Monday, December 9, 2013

Passengers to Natal: Trent 1852

Natal Witness 13 February 1852

February 6th
The barque Trent, Captain A. Collett, from London.
The following is a list of passengers:

Mr. J. S. Steel and Mrs. Steel
Mr. and Mrs. Schwikhard
Mr. James Mack (Surgeon) and Mrs. Mack
Mr. W. J. Wilkinson
Mr. H. F. Paxton
Mr. and Mrs. E. Ratsey

Mr. Samuel Oxenham
Mr. and Mrs. Block
Messrs. Josh. and Charles Parker
Mr. Joseph Duncan
Mr. (Wm.) and Mrs. Brown and family (6)
Mr. James Wigg
Mr. Charles Shaw
Mr. E. Bellans

Sailed (from London) Nov 22nd, 1851

Feb. 7 - Rosebud, A. Murison, from Cape Town
Feb. 8 - Tryphena, A. Smith, to Mauritius

Devonian, E.P. Lamport, agent
Iris, J. Millar and Co. agent
Rosebud, H. Jargal, agent


Trent, J. Brown, agent

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