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Natal Witness Marriages 1884

Groom, Bride, Date of Event, Date of Advert, Details

Allison, Williams, 5-Feb-1884, 6-Feb-1884, at the Drill Shed Church by the Rev D Soames
Frank Mayne, second son of John T Allison of PMBurg to Mary Jane,
eldest daughter of the late John Williams, Helston, Cornwall, England

Auld, Moss, 14-Feb-1884, 18-Feb-1884 at Fox Hill by the Rev John Smith
James Coghill Auld to Elizabeth, daughter of Mr Moss, farmer Fox Hill

Bonnar, Weddel, 17-Jan-1884, 19-Jan-1884 at Impolweni by the Rev James Scott
James Bonnar to  Mary Jane, second daughter of the late William Weddel Esq. Edinburgh, Scotland

Booth, Stott, 14-April-1884, 17-April-1884, at St Cyprians, Durban
by the Ven Archdeacon, Barker and the Rev A Talon
The Rev LP Booth Esq. of Auckland, Durham. England to
Olive youngest daughter of the late Hugh Stott Esq. F.R.C.S.L. of Lewisham, Kent, England

Brown, Malcolm, 3-July-1884, 7-July-1884, by Special Licence at the residence
of the bride's father, New Leeds, PMBurg by the Rev SE Rowe
John MCVey Brown N.G.R. to Magdalene, second daughter of Mr George Malcolm

Brown, McDuling, 25-Nov-1884, 4-Dec-1884, at St Matthews, Estcourt, Weenen County
by the Rev William Strickland
Harry Ernest of "Blaauw Krantz" near Estcourt
youngest son of the late Dr. Brown of Brixton, Surrey, England
to Mary Magdalena second daughter of the late Mr John Henry McDuling of
Slievyre, near Estcourt (English papers please copy)

Coulson, Lellyett, 22-Oct-1884, 25-Oct-1884 at Durban by the Ven Archdeacon Garde
Arthur, third son of William Coulson Esq., Engineer and Controlite Merchant, Cambridge, England
to Ellen youngest daughter of the late Walter Lellyett Esq. Solicitor, Havant, Hants. England

Drake, Mullins, 9-July-1884, 19-July-1884, by Special Licence
at St Thomas's Church Verulam by the Rev H Shildrick
Henry Grosvenor Darke second son of the late Richard Drake of Hammersmith Middlesex
to Helen eldest daughter of the late John Mullins of Little Umhlanga, Victoria County

Dunton, Wilkes, 12-Aug-1884, 15-Oct-1884, at Upton Church, Torquay, England
by the Rev. T Henley, cousin of the bride, assisted by Rev EP Gregg, Vicar of Upton
Frederick Dunton of PMBurg Natal to Edith Arnett,
eldest daughter of James NA Wilkes, Torquay (no cards)

Fletcher, Barrett, 19-Feb-1884, 20-Feb-1884 at 27 Pietermaritz St. by the Rev GM Slade
James Fletcher formerly of Oldham, England
to Helen Magdalene, second daughter of Waite Barrett Esq.

Forsyth, Eden, 1-May-1884, 2-May-1884, by the Rev J Gould-Smith,
1st Presbyterian Church
David Forsyth (junior) to Mary Florence Eden,
Only daughter of the late Mr EW Eden, Norwood, Surrey, England

Giletti, Wood, 7-July-1884, 8-July-1884, by the Rev W Berry, Gaspare Giletti
Of PMBurg to Annie Wood

Gordon, Day, 13-Mar-1884, 17-Mar-1884, by the Rev W Berry
William B Gordon, late of Brechin, Scotland
to Emily fourth daughter of Mr George Day of London

Green, Molison, no date given, 30-Sept-1884, at St Saviours Cathedral
by the father of the bridegroom
Francis James Green, Head of St. Albans Native Training College,
Assistant Curate of St. Saviours Cathedral
and eldest son of the Very Rev James Dean of Maritzburg
to Isabella Ellen, eldest daughter of the late James Molison Esq. of Aberdeen. NB.

Griffin, Fisher, 29-July-1884, 31-July-1884, at the residence of Mr TL White,
Berg Street, PMBurg by the Rev A T Rhodes, Wesleyan Minister
Edwin Baillie Griffin of Estcourt Natal to Emma
eldest daughter of Mr John Fisher of South Tottenham, London, England

Griffin, Fleming, 15-Oct-1884, 18-Oct-1884, at PMBurg at the residence of the
bride's father, by the Rev John Smith A.M.
William Henry Griffin, Merchant to Isabella youngest daughter
of Mr John Fleming of High Meads, Stratford, England

Hammon, Stanbridge, 15-July-1884, 19-July-1884, by Special Licence
at PMBurg by the Rev. Mr Soames
James Alfred Hammon of London to Violet Helena Eliza
eldest daughter of Herbert Edgar Stanbridge (no cards)

Hanson, Tulley, 18-Nov-1884, 24-Nov-1884, at St Saviours Cathedral
by the Venerable Archdeacon Usherwood
George Winter, second son of Mr William Hanson - Contractor, Durban
to Georgina Arnold second daughter of the late Mr George Tulley of PMBurg

Hawkins, Shepstone, 31-Dec-1883, 2-Jan-1884, at PMBurg
Henry Caesar Hawkins, eldest son of AC Hawkins R.M. of Richmond
and grandson of the late Sir John Caesar Hawkins, Bart.
to Kate daughter of J Henderson C.M.G. and widow of George Shepstone Esq.

Hawkins, Smith, 7-Feb-1884, 22-Feb-1884, by the Rev RW Bryant
Alfred Hawkins, youngest son of the late Henry Hawkins of Marleborough, Wiltshire, England
to Evaline Jane Smith only daughter of the late Alexander Smith of PMBurg

Hickey, Jacques, 28-Nov-1884, 16-Dec-1884, at St Matthews Church, Estcourt,
Weenen County, Natal by the Rev William Strickland
Hastings Gilbert Hickey to Alice Leila Jacques

Hooper, Sealey, 15-July-1884, 31-July-1884, at Hylton Farm, Umvoti,
South Africa by the Rev S Barrett Cawood
George, youngest son of Mr Daniel Hooper
to Matilda, youngest daughter of the late Mr William Sealey
both of Stroud Gloucestershire, England

Hutchinson, Walker, 10-Jan-1884, 16-Feb-1884, at Highflats
by the Canon Greenstock
William Arthur second son of the Rev CH Hutchinson of Westdeat, Chichester, England
to Charlotte Catherine Birch Johnston,
youngest daughter of James Walker Esq. M.L.C. of Kununata - Glynn

Jaffray, Buchanan, 29-Dec-1883, 2-Jan-1884, by Special Licence
at the residence of CW Lewis Esq. Umgeni, by the Rev Burgess
Walter McFarlane Jaffray of Burgpyne, Caversham
to Elizabeth Jane Buchanan third daughter of Thomas Buchanan, Barrow in Furness, England

Jaffray, Wilkinson, 2-Oct-1884, 1-Dec-1884, at the British Consulate
And afterwards at the English Church, Funchal Madeira, by the Rev R Addison, Chaplain
Arthur Hall, fourth son of Joseph John Jaffray Esq. of 14 Endsleigh Street, Tavistock Square, London. W.
to Edith Marion, younger daughter of Robert White Wilkinson of Madeira and cousin of EN Wilkinson of Greytown, Natal.  (Cape papers please copy)

Jardine, MacDonald, 6-Aug-1884, 15-Aug-1884, at the Congregational Chapel,
Claremont, Cape Colony by the Revd J P Ritchie
John Jardine of PMBurg to Margaret Esabella,
second daughter of William MacDonald the Bught, Inverness, Scotland

Jennings, Le Sueur, no date given, 22-April-1884, at PMBurg
Richard Jennings of Bristol England to Susan Marie Le Sueur,
third daughter of Captain John Le Sueur of Clair View, St. Jersey and widow of J Laurens

Landsberg, Meek, 31-Mar-1884, 5-April-1884, by Special Licence at Greytown,
At the house of the father of the bride
Johan HM Landsberg to Helen Clarissa Meek, second daughter of Walter E Meek Esq. of Greytown

Martens, Player, 29-Sept-1884, 30-Sept-1884, no details given
Mr JT Martens of Greytown to Mrs Player, widow of the late James Player Esq. of PMBurg

Martin, Cathery, 20-Sept-1884, 23-Sept-1884, at St Peter's Cathedral PMBurg
By the Ven Archdeacon Colley
Harold Stratford St Martin youngest son of Frederick St. Martin Esq. of High Meads, Stratford, England
to  Mary Elizabeth Lilly, youngest daughter of Charles Cathery Esq. of London England

McKenzie, Weddel, 25-Dec-1884, 30-Dec-1884, at Impolweni,
by the Rev James Scott
Archibald McKenzie MB, C.ED, MRCS, London. Durban
to Helen Jessie youngest daughter of the late William Weddel Esq. of Meadow Place, Edinburgh

Middleton, Burke, 12-Jan-1884, 9-Feb-1884, at Cronstadt,
by the Rev Charman
HN Middleton of Bethlehem, eldest son of Mr WH Middleton of the Berea Durban
to Mabel Agnes, youngest daughter of the late John S Burke C.E.
of 4 Queen Square, Westminster, London
and granddaughter of the late Major-General Marlow, Royal Engineers

Morgan, Stowell, 17-Nov-1884, 24-Nov-1884, at St Matthews. Estcourt, Natal
By the Rev W Stickland
William Charles Morgan of Estcourt to Lizzie, youngest daughter of the late WW Stowell

North, Gibb, 26-May-1884, 27-May-1884, by the Rev SE Rowe
Edward North of Howick to Eliza Collins, youngest daughter of the late Rev George Gibb
Of Glenisia, Forfarshire, Scotland UK

Pearse, Richards, 10-Jan-1884, 14-Jan-1884, at the Wesleyan Church PMBurg
By the Rev SW Rowe, assisted by the Rev H M Cameron
Charles Henry, second son of the late Ebenezer Pearse Esq. of Swansea, Wales
to Sara Elizabeth eldest daughter of Robert Richards Esq. of PMBurg (no cards)

Pearson, Harrison, 11-June-1884, 27-June-1884, by Special Licence
at Pilgrim's Rest, Goldfields, Transvaal by the Rev F Dowling
Francis A Pearson G.C Clark and Co. youngest son of the late Joseph Pearson,
Deputy Com-General of Ordinance, Simonstown,
to Annie Eva eldest daughter of James R Harrison Accountant. T.G.E. Land Co. Limited,
late of Durban, Natal (no cards)

Roger, MacKay, 28-Aug-1884, 29-Aug-1884, at the Congregational Manse, Durban
By the Rev PM Martin, Presbyterian Church assisted by the Rev WH Mann
George Roger of Messrs Parker Wood and Co
to Jeannie, youngest daughter of the late Donald MacKay, Lathreon

Samuelson, Clark, 1-July-1884, 8-July-1884, at the residence of the bride's father,
Beeste Kraal, East Griqualand by the Rev Button
Robert Charles Azariah Samuelson to Margaret Clark,
eldest daughter of John Clark of East Griqualand

Smith, Muirhead, 6-Mar-1884, 13-Mar-1884, at St. Georges' Cathedral, Cape Town,
by the Very Rev CW Barrett Clarke, M.A. Dean of Cape Town
George Sinclair Smith of Meadow Bank, Natal to Helen Christie,
widow of T Findlay Muirhead of Jamaica

Smith, Mullins, 22-Oct-1884, 25-Oct-1884, at St. Thomas's Church,
Berea, Durban, by Special Licence
Harry Herbert, second son of the late J Stead Smith, of Pontefract, Yorkshire, England
to Elizabeth (Lizzie) third daughter of the late John Mullins of Mount Pleasant,
Little Umhlanga, Victoria County

Soutter, Henwood, 29-May-1884, 8-July-1884, at the Wesleyan Chapel, New Barnet,
Herts by the Rev W L Watkinson, assisted by the Revds WA Brigg and G Charter
Howard Wallace Souttar, youngest son of the late William Souttar of Houndsworth Birmingham
to Emily eldest daughter of Paul Henwood of New Barnet, Herts

Strickland, Buttemer, 27-Aug-1884, 2-Sept-1884, at St Matthews, Estcourt,
By the Very Rev the Dean of PMBurg and the Ven Archdeacon of PMBurg
William James Strickland, Incumbent of St Matthews Estcourt and St. John's Weston,
second son of the late John George Strickland Esq. of Winton, County Dublin
to Editha Margaret Buttemer second surviving daughter of Rev. R. Durant Buttermer
of Asdene, Millbrook, Southampton, England

Tod, Geere, no date given, 2-April-1884, at St. Peter's Cathedral PMBurg
by the Ven. Archdeacon Colley
Percy Bromfield, third son of Charles Tod Esq. of Peterhead, Scotland, UK
to Elizabeth Maud, only daughter of William Geere of this City

Van Rooyen, Adendorff, 26-Nov-1884, 5-Dec-1884, at the Dutch Reformed Church,
Newcastle by the Rev. H Du Plessis
Elemans Joachim Van Rooyen, youngest son of the late PH Van Rooyen Esq. "Vaalkrans" Umvoti
to Magdalena Frederika, second daughter of JC Adendorff Esq. "Hope Farm" Newcastle

Williamson, Winter, 3-May-1884, 6-May-1884, by the Ven Archdeacon Colley at PMBurg
Henry Middleton Williamson son of the late George Williamson Esq. of Scarborough, England
to Georgina Lucy, daughter of the late Fred S Winter, Esq. of Stoke, Surrey, England

Willson, Schummelketel, 28-May1884, 7-June-1884, at the residence of Mr Richard Marshall,
Dundee Proper, by the Rev M Limon of Newcastle
Charles George Willson to Marie Lydia Sophia Schummelketel of Cronstadt OFS

Woodhead, MacKay, 17-Oct-1884, 20-Oct-1884, at the residence of the bride's mother,
West Street, Durban by the Rev W H Mann
Cawthra, eldest son of John Woodhead, of Brighouse, Yorkshire
to Marian Hay, only daughter of the late John Mackey of Edinburgh Scotland

Woodley, Crawley, 18-June-1884, 24-June-1884 at the residence of the bride's father
by the Rev AT Rhodes
John Woodley of Camperdown to Emma Jane Dorothea, third daughter if Mr H Crawley of Cato Ridge

Wright, Illing, 10-June-1884, 17-June-1884, at St John's Church, Ladysmith
By the Rev WA Illing, father of the bride
Mr William Wright to Miss Elizabeth Illing both of Ladysmith

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