Monday, May 28, 2018

Passengers to Natal: Priscilla 1860 steerage passengers

When the barque Priscilla arrived at Natal on 18 September 1860 she carried, apart from a few cabin passengers, a group of 100 Government emigrants. It was unusual for the newspapers of the time to include a full list of such emigrants - and these are the passengers who are generally of most interest to family historians, not the well-heeled ones who could afford to pay for their own passage and were not requiring assistance from the Government. On this occasion the emigrants in steerage were:

The shipping column of the Natal Mercury 20 September 1860 reported elsewhere:


September 13 - Walter Glendining, brigantine, 111 tons, N Glendining, from Table Bay, September 1
JD Koch, agent

September 15 - Evangeline, barque, 231 tons, G Wigg, from London, sailed June 18
Evans and Churchill, agent
Mr and Mrs Blunt
George Lyall
Hamilton McCreight
William Jalland
PJ Sanders
James Ellis

September 16 - Priscilla, barque 253 tons, G Brown from London, sailed June 10
W Hartley and Co, agents

Mr and Mrs Roach and infant
Mr and Mrs Crowder and five children

106 immigrants in Steerage [see list above]


September 17 - Early Morn, barque, 315 tons, Lowry for Algoa Bay and London
Evans and Churchill, agents

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