Monday, March 23, 2020

Photographers: Napier

Mr A Napier wasn't one to hold back modestly in his self-advertising. All done 'in the most artistic style'. We are left wondering quite he means by 'Rembrandt, Enamelled and Fancy Style of Picture' but it is clear he was not averse to taking photographs in the open air; he mentions landscape and architectural also groups and animals. An additional incentive would be the 'Dressing Room adjoining Studio'. He goes on to assure customers that 'First Class work only Issued'. 

This advert is dated 1889. By 1880 Napier was operating a studio in Johannesburg, continuing until 1899. In 1908 there was 'Napier Studios' at 163 Longmarket, Pietermaritzburg but whether these were connected with A Napier of Johannesburg is not certain. It seems unlikely since the photographer in the Pietermaritzburg studio's name is given as J W Garner in the 1908 Almanac.

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