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Passenger arrivals Natal 1849 with news of Enchantress

Various Shipping Natal Witness 28 September 1849

Vessels mentioned in this column include Vixen, Border Maid, Archimedes, Henry Tanner, John Gibson and Gem.

Appended is a report as follows:

'The Enchantress, bound for Natal, in sailing out of Table Bay yesterday, by some accident, came upon the rocks, and is a wreck. No lives were lost, but a good deal of property. The following account of this misfortune has been communicated:

The schooner Enchantress, of 120 tons, William SPURGIN, master, when bearing out of Table Bay, this forenoon, missed stays, when abreast the rocks between Green Point and Mouille Point, and an anchor was let go. She soon after struck the ground, and the cable having parted, the vessel drove on to the rocks, and has become a total wreck.

An anchor and cable was promptly sent off by the agents but the vessel was wrecked before the anchor boat reached her. There was but little cargo on board, (chiefly the original cargo from England for Natal) and a portion of it will probably be saved. The master and crew were taken out of the vessel in the Life Boat. Friday, 24th August, 1849.

A number of Emigrants for Natal, from England, were on board of this vessel, who have lost money, goods, furniture etc.'


The A1 brigantine Vixen, HA Caffee, is advertised on the 29th August to leave Table Bay for this port.

The clipper schooner Border Maid, is advertised on the same date, as laid on for Algoa Bay and Natal.

The Archimedes, 280 tons, Lawson, is announced as expected from London at Algoa Bay, on her way hither.

The Henry Tanner, 388 tons, J Davis, may be expected direct from London.

The John Gibson, big, 269 tons, D Halladay, arrived in Table Bay on the 28th August. 
Mr and Mrs Chapman 
Mr Bergman 
Mr Kreisa 
Miss Clarence 
36 men, women, and children. 
This vessel may be expected shortly, having left London on the 18th May.

The Gem left the port on the 15th, and arrived in Table Bay on the 25th. She is advertised to return immediately.

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