Monday, February 8, 2010

More on 1820 Settlers to SA

The Settler Handbook by M D Nash is an in-depth study of the 1820 Settlers, compiled mainly from documents in the Cape Town Archives Repository and TNA, Kew. The lists of parties, ships and individual names contained in this book, as well as the author’s recent addenda and corrigenda to the work, can be viewed at

Included in the 1820 scheme were Irish emigrants from Cork, Wicklow and Armagh. Passenger lists are included in Nash’s book. John Ingram, a merchant who brought a group from Cork in February 1820, returned to Ireland in 1823 to recruit contract labourers who sailed to the Cape by the ship Barossa. This passenger list is given in Esme Bull’s book Aided Immigration from Britain to South Africa 1857-1867; there’s a surname index at

In 1826 a Select Committee of the House of Commons came into being: its aim was to investigate the concept of bulk emigration, in the light of experience gained during the 1820 Settler chapter. Ten years later, the Colonial Land and Emigration Board was established and its Commissioners would regulate British emigration policies for the next five decades.

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