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Natal Witness Births 1880

Information presented in following order:
Name, Gender, Date of Event,  Date of Advert, Details

Alexander  f  15-Dec-1880, 16-Dec-1880 at "Silverdale Farm"  Town Bush
Valley  f   PMBurg the wife of Fred J Alexander of a daughter
Allen m 8-Sept-1880, 9-Sept-1880 at West Street PMBurg the wife of Robert Allen Esq. of Colworth, County Klip River of a son
Andrews  f  26-April-1880, 6-May-1880 at 5 Longmarket Street, PMBurg the wife of John Andrews (junior) of a daughter
Arnold m 22-Feb-1880, 2-Mar-1880 at Estcourt the wife of Edward PB Arnold Esq. of a son
Barnes m 26-Oct-1880, 28-Oct-1880 at Brookside, PMBurg the wife of Jas Barnes of a son
Baxter m 28-July-1880, 10-Aug-1880 at Camden, Transvaal the wife of Edward A Baxter of a son
Birbeck  f  3-June-1880, 8-June-1880 at Kokstad, East Griqualand, the wife of Lieut. Birbeck C.M.R. of a daughter
Birkett m 24-Mar-1880, 30-Mar-1880 at Craig Farm, Weenen County, the wife of Fras. J Birkett of a son
Blaker m 20-Nov-1880, 27-Nov-1880 the wife of H Blaker, Southdowns, Estcourt of a son
Boyd m 19-Feb-1880, 21-Feb-1880 at Hatley, Town Bush Valley, PMBurg, Natal the wife of Fielding Hatley Boyd of a son
Burchel  f  12-April-1880, 15-April-1880 at Church St. PMBurg the wife of Frank George Burchel of a daughter
Cameron  f  21-Sept-1880, 23-Sept-1880 at the Mission House, Verulam the wife of the Rev Henry M Cameron of a daughter
Campbell  f  23-Oct-1880, 26-Oct-1880 at Aliwal Street Durban, Mrs A M Campbell of a daughter
Carpenter m 15-Mar-1880, 1-April-1880 at Harrismith, O.F.S. the wife of James Peter Carpenter of a son
Chalklen  f  17-June-1880, 19-June-1880 at Greytown, the wife of Mr Chalklen of a daughter
Crane  f  28-May-1880, 3-June-1880 the wife of Thomas Crane, Royal Hotel, Durban of a daughter
De Carrey  f  7-May-1880, 15-May-1880 at Pilgrim's Rest, Biggarsberg, the wife of Holland V De Carrey of a daughter
De Haas  f  4-Feb-1880, 24-Feb-1880 at Lydenburg, Transvaal, the wife of Mr J W De Haas of a daughte
Downes m 11-Feb-1880, 21-Feb-1880 at Stanger, Mrs Alfred Downes of a son
Downes m 9-June-1880, 15-June-1880 at Harding, the wife of Horace C Downes of a son
Drake m 2-Aug-1880, 7-Aug-1880 at Underwood, the wife of L F Drake of a son
Du Bois m 19-May-1880, 25-May-1880 at Settle, Umgeni, the wife of Mr F Du Bois of a son
Dunn, Daisy Maude  f  7-Dec-1880, 18-Dec-1880 at Rose Cottage, PMBurg the wife of R E Dunn of a daughter
Evans  f  7-Jan-1880, 13-Jan-1880 at Townlands, PMBurg the wife of David Evans of a daughter
Fagwell  f  18-Aug-1880, 16-Sept-1880 at Riet Fontein, Little Tugela the wife of Edward Fagwell of a daughter
Ford  f  15-Feb-1880, 19-Feb-1880 at Knollenank Mrs George Ford of Howick of a daughter
Frampton  f  3-Mar-1880, 6-Mar-1880 at 28 Church Street the wife of Mr JE Frampton of a daughter
Franks/nee Lovatt  f  8-Aug-1880, 21-Aug-1880 at Standerton, Transvaal the wife of F A Franks(nee Lovatt) of a daughter
Fynn  f  9-May-1880, 13-May-1880 at Emsita, Umsinga Division, the wife of Henry H Fynn of a daughter
Geddie m 27-Dec-1880, 30-Dec-1880 at Chapel Street PMBurg he wife of George Geddie of a son
Gray  f+f  16-April-1880, 22-April-1880,"At "Smaal Deel" the wife of William Gray of Twin Daughters
Gray m 30-April-1880, 6-May-1880 at "Helmsley" High Flats, the wife of W Gray of a son
Haddon m 25-Mar-1880, 1-April-1880 at Newcastle the wife of Mr TR Haddon of a son
Hall m 6-Dec-1880, 9-Dec-1880 the wife of J W F Hall, Umsinga Division of a son
Harcourt m+m 24-Oct-1880, 30-Oct-1880 at Hilltop, Mrs Jas Harcourt of twin boys
Hathorn m 14-July-1880, 20-July-1880 at 17 Loop Street, PMBurg the wife of Kenneth Howard Hathorn of a son
Hathorn  f  5-Sept-1880, 11-Sept-1880 at Upper Norwood (England) Mrs Fergus A Hathorn of a daughter
Hodgson m 22-June-1880, 3-July-1880 at Newcastle, the wife of James Hodgson of a son
Hogben  f  11-Mar-1880, 13-Mar-1880 at 37 Berg Street PMBurg, the wife of John Hogben of Little Tugela of a daughter
Holliday  f  15-May-1880, 22-May-1880 at PMBurg the wife of Mr William Holliday of a daughter
Hulley  f  11-Feb-1880, 9-Mar-1880 on the Farm Uitkyk, District Cronstadt, Orange Free State the wife of HB Hulley Esq. of Upper Umzimkulu, Griqualand East of a daughter
Hunter  f  5-Nov-1880, 6-Nov-1880 at Holly Lodge, PMBurg the wife of PW Hunter of a daughter
Irvin m 13-Mar-1880, 13-Mar-1880 at Loop Street, PMBurg the wife of JR Irvin of a son
Jackson  f  12-Feb-1880, 19-Feb-1880 at PMBurg the wife of R W Jackson of a daughter
Johnson  m  6-Mar-1880, 11-Mar-1880 at PMBurg Mrs F W Johnson (late of Stamford Hill, Umgeni) of a son
Jones m 8-June-1880,1-July-1880 at Loop Street, PMBurg the wife of Robert J Jones, of Glen Lynden, Mooi river of a son
Justice m 25-Oct-1880, 28-Oct-1880 at PMBurg the wife of Robert Justice of Woodlands, Richmond of a son
Kirby  f  29-July-1880, 3-Aug-1880 at Etembeni Weslyan Mission Station, the wife of Rev T Kirby of a daughter
Kirby m 12-Aug-1880, 14-Aug-1880 at PMBurg the wife of Harry E Kirby, Northcote, Weenen County of a son
Kisch m 12-July-1880, 15-July-1880 the wife of H Kisch of a son
Landsberg  f  1-May-1880, 8-May-1880 at Uitzoek, near New Leeds, the wife of Mr Otto Landsberg of a daughter
Lloyd m 5-Aug-1880, 10-Aug-1880 at Zwartkop Valley, near PMBurg, the wife of C B Lloyd of a son
MacPhail m 6-July-1880, 15-July-1880 at Yarl, near Newcastle the wife of Mr D MacPhail of a son
Malker  f  11-Mar-1880, 11-Mar-1880 at St. Fort, Conquered Territory, Orange Free State, the wife of W J Malker of a daughter (premature)
Mason m 20-Aug-1880, 26-Aug-1880 at 14 Berg Street, PMBurg the wife of WH Mason of a son
McAlister m 3-Oct-1880, 5-Oct-1880 at Glen Islay, PMBurg the wife of R McAlister of a son
McLaren  f  29-July-1880, 5-Aug-1880 at PMBurg, the wife of JC McLaren of a daughter
Murray  f  16-Dec-1880, 21-Dec-1880 at PMBurg the wife of Thos K Murray of a daughter
Palframan  f  17-Feb-1880, 19-Feb-1880 at Burger Street, PMBurg the wife of Mr W Palframan, New Leeds of a daughter
Parker m 23-Jan-1880, 23-Jan-1880 at the Ferns, Mrs Hugh Parker of a son
Payn  f  1-Oct-1880, 5-Oct-1880 at Plaisance, Backbeach, Durban the wife of PF Payn of a daughte
Payn m 28-Sept-1880, 7-Oct-1880 the wife of Alex Payn of Bellevue, Upper Umzimkulu of a son
Peniston  f  25-July-1880, 3-Aug-1880 at Moord Spruit, Weenen County, the wife of Mr E Peniston of a daughter
Rawlinson m 1-Oct-1880, 14-Oct-1880 at Harlestow, near Weston the wife of Robert H Rawlinson of a son
Robins m 26-Mar-1880, 1-April-1880 at PMBurg the wife of AJ Robins of a son
Runciman m 12-Oct-1880, 14-Oct-1880 at PMBurg the wife of JA Runciman of a son
Sadler  f  13-Oct-1880, 14-Oct-1880 at PMBurg the wife of R Sadler -Carpenter - of a daughter
Shaw  f  15-Aug-1880, 19-Aug-1880 at Clarendon, Mrs Walter T Shaw of a daughter
Shuttleworth m 4-Aug-1880, 7-Sept-1880 at Newcastle the wife of Mr James Shuttleworth of a son
Smith  f  1-Dec-1879, 7-Feb-1880 at Bethal the wife of Mr WG Smith of a daughter
Somers m 25-Jan-1880, 27-Jan-1880 at Glendrishok, Dargle, Mrs WB Somers of a son
Spence m 21-Oct-1880, 30-Oct-1880 at Mount Pleasant, the wife of FA Campbell (Inspector Natal Mounted Police) of a son
Stacey  f  10-May-1880, 15-May-1880 at Burger Street, PMBurg the wife of Mr AJ Stacey of a daughter
Stalker m 16-Aug-1880, 17-Aug-1880 at PMBurg the wife of the Rev John Stalker of a son
Stewart  f  29-Feb-1880, 13-Mar-1880 at Strathavon, Boston, the wife of Mr J Stewart of a daughter
Still  f  16-Oct-1880, 21-Oct-1880 at PMBurg the wife of WF Still, Coalfields, Dundee of a daughter
Tarboton  f  11-Sept-1880, 21-Sept-1880 at Edendale the wife of CH Tarboton of a daughter
Taylor m 2-Oct-1880, 7-Oct-1880 the wife of Robert Taylor of Mooi River Hotel, Weston, of a son
Thomson m 26-Feb-1880, 9-Mar-1880 at Harrismith, OFS Mrs W Burns Thomson of a son
Thrash m 17-Aug-1880, 28-Aug-1880 the wife of Chas E Thrash of "Melbourn" Camperdown of a son
Turner  f  19-Sept-1880, 23-Sept-1880 at Willbrook near Estcourt the wife of Edward J Turner of a daughter
Turvin  f  17-May-1880, 22-May-1880 at Leecrofts, Currey's Post, the wife of CJ Hankin Turvin of a daughter
Urquart m 13-Aug-1880, 24-Aug-1880 at the farm "Glen Urquart" Klip River, Mrs Urquart of a son
Walton m+m 31-Oct-1880, 6-Nov-1880 at Brackfontein near Ladysmith the wife of James W Walton of twin sons
Warwick m 19-June-1880, 29-June-1880 at Burger Street the wife of Mr E Warwick of a son
White  f  30-Jan-1880, 7-Feb-1880 at Raven Street, PMBurg the wife of HJ White of a daughter
Whitelaw m 6-Mar-1880, 9-Mar-1880 at "Brickyards" PMBurg the wife of David Whitelaw of a son
Winkley  f  22-Dec-1880, 23-Dec-1880 at Berg Street, the widow of the late Percy E Winkley of a daughter
Wolhuter m 28-Jan-1880, 31-Jan-1880 at PMBurg the wife of Mr A J Wolhuter of A son
Woolley  f  6-Nov-1880, 11-Nov-1880 at Harding, Alfred County the wife of R Woolley Esq. of a daughter
Young m 3-April-1880, 6-April-1880 at 4 Loop Street, PMBurg the wife of Mr E Young of a son

William Caithness Bell 

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