Thursday, March 19, 2020

Natal Photographers: James, W E, Bell family

Tradeplate of W E James as seen on the reverse of a photograph
of the Bell family (see above), possibly taken outside
the lightkeeper's residence on the Bluff.
 This photo was one of few in an outside location at this date.

 James had a studio at Central West Street, Durban in 1875. The photo must have been taken after the death of Captain William Bell in 1869. Those in the picture include Douglas Bell (possibly the figure holding the telescope; on the back the name is given as Uncle Dog), an unknown man who might have been the Assistant Lightkeeper, 'Aunt Ellen' (Ellen Harriet Bell married Baxter) and 'Cousin Violet Bell' (Violet Amy Bell daughter of Sarah Scott Bell, later Pay).

The original photo was in black and white but was restored and coloured by artist Hartmut Jager.

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