Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Burgess Roll: Durban 1856/57

List of Persons Qualified to Vote at the Election of Councillors for the Borough of Durban, District of Natal, for the Year commencing 15th July 1856 and ending 4th July 1857.

ACUTT WilliamSmith StreetMerchant
ACUTT RobertSmith StreetAuctioneer
ADAMSPine TerraceOrdnance Store Keeper
ADAMS John CorbettWest StreetStorekeeper
ADLAM JosephPine TerraceCarpenter
AGAR CharlesMarket-squareCanteen-keeper
ANDERSON RobertSmith StreetSurveyor
ARCHER GeorgeSt George StPilot
ARNOLD ThomasPine TerraceHotel-keeper
BAKER RobertSmith StreetCommissariat Officer
BANGER HenrySmith StreetJoiner
BARKER ThomasWest StreetMiller
BAUMANN John FredWest StreetBaker
BAYNES RichardWest StreetButcher
BELL WilliamThe PointPort Captain
BLACKWOOD JamesWest StreetStorekeeper
BOAST WilliamMarket-squareStable Keeper
BOOKLESS RobertSmith StreetBlacksmith
BOTTOMLEY GeorgeCongellaGardener
BOYNE RobertSt Andrew StBoatman
BRICKHILL JamesBankManager
BRISTOW CharlesSt Andrew StPoliceman
BROCKMAN WilliamThe PointWatchman
BROWN JohnSmith StreetMerchant
BROWN RobertWest StreetButcher
BRUNTON WalterCato's CreekLime-burner
BUTTERY ThomasPine TerraceWaggoner
CAMPBELL WilliamPine TerraceContractor
CASS Thomass (sic)Smith StreetLabourer
CATO George ChristopherSmith StreetLloyd's Agent
CATO Christopher JosephSmith StreetCivil Engineer
CATO John PearsonSmith StreetEngineer
CHALLINOR Edwin JamesWest StreetDruggist
CHAPMAN ThomasWest StreetBaker
CHEESEBOROUGH JohnSmith StreetClerk
CLARENCE ArthurWest StreetAuctioneer
CLARK WilliamPine TerraceWheelwright
CLARK George WilliamField StreetClerk
COLES William FredPine TerraceCooper
COOPER ThomasWest StreetCabinet Maker
COOPER WilliamBeachShip Carpenter
COWEY HenryWest StreetStorekeeper
COWEY WilliamWest StreetStorekeeper
CROCKER JohnPine TerraceStonemason
CROWDER SamuelPine TerraceGeneral Dealer
CROWDER Samuel junPine TerraceClerk
CULLINGWORTH JeremiahWest StreetPrinter
CULLINGWORTH LewinMarket-squareSaddler
CURRIE Henry WilliamWest StreetMachinist
DACOMB WilliamField StreetWine Merchant
DALES WilliamWest StreetStorekeeper
DAND ThomasWest StreetGaoler
DICKENS WoolstonGrey StreetCarpenter
DICKINSON Robert WmWest StreetIronmonger
DREW GeorgeGrey StreetCanteen-keeper
DUBOIS JamesSmith StreetPainter
DUNCAN George WillWest StreetGunsmith
ELLIOTT RobertWest StreetJoiner
ELSTON JamesWest StreetClerk
EVANS Alfred WinterSmith StreetMerchant
EXALL HenryPine TerraceLabourer
FERGUSON ArchibaldSt George StWheelwright
FIELD EdwinWest StreetCooper
FISHER Henry HolmesPine TerraceCollector
FOGGITT MarkSmith StreetTown Clerk
FOREST JohnCongellaFarmer
FULLER JamesWest StreetBaker
GAVIN JohnWest StreetBlacksmith
GAVIS JohnWest StreetCanteen-keeper
GEORDGE WilliamCongellaFarmer
GILLESPIE HughSt Andrew StMerchant
GODDEN RichardPine TerraceMason
GOODRICKE John RSmith StreetAttorney
GRANT John HannibalWest StreetBaker
GRAINGER WilliamSt Andrew StThatcher
GRAINGER JohnWest StreetMason
GREY JohnWest StreetStorekeeper
GREY JohnSmith StreetGentleman
GRIFFIN Stephen WilliamRose CottageWheelwright
HANKEY ThomasSmith StreetBootmaker
HARBEN JohnWest StreetCarpenter
HARPER IsaacSmith StreetLabourer
HARRISS John WilliamSmith StreetGardener
HARRISON WilliamSmith StreetChief Constable
HARRISSON WilliamPine TerracePoliceman
HARTLEY WilliamWest StreetMerchant
HART WilliamWest StreetSawyer
HARVEY FrancisPine TerraceOut of Business
HARWIN RichardWest StreetStorekeeper
HENWOOD JohnField StreetButcher
HENWOOD PaulWest StreetMillwright
HEYS ThomasWest StreetTailor
HOBDAY RichardSmith StreetWarehouseman
HODGSON JamesGardiner StreetWaggoner
HOLLAND Edward WmWest StreetDistrict Surgeon
HORNE WilliamWest StreetGunsmith
HOVENDON CharlesPine TerraceBlacksmith
HOUY Isadore HenryWest StreetLabourer
HULL DanielPine TerraceStorekeeper
HUMPHRY RobertSt George StTailor
HUNT GeorgeBereaPrinter
HUNT JohnField StreetCarpenter
JACKSON WilliamPine TerraceWheelwright
JACQUES AlexanderWest StreetStorekeeper
JARGAL HipolyteField StreetGentleman
JOHNSTONE CharlesWest StreetSurgeon
JOLLY Robert StratfordPine TerraceDruggist
KAHTS Joachim FredSmith StreetLanding Agent
KERMODE EdwardSmith StreetBaker
KING JohnSmith StreetTrader
LAMPORT Edward ParkeAliwal StreetMerchant
LANSDELL GeorgeGrey StreetLabourer
LAWRIE GeorgeWest StreetAttorney
LEDSON Thomas MoodieThe PointBoatman
LEE EdwinThe PointLanding Waiter
LENNOX PeterSmith StreetMiller
LEUCHARS Henry JamesPine TerraceCarrier
LOFTHOUSE JohnPine TerraceCarrier
LUCAS Lawrence JohnWest StreetDruggist
LUMSDEN JohnPine TerraceClerk
MASON JosephSt George StClerk
MAXWELL Patrick JosephSt Andrew StGentleman
M'ARTHUR AlexanderSmith StreetMerchant
M'DONALD CharlesAliwal StreetLime-burner
M'DONALD DonaldSmith StreetBlacksmith
M'KENZIE ArchdeaconWest StreetMinister
M'LAREN JohnPine TerraceBoarding House
MILLAR JohnSmith StreetMerchant
MILNE JohnThe PointGovernment Resident Engineer
MILNER HenrySmith StreetMerchant
MOORE AlfredWest StreetStorekeeper
NIMMO RobertWest StreetMerchant
PALMER WilliamWest StreetMerchant
PAY GeorgeGrey StreetSalter
PARKER RichardWest StreetSawyer
PAUL James LouisPine TerraceTrader
PENFOLD MarchantWest StreetStorekeeper
PETTY William ThomasPine TerraceThatcher
PINSENT Savery (sic)West StreetAttorney
POLKINGHORNE John TAliwal StreetTrader
POVALL CharlesSmith StreetCarpenter
PRINCE JohnWest StreetBlacksmith
PULLEYN JamesWest StreetWatchmaker
PUTTERILL JamesWest StreetBuilder
QUESTED WilliamCongellaFarmer
RAW RobertWest StreetDruggist
REDDISH SamuelSmith StreetCarpenter
RIDER William RobertThe PointBoatman
RIGBY RobertSmith StreetMason
ROBARTS EmeryWest StreetBootmaker
ROBERTS James BakerSt Andrew StAttorney
ROBERTSON Robert TSt George StCanteen-keeper
ROBINSON GeorgeSmith StreetEditor
ROGERS RichardWest StreetBlacksmith
ROYSTON WilliamSmith StreetJoiner
RUSSELL GeorgeMarket-squareClerk
RUTHERFORD GeorgeSmith StreetCollector of Customs
SALMON Farquard CWest StreetLabourer
SANDERSON JohnWest StreetMerchant
SAVORY William HenryWest StreetStorekeeper
SCOTT EdwardWest StreetStorekeeper
SCHOMBERG Valentinus AlexiusSmith StreetGentleman
SHORT James WilliamField StreetButcher
SHUTER John DavidGardiner StAttorney
SINK ThomasPine TerraceCooper
SLATTER WilliamWest StreetSaddler
SMERDON WilliamAliwal StreetMerchant
SMITH EdwardWest StreetStorekeeper
SNELL EdwardWest StreetMerchant
SPENSLEY CalvertMission HouseMinister
SPILSBURY GeorgeWest StreetWagon builder
SPRADBROW CharlesThe PointLabourer
STEEL PeterField StreetBootmaker
TAYLOR DanielSmith StreetThatcher
TAYLOR Moses DavidSmith StreetPlasterer
TAYLOR JohnWest StreetTailor
TOWNING FrederickWest StreetJoiner
TUNMER WilliamSmith StreetBricklayer
TYSACK (sic) Richard WebberUnion StreetTailor
UPTON Robert SellersWest StreetSurveyor
VACKERMAN HarmanGardiner StrShip Carpenter
VIALLS JohnSmith StreetEngraver
VINE RichardSmith StreetLabourer
VIONNEE RichardSmith StreetClerk
WAKELIN CharlesWest StreetPainter
WALSH AlbertPine TerraceClerk
WALSH WilliamSt George StBlacksmith
WARD JohnSmith StreetClerk
WARWICK FrancisSmith StreetCarpenter
WELFORD JosephSt George StLabourer
WELCH AndrewWest StreetCanteen-keeper
WHITEHEAD George JamesWest StreetInterpreter
WILCOX JohnPine TerraceBricklayer
WILLIAMS George WestWest StreetTailor
WIRSING George HenryWest StreetMerchant
WOOD WilsonWest StreetClerk
WRIGHT WilliamSt George StStorekeeper
YOUNG JamesSmith StreetUpholsterer


Rachel Williams said...

Thanks for this--- my 2x great grand uncle is William Thomas Petty listed as a Thatcher on this list. :)

Mags Acutt said...

Two of my ancestors, Robert & William Acutt, are listed. Love your blog - you're making the past come alive for me & filling in some gaps in my version of our family history. Thank you so much!

Mole said...

Thanks so much for your positive feedback. Have you seen the ACUTT entries in Shelagh Spencer's volumes 'British Settlers in Natal'? A must read for anyone with Natal settler ancestry! If you can't acquire the volumes yourself Killie Campbell Library have the entire run of volumes published so far (up to G surnames). There are numerous other sources of information on the Acutt family.