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Passengers to Natal: the Catherine 1862

Arrival of Catherine at Port Natal 8 March 1862

List of Government Emigrants per Ship Catherine, Captain R Pattie, 493 tons, departed London Nov 5, Portland Dec 3.

48 emigrants per list annexed. Departed again May 25 bound for Akyab.

Cabin passengers:
Mr and Mrs Eridge

List of Government immigrants per ship Catherine
 (here given as Catharine)
Natal, March 1862
Black, William 
Black, Jane 
Bouham, Thomas 
Bouham, Emma 
Bouham, Tom 
Bouham, Mary 
Bouham, John 
Bouham, infant 
Cooper, Mark 
Hind, John 
Hind, Sarah 
Hind, Mary 
Hind, James 
Hind, C. Larison (?) 
Hind, John 
Hind, Charlotte 
Hind, William 
Hind, Arthur 
Fox, Edmund 
Fox, John 
Huggins, George 
Huggins, Ellen 
Jones, Richard 
Magnus, John 
Magnus, Sarah 
Magnus, Sarah 
Magnus, George 
Magnus, Elizabeth 
Magnus, Harriet 
Milton, William 
Northern, William 
Northern, Emma 
Philliplis (?), Arthur 
Seymour, Cayo 
Seymour, Mary Ann 
Seymour, John 
Seymour, Charles 
Seymour, Eliza 
Seymour, Vincent 
Seymour, Henry 
Seymour, Arthur 
Stanley, Fred 
Walker, William 
Walker, Elizabeth 
Walker, Helen 
Walker, Mary Ann 
White, Jamey 
White, Mary Ann 

In all 48 emigrants.

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