Sunday, September 8, 2013

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At the top of this blog is a tab which takes you to the Beginners Guide to South African Research. Click on the tab to access the guide: it may answer many of the queries which I receive via the search facility and comments form. If you are new to South African family history - and this also includes overseas ancestral links with Britain and other countries (no boundaries in internet genealogy) - read the guide for a general overview and helpful tips.

To start researching your South African ancestors go to NAAIRS at 

For the numerous people requesting details on the Anglo-Boer War, although there are several relevant posts on this blog (use the search facility at the top of the blog page), for more in-depth information go to 

You are welcome to post comments on any topic using the appropriate comment form on this blog. 

Interested in the Waratah? See the new blog on this controversial topic at

Emigrants dining on board ship: 1850s

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