Saturday, September 7, 2013

Souvenir Saturday: Caithness Scorey 1814

St Mary's Church, Totton, Eling, Hampshire
James Caithness snr. (1786-1826)
married Ann Scorey (1796-1889) here
on 30 June 1814

Photograph by Peter Hay

St Mary the Virgin is the oldest of the churches in the Totton area. Several years ago during the reordering of the church excavations, part of a Celtic cross dating back to the 9th (possibly the 6th) century was found. The site of St Mary's has been a place of Christian worship since that date.
Today the church stands on the hill looking out over the bay to the container port on the Southampton side of Millbrook. On this side, not far away is the expanse and beauty of the New Forest. St Mary's finds itself at a threshold between the industry of Southampton and the quiet of the forest. Within the tension of both lies the possibility of both old and new.

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