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Passenger list Natal: Conquering Hero 1850 a Byrne Settler ship

Natal Witness 5 July 1850

The Conquering Hero, 320 tons, Captain Cockburn, sailed from Glasgow and carried mostly Scottish settlers, arriving at Natal after a 90 day voyage, on 28 June 1850. Her passengers, like those of the Henrietta, were eye-witnesses of the Minerva disaster which could have done nothing for their confidence, especially as the Conquering Hero temporarily lost her moorings during a north-easterly. This bad start was compounded by the failure of Moreland, Byrne's Emigration Agent, to show them personally their allotments at Richmond, as planned.

William CAMPBELL was a passenger by this ship, also the JOYNER family, the SPEIRS family, John and William PEDDIE, William MCKENZIE, later the first schoolmaster at Richmond.

Per ship Conquering Hero, from Glasgow the 25th March; arrived at Port Natal 28th June, after a favourable passage:

William Joyner 
Mundo M Joyner 
Natal Witness 5 July 1850

Amelia Joyner 
James Joyner 
Ann Joyner 
Jessie Joyner 
John Craig 
William Craig 
John Simpson 
John Dallas 
Robert Spiers (or Speirs) 
Jane Spiers 
Agnes Spiers 
Charles Spiers 
Robert Spiers 
Alexander Spiers 
James Mason 
William Robertson 
Mrs Robertson 
James Lindsay 
Catherine Lindsay 
Roderick McLeod 
Henry Newlands 
William Newlands 
Hugh Livingstone 
Mary Ann Campbell 
William Arbuckle 
Margaret Arbuckle 
Janet Arbuckle 
William Arbuckle 
Helen O Arbuckle 
Mary Stewart 
Charles Fraser 
Henry Johnstone 
James Christie 
Neil McWilliam 
Ann McGown Sharp 
John Kilgour 
Grenville Pierce 
JR Gildart 
H Fulton 
James Cormie 
Jean Cormie 
Robert Cormie 
Peter Cormie 
John McPherson 
Robert McPherson 
PH McPherson 
Alexander McPherson 
John F McPherson 
C and William Peddie 
Thomas McWilliam 
Mary McWilliam 
Christian McWilliam 
Hugh Woods 
Archibald Russell 
Robert Aitken 
M Bates or Aitkew 
Andrew Aitkew 
John Aitkew 
James Aitkew 
George Aitkew 
Samuel Strapp 
A Russell or Strapp 
Wm Strapp 
Ann Strapp 
Mary Ann Strapp 
William Campbell 
Jessie Campbell 
Marshall Campbell 
Gavin Pettigrew 
John Killock 
Roderick Campbell 
Alexander McNab 
William Anderson 
William Dow 
Margaret Dow 
Jane Blair, or Dow 
Helen Dow 
Andrew Stevens 
Thomas McWilliams 
J Simpson 
James Mcland 
Margaret McDonald 
Margaret Young 
James Mitchell 
Mary Miller 
Walter Archibald 
Agnes H Archibald 
John Coats 
Thomas McDonald 
Sarah McDonald 
R McDonald 
W McKenzie 
Jane McKenzie 
Elizabeth McKenzie 
Robert McKenzie 
Kid Millory 
P McLachlan 
H Caldwell 
Isabella Caldwell 
Marion Caldwell 
Mary Caldwell 
Jessie Caldwell 
Henry Caldwell 
John Luke Thompson 
Alexander Pattison 
A McArthur 
A and J McLean 
James Willan 
Thomas Beveridge 
RM Gibson 
Agnes Campbell


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