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Passengers to Natal: Evangeline and Priscilla 1860

Arrival of the Evangeline and Priscilla, Natal Mercury 20 September 1860


September 13 - Walter Glendining, brigantine, 111 tons, N Glendining, from Table Bay, September 1
JD Koch, agent

September 15 - Evangeline, barque, 231 tons, G Wigg, from London, sailed June 18
Evans and Churchill, agent

Mr and Mrs Blunt
George Lyall
Hamilton McCreight
William Jalland
PJ Sanders
James Ellis

September 16 - Priscilla, barque 253 tons, G Brown from London, sailed June 10
W Hartley and Co, agents

Mr and Mrs Roach and infant
Mr and Mrs Crowder and five children

106 immigrants in Steerage [see separate list below]


September 17 - Early Morn, barque, 315 tons, Lowry for Algoa Bay and London
Evans and Churchill, agents


Donald Toyner
Ann Russom
Jane, Angelina, Sarah, William, Robert, Charles, Dalcie Taylor
Amelia Richardson
Charles and Julia Dunton with five children
George Parry
John and Christiana Tennant and six children
Emma Lurridge
John and Margaret Thompson and five children
Mary and Ann Willliams
David Williams
Benjamin and Honor May and six children
Walter Gray
Joseph Dickens
Edwin and Katherine Brown
John and Jane Dyer and five children
James and Mary Henwood and five children
James and Isabella Cass and one child
William and John Cass
Robert and Phoebe Moore and five children
William and Caroline Pigeon and three children
Ann and Annie Merrick
George Pinkney
Alexander and Nancy Lindsay and two children
Elizabeth Lindsay
Samuel Goldsworthy
Henry L and Mary Ann Thurston and two children
Ellen Kirkwood
Margaret Graham
Samuel and Jane Deane and two children
Thomas and John Davidson
Robert Hall
Henry Furlong
Alkin Gollan

In all 106 souls, equal to 77 statute adults.

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