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Passenger Lists Natal: John Bright 1851

Arrival of the barque John Bright at Natal

Natal Witness 16 May 1851

John Bright, barque, 290 tons, Captain Mills, from London, arrived on 8 May 1851 but was kept waiting outside in the roadstead, being unable to cross the Bar due to lack of wind until 12 May, when the weather at the Port was cloudy but with a fine breeze. Her agent was H. Milner.

She reportedly carried 58 passengers but this doesn’t tally with the number listed in the column:

Abrelpha (?) William
Boemun J F
Brockman Henry
Brockman Joseph
Cumpston -
Clerk Andrew
Clerk Ann
Imrel -
Crowder Benjamin
Crowder Samuel
Crowder Mary
Crowder Sarah
Davidson -
Duncan Mary Ann
Duncan A
Duncan H W
Duncan E
Exall Henry, wife and 4 children
Grouthead Samuel
Gurby Peter
Hunter James
Hunter Caroline
Hilliard Charles
Hute (?) David, wife & child
King Charles
Rowell Frederick
Parry J G
Purse Stephen
Palfreyman Wm
Stevens F P, wife and 2 children
Schofield James
Smith J B
Scott Edward
Scott R
Scott N
Stuart Caroline and 4 children
Stuart T
Stuart M E
Stuart A
Wright H J
Wilson James
Webb F G
Webb Sarah
Young George

Arriving a day earlier, 7 May 1851, was the Lady Sale, brig, Captain Young, from Glasgow, carrying Mr W T Sanderson, one of the vessel's agents.

John Bright

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