Saturday, April 14, 2018

Souvenir Saturday: Arnold family

Julia Elizabeth Jessie Arnold nee Irvine 1865-1940. Julia married
William Marshall Arnold 5 May 1884, St Paul's Cathedral, Durban
 Photographed by W L Caney

Even though a photo may not be in tip-top condition, it's always a pleasure for me to receive photographs which include ALL the clues, including the edges of the card, as square or rounded corners were used at various dates. The mount and back of the photo are as important as the front view showing the subject. These areas often give the studio name - in this case, William Laws Caney. The latter was in Durban 1883 -1893, advertising the 'best lighted and most convenient cabinet portraits available from 1 pound per dozen.' He moved to Pietermaritzburg and was there for some years, in 1909 operating at 208 Church Street.

Acknowledgements: Peter Hare and Dale Schultz

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