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Natal Witness Deaths 1884

Name, Gender, Age, Date of Event, Date of Advert, Details
Adams, Thomas Frederick m 49, 29-May-1884, 31-May-1884,
at his residence "Market Inn"
Airth, Frederick John m 3mnth 5days, 26-Feb-1884, 6-Mar-1884,
at Umsinga, beloved son of John WF Hall
Alcock, m 4 mnth  21dys, 4-Mar-1884, 8-Mar-1884,
at PMBurg the infant son of JR and S Alcock 
Amos, Ann  f  no age given, 12-April-1884, 22-April-1884,
at 11 Greyling Street, PMBurg, widow of the late JB Amos
Andrews, Harry Thomas m 7 yrs  10 mnths, 7-April-1884, 12-April-1884,
at PMBurg, third son of J and A.M. Andrews (junior)
Baker, Mary Eveline  f  22yrs 6 mnths, 14-Feb-1884, 16-Feb-1884,
The beloved wife of AW Baker of the Firm Baker and Laughton, Advocates Etc. PMBurg
Bartholomew, Sarah Annette Frances  f  22, 15-June-1884, 25-June-1884,
at Rongpoort, the beloved wife of Joseph Bartholomew
Deeply regretted
Bourke, John m 70, 14-Nov-1884, 24-Nov-1884,
at the residence of Mr EJ Bourke, Pretoria, Mr J Bourke of PMB
Boycott, William m 44, 11-Mar-1884, 18-Mar-1884,
at Hawkstone, Woodside. Late Major H.M. 29th Worcestershire Regiment
Brokensha, Elizabeth Dalzell  f  5 mnth 14 dys, 18-Oct-1884, 23-Oct-1884,
at No 1 Akerman Street, Pomercy, Umsinga, daughter of Thomas H and Sarah Brokensha
Brough, Richard m 64, 10-May-1884, 12-May-1884,
at Cope's Retreat, PMBurg, late of Welton Wold, Brough, East Yorkshire
Cawood, Evelyn  f  4, 27-May-1884, 7-June-1884,
at Tretire, Herefordshire, England, daughter if HC Sinclair Cawood Esq.
Late of Jermyn Street, London SW (by telegraph)
Cheney, Benjamin m 50 yrs 6 mths, 12-Oct-1884, 15-Oct-1884,
at Henrietta Street, late of Finedon, Northamptonshire, England
( English and American Papers please copy)
Coulter, Charles Henry m 38, 29-Oct-1884, 31-Oct-1884,
Eldest son of William Coulter of Belfast, Ireland
Craggs, J no age given, 5-Aug-1884, 6-Oct-1884,
at North Stainley, Ripon, Yorkshire, England, late of Edinglassie, PMBurg
Davis, Minnie  f  36, 21-May-1884, 28-June-1884,
at Newcastle on Tyne, widow of the late Alfred Davis
Dick, John m 21, 9-July-1884, 14-July-1884,
at St George's Private Hotel, PMBurg, eldest son of Dr. Jas. Dick,
14th Monteith Row, Glasgow
Drimmie, David m 87, 2-Dec-1884, 4-Dec-1884,
at PMBurg, Natal, late of Marykirk, Scotland (Home papers please copy)
Dryden, William Charles m 17 months, 30-Dec-1883, 2-Jan-1884,
The beloved son of H and E Dryden
Elliott, Robert m 78, 19-April-1884, 23-April-1884,
at the residence of his son-in-law Mr WH Cullingworth, Gardiner Street, Durban
Evans, Susannah Elizabeth Sissy  f  no age given, 28-Mar-1884, 3-April-1884,
at Mount Alice, PMBurg, daughter of David and SE Evans Deeply regretted
Geekie, David m 85, 14-May-1884, 17-June-1884,
at Dundee Scotland, Mr David Geekie (builder) father of John Geekie of this City
Hellet, Louis m 18, 21-Mar-1884, 1-April-1884,
at Bishop's College, Rondebosch, Cape Town after a short illness
the eldest son of the late P Hellet of Greytown
Herbert, Maud  f  6yrs 11mnths, 22-April-1884, 24-April-1884,
at 44 Pietermaritz Street, of Diptheria, second daughter of AW and LJ Herbert
Hesom, Robert m 38, 26-Jan-1884, 2-Feb-1884,
at PMBurg, of sunstroke  Deeply regretted by a large circle of friends
Hildyard. Robert Charles Thornton m 8 mnth 3 wks, 25-Oct-1884, 29-Oct-1884,
at Richmond, Natal, son of Cecil HT Hildyard
Hodson, Sally  f  74, 28-Dec-1884, 30-Dec-1884,
at Church Street, PMBurg - widow of the late James Hodgson
Horsley, Thomas m 68y 10mnths, 17-Dec-1884, 20-Dec-1884,
at PMBurg, at the residence of his nephew, Mr TB Archer
Hupfeld, Maria  f  63y 9m 20dys, 7-Dec-1884, 8-Dec-1884,
at her residence at Shorts Retreat after a short illness.  Her end was peace
Ireland, Herbert Wesley m 9mnth 11dys, 14-Mar-1884, 18-Mar-1884,
at Boshoff Street, PMBurg, infant son of Frank Ireland
Jordaan, Cicelia Johanna  f  15y 6mns 10dy, 29-April-1884, 12-May-1884,
Deeply regretted, no other details
Kinsman, George Whitefield m 58, 15-June-1884, 17-June-1884,
at his residence Mount Maria, County Weenen,
youngest son of the late Rev Andrew Guyse Kinsman M.A. of Cross Hall,
Gildersome, Leeds, England
(Australia (Melbourne) English papers please copy)
Kirby, Helen (see late  Mrs Dobson)  f  50, 21-April-1884, 24-April-1884,
at Grey's Hospital, late Mrs Dobson
Knox, Jane  f  no age given, 21-Oct-1884, 22-Oct-1884,
at the residence of Mrs Plunkett, Loop Street PMBurg after 8 months illness,
the beloved wife of Charles Knox, Alexandra Store, Umzinto
Kretzchmar, Aubrey Vernon m no age given, 8-Sept-1884, 9-Sept-1884,
at PMBurg (English papers please copy)
Lindsay, Ether May  f  22 months, 3-May-1884, 6-May-1884,
at Burger Street, PMBurg infant daughter of JF and A Lindsay
Lindsay, Gilbert Maitland m 1yr  3 mnths, 23-Aug-1884, 29-Aug-1884,
at "Rosemount", Mooi River, youngest and beloved son of William and Jessie Lindsay
Locke, Matthew m no age given, 26-April-1884, 29-April-1884,
at PMBurg, late of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, England
Lund, Jane  f  56, 16-Sept-1884, 23-Sept-1884,
at Spring Valley, widow of the late Benjamin Lund
Mac Gowan, Margaret Campbell Darling  f  no age given, 20-April-1884, 22-May-1884,
at Rothesay, Bute, Scotland U K,
 relict of Jas. MacGowan, Glasgow, Scotland, Bridgeton
McLaurin, Mary Olivia  f  9 months, 10-Dec-1884, 13-Dec-1884,
at Glenaray, Verulam, the beloved infant daughter of James and AJ McLaurin
Meek, Agnes Maud  f  10 yrs 8 mnth, 12-Feb-1884, 16-Feb-1884,
at Greytown beloved daughter of Walter and A Meek "Gone to her father's house above"
Meyer, Magdalina  f  64, 25-Aug-1884, 29-Aug-1884,
at Senekal, OFS, wife of CF Meyer, Kaffirdrift Farm, Inchanga
Mileman, Martha  f  61, 8-Feb-1884,1 2-Feb-1884,
at PMBurg after a lingering illness, the much loved wife of William Mileman
Muir, Arthur James m 7yrs 7mnths, no date given, 18-Nov-1884,
at Church Street, PMBurg the beloved son of Lillias and William Muir
Mullins, John m 36, 29-Dec-1884, 30-Dec-1884,
at the residence of his sister (Mrs HH Smith) in the Chase Valley
Newmarch, Edward Sawden m 50, 12-July-1884, 17-July-1884,
at Greytown
Ollerenshaw, Samuel m no age given, 10-July-1884, 12-July-1884,
at Grey's Hospital, late of Godley, Cheshire, England
Pierce, John m 28 days, 8-Sept-1884, 24-Sept-1884,
at Heilbron OFS, infant son of Mr and Mrs J Pierce
Raffter, George Augustus m 5 yrs 3mnth, 11-Mar-1884, 13-Mar-1884,
at PMBurg of Croup and Bronchitis, the beloved son of George and Elizabeth Raffter
(Transvaal papers please copy)
Ralfe, Emily  f  no age given, 8-Mar-1884, 11-Mar-1884,
at PMBurg the beloved wife of Robert Ralfe of Heavitree, Weenen County
Friends will please accept this intimation
Raw, Harry Leonard m 2yrs 10mnths, 17-Sept-1884, 23-Sept-1884,
at St Ives, Umgeni, Harry Leonard son of Joseph Raw
Raymond, Elizabeth  f  45, 25-Mar-1884, 27-Mar-1884,
at Greytown, of heart disease, beloved wife of John Raymond
Sinclair, Catherine  f  1yr and  7 mnths, 22-Oct-1884, 29-Oct-1884,
at Craigdarrock, Upper Umgeni daughter of Achibald and Jane Sinclair
Smith, Alexander m 49yrs 9 mnths, 4-Jan-1884, 4-Jan-1884,
at his residence, Longmarket Street, PMBurg
Stutfield, Elizabeth Ellen  f  84, 2-Feb-1884, 13-Mar-1884,
at the Rectory, Rotherhithe, the residence of her son-in-law,
relict of the late Charles Bradshaw Stutfield, Esq. D.L. J.P.
Talbot, Berkeley Buckingham m 64, 21-Aug-1884, 27-Aug-1884,
at Byrne 
Taylor, Herbert Arnold m 9 months, 26-Dec-1884, 29-Dec-1884,
at Town Bush Valley infant son of WL and E Taylor (of enteric fever)
Tilley, (no name given)  f  51, no date given, 8-Dec-1884,
Died at PMBurg after a long and painfull illness the beloved wife of Walter Tilley
Tyrrell, Catherine  f  57, 20-Oct-1884, 26-Oct-1884,
at the "Retreat", Berea the beloved and devoted wife of Edward Tyrrell of the Berea,
formerly of Loventor, Devon and daughter of the late William Nairn Robertson of Lythe Hall, Yorkshire
Tyrrell, Ernest Edward m 30, 23-Jan-1884, 30-Jan-1884,
at his residence, Harding, of Brain Fever, eldest son of Edward Tyrrell of the Berea, Durban
and grandson of the late John Tyrrell Esq. of Clonard, County Court Judge

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