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Names:killed and died of wounds HMS Mars 1798

HMS Mars versus L'Hercule

HMS Mars pursued and captured the French 74 L'Hercule at Raz de Sein off Brest on 21 April 1798. French casualties were more numerous than those of the British. Commander of the Mars, Alexander Hood, was fatally wounded at the height of the battle. His name is included in the list below.

Killed and Died of Wounds on HMS Mars:

Robert Bond, John Toule/Soule, James Brownfield, John Henderson, John Rogers, George Spencer, James Logan, James Smith, James Blythe (2), Abm. Devine, James Christie, John Moore, Alex. Hood Capt., And. McGinnis, William Robinson, Supernumerary: Edwd. Canlea, Marines: John Williams, Pat Fearnes, Conrade Schnag, John Wilson, James Waters, Joseph White Capt.

 Wounded taken to Plymouth Hospital

John Sales, John Trewen, George Robertson, James McMullen, John Wevill/Nevill, Francis Cass, Will. Greaves, Will. Chison, George Heckford, Alexr. Ross, George Loring, James Burn, Thos. Tracey, George Hind, George Rutherford, Francis Laurence Bolton, Michael Mark, John Fisher, David Bolton, Will. Wilson (3), Ralph Welsby, John Carroll, Thos. Gillman, David Evans, Charles Buchanan, Thomas Hoar Boy, Thos. Saunders, Lawrence Brannon Private Marine, James O'Brien do, Will. Lloyd Drummer, Sampson Sails Private, Will. McGonnigal do, Will.Knell do, Geo. Burgess do, Will. Bowen do, Will. Loane do.

James Caithness, who had joined the Mars two weeks earlier, survived the action.

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