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Passenger lists: arrivals and departures Natal 1875

Arrivals and Departures Natal Mercury 2 October 1875 
Florence, Adonis, Pelham, Natal, Elizabeth Martin etc.

Sept 27 - Florence, CMS, of Leith, 880 tons, Jones, from Cape Ports. Cargo: general. 
From East London 
Mr R Wilhelm 

From London 

Mr Milner 
Capt and Mrs Hyme 
Masters MHC and H Hyme 
Misses K and J Hyme 
two nurses 
Capt and Mrs Lucas 
Mr and Mrs Welsh 
Mr and Mrs Morgan Evans 
Mr and Mrs Allen 
S Chambers 
T Hayman 
W Freville 
G Harrison 
HP Harrison 
JM Cooke 
H Martin 
Mrs MA Ellis 
M Evans 
W Bruce 
J Wolfe 
R Allcock 
E Groves 
R Culverwell 
S Swales 
V Plank 
W Plank 
Mrs Taunton 
Mrs and Miss Gibson 
Masters CA, WF and CF Gibson 
Miss C Morris 
From Algoa Bay 
Mrs JE Wood 
Mrs Impry 
Mrs Vanderschyff and four children 
T Farrow 
W Woodger 
Mrs Brink 
Mrs Nelson and baby 
six coolies 
Left Cape 22nd Sept.; strong breeze NW with rain, squalls at times, high sea; arrived Mossel Bay, 9 a.m. 23rd Sept., stiff breeze NW, and fair weather; left Mossel Bay 1 p.m. 23rd Sept.; fresh breezes NW and cloudy; arrived at Algoa Bay 9.30 a.m. 24th Sept.; variable winds, and rain at times; left Algoa Bay, 3.45 p.m. 24th Sept.; moderate breezes, passing showers; arrived at East London, 8.45 a.m. 25th Sept.; high winds, NW, and fine weather; left East London 6.30 p.m., 25th Sept.; variable winds and cloudy weather 26th strong winds; arrived at Natal, 9.30 a.m., 27th Sept. 
Black Baxter and Co., agents.

Sept 25 - Annie,of London schooner, 41 tons, C. Smith, from East London, sailed Sept 23. Cargo: forage and spokes. 
S Crowder and Co., agents.

Sept 26 - Garmouth, schr, 200 tons, McPherson, from London, sailed July 4. Cargo: general. 
Adler Bros, agents.

Sept 28 - Adonis, SS of Amsterdam, 80 tons, Thompson, from Scottburgh, sailed Sept 27. Cargo: general. 
S Crowder and Co., agents.


Oct 3 - Florence, DCMS, of Leith, 800 tons, Jones, for Cape Town and intermediate ports. Cargo: colonial produce. 
For London 
Major-General Sir Garnet Wolseley, KCB, KCMG, and four servants 
Major Brackenbury RA 
Major Butler 
Lord Gifford 
Miss E Bate 
Captain Dickinson 
For East London 
Mr J Holden 
Miss Finchen 
For Algoa Bay 
J Gilligan 
E Shaw 
For Cape Town 
Mrs Phillips 
Mrs E Shaw 
1 gunner RA 
1 private, 1-13th, LI 
Black, Baxter and Co., agents.

Oct 11 - Adonis, SS, of Amsterdam, 80 tons, Thompson, for Scottburgh. Cargo: general. 
Mrs Collingham and three children 
S Crowder and Co., agents.

Oct 14 - Pelham, brigantine, of Natal, 160 tons, Strachan, for Delagoa Bay. Cargo: general. 
Mr R Beningfield 
Mr Dubois 
Mr Schonberg 
100 kafirs 
Beningfield and Son, agents.

Oct 15 - Adonis, of Amsterdam, SS., 80 tons, Thompson, resailed for Scottburgh. Cargo: general. 
S Crowder and Co., agents.

Oct 16 - Sea Gull, schooner, of London, 76 tons, Hines, for East London. Cargo: sugar. 
Harvey, Greenacre and Co., agents.

Oct 16 - Annie, schooner, of London, 41 tons, Smith, for East London. Cargo: general. 
Thomas Crowder 
S Crowder and Co., agents.

Oct 18 - Natal, RMS, of Southampton, 587 tons, JC Gilbert, for Cape Town and intermediate ports. Cargo: general 
For Southampton 
CH Wells 
W B Scott 
B De Waal 
Mr and Mrs Vergottini 
Mrs Hayne, child and servant 
Capt Baker 
Mr A de Terrason 
For Cape Town 
Miss Coates 
Miss Symons 
Mrs Moodie and child 
Mr Farr 
St. Leger 
W Stitzer 
17 Naval invalids 
For Algoa Bay 
Mrs Adlam 
Mr Bomball 
Mr Rigg 
Escombe and Co., agents.

Oct 19 - Elizabeth Martin, CMS, of Leigh, 1503 tons, Duncan, for Cape ports and England. Cargo: general. 
For Algoa Bay 
Mr W Reekie 
Black, Baxter and Co., agents.

Oct 22 - Zulu RMS, of Southampton, 679 tons, H de la Cour Travers, for East Coast ports. Cargo: general. 
For Delagoa Bay 
Brown, Mrs Brown and four children 
Mr Stephen Jackson 
Mr Solomons 
88 kafirs 
For Zanzibar 
Dr Turnbull RN 
For Mozambique 
one kafir 
ten lascars 
Escombe and Co., agents.

Oct 26 - Hannah Nicholson, barque, of Adelaide, 252 tons, Farquhar, for Mauritius. Cargo: flour. 
H and T McCubbin, agents.

Oct 26 - Lady Selborne, 3-masted brigantine, of Plymouth, 209 tons, N. Keen, in ballast, "seeking".

Oct 29 - Kafir, RMS, of Southampton. 900 tons, Garrett, for Cape Town and intermediate ports. Cargo: general. 
For Southampton 
Mr FW Reid 
Mr George Reid 
Mrs Pascoe and two children 
Mr Whiskin 
Mr Stooker 
For Cape Town 
Miss Crossley 
Mr and Mrs Doesell and child 
1 Naval invalid from HMS Encounter 
For Algoa Bay 
Dr Hope 
one kafir 
For East London 
Miss McArthur 
Miss Sweltzer 
Escombe and Co., agents.

Oct 29 - Annie Brown, brigantine, of Adelaide, 166 tons, Gilfillen, for Adelaide. Cargo: general. 
Grant and Fradd, agents.

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