Friday, January 31, 2014

Shipwrecks on the Wild Coast

If, like me, you love maps and are fascinated by the turbulent Wild Coast, its pioneer and trading families, and especially by the many shipwrecks which for five centuries have occurred along its shores, look no further than the wonderful map of this area available at

Among the wreck sites marked are:

Ivy 1878
Sao Joao 1552
Sao Bento 1554
Grosvenor 1782
Nossa Senhora de Belem 1635
Forres Bank 1958
Santo Alberto 1593
Africa and Agatha 1853
Hercules 1852
Oceanos 1991

There’s a strong but controversial possibility that in July 1909 the Blue Anchor Liner Waratah may have disappeared between Coffee Bay and Hole in the Wall on this very coast. 

Read more about this intriguing mystery of the sea at and also right here on Mole’s blog pages via the search facility.

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