Saturday, May 4, 2013

St Helena Resources

The above link takes you to St Helena Institute's Forum for Family History. It is intended for anyone interested in St Helena family history and genealogy (incl. Ascension Island and Tristan da Cunha).

As the forum is both a Message Board and a Mailing List, your message will be accessible online to future members and visitors to the site. Posts to the group should feature one of the names being researched in the subject line, if applicable.

Basic resources relating to St Helena family history can be found on the Institute's homepage at

Explore the Family History Library Catalogue at for filmed military records relating to St Helena. Bear in mind that St Helena was a trading colony from the mid-17th c and had close connections with India: the island was occupied by troops of the East India Company between 1659 and 1836. In 1836, company troops were replaced by regular British troops. Muster and pension rolls for 1789-1859 include the name, rank, company, regiment, date of arrival, date of discharge and other information for soldiers serving on St Helena. The films include some partial indexes. The original records are in the India Office Military Department collection no. L/MIL/13/1-15, held at the British Library.

Passengers passed through St Helena on their way to England from far-flung outposts in India and China.

For further information and links visit the FIBIS (Families in British India Society) site  news of the imminent publication, by the Friends of St Helena, of the book St Helena Britannica.

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