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Natal Witness Marriage Announcements 1880

Groom, Bride, Date of Event, Date of Advert, Details

Ayre, Meeten, 16-Dec-1880, 21-Dec-1880, at the Drill Shed by the Rev GM Ritchie
John Herbert Ayre to  Anne Aleurida Meeten

Backnall, Parkinson, 8-Dec-1880, 14-Dec-1880, at St Mark's Church, Karkloof by the Rev EH Shears, assisted by the Rev J Methley, Frank Bucknall of Selsley, The Dargle, to Fanny eldest daughter of Edwin Parkinson Esq. of Shafton Grange

Baldwin, Warner, 16-Dec-1880, 21-Dec-1880, at Bishopstowe, by the Right Rev the Lord Bishop of Natal, Joseph eldest son of the late Walter Baldwin to Caroline Maria eldest daughter of Mr William Warner of this City

Ball, Dand, 17-June-1880, 19-June-1880, at the residence of Mr Joseph Mason, West Street by the Rev T Woolmer, assisted by the Rev W Bryant, George Ball of this City to Charlotte Harriet Dand, only daughter of the late Mr Thomas Dand of Durban

Baylis, Anderson, 31-July-1880, 10-Aug-1880, at Verulam by the Rev F Mason
Leighton Baylis Esq. PMBurg to Louisa second daughter of the late Robert Anderson Esq. Special government surveyor

Bedford, Nicolson, 15-Dec-1880, 21-Dec-1880, at St Anne's Church, Ravensworth near New Hanover by the Rev. Thomas Taylor, James Frederick third son of the late Vice Admiral G A Bedford to Francis Alice youngest daughter of William Nicolson Esq. of Natal

Bond, Anderson, 14-June-1880, 15-June-1880, at the residence of G Kelsey, PMBurg
Arthur Bond Esq. Heidelberg, Transvaal to EB Anderson, youngest daughter of the late WI Anderson, Dumfries, Scotland

Boshoff, nee Perry/Van Der Berg, 26-May-1880, 3-June-1880, at his residence, Jobert's Vley near Weston by the Rev James Turnbull and in the company of friends.
Mr Jacobus Nicolaas Boshoff, Senior Ex-President of the OFS and late M.L.C. of Natal to Louisa Perry, widow of the late J P Van Der Berg of Bethulie, Orange Free State

Braithwaite, Smith, 21-July-1880, 17-Aug-1880, by the Rev O Watkins, at the residence of the bride's father John Hebdon Braithwaite to Sarah Ammie Smith eldest daughter of William Smith Esq. Thornhill

Buchanan, Berning, 11-Sep-1880, 16-Sept-1880, at St Mathews Church, Estcourt by the right Rev. the Lord Bishop of PMBurg assisted by the Rev. Mr Strickland
Edwin James Buchanan of New Scotland, Transvaal to Anna Elizabeth third daughter of the late FS Berning Esq.

Bulmer, Collis, 14-Jan-1880, 15-Jan-1880, at PMBurg by the Rev F Mason assisted by the Rev O Watkins John Bulmer of Durban to Frances Margerete only daughter of the late J Collis of Cleveland

Cato, Moore, 3-Mar-1880, 9-Mar-1880, at the residence of the bride's mother "Harmony" near Richmond William W Cato Esq. Government Surveyor, eldest son of the late C J Cato Esq. to Alice Emma Moore youngest daughter of the late R Moore Esq.

Chatterton, Nellist, 19-May-1880, 20-May-1880, by Special Licence at the Wesleyan Chapel, PMBurg by the Rev Mr Bryant Mr James Chatterton to Mary Emma eldest daughter of Mr W W Nellist, late of Middlesborough County Durham, England

Choles, Vale, 6-Sept-1880, 11-Sept-1880, at St Paul's Durban, by the Rev Page Wood
Frederick John Choles of PMBurg to Johanna Jane daughter of Edward Vale of Upper Clapton, London

Coates, Crowley, 29-Mar-1880, 30-Mar-1880, at the Private Episcopal Chapel by the Right Rev. Dr. Jolivet, Bishop George Coates, Deputy Commissary, to - Miss Crowley eldest daughter of TG Crowley Esq. Bellins in partivus and Vicar Apostolic of Natal, assisted by the Very Rev Justin Barrett O.M.I.

Cowley, Campbell, 24-July-1880, 29-July-1880, at the residence of the bride's mother Longmarket Street, PMBurg by the Rev J Smith, assisted by Pastor S Cowley, the father of the bridegroom Alfred S Cowley Esq. J.P. of Brunswick, Queensland, Australia to Marie third survivng daughter of the late William Campbell of "Muckleneuk" Victoria County

Donaldson, Taylor, 18-April-1880, 6-May-1880, by Special Licence at St Saviours Cathedral by the Rev Dean Green Mark Donaldson of Cape Town to Ann Mary Taylor

Edmonds, Plummer, 26-Jan-1880, 27-Jan-1880, at St Peters Cathedral, by the Archdeacon Colley Godfrey Henry fourth son of William Edmunds of High Wycombe, Bucks, England to Mary eldest daughter of George Plummer of York

Ely, Young, 14-Jan-1880, 20-Jan-1880, by the Rev G M Ritchie
Robert second and only son of James Ely Esq. of Richmond to Clara Gertrude
fifth and youngest daughter of the late Mr E Young of this city

Francis, Jefferies, 8-April-1880, 15-April-1880, at St Saviour's PMBurg by the Very Rev Dean Green Walter Fenn son of Thomas Francis Esq. Great Ormond Street, London to Adele Ellen youngest daughter of W Jeffries Esq. "Nonsuch", Town Bush Valley, PMBurg

Gibbs, Thornton, 9-Jun1880, 12-June-1880, at St Paul's, Durban
Samuel Gibbs of Adamshurst to Charlotte Thornton of England per passenger ship
American ship

Gordon, Gordon, 30-Mar-1880, 1-April-1880, at St Saviour's Cathedral by the Very Rev the Dean of PMBurg Charles Gordon MD. M.R.C.S. to Martha widow of the late W H Gordon

Gould, Knott, 10-July-1880, 13-July-1880, at St Peters Cathedal, PMBurg
Edward Mardie Gould of Kokstad, Griqualand East to Miss Florence Knott of PMBurg

Gubbins, Bradstreet, 1-Dec-1880, 9-Dec-1880, at Newcastle by Special Licence by the Rev DE Robinson Charles O'Grady Gubbins A.B. M.B. etc District Surgeon to Maud, widow of the late R Bradsreet Esq.

Guillod, Flower, 3-Nov-1880, 16-Nov-1880, at Beaconsfield, Westville by Special Licence by the Rev John Reynolds George Guillod of Weston to Henrietta Flower of Stockwell, near London

Haden, Bainbridge, 22-Nov-1880, 27-Nov-1880, at Ladysmith
Charles Henry Haden of Ladysmith to Florence Beatrice daughter of John Bainbridge of Klip Kraal near Ladysmith

Hall, Low, 2-Dec-1880, 7-Dec-1880, at the "Forrest" PMBurg, Natal  the Rev GM St. M Ritchie Charles Arthur youngest son of the late William Trambrook Hall Esq. of Highfield, Cheshire and Brymbro Hall Denbighshire to Susan second daughter of the late Major Richard Butler Low, 53rd Regiment

Lane, Emslie, 29-Mar-1880, 10-April-1880, at St John The Baptist's Church Harrismith OFS by the Rev FRT Balfour George Lane, Harrismith to Isabella fourth surviving daughter of the late James Emslie of Aberdeen, Scotland

Life, Hayes, 20-April-1880, 24-April-1880, at the residence of the bride's father, by Special Licence William Ruben son of the late John Life, Surgeon, Manchester England to - Bridgina eldest daughter of P Hayes Esq. Plaases Laager (Plessislaaer)

Loveday, Juta, 10-Feb-1880, 2-Mar-1880, at St Alban's Cathedral, Pretoria by the Right Rev the Bishop of Pretoria Richard Kelsey Loveday, Master and Registrar of the High Court, Transvaal to Augusta Willhelmina Magdelene, eldest daughter of CJ Juta Esq. High Sherriff, Transvaal

Lumgair, Elmes, 7-April-1880, 15-May-1880, at St Lukes, Souillac, Savanne, Mauritius by the Rev HD Buswell George Lumgair Esq. of the Colonial Secretary's Office to Caroline Elizabeth youngest daughter of the late William Elmes Esq. of Ware, Hertfordshire, England

Lutterell, Maritz, 5-Aug-1880, 14-Aug-1880, at PMBurg by the Rev GM St. M Ritch
Francis Fownes Lutterell Esq. to Johanna Helena second daughter of S S Maritz Esq. Late of Umvoti County

Matterson, Tyrrell, 8-Sept-1880, 23-Sept-1880, at St Thomas's Berea Durban by the Rev John Reynolds Arthur William only son of George Octavious Matterson of Balderton House, Nottinghamshire and formerly of Rosedale, PMBurg
to Muriel Margaret Stuart (Daisy) second surviving daughter of Edward Tyrrell, J.P. of the Berea, Durban

Meek, Vos, 29-June-1880, 24-July-1880, by the Rev W Ackerman of Wakkerstroom by Special Licence Henry M Meek youngest son of the late J Meek Esq. Of Woodside to Johanna S Vos only daughter of H Vos Esq. of this District

Methley, Fannin, 7-Sept-1880, 9-Sept-1880, at PMBurg by the Rev GM St. M Ritchie
Foster Hodgson Methley to Dora Anne Fannin second daughter of the late Thos. W Fannin, both of  PMBurg

Miller, Pashler, 21-Dec-1880, 23-Dec-1880, at St Peters Cathedral, PMBurg by the Rev Archdeacon Colley Albert Charles youngest son of Charles Miller to Sarah Ann only daughter of Sarah Pashler relict of the late George Miller of Natal

Newmarch, Taylor, 19-Nov-1879, 8-Jan-1880, at Holy Trinity, Bridlington Quay, England
John Newmarch of Fiji eldest son of William Newmarch Esq. of Hurworth to Sarah,
daughter of the late Mr George Taylor of Bridlington Quay, England

Nicholson, Dyer, 22-Sept-1880, 25-Sept-1880, at St Mary's Church, Richmond by the Rev. JR Mark John Craven Nicholson second son of William Nicholson of Baaulieu to Alica Louise
eldest daughter of the late Alfred Knyston Dyer formerly of Ceylon

Payn, Young, 8-Jan-1880, 24-Jan-1880, at the residence of the bride's father, Glengarry, Griqualand, Upper Umzimkulu Alexander Francis son of William Payn Esq. Ferrry-Hill, Harding to Ellen Anne eldest daughter of George Young Esq.

Pratt, Henderson, 10-Mar-1880, 23-Mar-1880, in M. W. Stroom, Transvaal by the Rev D Ackerman George Barry Pratt of the Cape Colony to Hester Magdelan only daughter of P F Henderson Esq.

Randles, Jones, 7-April-1880, 17-April-1880, at St Peter's Cathedral by the Ven. Archdeacon Colley John Randles to Mathilda youngest daughter of the late Robert Jones Esq.

Reynolds, Barker, 14-Jan-1880, 22-Jan-1880, at St Patrick's Church Umzinto, Alexandra County by the Ven Archdeacon Charles Partridge, second son of Thomas Reynolds Esq. of Umhlali, Victoria County to Liooian Julia Mary
eldest daughter of the Ven Joseph Barker. Barker, assisted by the Rev Ainslie Talon

Russom, Pole, 20-May-1880, 10-June-1880, at Du Toit's Pan, Diamond fields by the Rev WH Apsden Alfred Douglas Russom to Mary Emma Pole

Short, Shandoss, 11-Mar-1880, 13-Mar-1880, by Special Licence at PMBurg
Frederick William Short Esq. Potchefstroom, Transvaal to Josepha Ellinor Shandross youngest daughter of Mr ER Shandoss, OFS

Simpson, Browning, 6-Sept-1880, 9-Sept-1880, at St Peters Cathedral PMBurg by the right Rev the Lord Bishop of Natal Henry Charles Simpson of Durban to Maria Jane eldest daughter of Mr Charles Browning of Longmarket Street PMBurg

Sinclair, Hooper, 28-Jan-1880, 7-Feb-1880, by Special Licence at St Luke's Church, Howick George Sinclair (Glenkinnon the Dargle) fourth son of the late Charles Sinclair of Mount St Clair, Umzinto to Celia eldest daughter of Dr Joseph Hooper

St Clair, Pratt, 23-Mar-1880, 1-April-1880, by Special Licence at St Peter's Cathedral by the Ven Archdeacon Colley Bertie St Clair to Mary Elizabeth second daughter of Mr M H Pratt of this city

Tatham, Anderson, 19-Sept-1880, 7-Oct-1880, at Ladysmith, by the Rev HE Carlyon Incumbent George Frederick Tatham to Frances Anderson

Thornton, Higham, 29-April-1880, 6-May-1880, by Special Licence at Omba Villa, Durban by the Rev WH Mann W Thornton to Mary Higham both of Umzinto

Topham, Davis, 28-Oct-1880, 4-Nov-1880, at the Drill Shed by Special Licence by the Rev G St M Ritchie Alfred J Topham of Greytown to Florence Sophia eldest daughter of P Davis Esq. PMBurg

Turner, Strickland, 29-Jan-1880, 31-Jan-1880, at St Jude's, Greytown by the Rev T Taylor
Albert Edward Turner, third son of John Turner Esq. of Herefordshire, England to Eveline Mary Strickland of St Hilda's Greytown

Wilkinson, Hollington, 10-Jan-1880, 20-Jan-1880, by the Rev Mr Smith
WG Wilkinson to Miss MD Hollington PMBurg

Windsor, Brand, 23-June-1880, 1-July-1880, at Harrismith OFS, South Africa by the Rev George Perry MA. George Windsor to Louisa Georgina only daughter of the late Capt. Charles Brand, Royal Navy, of England

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