Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Passengers to Natal per Norman 1863


Travelling on the Norman on this voyage was A NOON - Noon's Sugar Estate, owned by Messrs A H and A N Noon, was a 300 acre estate on the Isipingo River, in existence from about 1860 to at least 1863.

Mr and Mrs Walford
Mr Newton
Mrs Hellett
Mrs Becker and children and servant
Miss (? Meney) (?King)
Mrs Kennedy
Mr (?SG or ST) Hope
Mr Telford Smith
Mr Osborne
Lieut Malcolm
Messrs Glynn (2)
Mr A Noon
Rev FT Biccard
Mr Blackburn
Mr Lister
Mr AW Murray
Rev M Meering
Second Class
Mrs James and infant
Mrs Walker
From Port Elizabeth
Mr and Mrs Cook
Mr and Mrs Scheepers
Mr Galt
Mr Wrench
Second Class
Mr L Dixon
Mr and Mrs Francis
Miss Francis
Mr J Appel
Mr and Mrs Breens
Mr and Mrs Shuttleworth and seven in family
Mr, Mrs and Miss Shuter

Noon's Sugar Mill, Isipingo, 1863. Note the turbanned Sirdar in charge of the
indentured labour. That may be Mr Noon himself on the horse. 

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