Wednesday, March 11, 2020

Natal Photographers: the Seventies; Cabinet Prints

A new crop of photographers emerged in Natal during the 1870s, though a few old names remained, such as Caney and Kisch. 

Cartes de visites were still being produced in large numbers in this decade, but cabinet prints were gradually becoming popular. These were larger and were produced in large numbers. By the 1890s they were more commonly-found than cartes.

Robert Forbes of the City Photographic Studio lived and worked in Pietermaritzburg in the 1870s, first at 14 Loop Street then later at 8 Greyling Street. By 1889 he was in Bethlehem. Note that the term Kafir had none of the opprobrium attached to it in more recent times and simply meant 'unbeliever'.

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