Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Passengers to Natal by Nipisiquit 1862

Looking at the Natal Witness report on the arrival 2 June 1862, of the 394 ton barque Nipisiquit from London, the list of passengers appears lengthy and detailed - forenames are given, even for the children.

However, it would be a mistake to assume that this is the full story. Checking the Port Captain's (i.e. William Bell's) register, there is a list of 'steerage passengers not under contract to the government' - 22 ancestors who might easily have been missed yet who were definitely on board the Nipisiquit.

Their names:

James Angus
Elsie Angus
Thomas Bond
Eliza Bond
Richard Brown
Isaac Craggs
Richard Douglas
Arthur Ellis
Benjamin Francie
Jane Francie
Maria Francie
Anne Mary Francie
Harry Francie
Benjamin Francie
Elizabeth Francie
James T Hauxwell
Charlotte Hauxwell
Charles Larkin
Richard Mattison
George Mullaine
Edward Shackleford
James Walker

In the Natal Witness column, passengers (some well-known names) shown on other smaller coastal vessels shouldn't be ignored: the Evangeline arriving from London and the Waldensian departing for Cape Town.

Among the 'Vessels Expected' are the Shakspeare, to bring a hundred emigrants, and the Euphrates, also promising further additions to the Colony.

We tend to think of the ships that arrived at Natal being mainly British, but they were international in origin: here two American vessels are in port, the schooner Enchantress from Boston and the Star King from New York (with George Cato as agent).


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm currently researching my Great x 3 Grandparents George and Maria Mather. George apparently was stationed in the Cape Colony under Sir George Grey when he was with the Commissariat Dept. of the British Army. I still have to confirm everything but it's looking like the George Mather and family in the Nipisiquit's passenger list may also be my George (especially when there's also a Michael Forestall on board - his wife's maiden name). Thank you very much for posting this article! Jessica

Mole said...

Jessica, thanks for your comment. I'm so pleased you found a reference to your MATHER family in the Nipisiquit passenger list.
Presumably you've seen various files re that surname mentioned on NAAIRS at

Anonymous said...

Thanks Mole. I've had a look but I haven't found much relating to my family. The story told by my Great Aunt was that they had to leave quickly after George's wife threw a pot of boiling water over an African native man. I don't know how accurate the story is but I have found George, Maria and two children departing Mauritius in 1864 and then arriving in Victoria that same year.

Unknown said...

Hello Mole,

Do you know where I could obtain anymore information regarding the ship Nipisiquit? I've been searching online but to no avail. I was hoping you may know of a book or link that might help me find out more information on this ship. I heard, in passing on the tube, there was some event that took place that jeopardised everybody on board, but how accurate that is I'm not sure.

Mole said...

Unfortunately had no luck with further information on the Nipisiquit, tried the Lloyd's Registers online without success, and the intriguing incident on board is unknown to me. Do let me know if you make any progress on this topic. Best Wishes, Mole