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Natal Witness Deaths 1891

Name, Gender, Age, Date of Event, Date of Advert, Details
Andrews, Alfred Edwin m 31, 23-Dec-1890, 7-Jan-1891,
of Willow Bridge, PMBurg
Andrews, Arthur Edwin m 19 months, 19-Nov-1891, 20-Nov-1891,
at PMBurg the son of Mr E Edwin
Andrews, Charles Buxton m, 34, 10-May-1891, 13-May-1891,
at his residence, Priory Cottage, West Street PMBurg,
Captain Natal Royal Rifles
(English papers please copy)
Archbell, James William m, 67, 19-Jan-1891, 24-Jan-1891,
at his residence, Longmarket Street PMBurg
Balch, Louisa Miller  f  no age given, 16-Jan-1891, 17-Jan-1891,
at Grey's Hospital, PMBurg, beloved wife of Mr H Balch, bandmaster 11th (P.A.) Hussars
Baldwin, George Walter m 25yrs 10mnth, 3-Oct-1891, 6-Oct-1891,
at Stanger Cottage, Prince Alfred Street, youngest son of the late Walter Baldwin of
PMBurg (English papers please copy)
Birkett, Horace Francis m 16 months, 24-Jan-1891, 30-Jan-1891,
at Newcastle, second son of FJ and SA Birkett
Boyd, Lilly Mary  f  32, 1-Aug-1891, 5-Aug-1891,
in Johannesburg Hospital, wife of James Boyd (Colonial Service),
late of Kimberley, and PMBurg
(Colonial papers please copy)
Boyd, Robert Lyle m no age given, 7-July-1891, 8-July-1891,
at his residence, Belfast Cottage, Zwaartkop Valley,
formerly of Carnmoney, County Antrim, Ireland
and formerly of No 5 Battery, 2nd Brigade Royal Artillery,
and for 14 years, Caretaker of the Government Gunpowder Magazine, PMBurg

Brown, Alexander King m 3yrs 5mnths, 28-Aug-1891, 29-Aug-1891,
Accidently accidentally ? drowned at the Forest near PMBurg, second son of
WG Brown
Bruno, Lancelot Bruno m 13 months, 7-May-1891, 11-May-1891,
at Newcastle, Lancelot Bruno Bruno youngest son of Arthur and Catherine Bruno
Bruyns, Berendina Geziena Margaretha  f  72, 7-Dec-1891, 22-Dec-1891,
at the residence of Gert Vermaak, District Vrijheid,
relict of AJ Bruyns, Noodsberg
Burges, Mary Travers  f  9yrs+4mnths, 12-Oct-1891, 17-Oct-1891,
at Howick, eldest daughter of FT and HM Burges
Clarke, WF 55, 6-July-1891, 11-July-1891,
at Grey's Hospital, PMBurg
Clothier, Susie  f  27, 26-Nov-1891, 30-Nov-1891,
at Port Shepstone of Enteric Fever, youngest daughter of A Clothier, White Cliff,
Alfred County
Cunningham, William m 72, 10-April-1891, 17-April-1891, at Byrne
Dawney, Antoinette Eliza  f  no age given, 11-June-1891, 13-June-1891,
At Cholderton House, Stamford Hill the wife of the late Robert Dawney of PMBurg
Day, Henry William m 25 years, 30-Oct-1888, 30-Oct-1891,
In ever loving memory of Henry William, eldest son of the Rev H and Mrs Day
of St John's College, Margate, who died at Grey's Hospital
Driver, Edwin James m no age given, 19-July-1891, 20-July-1891,
at PMBurg, formerly of Streatham, London, S.W.
(English papers please copy) 
Edie, Charles m no age given, 26-Oct-1891, 30-Oct-1891,
at PMBurg M.D. late District Surgeon, Umzimkulu
Ellerker, Joseph m 66, no date given, 26-Feb-1891,
at Mooi River, Weston of Gillie Crankie, Noodsberg
Finnemore, Howard Victor West m 1yr 6mn 3wks, 11-Jan-1891, 14-Jan-1891,
At Durban dearly beloved child of Robert Isaac and Catherine Augusta Finnemore
Fleming, Ann  f  no age given, 24-Mar-1891, 24-Mar-1891,
at PMBurg the beloved wife of John Fleming
Fleming, Eric m 6 weeks, 25-Dec-1890, 3-Jan-1891,
at PMBurg on Xmas Day, infant son of Thomass and Jeanie Fleming
Forder, Douglas Henry m 7 yrs 7mnt, 26-Dec-1890, 3-Jan-1891,
at West Street PMBurg son of James Forder Esq. B.A.,
Resident Magistrate, Umgeni Division of the County of PMBurg
Fraser, Jessie Isabel  f  7yr 9mnths, 11-Feb-1891, 17-Feb-1891,
at Bethlehem, OFS of diphtheria, beloved daughter of D and S Fraser
Gold, Robert m 57, 2-May-1891, 9-May-1891,
at Polela, of "Eskdale", Highflats
Gower-Poole, Samuel m 71, 17-April-1891, 29-May-1891,
at Leigh Cottage, Southend, Essex the Rev. Samuel Gower-Poole,
Chaplain to the Honourable Trinity Corporation, London
Gregory, Pietrus Johannes Kemp m 34, 6-Jan-1891, 8-Jan-1891,
at PMBurg, late of Dundee
Harcourt, Joseph Frederick m 10 years, 17-Sept-1891, 19-Sept-1891,
at Hilltop the beloved Twin son of Joseph and Caroline Harcourt
Harcourt, Joseph Holdich m no age given, 20-June-1891, 10-July-1891,
At Kokstad, East Griqualand, formerly of Birmingham
Harmsworth, Charles James m 55, 22-Feb-1891, 23-Feb-1891,
The funeral will leave his late residence Loop St. PMBurg at 4.30 today,
late of England and S Africa
Harper, Hugh m 24, 31-Mar-1891, 14-Aug-1891,
at Greenfields, Golden Grove, South Australia - the residence of his brother,
youngest son of William Harper, Upper Thamston, Fettercairn
Harrod, Isabel Grace  f  7mns 20dys, 10-Sept-1891, 15-Sept-1891,
at Deepdale, Boston beloved daughter of Percy and Emily Jane Harrod
Harvard, Elizabeth Jane (Bessie)  f  5 months, 16-Nov-1891, 20-Nov-1891,
At Howick, Daughter of MJR Harvard and Jane, his wife
Haworth, Eva  f  5 years, 30-Aug-1891, 2-Sept-1891,
at Stuartstown, Ixopo Beloved and only daughter of Edwin W Haworth
Hooper, Ann  f  74 5mnths, 8-Aug-1891, 13-Aug-1891,
at her son's residence, Harding, wife of the late Dr Joseph Hooper M.D.
(London papers please Copy)
Hunt, Alfred m 4 years, 26-Aug-1891, 28-Aug-1891,
at No 3 Temple Street, PMBurg the beloved son of Alfred Hogarth and Emily Hunt
Illing, Dorothy  f  7 months, 28-April-1891, 30-April-1891,
at Ladysmith, Natal daughter of Herman and Alice Illing
Isaace, Lambert m 11mn 24dys, 24-Mar-1891, 24-Mar-1891,
at Cremorne, Townlands, son of Reuben and Sarah Isaacs
Isaacs, Grace Lenora  f  1yr 11mnths, 24-Feb-1891, 28-Feb-1891,
Second daughter of James and Jenny Isaacs
Jansen, Amelia nee Humphries  f  no age given, 23-April-1891, 10-June-1891,
at Pretoria, Transvaal the wife of HL Jansen, late of Graaf Reinet, Cape Colony
Kirby, Charles Badger m 15 yrs 6mnths, 18-Aug-1891, 24-Aug-1891,
At Klipfontein, Highlands Station eldest son of Harry E and Annie Kirby
Kirby, Ivy Haidee  f  14yrs+3mnths, 15-Sept-1891, 18-Sept-1891,
of Diptheria, daughter of Harry E and Annie Kirby of Klipfontein, Highlands St

Layman m still born, 9-June-1891, 17-June-1891,
at Hessle Cottage, Greytown the wife of FAM Layman of a son 
Lindsay, John m 34 years, 4-Nov-1891, 6-Nov-1891,
at PMBurg, eldest son of the late Alex Lindsay
Lister m still born, 23-July-1891, 27-July-1891,
at PMBurg Street the wife of John Lister of a son 
Lowen, Harley James m no age given, 23-April-1891, 24-April-1891,
at Bulwer Street, PMBurg, infant son of CF and AJ Lowen
Lucas, John m 2 days, 1-June-1891, 4-June-1891,
at St Thomas's Road, Berea infant son of Edward and Caroline Lucas
MacFarlane, Eian Walter m 2 years (circa), 17-Sept-1891, 19-Sept-1891,
At "Redlands", Townhill, PMBurg of Diptheria, the only and dearly beloved child
of George and Maria MacFarland
M'Beth, Robert Allan m no age given, 4-April-1891, 7-April-1891,
at PMburg, from Enteric Fever youngest son of the Rev. Robert M'Beth MA.,
Broaday [Broadway?] Congregational Church, Hammersmith, London UK
McGill, Dorothy  f  no age given, 4-Oct-1891, 7-Oct-1891,
at Ladysmith third daughter of Herbert and Nellie McGill
McGill, Rosa Natalia  f no age given, 1-Oct-1891, 7-Oct-1891,
at Ladysmith infant daughter of Herbert and Nellie McGill
Milliken, John m 46, 11-Sept-1891, 16-Sept-1891,
at the Zwaartkop Valley, PMBurg
Molyneux, Ethel  f  3 years, 29-April-1891, 28-May-1891,
The beloved child of Justin and Lizzie Molyneux
Molyneux, Justin m 28, 17-Nov-1891, 22-Dec-1891,
at Sea off Teneriffe
Molyneux, Victor Wolseley m 18 years, 5-Sept-1891, 16-Sept-1891,
at Matipi's Kraal, Banyailand, seventh son of the late William Molyneux F.G.S.,
Moodie, DCF no age given, 11-Mar-1891, 24-Mar-1891,
at Sea off Teneriffe
Morris, Joyce Mary  f  11 months, 21-Dec-1890, 3-Jan-1891,
at Kokstad, beloved daughter of Westcott Mallett and Heloise (Zulie) Morris
Percival, George m 42, 6-Dec-1891, 11-Dec-1891,
at Umzimkulu, Bricklayer
Redinger, Edouard  m 71, 27-Oct-1891, 6-Nov-1891,
at Koper-Bult near Noodsberg Road, an old colonist of nearly 50 years standing
Reed, Ellen Mary  f  61, 6-June-1891, 12-June-1891,
at Estcourt the wife of John Reed.  Nottingham papers please copy
Ritchie, Elva Annie  f  no age given, 8-Dec-1891, 11-Dec-1891,
at Townlands, PMBurg infant daughter of D Ritchie
Robinson, Kate Flecknoe (Katie)  f  14yrs 6mnth, 15-May-1891, 30-May-1891,
At the North Pier, Port of Durban, by accidental drowning, fourth daughter of
the Rev. TE Robinson, Rector of St. John's, Pinetown
(English papers please copy)
Roseveare, Alice Maud Mary  f 16 years, 18-April-1891, 23-April-1891,
At Musgrave Road, Durban eldest daughter of John and Emma Roseveare
Ross, Mary  f  59yrs 8mnths, 6-Dec-1891, 21-Dec-1891,
at her residence 121 Loop Street, widow of the late George Ross, Riversdale,
Rowan, Elizabeth Montgomery  f  32, 8-Feb-1891, 11-Feb-1891,
at Dundee Coalfields, Natal the beloved wife of Walter Rowan,
Manager, Dundee Coalfields Co Ltd
Rowsell, Edith Maud  f  5yrs 3mnth, 6-May-1891, 9-May-1891,
at PMBurg beloved daugher of AW and Agnes Rowsell
Sanderson, Thomas m 39, 17-April-1891, 25-April-1891,
at Fort Amiel, Newcastle, Supt. D.E.D
Scott, Edgar Sutherland Burton m 5 months, 23-Nov-1891, 24-Nov-1891,
Youngest son of Gilbert and MA Scott
Shapley, Leonard Henry m 3 months, 11-Jan-1891, 16-Jan-1891,
at Greytown infant son of HSM Shapley
Spettigue, Joseph Tuke m 46, 6-Jan-1891,16-Jan-1891,
at Ladysmith
Steele, Anne Catherine  f  75, 11-Feb-1891, 23-Feb-1891,
at the Buffalo River, Natal, widow of the late John Polidore Steele
Strapp, William Colin m 1 year 2 dys, 5-June-1891, 10-June-1891,
at Howick only son of Henry and Jean Strapp
Tarboton, Elizabeth  f  82, 7-Aug-1891, 10-Aug-1891,
at her residence Byrne, near Richmond relict of the late Henry Tarboton
Thorne, Richard (senior) m 51, 10-Jan-1891, 12-Jan-1891, at Greys Hospital
Thornhill, Amelia  f  7 years, 22-Aug-1891, 28-Aug-1891,
drowned at Vaal Krantz Farm, Klip River County (children of William and Caroline
Thornhill, Florence  f  9yrs 2mnths, 22-Aug-1891, 28-Aug-1891,
drowned at Vaal Krantz Farm, Klip River County (children of William and Caroline
Thresh, George m 60, 2-Jan-1891, 5-Jan-1891, at the Imperial Hotel
Trafford, John William m 1y 8mn 17dys, 24-Jan-1891,28-Jan-1891,
at St Andrew's Street youngest son of Fred and Charlotte Trafford
Trotter, Grace Young  f  85, 7-Aug-1891, 12-Aug-1891,
at Yarrow, Woodside, widow of the late George Trotter
Van Rooyen, Mainus, Jacobus,Verimus m 1yr 11mnths, 8-Mar-1891, 14-Mar-1891,
at Greytown, beloved son of EJ and MF Van Rooyan(en) Vaalkrans near Greytown
Vosper, Richard John m 36 years, 28-Nov-1891, 30-Nov-1891,
at his residence Burger Street, formerly of Clifton, Bristol England
Wadeson, Ada Savage  f  no age given, 5-May-1891, 17-June-1891,
at Quetta, India, the wife of Captain F Wadeson, Station Staff Officer
and daughter of Col F Curtis, Commanding Troops, Natal
Wardle, Beatrice (Birdie)  f  memoriam, 31-July-1891, 31-July-1891,
In affectionate Remembrance
Watt, Robert m 50, 2-Jan-1891, 6-Jan-1891,
at PMBurg, cabinet maker, formerly of Edinburgh Scotland, Native of Dalkeith,
Whelan, Cornelius Martin m 2yr 4mns 19dys, 18-June-1891, 25-June-1891,
At Helpmakaar, youngest son of M and L Whelan of Helpmakaar
Whittaker, Sannie  f  60, 1-June-1891, 4-June-1891,
the beloved wife of DF Whittaker
Wyatt, RF 58, 24-Feb-1891, 25-Feb-1891,
at PMBurg, late of Aasvogel Krantz



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