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Haven Meesters and Port Captains: Port Natal/Durban

From 1839:


Carel Velentyn Buchner
1839-1840 Havemeester and Havecommandant
Appointed by Volksraad between 11 November 1839 and 2/3 January 1840. Held both offices officially until 5 January 1840. Appointed Havecommandant only provisionally from 6 January 1840.

Cornelius Botha
1840 Haven Meester
Appointed between 6 January 1840 and 4 March 1840. Resignation accepted 29 September 1840.

Edmund Morewood 
1841-1842 Havemeester
Appointed provisionally at Volksraad meeting 12 August 1840. Appointed effective 1 year 17 November 1840. Completed 1 year appointment 17 November 1841, confirmed at Volksraad meeting 12 October 1841. Landdrost of Port Natal was appointed as Havemeester with no additional salary from 18 November 1841. This continued until Landdrost resigned: Volksraad meeting 25 February 1842.

Matthys J Stadtler
1842 Havemeester. Appointed provisionally 25 February 1842. Held office to 27 April 1842.

Johannes Bodenstein
1842 Havemeester and Landdrost, Member of Volksraad 1842
Appointed 28 April 1842, held office until 25 June 1842.

Port Natal was re-occupied by British forces on 26 June 1842


William Douglas Bell
b. 1807 Glasson, Bowness, Cumberland
Baptised 2 Oct 1807 Bowness-on-Solway
d. 10 April 1869 Durban
1845-1847 Harbourmaster
Master of schooner Conch trading on South African coast in the 1830's. On 24 June 1842 arrived off Port Natal with troops taken aboard in Algoa Bay. On 26 June 1842 Conch crossed bar towing boats carrying troops from HMS 'Southampton'. British troops re-occupied Port Natal. Bell accepted and appointed Harbour Master, Port Natal, December 1844. Arrived in Durban to take up post March 1845. Served in this capacity until 31 March 1847 when he resigned over conditions of service; he was reinstated 2 years later. 

John Douglas
b. c1816
d. 24 April 1849 Natal
Assumed duty as Port Captain 1 May 1847, Resigned and left office 22 November 1847.

George Freeman
b. c1825
1847-1849/50 Port Captain
Appointed 23 November 1847. Resigned post October 1849 but probably remained in office until Captain Bell arrived January 1850.

William Douglas Bell
1849/50-1869 Port Captain
Accepted appointment 24 December 1849. Arrived in Durban 19 January 1850 with wife and family. Died in office 10 April 1869

George Christopher Cato
b. 25 Feb 1814 London
d. 9 July 1893 Durban
1869-1872 Port Captain
Appointed temporarily and provisionally as Port Captain vice W D Bell. Resigned 6 September 1872 on appointment of Alexander Airth from 7 September 1872.

Alexander Airth
b. c1833 Aberdeenshire, Scotland
d. 16 Dec 1903 Bellair, Natal
1872-1883 Port Captain and subsequently Shipping Master; retired at own request; in office until 14 March 1883.

James Joseph Lawson Sisson Commander, Royal Navy
b. c1846
d. 23 Dec 1883 Durban
1883 Port Captain and subsquently Shipping Master
Died in office, aged 37 years; only 9 months in office.

Henry Ballard CMG
1884-1903 Port Captain. Appointed and travelled from UK to take up post; took office 5 April 1884. Captain Strachan, 1st Pilot, acting Port Captain, formally handed over keys of office. Retired after 18 years in office. Handed over 4 November 1903.

Colony of Natal became part of Union of South Africa 31 May 1910

John Rainnie RNR
b. 1 April 1863 Glasgo, Kinellar, Aberdeenshire, Scotland
Parents: John Rainnie and Helen Croll
d. 16 Jan 1944 Durban
1903-1919 Port Captain and Nautical Adviser to the Government
Retired at own request 30 April 1919. 

Samuel George Stephens RNR
b. 2 Jan 1871 Devoran, Cornwall
d. 8 March 1933 Durban
1919-1930 Port Captain
From inception - 1920 Marine Superintendent of Government steamers
1928 Nautical Adviser

Percy Hyett Flack Shepherd
b. 23 Nov 1873 Adelaide, Australia
Previously Port Captain, East London
1930/1-1932 Port Captain

Willem Weller
b. ?UK
Previously Port Captain, Port Elizabeth
1932 Port Captain
1933 Nautical Adviser and Port Captain at Durban
1935 Nautical Adviser and Port Captain at Cape Town
1941-1944 Nautical Adviser at Headquarters, Johannesburg

James E Eaglesham DSC UK
Previously Port Captain, East London
1935 Port Captain
1944-46 Nautical Adviser and Port Captain

Henry George Jarvis
b. 3 Dec 1891 UK
1946-1951 Port Captain

John Cox
b. 7 July 1899 UK
1851 Port Captain
1856-1962 Nautical Adviser and Port Captain at Durban
Previously Assistant to the Port Captain, Durban.

James Ellis
b. 31 July 1900 UK
Previously Senior Assistant Port Captain, Durban
1962-1963 Port Captain
Died in office

Eric B Sharratt
b. 30 April 1901 UK
Previously Port Captain, Port Elizabeth
1963-1964 Port Captain

Cornelis AE Deacon
b. 28 Nov 1903 UK
Previously Port Captain, East London
1964 Port Captain
1965 Nautical Adviser and Port Captain at Durban
1965-1966 Nautical Adviser at Durban

Leslie A Dickenson
b. 1 Sept 1909
Previously Senior Assistant Port Captain (Staff) Durban
1966 Port Captain
1966-1970 Nautical Adviser at Durban

Terence Donald McKinnon
b. 6 Jan 1910 Durban
Previously Port Captain Port Elizabeth
1966 Port Captain
1970-1973 Nautical Adviser at Durban

T Oliver Clark
b. 6 April 1912
Previously Port Captain, East London
1970-1975 Port Captain

Eric Ebelthite
b. 28 Dec 1913
Previously Deputy Port Captain, Durban
1975-1976 Port Captain

Malcolm Rose
b. 24 Dec 1919
Previously Port Captain, Walvis Bay
1976-1982 Port Captain

Ian William Edwards
b. 31 March 1925 Kroonstad, OFS
Previously Port Captain, East London
1983-1986 Port Captain

Kenneth L Carter
b. 18 Nov 1926
Previously Deputy Port Captain, Durban
1986-1986 Port Captain

Edward S Page
b. 12 April 1928
Previously Port Captain, Port Elizabeth
1987-1989 Port Captain

Michael Anthony Cooper
b. 12 Oct 1934
1989 Port Captain

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