughter
Larkan m 3-Mar-1897, 8-Mar-1897, at Antioch Enqabeni 
the wife of George Larkan of a son
Methley  f  5-Jan-1897, 13-Jan-1897, at Newstead, Curry's Post 
the wife of Willoughby L Methley of a  daughter
Moberly m 15-Jan-1897, 9-Feb-1897, at Cintra House, Ladysmith Natal 
the wife of Dr. G Keble Moverly of a son
Plowman  f  29-Mar-1897, 31-Mar-1897, at 335 Burger Street, PMBurg 
the wife of GT Plowman of a daughter
Pusey m 29-Dec-1896, 11-Jan-1897, at Mandaal, Clavis, Charlestown 
the wife of Fred Pusey of a son
Reynolds  f  27-Mar-1897, 31-Mar-1897, at the Sanatorium, Berea 
the wife of Frank Reynolds of a daughter
Shepstone  f  27-Dec-1896, 28-Jan-1897, at 286 Bulwer Street PMBurg 
the wife of Walter Scott Shepstone of a daughter
Smith m  7-Jan-1897, 13-Jan-1897, at Smithfield, Dundee 
the wife of Thomas P Smith of a son
Smith m 29-Jan-1897, 1-Feb-1897, at Edendale 
the wife of ES Smith of a son
Stevens m 31-Jan-1897, 4-Feb-1897, at the Sanatorium, Estcourt 
the wife of Mr F Stevens of Scotsfontein of a son
Tatham m 2-Jan-1897, 8-Jan-1897, at Sunnyside, Dundee Natal 
the wife of WH Tatham of a son
Van Der Plank m 18-Feb-1897, 27-Feb-1897, at Camperdown 
the wife of FB Van Der Plank M.R.C.V.S. of a son
Von Der Heyde m 11-Jan-1897, 1-Jan-1897, at Bizana, Pondoland 
the wife of Robert Von Der Heyde of a son
Wingfield-Stratford m 12-Feb-1897, 24-Feb-1897, at 93 Commercial Road, 
the wife of Richard N Wingfield-Stratford of a son


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