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Passengers to Natal: Zulu 1873

Arrival of RMS Zulu Natal Mercury 9 August 1873


August 8 - Zulu, RMS, 678 tons, Valler, from Table Bay, August 1; Mossel Bay, Aug 4; Algoa Bay, Aug 5; and East London, Aug 6. Cargo general

Mrs Feltham
Mrs Ellis
Mrs W H Piers
Mr and Mrs Lloyd
  and two servants
Miss Bennett
Mrs Tritton
Mr Cowley
Mr Compton
Mr Grady
Mr D'Montillo
Mr W Collier

Left Cape Town, 1st August at 6 p.m. Light, moderate head wind and foggy.
Arrived at Mossel Bay on the 2nd August, at 11.10 p.m.; on the 4th August, at 1.35, left Mossel Bay; light westerly wind, and hazy, to Algoa Bay, where she arrived on the 5th August, at 1.40 p.m.; left again the same day, at 5.30 p.m.; had moderate head wind to East London, where she anchored at 1.15 p.m., on the 6th August; very heavy southerly swell; left same day at 6.10 p.m.
Escombe and Co., agents.

Details of a typical voyage at this date between Cape Town and Durban via intermediate ports giving an idea of the time taken.

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