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Passengers to Natal per RMS Saxon 1867

ARRIVAL OF RMS SAXON Natal Mercury April 24 1867

Built in 1863 at Southampton, the Union liner Saxon was 1,142 tons and a sister to the Roman. Her maiden voyage to the Cape in 1863 was made in the record time of 31 days, which she later improved upon reaching Cape Town in 28 days out of London. According to the mail contract 38 days was the allotted time taken by the Union steamers. In 1870 her graceful lines - and her speed - were spoilt by the addition of a poop, and in 1876 she was sold to a company in Hull who renamed her Benguella. She was lost at sea in 1890.

The Natal Mercury reported:
This steamer arrived at the outer anchorage about two o'clock yesterday afternoon, after a quick run of less than five days from Cape Town, which she left on the 18th inst., having arrived there at 8.30 p.m. on the 15th, also in five days from Natal.

For Port Natal
FWB Louch
JD Reeves
A Horwood
Miss Wilson
Capt Chaplain
Col H Tower and servant
Rev Mr and Mrs Turnbull
Miss Lloyd
Capt Blythe
Mrs Jackson and child
Mr and Mrs Donovan
For Mauritius
Mons De H de Cessan
Capt Layboyne
Mr J Sewell
Rev Mr and Mrs Street
Mr Von Abo
For Point de Galle
Mrs Dempsey

The Saxon left Algoa Bay at noon on Monday, the 23rd.
The Roman arrived in Table Bay on the 16th with the English mails of March 10th. Her news of course has been mostly anticipated by the Mauritius mail.
The mails were landed with very prompt dispatch by the tug, and delivered with the dispatch usual on such occasions at our post office.

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