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Passengers to Australia from Natal: Hannah 1851

Australian gold-diggings, Ararat 

From 1852 the discovery of gold in Australia led to an exodus of colonists from Natal. Some were disillusioned with the way the Byrne settler scheme had turned out; for a few, it was an escape from debts incurred in Natal; all were lured by the prospect of new get-rich-quick opportunities in the Antipodes. No precise figures are recorded for those who left permanently. The families of some men remained behind in Natal while the breadwinner went adventuring, not intending to stay in Australia unless fortune smiled upon him.

Gold-diggers at evening mess: Mount Alexander 1851

In October of 1852 the Hannah and Sarah Bell went directly to Melbourne from Natal, carrying such settlers. The brig Wee Tottie and the Golden Age followed in 1853 and 1854 respectively. Additionally there were passengers who took alternative routes e.g. via the Cape.

Should an ancestor unaccountably disappear from the Natal scene during this period, he might reappear in Australia - or pop up again in Natal after an interval in the other colony.

HANNAH Durban - Melbourne September 1852
Cabin passengers
Brooking, Dr Benjamin, Charlotte Elizabeth and family
Browne, Hugh Junot
Gordon, John Anderson
Heap, Charles Rogers
Jackson, Amelias
Lewellin, Dr John Henry Hill, wife 
GE Lewellin, 
Lewellin, Charles 
Page, Alfred Harrison
Pryce, Edward
Silvester, Adolphus
Skipper, AJ
Turner, John
Whitaker, Daniel Faber
Zohrab, Peter Thomas Henry Gordon, Marianne, 2 children
Steerage passengers
Abbott, Thomas Nathaniel
Barrett, Joseph Rhodes
Blundell, Thomas
Brough, Richard
Buckley, J
Clark, William
Coates, John
Dixon, Henry Lincolne
Duprey, Peter
Edlin, William Brampton
Franklin, Mark
Gregory, Charles
Greville, Robert N, Chaloner
Hallett, James
Hastie, Michael
Howden, Francis Welch
Howden, Montague
Jones, Thomas
Kingham, R
Logan, Robert
Macrae, Kenneth
Marriott, Thomas Oakley, Elizabeth and children
Murray, William
Richardson, Alfred
Richardson, John Alfred, Mary Ann
Richardson, Alfred
Saker, George William
Symes, Edward
Taylor, James, Jane and children
Taylor, John
Taylor, John Horrocks
Turnbull, James Maitland
Vear, William, Sophia
Webb, James, Sarah
Webb, John, Caroline Emma
Webster, George, wife and 2 children
Withers, William Bramwell

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