Saturday, April 21, 2018

Souvenir Saturday: Signalman's Quarters, Bluff, Durban ca 1900

The uniformed signalman is stepping down the ladder, presumably about to ride his horse into town - his assistant is holding the animal in readiness - no jumping into a car in those days. The signal equipment is centre pic but extends beyond the dimensions of this photograph. The roof of the building is iron and it has wooden walls. This would have been office and living quarters.

Another view of the signal station on the left, lightkeeper's quarters centre, with tent, and Bluff Lighthouse at right - in its original condition i.e. before concrete added to exterior to 'strengthen' it. My great grandfather, Thomas Alfred Gadsden, the lighthousekeeper, makes reference to his family 'living in a tent on the Bluff' at one stage.

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