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Natal Witness Births 1884

Name, Gender, Date of Event, Date of Advert, Details

Adamson  f  5-Oct-1884, 7-Oct-1884, at Chapel Street, PMBurg the wife of George Adamson Witness Office of a daughter
Allison  f  4-Dec-1884, 6-Dec-1884, at the residence, Commercial Road (corner of Boom Street) the  wife of FM Allison of a daughter
Bain  f  3-Dec-1884, 13-Dec-1884, at 4 Sydney Terrace, PMBurg the wife of S Bain, Builder, Estcourt  of a daughter
Baker  f  13-Feb-1884, 16-Feb-1884, at PMBurg the wife of  Mr AW Baker, Advocate etc. of a daughter
Barkworth m 2-Mar-1884, 8-Mar-1884, at the Back Beach Road, Durban the wife of  Mr O F Barkworth of a son
Barnes m 9-Sept-1884, 11-Sept-1884, at Brookside, Townlands the wife of James Barnes of a son
Bartholomew  f  27-May-1884, 4-June-1884,  at "Rongpoort", Estcourt the wife of Joseph Bartholomew of a daughter
Beard  f  18-Jan-1884, 19-Jan-1884, at Boom Street, PMBurg the wife of JE Beard of a daughter
Becker m 22-April-1884, 26-April-1884, at Longmarket Street, PMBurg the wife of F Ross Becker of a son
Behrens  f  5-Sept-1884, 6-Sept-1884, at PMBurg the wife of CG Behrens of a daughter
Bennitt m 22-Feb-1884, 23-Feb-1884, at Prince Alfred Street, PMBurg the wife of  Mr William Bennitt of a son
Bernard  f  1-Sept-1884, 5-Sept-1884, at Estcourt, the wife of FF Bernard of a daughter
Bernard  f  4-Dec-1884, 8-Dec-1884,  at  Zaai Laager, near Estcourt, the wife of James De. B Bernard of a daughter
Berry m 7-Aug-1884, 9-Aug-1884
Bonnar  f  4-Dec-1884, 16-Dec-1884, at Impolweni the wife of James Bonnar of Glen Dura, Griqualand East of a daughter
Booker  f  11-Feb-1884, 15-Feb-1884, at Townlands PMBurg, the wife of EH Booker of a daughter
Bousfield m 14-Mar-1884, 21-Mar-1884, at Stuartstown, Ixopo the wife of George J Bousfield of a son
Brewer  f  no date given, 4-June-1884, of Otterkoman of a daughter - no other details
Brokensha  f  3-May-1884, 8-May-1884, at No 1 Akerman Street, Pomeroy, Umsinga the wife of TH Brokensha of a daughter
Bruce  f  27-Sept-1884, 1-Oct-1884, the wife of Rev. John Bruce of a daughter
Buchanan  f  5-May-1884, 16-May-1884, at Bonnie Brook, New Scotland, Transvaal, the wife of Edwin James Buchanan of a daughter
Buchanan m 6-Dec-1884, 13-Dec-1884," at West Hill, Grahamstown, the wife of the Hon Justice Buchanan of a son
Butcher m 7-Feb-1884, 9-Feb-1884, in Longmarket Street, PMBurg the wife of TJ Butcher of a son
Carr m 4-June-1884, 12-June-1884, at Balgowan, the wife of RH Carr Inspector N.G.R.L.E. of a son
Catchpole m 1-Sept-1884, 8-Sept-1884, at Hilder, Boston the wife of  Mr TD Catchpole of a son
Chater m 13-Feb-1884, 22-Feb-1884, at Clydesdale, Upper Umzimkulu, the wife of the Rev JG Chater of a son
Chick  f  19-April-1884, 25-April-1884, at PMBurg the wife of  Mr George H Chick of a daughter
Chittenden m 21-Mar-1884, 1-April-1884, at Richmond the wife of E Chittenden of Stony Kraal of a son
Clark m 9-July-1884, 12-July-1884, at Gannochie House, Pietermaritz Street the wife of Robert Douglas Clark of a son
Clark f  12-Dec-1884, 16-Dec-1884,  at the "Plough Hotel" Greytown, the wife of Hugh Joseph Clark of a daughter
Clode  f  15-Feb-1884, 19-Feb-1884, at PMBurg the wife of George John Clode of a daughter
Collier  f  6-Feb-1884, 9-Fev-1884, at PMBurg the wife of Charles T Collier of a daughter
Collis  f  18-Oct-1884, 14-Oct-1884, at Richmond the wife of  William J Collis of a daughter
Cooper  f  6-Dec-1884, 11-Dec-1884, at Richmond, the wife of  Arnold W Cooper of a daughter
Cox  f  24-Mar-1884, 25-Mar-1884, at PMBurg the wife of C Cox of a daughter
Davies  f  26-Nov-1884, 27-Nov-1884, at PMBurg the wife of  Mr G Herbert Davies, Joverth, Ixopo of a daughter
De Kock m 27-May-1884, 6-June-1884, at Doveton, Little Tugela the wife of  JN B De Kock of a son
Dreweatt  f  7-April-1884, 16-April-1884, at 22 Boom Street PMBurg the wife of John Dreweatt of a daughter
Duck m 4-Oct-1884, 6-Oct-1884, at West St. PMBurg the wife of  J Duck Esq. (army veterinary department) of a son
Fyfe  f  12-Jan-1884, 18-Jan-1884, at Newcastle the wife of George Boag Fyfe of a daughter
Gage  f  14-June-1884, 20-June-1884, at Estcourt the wife of  WT Gage of a daughter
Garland  f  4-April-1884, 10-April-1884, at "Springvlei" the wife of  EA Garland of a daughter
Grant  f  11-June-1884, 14-June-1884, at the Schoolhouse, Greytown  Mrs RL Grant of a daughter
Gray  f  16-May-1884, 22-May-1884, at residence, Longmarket Street PMBurg the wife of Frederick Gray of a daughter
Haden  f  19-Dec-1884, 27-Dec-1884, at Ladysmith the wife of Charles H Haden of a daughter
Hair m 5-Mar-1884, 7-Mar-1884, at Camperdown the wife of Alex Hair of a son
Hathorn  f  17-Jan-1884, 19-Jan-1884, at 23 Berg Street, PMBurg Mrs. Fergus A Hathorn of a daughter
Henderson  f  20-Aug-1884, 22-Aug-1884, at PMBurg the wife of Wilfred Henderson of a daughter
Henwood m 27-July-1884, 28-Aug-1884, at 17 Burghley Villa's East End, Finchley, London N. the wife of Alfred Henwood of a son
Hildyard m 1-Feb-1884, 4-Feb-1884, in Longmarket Street, PMBurg the wife of Cecil Hildyard of a son
Holding m 10-Nov-1884, 14-Nov-1884, at Fairview, near PMBurg the wife of JW Holding of a son
Hugo  f   8-Feb-1884, 9-Feb-1884, at PMBurg the wife of P Hugo of a daughter
Hutchinson m 14-Oct-1884, 21-Oct-1884, at Rooi-Vaal, Harding the wife of  WA Hutchinson of a son
Isaacs  f  30-Oct-1884, 1-Nov-1884, at Burger Street, PMBurg the wife of JH Isaacs of a daughter
Jaffray m 26-Nov-1884, 29-Nov-1884, at PMBurg the wife of Walter McFarlane Jaffray of a son
Kelly m 12-Sept-1884, 12-Sept-1884, at the Warren, Townlands the wife of Leon S Kelly of a son
Keytel m 10-May-1884, 17-May-1884, at PMBurg the wife of  Mr PW Keytel of a son
Kisch  f  8-April-1884, 18-April-1884, at Pretoria, S A Republic the wife of DM Kisch of a daughter
Lamond m 22-June-1884, 24-June-1884, at PMBurg the wife of George Lamond (Registrar of Deeds) of a son
Lindsay m 22-July-1884, 28-July-1884, at Chapel Street PMBurg the wife of  Mr RW Lindsay of a son
MacColl  f  8-July-1884, 12-July-1884, at the Berea, Durban the wife of Duncan MacColl of a daughter
MacPhail  f  7-Oct-1884, 18-Oct-1884, the wife of D MacPhail, Craigside, Dundee Proper, of a daughter
Martens m 21-July-1884, 28-July-1884, at Hope Farm, Newcastle the wife of SJ Martens of Umvoti County of a son
Martin m 3-Oct-1884, 7-Oct-1884, at Loop Street PMBurg the wife of A Charles Martin of a son
Mellis  f  17-May-1884, 20-June-1884, at Willowford, Estcourt the wife of  Mr G Mellis of a daughter
Mengershausen  f  23-Oct-1884, 27-Oct-1884, at Howick, the wife of  TO Mengershausen of a daughter
Mileman  f  26-May-1884, 29-May-1884, at PMBurg the wife of  Mr W Mileman (junior) of a daughter
Mitchell  f  17-Dec-1884, 20-Dec-1884, at Hatley the wife of T Carlyle Mitchell of a daughter
Molyneux  f  1-Nov-1884, 8-Nov-1884, at PMBurg, Natal the wife of Frederick E Molyneux of a daughter
(Home papers please copy)
Morcom m 17-Oct-1884, 21-Oct-1884, at Brookby, Zwart Kop Valley, the wife of Richard Morcom of a son
Murray m 14-June-1884, 20-June-1884, at Landsend the wife of Jas. C. Murray of a son
Odell m 19-Oct-1884, 22-Oct-1884, at Ridgemount, Zwarkop Valley, the wife of HT Odell of a son
Paverd f  16-Feb-1884, 20-Feb-1884, at Howick the wife of GW Paverd of a daughter
Payn m 13-Jan-1884, 19-Jan-1884, at Parkside Villa, PMBurg the wife of Phillip Francis Payn of a son
Payn m 7-Mar-1884, 17-Mar-1884, at Blauwkrantz near Harding the wife of  Mr WP Payn of a son
Payne  f  29-July-1884, 8-Aug-1884, at Boshoff Street the wife of GJA Payne of a daughter
Pechey m 10-Jan-1884, 12-Jan-1884, at Pietermaritz Street the wife of  Mr SW Pechey of a son
Perfect  f  24-Jan-1884, 30-Jan-1884, at Overstone, Noodsberg, the wife of GN Perfect Esq. of a daughter
Rainer m 20-May-1884, 24-May-1884, at the farm "Welgelegan" Noodsberg, Natal the wife of LH Rainer of a son
Ramsey m 9-Jan-1884, 10-Jan-1884, at Boom Street, PMBurg the wife of  WW Ramsey of a son
Raw m 16-July-1884, 22-July-1884, at Bellair, the wife of George H Raw of a son
Rawlinson m 29-July-1884, 8-Aug-1884, at Lydstone, Alfred County the wife of E Rawlinson of a son
Richardson  f  5-Feb-1884, 11-Feb-1884, at Woodstock, Upper Tugela the wife of AA Richardson of a daughter
Richmond m 7-Mar-1884, 15-Mar-1884,"at Allendale, near PMBurg the wife of  Mr FG Richmond of a son
Ross m 11-April-1884, 18-April-1884, at Town Hill PMBurg the wife of James Ross of a son
Runciman  f  19-Feb-1884, 20-Feb-1884, at PMBurg  Mrs Runciman of a daughter
Scott m 1-June-1884, 6-June-1884, at Glendower Kokstad the wife of Robert Scott of a son
Scott  f  4-Aug-1884, 7-Aug-1884, at PMBurg the wife of John Scott (carpenter) of a daughter
Scott  f  14-Sept-1884, 20-Sept-1884, the wife of HJ Scott, Builder, Lion River House, Lidgetton of a daughter
Shears  f  St.Peters Day,3-July-1884, at Pinetown of St Peter's Day the wife of the Rev. Ernest H Shears of a daughter
Sinclair  f  14-April-1884, 17-april-1884, at Crag Darroch, Upper Umgeni the wife of A Sinclair of a daughter
Sisson m 17-Feb-1884, 21-Feb-1884, at the residence of  Mr WE Shepstone, Durban the wife of the late Commander Sisson R.N. of a son
Sloman m 4-Dec-1884, 13-Dec-1884, at Loop Street, PMBurg the wife of Henry W Sloman of a son
Smith  f  10-April-1884, 16-April-1884, at the Woodlands near PMBurg the wife of CH Smith of a daughter
Smith  f  2-June-1884, 7-June-1884, at Balgray, Dundee the wife of W Craighead Smith of a daughter
Taylor m 30-Mar-1884, 1-April-1884, the wife of  WW Taylor of a son
Taylor m 6-April-1884, 8-April-1884, at PMBurg the wife of  WL Taylor of a son
Tennant  f  7-Jan-1884, 19-Jan-1884, at Chapel Street PMBurg the wife of John Tennant of a daughter
Thornhill  fff  12-Aug-1884, 22-Aug-1884, at the Farm "Vaalkranty" near Ladysmith
the wife of W Thornhill of three (3) daughters.  All well
Thorpe m 26-Mar-1884, 27-Mar-1884, at PMBurg the wife of Thomas R Thorpe of a son
Trull  f  12-May-1884, 17-Sept-1884, at Bethlehem, OFS the wife of HG Trull of a daughter
Turner m 13-April-1884, 23-April-1884 at Fern Cottage. Church Street PMBurg
the wife of  Mr TW Turner of a son
Turner  f  31-July-1884, 5-Aug-1884, at Willbrook, near Estcourt the wife of Edward J Turner of a daughter
Umpleby m 1-May-1884, 6-May-1884, at Springfield, Ladysmith, Natal the wife of J Umpleby of a son
Wale  f  5-July-1884, 7-July-1884, at Loop Street the wife of John Edward Wale of a daughter
Walker m 24-Oct-1884, 8-Nov-1884, at Freeland, Highflats the wife of George B Walker of a son
Ward m 20-Jan-1884, 22-Jan-1884, the wife of Charles Ward, District Surgeon, Umgeni Division of a son
Wardrop  f  17-May-1884, 20-May-1884, at 22 Boom Street PMBurg the wife of HS Wardrop of a daughter
Warwicke m 14-Jan-1884, 16-Jan-1884, at the Survey Camp PMBurg the wife of C Warwicke of a son
Weldon m 29-Mar-1884, 1-April-1884, at Pietermaritz Street the wife of Peter Weldon,
Hotel Keeper, Upper Umkomaas, of a son
Wheeler m 30-April-1884, 5-May-1884, at PMBurg the wife of AC Wheeler, Camperdown of a son
White m 8-Feb-1884, 9-Feb-1884, at Donthorn Villa, PMBurg the wife of Harry White of a son
Williams  f  13-Mar-1884, 17-Mar-1884, at Richmond the wife of Cecil Williams of a daughter
Winterboer m,m 1-Nov-1884, 8-Nov-1884, at Dorp Spruit, Brickyards, the wife of D Winterboer of two sons
Woodley  f  20-June-1884, 27-June-1884, at the Waterfall, the wife of GWA Woodley Esq. of a daughter

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