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Natal Witness Deaths 1880

Information given in following order:
Name, Gender, Age, Date of Event, Date of Advert, Details (usefully including some causes of death)

Adam, Brooke W m 32, 11-April-1880, 20-May-1880
at Glanivy, Cardigan, South Wales, BW Adam Esq. of Downside, PMBurg

Adcock, Joseph (senior) m 64, 28-Aug-1880, 11-Sept-1880
at the residence of his son at Wakkerstroom, suddenly by apoplexy

Allerston, Harriet  f  41, 13-Nov-1880, 16-Nov-1880
at Berg Street PMBurg, the beloved wife of  Francis Allerston

Armitage, Sarah Ann  f  36y 11mnth, 3-Jan-1880
at Rose Cottage, Townlands PMBurg the wife of W Armitage of Nunburnholme

Arthur, Maria  f  23, 26-Mar-1880, 1-April-1880
at PMBurg on Good Friday, after a brief illness the beloved wife of Arthur John Arthur

Bales, Charles George m 40, 23-Dec-1879, 27-Jan-1880
at Ipswich, England. Late of Durban, Natal

Barker, Edward Chase m 24, 21-Nov-1880, 21-Dec-1880
Eldest son of  Mr Barker J.P. Kokstad, East Griqualand, was killed by the Basutos
near the Orange River whilst in charge of an advanced guard

Berning, Lucy Johanna  f  30 yrs  9mnths, 19-Sept-1880, 30-Sept-1880
at Dr Dalzells Umsinga, daughter of the late Rev JL Dohne
and beloved wife of John Berning of Newcastle

Birbeck  f  1 day, 4-June-1880, 8-June-1880
at Kokstad, Griqualand East, the infant child of Lieut and Mrs Birbeck

Birch, Edmund Mee m 48yrs 6 mnths, 29-July-1880, 7-Aug-1880
at his residence, 8 Berg Street, PMBurg

Blenkin, John m no age given, 26-Nov-1880, 30-Nov-1880
at "Hamilton" Slangspruit near PMBurg Natal, formerly of Gilling East, Yorkshire England

Boast, David m 52, 24-June-1880, 29-June-1880
at Dalton, Noodsberg

Brooks, Milly f  76, 26-Oct-1880, 28-Oct-1880
at the residence of her daughter Mrs Henry Handley Erichstein, Umvoti County,
relict of the late Benjamin Brooks

Buck, Charles Samuel m 57, 24-April-1880, 6-May-1880
at Harrismith, Orange  Free State (formerly of PMBurg) Natal

Cameron  f  18 days, 8-Oct-1880, 9-Oct-1880
at the Mission House, Verulam the infant daughter of Henry and Ellen Cameron

Cameron  f  no age given, 24-Oct-1880, 4-Nov-1880
at Rosebank, Cape Town the widow of the late James Cameron,
Chairman and superintendent, Wesleyan Missions, Natal

Campbell, AAH m 33, 3-April-1880, 15-April-1880
at Estcourt after a short illness, Superintendent  CC Department, Weenen County

Chadwick, Mrs Ann  f  82, no date given, 29-July-1880
at the residence of her son A S Chadwick Esq. 36 Longmarket Street PMBurg

Clarke, John m 40, 8-Feb-1880, 21-Feb-1880
at his residence, Princess Street, PMBurg (builder)
Leaving a widow and 7 children to lament his loss

Colborne, Joseph Frederick m 29, 20-Oct-1880, 23-Oct-1880
at Congella Road, Durban, eldest son of Mr JS Colborne formerly of PMBurg Natal

Cope, Henry m 74, 19-Aug-1880, 21-Aug-1880
at his residence, Pine Terrace, Durban, Advocate and J.P.

Day, Maggie  f  25, 10-Nov-1880, 13-Nov-1880
at her residence, Longmarket Street in the City, of fever the beloved wife of Thomas Day

Dickson, Mary Ann  f  77, 23-April-1880, 1-May-1880
at PMBurg , beloved mother of G and M Bredenkamp

Downes, Harold m 2 mnths 5 days, 16-Aug-1880, 21-Aug-1880
at Harding the infant son of of Horace and Jane Downes

Duckham, Alfred m 8mnth 11 days, 24-April-1880, 27-April-1880
at Greytown, of inflammation, son of IW and Elizabeth Duckham

Duncam, Joseph m 70, 20-June-1880, 29-June-1880
at his residence Burger Street
In memorium see NW Thurs July 8th 1880, pge 3 Col. 2

Eicke, m still born, 10-Sept-1880, 16-Sept-1880
at Berg Street PMBurg the wife of A Eicke of a son

Evans  f  1 day, 7-Jan-1880, 13-Jan-1880,
The infant child of D and S Evans

Fannin, Meredyth Llewellyn m infant, 24-Feb-1880, 28-Feb-1880
at "Kilgobbin" Upper Umgeni infant son of Meredyth and Mary Fannin

Filter, H - Rev. m 47, 23-Dec-1879
at Luneberg, Pongola - Pastor of Luneberg,
deeply lamented by his family and whole parish

Finnis, William m 59, 12-Feb-1880, 19-Feb-1880 at PMBurg

Fitzsimons, Charles Hamilton m 41, 26-Nov-1880, 27-Nov-1880
at his residence Longmarket Street suddenly of Bronchitis,
eldest son of John Fitzsimons of PMBurg

Ford, Edward m 74, no date given, 4-May-1880
at the residence of his son, Mr Edward Ford. Formerly of Emsworth, Hampshire

Fraser, Osborn McKenzie m 16mnth 20days, 1-May-1880, 8-May-1880
at PMBurg infant son of HK Fraser

Gade, H m 61, 28-Aril-1880, 18-May-1880
at the residence of his son, Jacobsdal, Transvaal

Gainsford, Harriet Rachel  f  16 mnths  24 dys, 30-Nov-1880, 4-Dec-1880
At PMBurg, youngest daughter of Jane and Edward Gainsford

Grant, Ethel Winifred  f  no age given, 1-Nov-1880,4-Nov-1880
at PMBurg, infant daughter of Ben and Lilia Grant

Gray, William m no age given, 25-Sept-1880, 11-Nov-1880
at Ellerclose, Grasmere, of Grays Court, York, England

Hall, Eliza Annie Georgina  f  1 yr  6 mnths, 16-Sept-1880, 18-Sept-1880
At PMBurg second daughter of A and EA Hall

Handley, Henry m 51, 26-Mar-1880, 1-April-1880
at the residence of his brother "Hallcar" Greytown, of Erichstein, Umvoti

Harper, Herbert Edward m 6yr,1mn 16 days 26-Feb-1880, 2-Mar-1880
At Commercial Road, PMBurg, the beloved son of Robert and Annie Harper
After 13 months of painful suffering

Harvey, Emma  f  36, 7-Mar-1880, 17-April-1880
at Leicester, England wife of Mr Henry Harvey
and youngest daughter of Mr Henry Tarboton, Byrne

Hathorn, Winifred Marianne Howard  f  3yrs  9 mnths, 23-Sept-1880, 5-Oct-1880
at the residence of her grandfather Durban,
beloved child of Fergus and Mary Hathorn

Heeley, Frederic m 40, 12-April-1880, 17-April-1880
at his residence in Pietermaritz Street PMBurg

Hellet, William Peter m 55 yrs  4 mnths, 25-July-1880, 5-Aug-1880
at his residence, Greytown

Hester, Maria  f  no age given, 26-Jan-1880, 29-Jan-1880,
Beloved wife of Mr W Hester

Irvine, John William Ransom m 8 months, 25-Nov-1880, 27-Nov-1880
at 24 Loop Street, beloved son of JR and Emma Irvine

Kewish Lenora  f  26, 24-Nov-1880, 27-Nov-1880
at the residence of Mr VJ Gordon, Chapel Street (late of Ramsay, Isle of Mann)

Keytel, Ruby Catherine  f  11 mnth  4 dys, 19-Sept-1880, 21-Sept-1880,
The beloved infant of JF Keytel

Knox, Frances Theodosia  f  11, 12-Jan-1880, 20-Jan-1880
at Riet Vley, adopted daughter of Mr and Mrs P Otto (junior) of Upper Saxony

Leary,  f  54, 17-Sept-1880, 30-Sept-1880,
The beloved wife of Dennis Leary of Yarl, Newcastle, Natal.
Formerly of East London, Cape Province

Mac Arthur, Donald m no age given, 19-Feb-1880, 24-Feb-1880
at Colenso, Natal from Dropsy, of Glenara, Argyleshire, Scotland

Mare, Frederick m 14mnth 22dys, 24-Jan-1880, 31-Jan-1880
at Utrecht, Transvaal, son of PG and EP Mare

Marshall, Ernest Edward m 14 yrs  11 mnth, 17-Feb-1880, 2-Mar-1880
at  Kilvin Grove, Dundee eldest son of John and Elizabeth Marshall

Marshall, Katherine Bonner  f  13 yrs  8 mnths, 16-Feb-1880, 2-Mar-1880
At Kilvin Grove, Dundee eldest daughter of John and Elizabeth Marshall

Marshall, William Arthur m 10 yrs  6 mnths, 13-Feb-1880, 2-Mar-1880
at Kilvin Grove, Dundee, younger son of John and Elizabeth Marshall

May, Florence  f  22, 5-July-1880, 10-July-1880
at Knollebank, the residence of her father, wife of JP May of Howick

McAlister  f  29, 25-Dec-1880, 30-Dec-1880
at Chapel Sreet, PMBurg the wife of Mr JS McAlister

McLaurin, John m 81, 20-May-1880, 25-May-1880
at Glenaray, Verulam, late County court Judge, of Argyllshire, Scotland
Friends at a distance will please accept this intimation

Menter, Henrietta Elizabeth  f  no age given, 21-Oct-1880, 18-Nov-1880
at Boscobello, Division Newcastle, beloved wife of TW Menter,
leaving a sorowful husband and 7 children to mourn her loss

Mitchell, Mary  f  no age given, 1-Oct-1880, 7-Oct-1880
at her resience Park View, PMBurg, Mary Mitchell,
widow of the late Robert Anderson (Special Government Surveyor)

Moore, Rose Ellen  f  20yrs 7 mnths, 27-April-1880, 1-May-1880
at Rose Bank, near Richmond the beloved wife of William Hamilton Moore

Naude, Petrus Johannes m 63yrs10 mnths, 9-Aug-1880, 26-Aug-1880
on his farm Hattings Kraal near Winberg, elder of the Dutch Reformed Church

Naude, Susanna Lakock  f  45, 19-Aug-1880, 26-Aug-1880
The Wife of Petrus Johannes, leaving together 16 children
They both died in the faith of the Lord Jesus Christ PMBurg.
August 25th 1880 Signed GJ Naude

Nel Maria Johana/nee Roux  f  67, 8-Nov-1880, 18-Nov-1880
at Onrust near Greytown, beloved wife of Theunis Jacobus Nel (senior)

Newmarch, William m 86, 15-July-1880, 2-Sept-1880
at Hurworth, Darlington, England

Newton, Alfred m 32, no date given, 13-July-1880
at the Government  Magazine, Durban

Oakes, Robert H m no age given, 26-Feb-1880, 9-Mar-1880
at Ladysmith, Natal, son of the late Rev Aston Oakes
of the Square, Bury St. Edmunds, Suffolk, England

Oates,  f  65, 7-Oct-1880, 23-Oct-1880
at her daughter's residence, Heilbron OFS, widow of the late WE Oates

Otto, JCR  m 71, 15-Aug-1880, 24-Aug-1880
at Balmoral, Rietvlei, late of Bellevue near PMBurg

Paget, Edward Pierce m 33, 3-June-1880, 5-June-1880
at his residence Pietermariz Street, PMBurg,
third son of the late Thomas Paget of Forton, near Lancaster, England

Pate, Clarissa Elsie  f  15 mnth 16 days, 20-Sept-1880, 23-Sept-1880
at her parent's residence, PMBurg
second beloved daughter and youngest child of Frederick and Annie Pate

Payne, Thomas Ashbourn m 14 months, 28-June-1880, 1-July-1880
at Kimberley Diamond Fields, the son of Thomas A Payne (junior)

Pechey, Joseph Middleton m 33, 29-Jan-1880, 31-Jan-1880
Eldest son of the late Rev. Joseph Pechey of Thetford, Norfolk, England

Pratt, Maude Harwood  f  5 months, 7-May-1880, 15-May-1880
at Burger Street PMBurg, youngest daughter of Mr and Mrs MH Pratt

Risley, Annie Josephine  f  18yrs 21 days, 8-July-1880, 10-July-1880
at Ivy Cottage PMBurg, the beloved daughter of Mr and Mrs Jno Risley

Ritchie  f  no age given, 20-Oct-1880, 23-Oct-1880
at Burger Street, PMBurg the beloved wife of D Ritchie

Rolls, Jesse Goldsmith m no age given, 2-Dec-1879, 13-Jan-1880
at Clapton Place, Lower Clapton, London.
Late emigration agent for Natal

Ross, George m 58, 29-Sept-1880, 2-Oct-1880
at Riversdale, near Howick

Schweizer, Emil Alfred m 13 months, 9-Dec-1880, 14-Dec-1880
at Chapel Sreet, PMBurg the only beloved son of Auguste and Elise Schweizer

Scoble, Mary Ann  f  56, 15-Aug-1880, 21-Aug-1880
at Newcastle at the residence of her daughter Mrs Bradstreet,
beloved wife of John Scoble Esq,. Middleberg Transvaal

Sibthorp  f  still born, 10-Nov-1880, 13-Nov-1880
at PMBurg, the wife of Mr J Sibthorp of a daughter (stillborn)

Smith, Dupre Alexander m 31, 4-April-1880, 10-April-1880
at Grey's Hospital of acute dysentry

Smith, Henry Joseph m 18yrs 20 days, 20-April-1880, 22-April-1880
at Pietermaritz Street PMBurg,
the beloved son of John and Mary Smith of Foxhill

Stacey, Frederick George m 30, 20-Dec-1880, 23-Dec-1880
at Longmarket Street, PMBurg after a short but painful illness

Stead, Johanna Catharina  f  31yrs  21 days, 4-Aug-1880, 12-Aug-1880
at Harrismith, OFS, the beloved wife of Charles Edward Stead
and eldest daughter of Mr GHL Rosa

Still, Mabel Mary  f  hours, 16-Oct-1880, 21-Oct-1880
at PMBurg daughter of WF Still, Coalfields, Dundee

Taylor, SA  f  no age given, 20-May-1880, 10-June-1880
at Onderbrook Spruit, Klip River District, near Ladysmith, South Africa
the beloved wife of Theo Taylor of Karkloof and the Onderbrook Spruit Hotels

Thompson, Susan  f  80, 3-Jan-1880, 17-Jan-1880
at Harrismith

Tottenham, Alfred Oliver m 35, 31-Oct-1880, 23-Dec-1880
at Tarbet, New Scotland, Transvaal

Trump, Mary Ann  f  60, 21-April-1880, 24-April-1880
at PMBurg

Turvin, Dorothea  f  7 months, 18-Dec-1880, 23-Dec-1880
at Lea Crofts, Curry's Post, daugher of CJ and CF Hankin Turvin

Vermaak, Johana Salmina  f  11yrs 2mnth 5dys, 20-Oct-1880 ,23-Oct-1880
at Noodsberg, caused throught the accident
from a cartwheel passing over her chest,
third daughter of Mr JS Vermaak

Vimbe, William Goven J m 8, 11-Mar-1880, 10-April-1880
at the Kwanguben Mission Station from fever

Vincent, William Cyrus m 27, 24-Sept-1880, 5-Oct-1880
at Camperdown, youngest son of Charles Vincent late of Pinetown

Walker, Bessie  f  24, 16-Mar-1880, 11-Mar-1880
at St. Fort, Conquered Territory OFS, the wife of WJ Walker
and daughter of JP Liddell Esq. of Bethal, Conquered Territory

Warner, Harry A m 24, 6-April-1880, 13-April-1880
at the residence of Mr R Smart, Church St PMBurg,
second son of Mr W Warner of the City

Warrington, Thomas m 69, 1-Mar-1880, 6-Mar-1880
at Church Street, PMBurg

Warwick, Pulleine D  f  19 months, 15-Aug-1880, 28-Aug-1880
at Burger Street PMBurg

Warwick, Walter W m 2mnths 5days, 25-Aug-1880, 28-Aug-1880,
the above address is not stated

Willment, John F m 49, 25-Oct-1880, 6-Nov-1880
at PMBurg

Wilson, Herbert m 17, 2-July-1880, 3-July-1880
Youngest son of Alfred and Eliza Wilson

Wiltshire, Florence Eleanor  f  no age given, 27-Jan-1880, 29-Jan-1880
at Loop Street PMBurg, daughter of Edward and Annie Wiltshire

Winkley, Percy Edmunds m 24 yrs  8 mnths 17-July,1880, 22-July-1880
at PMBurg, youngest son of the late William Winkley of Harrow On The Hill, England

Wroots, Thomas m no age given, 10-Mar-1880, 11-Mar-1880
at Boom Street, only son of RF Wroots, Messenger of the Native High Court

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