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Natal Witness Births 1891

Name, Gender, Date of Event, Date of Advert, Details
Allen  f  26-Sept-1891, 28-Sept-1891, at 259 Commercial Road PMBurg
the wife of Dr Allen of a daughter
Anderson m 19-Mar-1891, 23-Mar-1891, at Ingleside, Newcastle
the wife of Hugh Anderson, Solicitor, of a son
Anderson m no date given, 26-Aug-1891, at Scottish Bakery, Longmarket Street, PMBurg
the wife of Peter Anderson (junior) of a son
Ashton m 31-Dec-1890, 5-Jan-1891, the wife of A B Ashton, Longmarket Street, PMBurg
of a son
Badger m 19-Aug-1891, 25-Aug-1891, at Church Street, PMBurg the wife of JG Badger of a son
Ballenden  f  16-Sept-1891, 19-Sept-1891, at Sedgley, Townhill PMBurg
the wife of CJ Ballenden of a daughter
Beachcroft m 19-Feb-1891, 20-Feb-1891, at Longmarket Street PMBurg
the wife of RH Beachcroft of a son
Behrens m 19-Jan-1891, 20-Jan-1891, at PMBurg the wife of Mr CC Behrens of a son
Bernard m 10-April-1891, 13-April-1891, at Estcourt the wife of JF Bernard of a son
Birch  f  26-Dec-1891, 30-Dec-1891, at 391 Church Street the wife of JE Birch
of a daughter
Bird  f  24-Aug-1891, 25-Aug-1891, at Monte Cristo, Town Hill, PMBurg the wife of C Bird of a daughter
Birkett  f  30-Aug-1891, 2-Sept-1891, at Newcastle the wife of Fras J Birkett of a daughter
Brockbank m 26-June-1891, 2-July-1891, at Ladysmith the wife of William Brockbank
of a son
Broome m 18-Jan-1891, 20-Jan-1891, at PMBurg the wife of William Broome of a son
Brown m  4-Nov-1891, 5-Nov-1891, at PMBurg Mrs Geo. H Brown of a son
Browning m 28-Mar-1891, 1-April-1891, at PMBurg the wife of Edwin Browning
of Greytown of a son
Burton m 29-Dec-1891, 31-Dec-1891, at PMBurg the wife of JC Burton of a son
Butler m 16-Mar-1891, 17-Mar-1891, at Bulwer Street the wife of WJ Butler of a son
Cahill m 29-Nov-1891, 1-Dec-1891, at PMBurg the wife of Walter TM Cahill
of Vryheid of a son
Campbell m 2-Jan-1891, 7-Jan-1891, at Henrietta Street. PMBurg the wife of
WD Campbell of a son
Campbell  f  24-July-1891, 29-July-1891, at Campbelltown, Dumisa the wife of
Robert Campbell, Farmer, of a daughter
Catchpole  f  1-Nov-1891, 14-Nov-1891, at Hilder, Boston the wife of TD Catchple
of a daughter
Chase m 19-Aug-1891, 15-Aug-1891, at Beach Walk, Durban the wife of Fleetwood D
Chase of a son
Cheere-Emmett  f  3-Oct-1891, 21-Oct-1891, at Vryheid the wife of J Cheere-Emmett
of Goudhoek of a daughter
Cheetham  f  16-July-1891, 20-Jan-1891, at "The Briars", Ladysmith the wife of
SB Cheetham of a daughter
Clarke  f  25-May-1891, 29-May-1891, at the Residency, Richmond the wife of
Sub-Inspector Clarke, Natal Mounted Police of a daughter
Clements m 4-June-1891, 8-June-1891, at Lyddon Hall, the wife of WL Clements of a son
Cobley  f  23-July-1891, 27-July-1891, at Ladysmith the wife of WH Cobley, District
Engineer, Natal Government Railways of a daughter
College-Malcolm  f  19-Jan-1891, 24-Jan-1891, at Dundee Coalfields Mrs AM
College-Malcolm of a daughter
Collier  f  6-May-1891, 9-May-1891, at PMBurg the wife of CT Collier of a daughter
Cook m 7-Mar-1891, 11-Mar-1891, at PMBurg the wife of GH Cook of a son
Crart m 4-Sept-1891, 8-Sept-1891, at 348 Loop Street the wife of William S Crart of a son
Davis m 1-Jan-1891, 8-Jan-1891, at PMBurg the wife of GW Davis of a son
Davis m 5-Jan-1891, 9-Jan-1891, at Ladysmith the wife of JR Davis of a son
Dowsett  f  26-May-1891, 3-June-1891, at Estcourt, the wife of Mr D Dowsett
of a daughter
Ferneyhough m 20-May-1891, 22-May-1891, at 8 Church Street, PMBurg 
the wife of Geo.T Ferneyhough F.R.G.S. of a son
Field  f  14-Mar-1891, 18-Mar-1891, at Ladysmith the wife of JJ Field of a daughter
Finnemore  f  6-Feb-1891, 7-Feb-1891, at Durban the wife of RT Finnemore 
J.P. Collectorof Customs of a daughter
Francis m 22-Oct-1891, 26-Oct-1891, at Clavis, Charlestown the wife of JT Francis
of a son
Fraser  f  27-Feb-1891, 28-Feb-1891, at The Cottage, Loop Street Mrs W Fraser
of a daughter
Fraser m 16-Mar-1891, 18-Mar-1891, at Burger Street the wife of William H Fraser 
of a son
Froomberg  f  2-Mar-1891, 3-Mar-1891, at the Black Horse, Longmarket Street PMBurg
the wife of Mr B Froomberg of a daughter
Fuller  f  11-Oct-1891, 17-Oct-1891, at Sunnyside, PMBurg the wife of Robert Fuller of a
Gold  f  20-Sept-1891, 28-Sept-1891, at Eskdale, Highflats the wife of James Gold
of a daughter
Gough  f  7-Nov-1891, 9-Nov-1891, at "The Nook", Town Hill PMBurg the wife of WP 
Gough of a daughter
Gray  f  29-May-1891, 2-June-1891, at PMBurg the wife of Robert Gray of "Ellerslie" 
Weenen County of a daughter
Gray  f  12-June-1891, 15-June-1891, at Dundee the wife of James P Gray of Gartmore ofa daughter
Hair m 28-Jan-1891, 31-Jan-1891, at Camperdown the wife of Alex Hair of a son
Hamilton m 10-Dec-1891, 14-Dec-1891, at Greytown Natal the wife of Cyril Hamilton
of a son
Hammond m 30-Jan-1891, 2-Feb-1891, at Baune's Drift, Umgeni the wife of AE Hammond of a son
Hancock  f  11-Nov-1891, 18-Nov-1891, at Ferstleing, Upper Umzimkulu the wife of
CE Hancock of a daughter
Hardman m 10-Nov-1891, 18-Nov-1891, at Annedale, near Camperdown, the wife of WC Hardman of a son
Harris  f  7-Feb-1891, 10-Feb-1891, the wife of Douglas Harris, Pietermaritz Street
of a daughter
Harris m,f  27-Feb-1891, 7-Mar-1891, at Helpmekaar, the wife of WA Harris of twins (son + daughter)
Harrod  f  21-Jan-1891, 27-Jan-1891, at PMBurg the wife of P Harrod of a daughter
Hawkins m 17-Nov-1891, 28-Nov-1891, at Montrose, near Barberton the wife of
HC Hawkins of a son
Hay m 6-Feb-1891, 10-Feb-1891, at Richmond Road the wife of W Hay Station Master,
N.G.R. of a son
Henderson m 3-Jan-1891, 7-Jan-1891, at the Deanery, PMBurg the wife of Dr GC
Henderson of a son
Hildebrandt  f  21-Oct-1891, 26-Oct-1891, at Polela the wife of Eugen Hildebrandt
of a daughter
Hirst m 14-Oct-1891, 21-Oct-1891, at Heidelberg S.A.R. the wife of J W Hirst of a son
Holt m 6-April-1891, 10-April-1891, at PMBurg the wife of Surgeon M P Holt, 
Army Medical Staff of a son
Horseman  f  20-Sept-1891, 24-Sept-1891, at Greytown the Mrs J Horseman
of a daughter
Hosken m 26-Mar-1891, 31-Mar-1891, at Johnson, Boston the wife of Victor Hosken 
of a son
Hutchinson  f  25-Feb-1891, 2-Mar-1891, at Rooi Vaal, Harding the wife of WA Hutchinsonof a daughter
Keith  f  31-Jan-1891, 7-Feb-1891, at the Caledonian Hotel, Dundee Coalfields 
the wife of John Keith of a daughter
Kneller  f  6-Nov-1891, 9-Nov-1891, at Ladysmith the wife of E St John Kneller 
of a daughter
Laughton m 6-Sept-1891, 8-Sept-1891, at Fairview, PMBurg the wife of Mr FA Laughton 
of a son
Lindsay  f  17-April-1891, 21-April-1891, at Burger Street. PMBurg the wife of WE Lindsay of a daughter
Logan m 3-April-1891, 7-April-1891, at Estcourt the wife of AC Logan of a son
Lucas,m,30-May-1891,4-June-1891,"At St Thomas' Road, Berea the wife of Edward Lucasof a son
Mair  f  12-Oct-1891, 14-Nov-1891, at Drumwhinde Mains, Ellon, Aberdeenshire the wife 
of Alexander Mair, PMBurg of a daughter
Mason m 5-June-1891, 8-June-1891, at Pietermaritz Street PMBurg Mrs A Wier Mason of a son
Mason m 11-Dec-1891, 22-Dec-1891, at the Manor the wife of Sowerby J Mason of a son
McCullough m 9-July-1891, 13-July-1891, at Willow Bank, Mid Illove the wife of W 
McCullough of a son
McKenzie  f  1-Feb-1891, 3-Feb-1891, at PMBurg the wife of D McKenzie of a daughter
McLaurin m  25-Aug-1891, 27-Aug-1891, at the residency Umzinto, the wife of Jas. 
McLaurin R.M. of a son
Mearns  f  6-Oct-1891, 3-Nov-1891, at Springbok, Highflats, the wife of Robert Mearns of a daughter
Mitchell  f  2-June-1891, 4-June-1891, at Rossly, Berea the wife of T Carlyle Mitchell of a daughter
Mowat  f  10-June-1891, 15-June-1891, at Estcourt, the wife of W Mowat of a daughter
Muir  f  18-Feb-1891, 20-Feb-1891, at 31 Pietermaritz Street the wife of John H Muir
of a daughter
Murray m 3-Oct-1891, 9-Oct-1891, at Glencairn, Polela the wife of ET Murray of a son
Nel  f  21-Sept-1891, 24-Sept-1891, at Greytown the wife of JG Nel of Ellandale, Rietvlei 
of a daughter
Newmarch  f  8-Dec-1891, 16-Dec-1891, at Hersle Cottage, Greytown the wife of WJS 
Newmarch of a daughter
Paice m 17-July-1891, 22-July-1891, at Cardington, Riet Vlei the wife of W George Paice of a son
Parker m 9-Sept-1891, 12-Sept-1891, at Broomhill Mrs Hugh Parker of a son
Payn  f  7-Jan-1891, 16-Jan-1891, at Burnside, Harding the wife of JH Payn of a daughter
Payn  f  10-Jan-1891, 24-Jan-1891, at Oliphant's Hoek, Griqualand East, the wife of AF 
Payn of a daughter
Peach  f  1-June-1891, 3-June-1891, at Penavon Cottage the wife of HT Peach 
of a daughter - both well
Pearse m 7-Sept-1891, 12-Sept-1891, at Parkside, PMBurg the wife of Charles H Pearse of a son
Pennefather  f  1-Oct-1891, 8-Oct-1891, at Greytown the wife of JR Pennefather of 
"Keerom" of a daughter
Poole m 17-Sept-1891, 28-Sept-1891, the wife of the Rev William Phoebe Poole, 
Priest in Church of Umzimkulu, of a son
Pope m 5-Mar-1891, 7-Mar-1891, at the "Firs" Berg Street PMBurg the wife of W A Pope 
of a son
Porteous  f  13-July-1891, 16-July-1891, at The Manse, Harrismith OFS the wife of the 
Rev TB Porteous L.A. of a daughter
Prowse m 11-July-1891, 13-July-1891, at Lullington Cottage, Boom Street PMBurg
the wife of Henry Matthews Prowse of a son
Raw  f  14-Nov-1891, 16-Dec-1891, at Vanbrough Park, Blackheath London WE the wife 
of George Henry Raw of a daughter
Raymond m 3-Sept-1891, 4-Sept-1891, at 90 West Street PMBurg the wife of W Dyson 
Raymond of a son
Reiche  f  6-Jan-1891, 8-Jan-1891, at Kort Kranskloof, Noodsberg Road, 
the wife of Fritz Reiche of a third daughter
Rethman  f  19-May-1891, 25-May-1891, at Harding, the wife of H Rethman of a daughter
Ricketts  f  1-Jan-1891, 7-Jan-1891, at Porchefstroom, Transvaal 
the wife of Charles H Ricketts of a daughter
Robb m 1-Nov-1891, 3-Nov-1891, at Longmarket Street PMBurg the wife of Mrs David 
Robb of a son
Robinson m 4-April-1891, 10-April-1891, at Vertrek, Colenso the wife of 
Mr E Robinson of a son
Ross  f  3-Feb-1891, 6-Feb-1891, at Pmburg the wife of Mr George Ross, 
Fort Nottinghamof a daughter
Runciman  f  26-Mar-1891, 31-Mar-1891, at PMBurg Mrs Runciman of a daughter
Rymer m 1-Aug-1891, 4-Aug-1891, at Comercial Road PMBurg the wife of HC Ryner of 
Ladysmith Natal of son
Sanderson  f  24-June-1891, 1-July-1891, at Newbiggen Cottage, Scott Street, 
Newcastle Mrs Thos. Sanderson of a daughter
Scott m 14-Aug-1891, 15-Aug-1891, at Berylhurst, PMBurg the wife of WJ Scot M.B. & C.M. of a son
Scott  f  16-Sept-1891, 18-Sept-1891, at Kokstad, Mrs Robert Scott of a daughter
Shekelton m 27-Feb-1891, 9-Mar-1891, at 80 Church Street, PMBurg the wife of Alex
Shekleton of a son  (Irish time please copy)
Shippey m 14-Mar-1891, 17-Mar-1891, at 119 Church Street PMBurg 
the wife of FrederickShippey of a son
Shores  f  23-Oct-1891, 26-Oct-1891, at Dagmar Cottage, Townlands, PMBurg 
the wife of John W Shores of a daughter
Sloman  f  25-Mar-1891, 27-Mar-1891, at 138  Berg Street PMBurg the wife of HW 
Sloman of a daughter
Smith m 15-July-1891, 21-July-1891, at "The Chase", Dundee the wife of 
Peter C Smith ofa son
Stainbank m 18-Sept-1891,21-Sept-1891, at Coedmore, the wife of Dering 
Stainbank of a son
Stedman m 25-April-1891, 2-May-1891, at Estcourt the wife of Herbert Stedman
of a son
Sutton m 2-Nov-1891, 5-Nov-1891, at Everton the wife of WH Sutton of a son
Tarboton m 22-July-1891, 24-July-1891, at Howick, the wife of Henry Tarboton,
"Driefontein" of a son
Tatham m 29-Sep-1891, 1-Oct-1891, at Loop Street PMBurg the wife of FS Tatham 
of a son
Taylor  f  no date given, 10-April-1891, at Upper Tugela, the wife of JD Taylor 
of a daughter
Thompson m 30-Jan-1891, 6-Feb-1891, at Gartref, Springvale the wife of EA Thompson 
of a son
Thring  f  18-Sept-1891, 21-Sept-1891, the Wife of Fred L Thring of Stuartstown, Ixopo, 
Solicitor of a daughter
Tilney m 1-Feb-1891, 11-Feb-1891, at Newcastle the wife of EW Tilney of a son
Tod m no date given, 24-July-1891, at "The Links" Parkside, PMBurg 
the wife of Percy B Tod of a son
Tyndall m 2-Sept-1891, 4-Sept-1891, at 279 Boom Street, PMBurg the wife of Francis V 
Tyndall of a son
Wade m 1-Dec-1891, 3-Dec-1891, at 70 Pietermaritz Street the wife of H Wade of a son
Watson  f  3-Feb-1891, 10-Feb-1891, at PMBurg the wife of J L Watson of a daughter
Wheeler  f  9-Mar-1891, 11-Mar-1891, at 114 Berg Street, PMBurg the wife of Albert 
Charles Wheeler of a daughter (London papers please copy)
Willetts m 6-July-1891, 8-July-1891, at Loop Street PMBurg the wife of 
Mr Samuel Willetts of a son
Willson m  6-June-1891, 15-June-1891, at Dundee the wife of Chas. G Willson of a son
Woodruffe  f  23-Oct-1891, 26-Oct-1891, at Berea, Durban the wife of AC Woodruffe of a daughter


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