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Passengers Australia to Natal and Diamond Fields per St Kilda 1872

ST KILDA FROM AUSTRALIA Natal Mercury June 6 1872

The St Kilda's Passengers met at the Immigration Aid Office yesterday afternoon, by invitation of the Directors. Of the latter there were present the Mayor, in the chair, and Messrs H Escombe, Goodliffe, Greenacre, Robinson, and Dacomb. Mr Escombe explained at length the objects of the Office, and an interesting conversation followed chiefly bearing on the best and cheapest way of reaching the Diamond Fields. The new comers expressed much satisfaction with the attentions exhibited, and unanimously passed a resolution to that effect. It was finally decided to publish an advertisement, at the cost of the Office, calling for tenders for transport, and we refer wagon owners and carriers to the announcment elsewhere. Specimens of quartz from Marabastadt were pronounced excellent, but not sufficient in themselves to prove the existence of a gold field. Some of those present said they had seen in Australia similar specimens from reefs which were not payably auriferous. We heartily trust that our new friends, of whom there are about seventy, will succeed in reaching the Fields quickly and cheaply, and that when there, success will crown their efforts.

The following is a list of the passengers by this vessel from Australia 

Mr and Mrs A McKenzie
Mr and Mrs Slatbury
Mr B Longer
Miss F Chapman
Mr and Mrs G Foster
Mr and Mrs Mortlock
W Davidson
A Petrie
J Haston
G Macfarland
W Griffith
J Gadfield
L Foss
J Fotheringale
J Layle
D Dannen
T Dalahursty
J Ross
V Mochlig
D Hughes
J Tanson
R Leveson
Thos Malcaby
W Hercus
D McKermon
J Woodinge
J MacKereth
P Murphy
E Simpkins
D Pigott
J Trexion
W Sutton
E Longmore
E Crawford
W Toddington
T Lynes
C Rehbock
A Tierney
J Cope
J Armstrong
W Thornhill
J Maclan
D Gordon
T Bray and Mrs Bray, Miss Bray, and Edward and George Bray
T Herrington
N Hove
Mr and Mr Waterworth
S Douglas
C Daagden
C Wyberg
D Maceachern
J Nelville

The St Kilda's Passengers
About twenty of those passengers came ashore on Saturday last. The vessel herself could not get in, as the wind was unfavourable.

Charles Colgate, schr, 187 tons, Norrie, from Desolation Islands.
Carrington, three-masted schooner, 248 tons, Strickland, for London. Loading. Ballance and Goodliffe, agents.
Bolke, 170 tons, Meyer, for London. Loading Parker, Wood and Co, agents.
Priscilla, barque, 258 tons, Brown, for London Loading. AW Evans, agent.
Illovo, barque, 400 tons, Bolton, for London. Loading. Black, Baxter and Co, agents.
Ocean Sprite, barque, 233 tons, Hansford, from London. Discharging cargo. Steel, Dunn and Co, agents.
Burton Stather, barque, 420 tons, Warren, from London. Discharging cargo. AW Evans, agent.
Cape Good Hope, schooner, 106 tons, Closter, for Mauritius. Steel, Dunn and Co, agents.
Tein Esser, schooner, Grammont. To load for Mauritius. G Dentzelmann, agent.
Durban, barque, 322 tons, Jarvis, from London. Discharging cargo. AW Evans, agent.
Ebenezer, schooner, 200 tons, Evertsen, from Soderham. Discharging cargo. Black, Baxter and Co, agents.
Koenig Carl XV, brig, 237 tons, from London, February 20. Steell, Dunn and Co, agents.
Mary Moore, Amitage, from London, January 23. Steel, Dunn and Co, agents.
St. Kilda, three-masted schooner, 180 tons, A Storey, from Melbourne, 9th April. WB Lyle, agent.

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