Sunday, May 5, 2013

St Helena 1792 - 1840 the latter days of slavery

Friends of St Helena: on May 21, 2011 Colin Fox presented a talk on the Origin of St Helena's slaves and their Emancipation.  This was a path strewn with difficulties for both slaves and their owners. The presentation includes an analysis of their origin, skills and numbers/value by age.

The 33 min talk is accessible to members of the Friends of St Helena; become a member for full access to this and other material including videos.

There is an informative though shortened version of Colin Fox’s talk - accessible to non-members - in the public domain of the site at

Entitled How St Helena Slaves Gained Their Freedom, this article includes a full list of slaves in 1827, together with the names of slave owners. Further details about individual slaves can be accessed by members of Friends of St Helena.

Enjoy a slideshow of views of the island, its historic buildings and scenic beauties:

Also see Descendants of the Saints: St Helena Heritage on this blog at

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