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Natal Witness Deaths 1897

Name, Gender, Age, Date of Event, Date of Advert, Details
Albrechtsem, Alfred August m no age given, no date given, 5-Feb-1897,
The funeral of the late AA Albrechtsem will leave his residence, 313 Berg Street,
PMBurg today at 5.30 pm
Allan, Thomas m 70, 2-Jan-1897, 4-Jan-1897,
at Blanche Villa, Ladysmith after a long and painful illness
Ballenden, William McLeod m  46, 7-Feb-1897, 8-Mar-1897,
at Salisbury, Mashonaland, British South Africa, second son of the late John Ballenden
Esq. of the Hudson Bay Co. (Canadian, Ceylon and Scotch Papers please copy)
Barker, Lancelot Eustace m 18, 24-Jan-1897, 1-Feb-1897
at the Parsonage, Ladysmith youngest son of Archdeacon and Mrs Barker
Bradley, Rachel  f  79, 3-Jan-1897, 4-Jan-1897,
at the residence of her son, 45 Henrietta Street, PMBurg, relict of the late John William
Harries, formerly of Wolverhampton, Engalnd (English papers please copy)
Brereton, Emily Elizabeth  f  37, 10-Feb-1897, 12-Feb-1897,
at the Sanitorium, Berea Durban,  buried in the Cemetery, PMBurg
Buck, R S  f  67yrs 7mnths, 5-Jan-1897, 11-Jan-1897,
Widow of the late CS Buck of Natal, one of Natal's oldest colonists
Burges, Gertrude Travers  f  no age given, 23-Jan-1897, 25-Feb-1897,
at her residence, Keynsham, Somersetshire, England, second daughter of the late
Danield Burges, Clifton, Bristol, England
Burges, Isabel Travers  f  8 years, 2-Mar-1897, 29-Mar-1897,
at Ilfracombe, Devonshire, England, daughter of FT and MH Burges, Howick, Natal
Cartwright, John Webster m 86yrs 11mnths, 4-Jan-1897, 11-Jan-1897,
at the residence of his son
Comins, Joseph m 16, 13-Feb-1897, 23-Feb-1897,
Born 21 November, 1880
Craigie, John Esq. M.D. m no age given, 2-Feb-1897, 6-Feb-1897,
at his residence, "Fair View Tower" PMBurg, the son of David Craigie Esq.
Captain R.N. C.B. and formerly of Knoll House near Honiton, England
Daly, James Martin m 24, 25-Mar-1896, 25-Mar-1897,
In affectionate rememberance of JM Daly who was murdered on the Bubi Matabelelad
25 March 1896
Denhill, Walter m 33yr 5mn 22dys, 15-Feb-1897, 23-Feb-1897,
at Smuts Oog Store, District Ermelo, A.A.R. of diptheria, sixth son of William Denhill,
Sevenfontein, PMBurg, County Natal
Dowsett, James Seby m 2yrs 5mnths, 28-Dec-1896, 1-Jan-1897,
at 508 Prince Alfred Street, only son of A and E Dowsett
Ellerker, Eliza  f  52, 12-Jan-1897, 16-Jan-1897,
at the residence 197 Loop Street, PMBurg, wife of T Ellerker (senior)
Elliott, Bethia Doris  f  18 months, 11-Mar-1897, 25-Mar-1897,
at Nondweni Gold fields, Zululand the infant daughter of FG and Bethia Mary Elliott
Ellis, W F  71, 3-March-1897, 5-Mar-1897,of Ashburton House
Ferguson, Elizabeth Robins  f  no age given, 14-Jan-1897, 21-Jan-1897,
At Ridge Road, Cato Manor, Durban, wife of JF Ferguson of Durban
Firmstone, William Francis m no age given, 16-Feb-1897, 20-Feb-1897,
At Ngoka, near Newcastle, Natal (Justice of the Peace)
Fynney, Doris May  f 1mnth 13days, 13-Mar-1897, 16-Mar-1897,
at Elsdale, Umsindusi the infant daughter of Oswald and Gertrude Fynney
Geddes, James m 32yrs 4mnths, no date given, 1-Jan-1897,
at 473 Church Street PMBurg
Goodeve, Henry Holley m 27, 23-Jan-1897, 26-Jan-1897,
at Grey's Hospital, PMBurg, only son of Col. HH Goodeve R.A. Ivy Tower,
Tenby, South Wales, UK
Grantham, m 3yrs 2dys, 19-Jan-1897, 21-Jan-1897,
at PMBurg by accident the beloved younger son of WL and FS Grantham
Hunter, Peter, (J.P.) m 63yrs 22dys, 21-Dec-1896, 5-Jan-1897,
at the Rest, Seven Mile Bush
Illing, Dirk Cornelius m infant, 10-Jan-1897, 13-Jan-1897,
at Dundee Coalfields, infant son of August Illing
Jardine, Mrs  f  86yrs 10mnth, 11-Mar-1897, 18-Mar-1897,
at Willow Bank, widow of the late Mr John Jardine
Johnson, Herbert Rountree (Bertie) m 25yrs 6 mnths, 13-Mar-1897, 18-Mar-1897,
at PMBurg second son of FW and M Johnson
Kenny, Catherine  f  50yrs 11mnths, 23-Feb-1897, 27-Feb-1897,
at her residence, Lyndhurst, Slang Spruit, widow of the late John Michael Kenny
(Irish papers please copy)
Lamb, Elizabeth  f  66, 12-Feb-1897, 24-Feb-1897,
at Townlands, near PMBurg beloved wife of G Lamb
Language, George m 41, 30-Jan-1897, 4-Feb-1897,
at Boom Street, PMBurg
Proudfoot, Mary  f  no age given, 23-Feb-1897, 8-Mar-1897,
at Troyville, Johannesburg the wife of Thomas Proudfoot and daughter of the late George Ross of Riversdale, Howick, Natal
Sibthorp, William Henry m 85, 7-Nov-1896, 13-Jan-1897,
at Honchurch
Sinfell, Mary Jane  f  30, no date given, 13-Jan-1897,
at the residence of her uncle Mr George H Chick, 7 Railway Street, PMBurg,
eldest daughter of the late Charles and Mary Grace Sinfell of Cornubia, Victoria County
Taylor, CE   f  64, 3-Dec-1896, 13-Jan-1897,
at Greytown, relict of the late Rev Thomas Taylor
Taylor, WR no age given, 21-Jan-1897, 26-Jan-1897,
at PMBurg, late of Fort Salisbury
Tranmer, Leander William m, 2mnth 2dys, 14-Feb-1897, 17-Feb-1897,
at 97 Commercial Road PMBurg, son of JW and JA Tranmer
Van Rooyan, Maria Jacoba  f  79, 17-Dec-1896, 1-Jan-1897,
at Greytown, the widow of the late PH Van Rooyan of Vaalkrans, Umvoti
Von Der Heyde, Leopold m 59, 28-Feb-1897, 6-Mar-1897,
at "Croydon", Harding
Wilkinson, Margaret  f  no age given, 14-Feb-1897, 15-Feb-1897,
The beloved wife of GH Wilkinson of Town Bush Valley
Wright, Elizabeth  f  82, 9-Feb-1897, 13-Feb-1897,
at the residence of her son-in-law Joseph Pascoe, Berea Durban
relict of the late Leonard Wright, PMBurg



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