Monday, July 20, 2015

Lighthouse keeper's uniform 1920s: Agulhas Light

My grandfather George Orchard in uniform at Cape L'Agulhas lighthouse where he was stationed from 1921 to 1924 (writes Edith Morris).

This photo shows an interesting example of the keeper's uniform at that time.

George Orchard in uniform, 1920s

L'Agulhas Lighthouse, Cape, SA

PJ Hannabus sends additional information on keepers' uniforms:

The uniforms stayed the same until the 1980's, I think, when they stopped issue. However, our uniform (winter Issue) was the same as the Navy, except on the lower sleeve where the braid was, it was capped with a 'diamond', not a round whorl.  This in fact depicted a Naval Officer, Lieutenant, Captain etc. Junior keepers had 1 & 2 braids, a senior keeper had 3.  The summer uniform was white shorts and shirt, and white long socks. The rank was worn on the shoulders with epaulettes. From a distance it looked like a Navy Officer, as the caps were the same too.  I remember my dad walking down Adderley Street, Cape Town, in uniform, and passing soldiers all saluted him! He returned the salute of course, with a 'Carry on soldier!' My mom said, 'But you're not an officer!' He replied,  'But they know what I should have been!'  

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