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Ships and Mariners: 19th c Cape and Natal 10 Falconer

William Falconer 1812-1877
William Falconer, an interesting Master Mariner in his own right, acquires further importance through his marriage to James Scorey’s step-daughter, Ann, on 24 June 1841 at Port Elizabeth. The ceremony took place ‘at the house of Captain Scorey’.* 

Ann Falconer 1823 -1891, step-daughter
 of James Scorey,
wife of William Falconer

The network of colonial connections becomes ever more intricate: among the witnesses at the Falconer/Scorey wedding was William Smith, who with his wife Mary Ann Frances b Mallors had been present at William Bell’s marriage to Mary Ann Caithness in June 1838. The Smiths’ son would later marry Maria Sisson Falconer. James Tobias Mallors was yet another Master Mariner.

Ann Scorey, previously Robinson, ca 1793-1843;
wife of Capt James Scorey, and mother of Ann

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*See a copy of the marriage record and other details at: 

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