Thursday, August 25, 2016

Newspapers for vital snippets of information 1870s

A passing reference to Captain and Mrs Caithness adds interest to the timeline for this ancestor. It tells us the Caithness couple had travelled as passengers on the Northam (Norham Castle? possible misspelling) from the Cape of Good Hope to Southampton. Reported in the Hants Advertiser Sat 21 Sept 1872. This ship was carrying a valuable cargo - over 2 000 pounds in specie (money in coin, not notes), gold from the Marabastadt fields, ostrich feathers, ivory - and nine packages of diamonds. The bales of wool would have been valuable too. The departure dates from each stop en route and the weather experienced are a helpful record of what it was like for any passenger to travel by ship from the Cape to Southampton in the 1870s.

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